Crew Noticeboard: Flight Pilots, The Highland Rebels, Unusual Fellas and Others Now Recruiting

Posted on April 17 2014, 10:16am | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

The Crew Noticeboard is our featured column of Crews actively seeking members to join their ranks where we publish your recruitment pitches in your own words.

Previously featured squads like The Mojo Jojo Crew have seen their legions swell to nearly 1,000 members and in this week's edition, Crews looking to follow suit include a group of bilingual aviators, some ethereal beings looking to level up in Los Santos and a collective of unusual gents who are determined to stand out in a crowd.


Taking to the skies isn't a mere flight of fancy for Crew Leader Gio Pilot and his group of bona fide flyboys the Flight Pilots. This is a Crew with a seriously active Facebook page and a propensity for having a terrific time taking off from the LSI tarmac.

"We are a group of people with a keen interest in commercial aviation who now play GTA Online...

We are looking for players who are very loyal to this Crew, not looking for the best, just looking for people who are good players. We always like to walk together, to assist in Deathmatch games, flying planes and especially to have fun to the fullest.
Our Crew has no limits, we do all kinds of things during our games.

English/Spanish Optional - PS3 Crew"

Flight Pilots Crew Recruitment Vid

Crew Leader karnix93  and his Outlaws Paletos Bay group are just one division of many moving parts in a highly organized network of turf savvy motorcycle clubs.

"We want to be aggressive and provide a fun atmosphere for our members while providing characteristics that resemble an MC... With a structured and adapted manner of handling our club, we have reached these goals and will reach more.

We have a separate prospecting branch for new members wanting to get into the Outlaw brand. This provides a way for our club to test the prospect in order to see if they have what it takes to be an Outlaw... With more than 2 Chapters, we put our members into the club where it best suits them... The members prospecting begins in their first club meeting (set daily on a set time) to add all patched members, learn our ways, and in a few days they will become an Outlaw if time sees fit. In addition, we are holding a sponsorship program that allows no prospect left behind and have personal mentors in order to become more efficient. We take pride in our members and thus make the weakest part of our chain strong enough to handle what comes our way.

We do our formation riding as clean and as efficient as possible by holding formation practices on Freemode and in Races to prevent unexpected issues like traffic. We are blood thirsty for anybody who is not an Outlaw... Our club activities vary from finding patches to put on our wall to doing scheduled matches from District Domination. We try to keep ourselves in check with other MCs to put out our name and the Outlaw brand so everybody will take notice.

We are active, we are blood thirsty, we are organized, we are OFFO.

Outlaws Forever, Forever Outlaws."

                                                      Prospects Chapter  / Sandy Shores Chapter / Nomads Chapter

National Organization - Staff and higher ups of all branches - Official site


The Annunaki Lords, led by CrustyPooPooHole (yup, that's their Crew Leader's name) are looking to convert the populace of Los Santos into their dominion. A few moments watching their mesmerizing recruitment vid and you may wind up abandoning the tenets of Kifflom.

"What's up everyone, we are the (Annunaki Lords) and we are currently looking for (PS3) members to join and expand 'our' Crew. Whether you're a seasoned GTA gamer or just starting out, ANYONE and EVERYONE is invited, there are no strict rules or guidelines to follow, just have fun!! All we ask of you is to check in periodically to let us know that you're still alive and give feedback on what could make the Crew better.
We also have a custom CREW RANKING HIERARCHY which can be seen below:

1. RANK (1-10) = ANGEL
3. RANK (21-30) = ARCHANGEL
4. RANK (31-40) = POWER
5. RANK (41-50) = VIRTUE
6. RANK (51-60) = DOMINION
7. RANK (61-70) = THRONE
8. RANK (71-80) = CHERUBIM
9. RANK (81-90) = SEARAPHIM
10. RANK (91-100) = ANNUNAKI

So once again, if you're down to join a Crew that's all about having fun and getting things done when the time calls for it, then check us out when you get a chance. The door is always open. - PS3 / Annunaki Lords."

Annunaki Lords Crew Recruitment Video.

The Highland Rebels have been playing together since the pre-Crew-system days of GTAIV. These veterans band together on the often hostile streets of Los Santos by having members help each other out wherever necessary and abide by some commendable rules of courtesy when dealing with fellow Crew mates. In the words of Crew Leader owenbremnertv:

"The Highland Rebels are a Crew that originates from GTAIV. The main people of the Crew are - David / Wicked1607 (Shrimpie1), Charlie (Barneyarmy5), Duke (Duke95011) and me, the leader of the Crew, Owen (Owen_Bremner).

Before we get into the details about the Crew here are some essential rules:

1: DON’T BE A DOUCHE (No killing teammates unless it was an accident, no killing on sight)
2: Be a good teammate (Help rob a store, help fight enemies, save from cops, etc.)
3: When playing with the Crew, make sure the Crew is set as active.
& 4: DON’T. BE. A. DOUCHE!

The Crew is a mix of RP and Non RP. Sometimes we do Role Playing sessions but it only happens when at least 3 of us are online. If RP is your thing we can include you. But if Free Roam is your cup of tea, then we do that too. We also do missions and activities.

