Snapmatic and Sweeps Winners, Stream Highlights and More from the Business Weekend Social Club Event

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A special mini-trailer of the new Business Update sports cars, guns, gear and Vestra plane that we shared on Instagram to kick off the Event Weekend. Make sure you're following us on IG to see exclusive pics and clips like this as they happen.

The white collar criminals of Los Santos were out in full force for some corporate warfare and to take advantage of limited-time perks during The Business Weekend Social Club Online Event. Dressed for success in The Business Update's brand new attire and wielding high-powered assets like the new Heavy Pistol and the sleek Special Carbine, jetsetters took to the skies with the super-fast Buckingham Vestra for bonus GTA$ rewards in Air Races. By land, they cut some sharp corners for Bonus RP rewards with the aid of the new Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R and made a point to acquire the special Bonus Event Crate Drops that were falling five times more often in the LS Financial District with free weaponry, RP boosts and more. Beyond those practical benefits of earning bonus cash and commodities, read on for highlights of the Event Weekend's featured live streams, and winners of both the #BUSINESS Snapmatic Contest and the Los Santos Better Business Sweepstakes.


We kicked off a weekend full of Business Event live streams with our own Rockstar broadcast on YouTube, Twitch and at the Social Club Events page. If you missed it when it aired live, you can watch an archive presentation right here:

(00:21:07) "Business Trip" Race - A Land Race from the outskirts of the city directly into the busiest part of the LS grid. Check out the low-profile lift ability of the Turismo R as it literally launches the competition off the road. Props to STONERxSTEVE of the Misfits 138 Motorcycle Club Crew who came in first place.

(00:41:35) "Burn Your Bridges II" Air Race [00:41:35] - Navigating the treacherous turns and segues of this new Air Race with a surprisingly explosive finish none of us saw coming. We also impart a few of our own time-tested tips and strategies for expert piloting of the Vestra. Congrats to Joacim96 from theGTABase who soared into 1st place.

(00:49:49) "Dirt Track Derby" - We put N8thok's Verified Job through its paces in a short but sweet GTA Race mode. Turns out the strategically placed ramps around the track aren’t always designed to be your friend. Kudos to MrGTAVInformer for pulling out the win.

(01:06:40) Work It! The Business Weekend Fashion Show - Our friend, Twitch caster and in-studio guest Swiftor, hosted a special live fashion show showing off the new Business Update clothing in grand fashion. Fashion show contestants walked the Creator-made runway to get live critiqued by Rockstar and Swiftor - fashion victims got shot on sight whereas the chic-est contestants lived to sashay another day.

(01:29:55) "Townhall Trinity" - A cool new Capture mode Job near Townhall that put our Rockstar Dev 3 to the test, trying to prevail against some sneaky Capture point lurkers and using high positions for the advantage to take the win.   

(01:55:30) Deadly Hide & Seek at the Kortz Center Hedge Maze - Swifor and friends return for a little metagame of murderous hide-and-seek around the Kortz Center hedge maze. Rocking the new masks from the Business Update for full slasher flick effect. Watch out for some unlucky players who get snuck up on and find themselves on the wrong side of a melee attack.

(02:07:44) "Jet Setting" - Rockstar Dev 3 mans the Vestra through this challenging new Air Race - taking out competitors and twist-flipping an aggressive opponent. There’s an awesome 3-way photo finish at the end where 13nikita ekes out the W.  

(02:13:20) "Wiwang Park" - Rockstar Dev 2 gets a chance to shine, punching the Albany Alpha through a night time Race in Downtown Los Santos. Shout out to Traffickers Crew Leader Niko Anonamix who joined in on this one and also to iLewisGTA of the wandering Los Santos Free Roamers for getting the victory with signature toast aplomb.

You can also check out a few videos posted by some Social Club community stalwarts from their own perspectives while playing with us on the Rockstar Broadcast stream including MrGTAVInformer playing new Land Races “The City Commute” and Air Race “Burn Your Bridges II”;  German Scientist playing the new Air Race “Jet-setting” with a fleet of Vestras; and iLewisGTA playing “Burn Your Bridges II”, and winning the new Race “Wiwang Park.”



HikeTheGamer on his YouTube channel HikePlays getting into some risky Business with his massive Crew family.

Garrett Sutton aka RedRobinz from JoblessGamers got his live play on hosting some free roam hijinks and taking on official new Jobs such as "Business Trip" and "The City Commute". 

A big shout to the special guest casters from the community who did their own Business Event Weekend live streams. In addition to some awesome streams hosted by HikeTheGamer and Garrett Sutton above…

DomIsLive of the Devastation Crew got into GTA Online Jobs with fans

Mattophobia and SuperM737 from The Procrastinators Crew went live for some free roam fun, Gang Attacks and a new Air Race, "First Class

Twitch caster Spamfish was hollering "It's Business Time!" all weekend, going online for some epic 5+ hour sessions

And Dat SaintsFan got together with Garrett from JoblessGamers to do a special edition of their Squadcast series discussing why they consider The Business Update to be their favorite update to GTA Online thus far.


Over the Business Event Weekend, we challenged all Snapmatic shutter-bugs out there to tag their best shots with the hashtag #BUSINESS to show off their most creative, awesome and beautifully composed moments featuring any of the new cars, guns, aircraft, gear or Jobs from The Business Update. Our five favorites below have been awarded GTA$1M in in-game prize money, as well as the exclusive 'BUSINESS' in-game vanity license plate so that they can always roll around Los Santos like a boss.

