Crew Noticeboard: The Bomb Squad NNA, Live It Wild, Vice City Crime Mob and Others Now Recruiting

Posted on March 28 2014, 12:16pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

The Crew Noticeboard is our featured column here at the Newswire where Crews looking for new members get their recruitment pitches published in their own words, for all to see.

We've found that quite a few Crews featured in previous Noticeboards (Psycho Anarchy, the four wolves and Highired Killas - to name a few) have seen substantial growth since being featured, so without further ado - here's the latest round-up including a colorful mix of Vice City nostalgists, bomb-bastic Squads, Crews with Cult-ish followings and more...

Commissioner xMisterDubstep and Leader turbanoutfitters of The Bomb Squad NNA want everybody to know that despite only being an outfit for about a month, they've had an explosive rise through the ranks in Team Deathmatch and are currently in the top percentile of existing player-created Crews.

"We're a unique Crew that focuses a lot on the TDM community, but we also like to sit back and have fun every once in a while, whether it's doing a free mode war or just doing fun activities, we also do the best that we can and are always striving to be better. Each member has loyalty, respect, and a friendship with the other members of the Crew, and we always have each other's backs even when the odds are against us."


A rather cryptic and poetic prose is struck by Crew Commissioner Mcohn66 when he discusses the nature of his Crew from initial conception to present day. A quick glance at the Eclipse Militia's Crew page also reveals some practical conventions, citing a stance of "real" communication and no tolerance for harassment of its members amongst Crew mates.

"My Crew isn't the biggest Crew, nor the smallest. Nor am I a full owner but I was there from the second we were brainstorming names. This Crew isn't just any Crew. We are a Crew that goes from life to death and back... Eclipse Militia  has been around since October 2013 and is bigger than any of us could have realistically imagined. That's why we need your help, your recognition, your power and your Rank. We need to make this a Crew that not only fights for the new, but fights to the death and back.

Commissioner Mcohn66.
- The Dead Have Already Risen. For They Were Never Dead. - "


One Spirit Clan Leader ziedSenko is offering sanctuary to GTA Online players who feel they may have had a bad brush or two with their previous (or current) Crew. However, despite their "come one, come all" approach to recruitment, they are currently only looking for players who have some time invested - you’ll need to be at Rank 40 or above to qualify.  

"Are you tired of people shooting you without mercy?
Are you tired of helping people and getting nothing back?
Are you fed up because you get no recognition and not being the top player?
Are you tired of losing?
Then this is your chance! Join us, fight with us, win with us, and bring a new era to your game!
Become a legend and have a lot of fun!
Most importantly, we give you full respect whether we are winners or losers.
So join us and make history! Weak player or strong player, it doesn't matter!
One family, one soul, one spirit.

Every active player is welcome to join and of course you must respect your Crew members!
If you are loyal enough you will be promoted!"

Live It Wild's Snapmatic collection reveals a rambunctious Crew that isn't afraid to let their hair down and have some fun. Despite their wild nature, they do have some structure - organizing private Crew games and get-togethers every weekend with Playlists that feature member-created Deathmatches and Races...

"Hey, we are Live it Wild, a Crew that is searching for active Crew members that can hold themselves to one Crew. We are currently top 60,000 in the Crew Leaderboards in-game. We are mainly doing Missions, Playlists, Races & Deathmatches but now we have also started up some tournaments in Golf, Darts, Tennis and Arm-wrestling. We have our own webpage that we are working on. We are a Crew for everyone!

We also are testing out all the Crew members' tracks and maps that they have created and all the tracks or maps will be tested with 6-16 players as we put them up in our Playlist competitions."


For an old school mafia-style Crew that plays to an 80s-inspired sense of nostalgia, the Vice City Crime Mob sure seems to have a fondness for spreading their message via modern forms of communication - with presence on Facebook, YouTube &  even Twitch as well as an official website. Below, Commissioner Kennie22 speaks of a more mature following for a Crew that not only sports an active and lively forum but has its own GTA style backstory as well.

"We are a group of OLDER GAMERS. We are a diverse Crew, with men, women, lawyers, military vets, casual gamers, and hardcore gamers, on both XBOX and PLAYSTATION but more importantly, we have dedicated members and have been growing rapidly over the past few weeks.