While a mic is not necessary, unless it’s an RP, it is a good thing to communicate with your fellow rebels with.

We are working on trailers for both the Crew and the Leaders.

So what are you waiting for? JOIN TODAY AND RECIEVE A FREE COOKIE!

(Warning: Cookie not included)."

Crew YouTube Channel - Under Construction


Crew Vice President and co-founder WJMC-FRESHY and his PSN-based Crew of hostile harlequins called The Wyld Jesturz MC claim La Mesa, San Andreas as their turf and keep their clubhouse at a well-hidden gated auto repair backlot within the city. Potential members must make it past prospect status to proceed past the entry point, so stay sharp when entering their territory.

"The Wyld Jesturz MC (WJMC) is open and looking for prospects.

In order to join you must have/be the following:

- You MUST have your PSN account linked to your profile and it MUST be visible


-You MUST own a Hexer, Bagger or Daemon for the club. Super bikes are allowed but only for missions, races, stunt jumps, etc.

-You MUST have a mic. If we can't communicate with you we can't promote you.

-MUST have knowledge of the MC world in general. NO INEXPERIENCED RIDERS!

You'll prospect for 2 weeks and grow with the club. We are an activity and experience (RP and leveling up) club for now looking to get into competitive TDMs. So we will take experienced shooters to help train as well.

If you think you have what it takes just click the 'Request Invite' tab on the Crew page. We will be checking everything, so your profiles MUST BE OPEN TO EVERYONE! Crews, Linked Accounts, Friends, etc... We only want the best loyal brothers we can get.

Prospect Chapter:

Main Chapter:


Finally, this Noticeboard edition's featured Crew recruitment videos come to us from the The Unusual Fellas and TAKEOVER Crews:

Leader dey_kill_killer is looking to bring his Crew's international appeal and unconventional nature to the next level, having recently broken the 200 member mark with still plenty of room to expand.

"The Unusual Fellas is an action packed, shoot em' up, and take charge kind of Crew. We have members from all over the world. Everyone is Unusual in his or her kind of way. We race, play missions, and do anything we can to rank up and make money. We also encourage our members to share their ideas and created content to help make the Crew the best we can be. Also soon to come: Unusual Females. Hope everyone enjoys the music video."

Crew Facebook



The seasoned players led by TH3xDARKxOUTLAW consider themselves to be the best of the best and don't feel they need anyone's validation to claim that title.

"Join Takeover! Not just any Crew but an actual gaming clan. Everyone in this clan is like family. We like to have fun...and WE DO. We also get the job done when necessary. My Gamertag is linked with my social club account.

We are legit. We don't have open recruitment like some of the Crews above but if you want to join just let us know.


Crew YouTube Channel


If you’re part of a Crew that's looking for new recruits, drop a link in the comments below for all to see (but only once – those who copy and paste spam the same recruitment message more than once at the Newswire will not be featured). Or hit us up at and let us know why your Crew deserves recognition for originality, skill or effort... we may publish your want-ad in a future Noticeboard.

This is also an ideal opportunity to show off your Crew pride with any fun group Snapmatic pics, Crew artwork creations or awesome gameplay vids that show everyone why your squad is the place to be or the team to beat. Remember to leave a link to your Crew's Social Club page so that you're easily spotted by those looking to answer your call.

Crew Noticeboard: The Bomb Squad NNA, Live It Wild, Vice City Crime Mob and Others Now Recruiting