DuPz0r and the classy fellas from the iGrandTheftAuto Crew sported the new Business Update attire outfits to pay homage to Ron Burgundy and company, looking ready for a good old fashioned reporter rumble outside of the Daily Globe news offices (minus the trident, of course).

pixelpuss1 and the ladies of Pussi Riot once again dress to impress with this amazing gender-bending in-game droogs cos-play, menacingly strolling through the tunnel with bats in tow looking for a bit of the old ultra-violence.

"Spaced Out Vintage Style" by TinklyMage is a perfectly timed and impeccably composed action shot of a couple of unlucky Businessmen who seem to have taken a wrong turn somewhere in their brand new red Grotti Turismo R. Hope they packed an extra 'chute for that kind of hang-time or it'll be a nasty trip to Sandy Shores Medical Center.

A très chic bit of fashion photography by Rolli Master showing off the latest haute couture from the Business Update collection. The model is wearing a smart looking Houndstooth Pencil skirt set off nicely with this season’s hottest accessory, a nail-polish pink customized Special Carbine.

GTAPhotographers Lieutenant, loudgarden used the meme creator feature and one of the new Metal Warrior masks included in the Business Update to pay homage to the legendary (and GTA soundtrack alumnus) MF Doom.


It certainly wasn't easy to narrow our final selections down this go round but we'd like to honorably mention a few other standout Snapmatics including the cheeky Trump-tastic "You're Fired" by Ayreon01 (who made our honorable mention honor roll last time as well -  keep at it!);  a carefully crafted bullet-time message by Workinonit.; and a coolly-compositioned snap entitled "Serious Business" by Bleubite.


Congratulations to the lucky five Grand Prize Winners of the Los Santos Better Business Sweepstakes: -EDDS-, IncognitoOnyxLV, CaptainRedstone, supercoolguy1137 and AARON_D20 all won the super rare Trevor Philips Industries tee and Merryweather Security camouflage cap plus a GTAV sticker pack. We're still in the midst of confirming some of the runners-up to win GTAV tees and stickers so be sure to check the inboxes of whatever email you have linked to your Social Club account (and also be sure you have your most actively used email linked to your account too so you don't miss these notifications).


Remember, all the Business content will continue to remain available to obtain in-game indefinitely and can be kept for good upon in-game purchase.

Stay tuned as we’ll have more news soon about the next update for GTA Online, as well as news about more in-game rewards and bonuses, Event Weekends, Snapmatic competitions and Crew versus Crew battles.

  • R* Yon March 24 2014, 12:19pmFlag
    Congratulations again to: @DuPz0r @pixelpuss1 @TinklyMage @Rolli Master @loudgarden, winners of the Business Snapmatic photo contest. For those asking, winners are chosen based on the creativity and fun of their pictures and of course that they contained content from The Business Update.

    Congratulations as well to the sweepstakes winners: @-EDDS-, @IncognitoOnyxLV, @CaptainRedstone, @supercoolguy1137 and @AARON_D20

    We’ll have more Event Weekends and Snapmatic contests soon, so please stay tuned for that!

    Also if you’re a YouTube broadcaster or Twitch streamer who’d like to take part in a future Event Weekend, feel free to give us a shout to and let us know. We can only feature a few broadcasters each time, but may also feature your videos elsewhere here at the Newswire or via Twitter if we like what we see! Also if you have feedback about favorite broadcasters on YouTube that you would (or wouldn’t!) like to see appear in future Events line-ups, give us a shout with those thoughts via mouthoff as well. Thank you.
  • raverboyjohnon April 22 2014, 3:19pmReplyFlag
    anyone got any ideas when the spring update comeing out
    • TerTer-Combatanton April 21 2014, 9:53amReplyFlag
      • Chrisl182on April 21 2014, 4:33amReplyFlag check it out
        • hitman_1-_on April 20 2014, 2:00pmReplyFlag
          Created a dm called the island if anyone is interested. . Would love some decals for my cars like stars or stripes or designs.. gratz to those that got verified also.
          • Awesomepizza4on April 19 2014, 9:33pmReplyFlag
            I can not sell cars for that are over $ 50 000

            • Hazeyyyon April 18 2014, 4:56pmReplyFlag
              New job on PS3 by Haze_Meister. The job is called Dusty McThrusty and it' a close-quaters Raid mision.
              • MarcDeGevanni29on April 18 2014, 11:01amReplyFlag
                I got a picture of a Ignition Bomb of mine in action against a Rival. I thought for surely it would win the bummer!
                • vodafon_1083646on April 4 2014, 6:47amReplyFlag
                  rockstar games fan will help us in our demands and, in particular, the casino
                  • vodafon_1083646on April 4 2014, 6:45amReplyFlag
                    rockstars gta fan of all say to put the possibility of making gasoline cars thanks
                    • Organleggeron April 3 2014, 11:51amReplyFlag
                      New capture mode content creator!!!! Oh the things we will do when we are finally given the full set of tools. For now I give you this..... Full Loop-dee-Loop! Enjoy!
                      • Sahymonon April 2 2014, 6:58pmReplyFlag
                        Eu queria que a RockStar colocasse mascara de gás estilo Breaking Bad

                        Pudesse ter mais de 96 fotos no Snap e mais membros no comando
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                          Hi can I get my money back my gt is BA SHOW OFF
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                            join my crew please anyone ps3 only
                            • 2facegeminion April 1 2014, 10:10amReplyFlag
                              the best grand theft auto i ever played, thanks
                              • sp33dmastron March 31 2014, 6:25pmReplyFlag
                                the picture that takes the piss out of anchorman is very well done. surely there should be a video about the news team war.
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