The Crew was started by an older group of men who were in BIG CREWS and were tired of:

-Getting killed by Crew members,
-Not having unity
-Not having a support system and having to fend for yourself
-Dealing with trolling little kids
-Stupid People
-Not being able to fill custom TDM and Race lobbies

Now, we don't have to put up with any of this. Plus, we can actually ENJOY free-roam now since we hold a lot of exclusive Crew-Only lobbies. We have our own website where members on both Playstation and Xbox can come together to socialize, plan events, get advice etc...

And believe it or not, our Crew is a part of something EVEN BIGGER. We are a family amongst a GROUP of MAFIA FAMILIES and hold regular FAMILY vs FAMILY Crew battles. On this website <-- GTA Mob families collide.

If you want to be a part of our family, feel free to send in a request. We only have a FEW RULES:

-18 or older
-Must set us as active Crew
-No KILLING OTHER CREW MEMBERS without their consent
-No "hackers" or "griefers"
-We prefer a mic (but this is not mandatory)
- You must sign up at the forum and post an application before getting accepted into the Crew!

Do you find it difficult to find players to play your created content? We love to create Races and Deathmatches and we will help to PROMOTE YOUR CONTENT AS WELL!"



Live Stream Channel:

YouTube Channel:

Recruitment Video:

Social Club Page:


This Noticeboard edition's featured Crew recruitment videos come to us from the Mayans MC and The Sonetti Family Crews:

The spirit of an ancient civilization is alive and well with Crew Leader Biker-Coyte and his Motorcycle Club of warriors who are equally capable of beefing, burning rubber and occasionally striking a classy pose.

"Mayans MC is a motorcycle club striving to bring reality as well as fun to the already entertaining game. We are looking for loyal, hard working and committed members willing to prospect, earn respect and most of all a place in the MC community. The rules are simple:
1: Mayans is your only MC
2: Respect ALL other members and never kill a brother (Accidents happen)
3: You must own AND ride a chopper at all times (Daemon, Bagger or Hexer)
4: Be prepared to have a laugh!
We play on XBOX and PS3 so don't hesitate to check us out below.

-Biker-Coyte, Mayans MC National President-."



Prospect (Join Here):



This fledgling Mafia based Crew led by Venomz-Forelli may be primarily based out of the UK but their recruitment vid features a cheeky homage to the opening credits of New Jersey's most famous fictitious family...        

"The Sonetti Family is open for recruitment now, we're a mafia based Crew who currently have 30+ active members, we like to earn money and RP legitimately while having fun. We have a Hierarchy that is respected. If you would like to learn more about us, visit our YouTube channel or message me on Xbox 360 my Gamertag is Don J Sonetti thanks!"




If you’re part of a Crew that's looking for new recruits, drop a link in the comments below for all to see (but only once – those who copy and paste spam the same recruitment message more than once at the Newswire will not be featured). Or, hit us up at and let us know why your Crew deserves recognition for originality, skill or effort... we may publish your want-ad in a future Noticeboard.

This is also an ideal opportunity to show off your Crew pride with any fun group Snapmatic pics, Crew Creations or awesome gameplay vids that show everyone why your squad is the place to be or the team to beat. Remember to leave a link to your Crew's Social Club page so that you're easily spotted by those looking to answer your call.

Crew Noticeboard: The Mercanti Family, Deadly Sins MC, The Departed MC and Others Now Recruiting


  • R* Yon March 29 2014, 9:20pmFlag
    Hey guys, as always we're glad to see Social Club members enthusiastically repping their respective Crews with Recruitment messages on the Noticeboard, just try to avoid repeatedly posting the same copy/paste message in your Crew pitch as that constitutes as spam, change it up and keep us interested.

    Also, if you are experiencing any technical issues with GTA Online please direct them to us at for further assistance. Thanks all.
  • Dizzy123Tricks2 days, 11 hours agoReplyFlag
    Hey guys, my girlfriend and I have started a new crew. We do mostly missions. Help with heists or free roam shenanigans from time to time. We still rock the Xbox 360. Anyone interested in joining in on the escapades?
    • JayValeri1 week, 1 day agoReplyFlag

      The Valeri Family is in search of new muscle to join and expand in both our numbers, and organization. Men and Women who are in search for a place to belong, join me, and we will grow together. Keep in mind however, that those who show ambition, commitment and especially loyalty, will be the ones to be made Men of Honor within our Ranks. Just because you wear my colors, does not earn you the title of Made Man. That must be deserved. You must work your way up and prove yourself to be part of la Cosa Nostra. When you work for me, you will start and grow as listed:

      - Wannabe (1-10)

      - 2-Bit Thug (11-20)

      - Brute (21-30)