  • MuzammilMiah3 days, 11 hours agoReplyFlag
    The LU Mafia XII Is Recruiting Loyal Active Free Aim player To Join Our Mob Family On The PS4 Platform To Help Us With ,Missions ,Heists ,TDM ,Races ,CEO VIP Jobs
    So If Anyone Is Interested Please Message Me
    • Body_Bag781 week, 3 days agoReplyFlag
      New profile New mindset New hustle New Crew I am not doing this for numbers I need loyalty and dedicated brotbers...i started it..we all will be bosses tho...we are one GLORY OR DIE aka GODS
      • Jmss24911 week, 5 days agoReplyFlag
        Join LS Biker Crew WW (worldwide) new crew looking for active members ,send me a friend request
        • Lumlins3 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
          Grim Death MC needs prospects. Active crew looking for active members on PS4. Fun crew, down for anything, missions, heists, TDM, races etc. Message me if you're interested.
          • Shiesty_Two_One3 weeks, 6 days agoReplyFlag
            SPANISH AVE KARTEL is looking for active FREE AIM PLAYERS 16+ that like to shoot.We are ps4 crew all free aim n train often within the crew or in groups along with other kartel blocks deep in lobbies. We war with many crews. So shooting will occur often so if u like to shoot at mfz join.We also do crew sessions car shows crew meets. Active ps4 FREE AIM PLAYERS for SPANISH AVE KARTEL
            • Hey guys, I'm a commissioner for The Northside Nines crew, we are looking for crews to do TDM battles with!! PS4 ONLY!!! Please send me a message if interested!!
              • Canhoto694 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
                Its a new crew looking for members to have fun and make a mess doing any kind of activities.Im lvl 121, playing on PC since launch but stoped for 7 months and got back a month ago and im having fun but with friends would be even more fun. Pm me for more details: Canhoto69.So come and join the Trashmakers, lets have some fun!
                • xDethcard29xon August 26 2016, 1:05pmReplyFlag
                  Elite Viking Order Is In Need Of Warriors! Brothers In Arms Ready To Stand Fight And Die Together! Enemies To Only Those That Challenge Us. We Are Starting On Our Path To Glory Riches And Legend. Grow Our Ranks. Join Fight Hard, Die With Honor, And You Will Earn Your Place In The Halls Of Valhalla Where The Brave Live Forever!
                  • xDethcard29xon August 26 2016, 1:54pmReplyFlag
                    @xDethcard29x Xbox1 Players Only Till A Playstation Clan Can Be Created
                  • Kurlyoon August 29 2016, 1:18amReplyFlag
                  • xDethcard29xon August 29 2016, 1:41pmReplyFlag
                    @Kurlyo Thanks. Need to up sell your clan if you expect to grow. If you dont have a clan feel free to join. Accepting All Level Players. Must Complete Initiation to be accepted as an EVO Memer. Working on establishing Rules and Guidelines for all to Follow.
                • Rieker975on August 23 2016, 6:12pmReplyFlag
                  Recrutement Rieker Squad: si tu veux jouer avec des joueurs expriments ou en bonne compagnie rejoins le crew. Priorit aux personnes parlant franais et anglais
                  • buickbilly63on August 20 2016, 5:20amReplyFlag
                    One Eyed Doll is in the market for some hot new talent. We play hard and go for the gold. Tons of fun and team play to get your stats on top. Come in and hit hard. Message players when you need a hand and remember "Go big or Go home"
                    • sarahrebel0512on August 7 2016, 7:40amReplyFlag
                      • sarahrebel0512on August 7 2016, 7:39amReplyFlag
                        How do you get your crew Featured ?? We are an all girl crew with about 190 members and we want more girls to join so being featured would really help !
                        • BandosXon July 23 2016, 6:17pmReplyFlag
                 Exiles is searching for devoted players to join our growing crew. We stand by each other against a world of chaos and through the chaos we will raise a new crew to take charge. All are welcome, but we need active members who are looking to become strong. Through our unity we will stand strong. We may be lost, but we're never forgotten.
                          • Ayeee_jayon July 25 2016, 7:27pmReplyFlag
                            @BandosX Hey everyone I am looking for a cool crew to join and I am able to create or design a cool emblem if needed i am just looking for some cool dudes to mess around with but i am down for more serious crew work as well i am a rank 176 with a lot of a skill and am very active and dedicated to any crew i am not looking for any specifics just an active crew that is some what organized and cool i am on xbox one gamer tag is LIL COBY 13 ( one space in between each word) thanks!
                          • RhonanxJokerson August 7 2016, 5:00pmReplyFlag
                            @Ayeee_jay Join my crew mate
                          • daddy_eddieon August 16 2016, 8:48pmReplyFlag
                            @Ayeee_jay Join my crew I just started.
                        • Harry410on July 8 2016, 6:47pmReplyFlag
                          I'm looking for a crew. I'm 16 and live in England. I don't have a mic as it broke in 2 areas. I'm active a lot and just looking to mess around and kill random people as I prefer to just drive around shooting my gun than grinding my stats on TDM. Might aswell go on BF4 for that. If you would like me to join your crew message me my PSN is EpicLegendUSSR
                        • DARKBALLLER_2on July 3 2016, 7:30amReplyFlag
                          Me and my friend are looking for a crew with good players on ps4 I have a legit 5 kd and he has almost a 3 message me on here or ps same name same tag thx
                        • felinNickel61on July 2 2016, 3:13amReplyFlag
                          bonjour je suis le fondateur des crew IL CAPO (cosa) et IL CAPO LOS SANTOS (capo) ,je recherche de nouveaux membre vous etes les bienvenues
                          • MuzammilMiahon June 26 2016, 1:42amReplyFlag
                            The Scarface VI is now recruiting new members to join our mob family on the ps4 platform to help us with daily gta events challenges jobs races death matches heists and fiance and felony versus jobs and crew meet up and chilling and celebrating so if anyone is interested please do message me crew rules are simple operate and communicate together PS4 Mic requiredRespect The Crew by not leaving in order to remain loyal Dont Kill Crew members
                            • yosh201on June 24 2016, 1:26pmReplyFlag
                              I am looking for an active ps4 crew, i'm a mature player in the est time zone. I have an office and a few warehouses, as well as acces to a majority of the pegasus vehicles. I don't have a yacht yet, but i do have a mic, i am semi active (after work and weekends) with a varying schedule so i might not be able to make all the crew meetings
                            • curlybilllon June 23 2016, 11:14amReplyFlag
                              • SmoKin_oNStronGon June 7 2016, 3:24amReplyFlag
                                Would anyone be interested in designing a crew emblem foe my fast growing crew? Id really appreciate it!
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