GTAV Fan Pics: Innovative Photography Projects, Adventures of the r/GTAA Subreddit & More

Posted on April 18 2014, 8:51am | Author: R* X | Filed Under: Games

In this week’s round up of awesome fan pics and Snapmatic wizardry, check out some truly inventive GTAV photography projects, as well as the continuing photoshoot adventures of the prolific r/GTAA (GTA Adventures) subreddit.

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Crossroads of Reality is an innovative GTAV photography project by Quebec artist Benoit Paillé (who also made that hypnotic 'Hyper Timelapse' video recently featured here at the Newswire), blurring the line between real world still life photography and the virtual atmosphere of Los Santos. In the words of Paillé, "The photographic performance of this project is to overlay a material reality with a virtual one, erasing the border between the two worlds. It is a response to the proliferation of visual projects that take place in virtual spaces. It is a questioning about the notion of border and territory. A mix of two distinct realities into a single image. I want to show that we can use a virtual space in conceptual photography and approach these areas with the same sensitivity as the physical space." Very cool stuff and the results, as you can see above, are stunning. To learn more about his process, check out full digital installation at Behance and watch the documentary on Vimeo.

Also making innovations with GTAV photography is blogger and artist, Stoic Decay who stitched together Snapmatic photos to create these striking panoramas with a fish eye lens effect. Click the images above to appreciate them in high-res.

And now check out just a few of the incredible photoshoot productions of the r/GTAA (GTA Adventures) subreddit (aka the GTAAdventures Crew on Social Club), who've been challenging each other to recreate some of their favorite scenes from movies, TV shows, album covers and more. Here, they epically stage the final scene from Gone in 60 Seconds (2000) and posted to Reddit an impressive frame-by-frame comparison.

Recently featured at Kotaku and jokingly dubbed Park Side of the Moon by commenter LiteralPhilosopher, P1zzaBagels from r/gtaa takes car art to another dimension in honor of Pink Floyd.

Even the Little Miss Sunshine poster gets the GTA Online photoshoot treatment. GTAA redditor, Kyle_Skinner was kind enough to share some of the fun behind the scenes moments from the making of this well-synched shot.

Lightning struck at least twice here as both lemurdecatta of the Vice City Crime Mob and r/GTAA's Kyle Skinner suited up to take on a Tarantino classic. The redditors even played out the tip scene in the comments as a bonus. 

We've seen a few well-played recreations of the iconic Beatles' Abbey Road album cover - above is a great version shared on Instagram by  mrrauf_98 aka VelievRauf of the Lastalay Crew - and also check out Decimation_Jones' modern take and P1zzaBagels' accurate depiction.


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  • MissSpitFire1xxxon May 8 2014, 8:08amReplyFlag
    Thank you @DuckFlock and @Charli el :-)
    • Desert_Fox_PLon May 3 2014, 8:44amReplyFlag
      These images are beautiful :)
      Great work
      • CubeXEon April 29 2014, 8:48amReplyFlag
        You can see that the black pants are a purple hue in the pics at the bottom... hope R* fixes them at some point.
        • Mikeol2011on April 26 2014, 9:39amReplyFlag
          That Abbey Road is the best one yet, plus the Dark Side of The Moon looks great too! love these musically inspired stills!
          • Un4givenProdigyon April 25 2014, 9:25pmReplyFlag
            Hey guys! Great photos. I liked all of them I have seen on here... I also made one of our crew which I think is pretty cool and unique. Its also a death match. I made our crew name DBD8 with the color red cars and a death match on both sides foe the fight in the middle of our logo crew name. Go check it out on our crew DBD8 ( xD3ath B4 Doshonorx) please leave comments if you like. Greatly appreciated. Also recruiting so keep that in mind if you are interested in joining. Thanks everyone!
            • AndrePaulo312on April 25 2014, 5:05amReplyFlag
              Olá quero saber quando vai sair a atualização 1.13 de gta v ? Fico grato
              • roncancioon April 24 2014, 7:19pmReplyFlag
                Hey “R i´m glad to announce that i did a re-brand for PROLAPS the famous sport brand. Check it :)
                • Rejek7edon April 24 2014, 5:42amReplyFlag
                  Check it out, insane.
                  • Baca_rodrigoon April 23 2014, 10:29amReplyFlag
                    My crew ARTW photography project is awesome
                  • mbmacason April 23 2014, 9:56amReplyFlag
                    Nice work, for all guys.
                    In Zwame crew we did something fantastic too, fast and furious, and a tribute to Paul Walker.

                    • mbmacason April 23 2014, 1:30pmReplyFlag
                      @mbmacas the photos belong to Nelson1400, sungokatana and YourBestDriver.


                  • jechusssG92on April 23 2014, 7:17amReplyFlag
                    Ole ay la foto de 60 segundos sois unos makinas
                    Me encanta
                    • Dgordon843on April 23 2014, 12:22amReplyFlag
                      love the gone in 60 sec pics
                      • Rejek7edon April 22 2014, 10:43pmReplyFlag
                        Craziest pic yet
                        • Dictatrollon April 22 2014, 7:14pmReplyFlag
                          How do i send pics to R*? because when i go to the mouthoff page there is no option to attach i just send a message with a link to my pics page or anything?
                          • NATXUKEon April 22 2014, 6:24pmReplyFlag
                            TRIBUTO A GTA SAN ANDREAS.
                            CORTOMETRAJE ¨CJ¨ CARL JOHNSON EN GTA V!
                   :) Suscribete
                            • TofuShofuon April 22 2014, 5:50pmReplyFlag
                              Ha! Paul McCartney didn't have shoes on in that photo.
                            • bigdevilon April 22 2014, 5:39pmReplyFlag
                              hahaha love the beatles one
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