      - Street Hustler (31-40)

      - Associate (41-50)

      - Wise Guy (51-60)

      - Buttonman (61-70)

      - Enforcer (71-80)

      - Street Boss (81-90)

      - Made Man (91-100)

      When you are ready to become Made, you will be formally and officially inducted as "Our new Friend" As an Associate, we will not tolerate any form of disrespect towards any high ranking member within the Family. Learn your place. You must respect both Made Members as well as other associates within your ranks outside ours. Some basic rules and requirements are as follows:

      - Must be at least 15 and mature.
      - You must have a working Mic
      - Team kill within the crew will NEVER be tolerated.
      - Respect the Ranks.
      - No ridiculous clothing, hair, or face paint.
      - Associates will always report to Soldatos (Soldiers)
      - When in a party with made members, ask for permission to speak.

      More in depth rules will be discussed properly during sit downs and meetings. Our main focus here is profit and expansion in our businesses. Which include missions, heists, smuggling stolen goods, and running drug distributions (Meth, Coke, etc). Do not mistake this for some stupid Godfather inspired crew filled with a bunch of mafia stereotypes and godfather references like some others (As much as I enjoy the film). If you're interested in starting something with me, then I look forward to seeing you with us.
      • MuzammilMiah1 week, 2 days agoReplyFlag
        AlbanianMafiaFamily is now recruiting free aim mature players to our mafia family on the ps4 platform to help us run our family business organization by doing missions heists races
        death matches

        so if one is interested please message
        for a request to a invitation to my crew
        peace ya all
        • soanomadspres1 week, 4 days agoReplyFlag

          • grose37on August 4 2016, 5:09pmReplyFlag
            New family being made called Gamebeno family (ps4) ranks are open to does who shoe claim to them and not family shoot out will be kicked I won't care how small the family is no killing each other send invite and will be approved.
            • LOSTLOSSANTOSon July 25 2016, 9:27pmReplyFlag
              Crew: Lost Los Santos 01 -
              • TheBadabiingon July 19 2016, 10:07pmReplyFlag
                Hiya all. Here at T2TT, we are looking for other players to join our very loyal, fun and very active crew. We are nearly 5 months old and started out at rank 1.6 million and are now in the top 10k. We have ranking promotions every month, for example last month we had 6 promotions, two of our members just recently being promoted to Commissioners. Our crew has a great diversity and all are welcome as long as you are happy with our 1 rule, which is no crew killing in Free roam. We always stick together, we can have upto 16 members in one session and we all stick together, taking out the enemy. Theres no issues with communication, some of use mics, but most communicating is done via our crew group chat. If this sounds like something your looking for, you will fit in nicely and we got your back. We are one of the most active crews there is on GTA. Come check us out or request an invite via rockstar. Crew name is Together 2 The Top or add me via PS4 TheBadabiing. See you soon.
                • psychoangel69on June 29 2016, 12:05amReplyFlag
                  i represent the Death Dealerzs here is a link to my profile if you wish to check me out.. u may have seen me post previously for a different crew but i decided to venture out on my own and start my own crew. so as it stands i am now seeking new members. it doesnt matter if your a beginner or what level you may be my motto is everyone deserves a chance. and im willing to give it. all u need is a ps3 and a mic and your set.. if you wish to add me to ps3 my user name is sweetrevenge41 just be sure to type a message and let me know as to why ur adding me...I DO take missions SERIOUSLY and i DO expect everyone involved to pull their weight.. dont stand in the back ground and let everyone else do the job and u just reap the rewards from it thats not how i roll. if i see your not pulling your share i will warn u first then next time u will be pulled from the crew no questions asked. i have a low tolerence for whiners , dramma, and people who are imature .YES their is times i just like to cruise around town with my crew cut up and have a little fun...cause all work and no play makes a very boring crew. im not out to make some big name for myself im in this for the sheer fun of the game. i play very often matter fact every day,. all i ask is a few simple things, 1 HAVE FUN 2 BE YOURSELF 3 RELAX 4 DONT STRESS IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE, WE ALL MAKE EM, AND WE LEARN FROM THEM, LEARNING FROM OUR MISTAKES WILL MAKE US A BETTER CREW. 5 MUST HAVE A MIC 6 MUST HAVE PS3 7 MUST BE 18+ HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON
                  • JupiterPrideon June 8 2016, 11:37pmReplyFlag
                    tired of not having anyone to do a job? are you riding solo? or the crews you have been before just don't care about you? well I have been there too and its sucks! so join me and lets conquer GTA online together.
                  • DigsBRon June 2 2016, 1:56pmReplyFlag
                    Estamos em busca de novos membros, o Comando Le Corleones foi criado quando o GTA Online entrou no ar, em 2013. Tivemos altos e baixos, entramos em um recesso recentemente, mas estamos de volta, com o intuito de fazer o Comando crescer. Temos uma galera fixa e fiel, quem quiser participar de eventos e missões, só pedir solicitação e deixar a PSN. Segue abaixo o link:


                    • The.Head.Honchoon April 25 2016, 3:16pmReplyFlag
                      Only the very darkest G's please.
                      No half weight crooks!
                      • Ghost__APEXon April 10 2016, 7:24pmReplyFlag
               Click the link, Check us out, then go here if your ready to Commit to the best Gta 5 military RP crew.
                        • IHateOrganeson April 1 2016, 2:49pmReplyFlag
                          Ich suche eine aktive Crew die gerne hilft. Heist Missionen absolviert und mir besteht wenns mal brenzlig wird. Stehe auf schnelle Autos. Chaos(eher mit der online Polizei) und Stunts. Bitte bei mir melden
                          • LameStyleson March 29 2016, 9:06pmReplyFlag
                            Im looking for a crew on PS4. Just started not to long ago. So if your looking for loyal crew members. Send me a freind/crew request. Love building cars and #iLoveMakingMoney! LameStyles out!
                          • UNTAMED91on March 29 2016, 9:30amReplyFlag
                            P4 wat up we are the Unknown kartel we juzt transferred to p4 frm the 3 we are n active family of money makken killaz who dnt take bs frm modderz or anyone for tht matter we move together as a unit every man has a say so.Every opinion kountz no matter wat rank we respect all memberz. Alzo we hve 3 leaderz nd are growin rapidly if u wanna join the kartel family add me Untamed91 pull up at our H/Q nd see if ur really ready nd remember Kartelz Way Iz They only way.
                            1.Never aim or shoot a fellow Brotha.
                            2.No matter Wat We never leave a soldier behind.
                            3.We Move as A unit Communication iz Kkey.
                            4.Hve fun Get money Nd body The enemy.
                            5.Kill anyone Thtz not dwn wit Kartelz Way.
                            6.Get Dwn or Lay down.

                            We alzo hve a video editor now so soon we'll hve more videos soon nd Our movie surrounding how the Unknown Kartel kame to be the youtube channel iz Gio ThaDon Check it out nd stay tuned for The new age Mob Unknown A Name U Wont Forget.
                            • COSMICCHAOS34on March 25 2016, 4:24pmReplyFlag
                              I just made a new crew that will focus on rare crew colors only and will be a need color every Friday so if you like to stick out from the crowd join
                              • ipmanjoneson March 22 2016, 10:49amReplyFlag
                                The Silver Back Hippie Gang are looking for new active crew members. Started as a music group then transcended to a GTA crew. Lookin for member who like to get money doing heists, missions, etc. Also looking for members with the us vs them mentality, when we are together is Hippie Gang Or Nothin. We often meet at the strip club and have stripper parties at my apartment. And yes we are new age hippies so u must be 420 friendly (we smoke while we play). I am the leader and lookin to fill my hierarchy.
                                • Zookv3on March 21 2016, 8:55amReplyFlag
                                  Project 84 is a diverse crew of individuals and we are looking for new members that can help expand and improve our already great crew. We are not asking you to give you life to the crew just respect the rules and keep it friendly.

                                  -NO CREW KILLING
                                  -Help out a crew member if he/she asks
                                  -Rep your crew (Keep as active crew)

                                  If you have no problems with any of the above and you would like to join us then please head over to and join!!
                                  • MuzammilMiahon March 2 2016, 11:16pmReplyFlag
                                    The Godfather VI is now recruiting active crew members with soul so if you like us please message and dont miss your chance to join the Biggest Italian Mobster Family on GTA Online
                                    if you join us we will watch your back 24 7 against rival crews help and do missions races heists car shows death matches and best of all rank you up and help you make extra cash
                                    rules are
                                    girls and boys are allowed to are welcome to join my crew
                                    must be over 18+
                                    has mic that s functional
                                    must be PS4 Users only
                                    Operate and work as a team
                                    everyone is welcome to send me a friends request
                                    no bs and drama or ego s will be tolerated
                                    social club GTA Crew Link/
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