Red Dead Redemption Official Website Update: Honor and Fame

Posted on May 10 2010, 4:05pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Recently, we released a selection of brand-new screenshots showcasing Honor and Fame in Red Dead Redemption.  Today, we've updated the official site with a new features page with more detail on how Honor and Fame work in the game along with additional exclusive new HD screens.

Additionally, you can test your personal honor with the quiz above - it features five scenarios you might encounter in Red Dead Redemption that would affect your Honor level.  Choose your first inclination of how you'd react to each.  Your personality result at the end can be shared directly to your Facebook wall.

Visit to check it all out.

  • Spartangaminon June 21 2013, 6:31pmReplyFlag
    When will another triple Xp be? The game is still fun with friends or without friends
    • jonathoncarson February 9 2013, 8:08pmReplyFlag
      it wont let me use alot of cheats it says this cheat cant be used during any activity
      • 11832744on July 10 2011, 4:10pmReplyFlag
        Hey my first ps3 broke and i was level 32 now i get my new ps3 and i have level 1?

        What happened?

        Please help me my PSN : t-i-g-o
        • Rocker_Guilleon August 15 2010, 4:32amReplyFlag
          Everytime I get to the 2nd question it changes to German e_e
          • QuietstormRBon May 14 2010, 1:18amReplyFlag
            May 18th is almost here folks. I've been looking forward to playing this game for a long time. Looking to join a posse as well hit me up on 360.
            • joseywales09on May 12 2010, 11:45amReplyFlag
              im starting a posse i want the best gunslingers in the west if you think your good enough join if not get the hell out of our way id hendo-mma-legend ps3
              • RedDeadPepperon May 12 2010, 9:34amReplyFlag
                Is any 1 interested in making a posse, message me on xbox Xz Dr Pepper Xz
                • jscottm1981on May 11 2010, 6:07pmReplyFlag
                  • Bysideon May 11 2010, 5:15pmReplyFlag
                    @ RaveltodaGrave Don't worry Poss26 is my girlfriend and ill play first at this game cause i already preorder it and the copy is at my name. @ Poss26 So baby Better chance next time. Dont mess with me im a cowboy
                    • ClubHouseSalmonon May 11 2010, 4:35pmReplyFlag
                      As far as getting the achievement/trophy for Highest Fame and Highest/Lowest Honour goes, you're better off either playing very honourably or very dishounourably as it is the quickest way to get the achievement, which is a tad annoying as I don't want to play as an exclusively bad or good character, I'd like to mix it up whilst still getting the achievement.
                      • Cartman28279on May 11 2010, 4:29pmReplyFlag
                        7 DAYS 7 DAYS. Its gonna be the longest 7 days of my life. Pre ordered about 4 or 5 months ago. Its so close I can taste it and it taste like victory with a side of ownage served with mashed potatoes. Cant wait to play with everyone on Xbox 360, and PS3 owners and 360 owners prepare to get our faces melted off!
                        • VillNesson May 11 2010, 4:07pmReplyFlag
                          I preordered this game yesterday. As it is being released on friday the 21st I really hope I will get the game on friday! I kinda have this feeling I won't get it then :S If I won't, I will be really sad because can't play it on the weekend AND till next saturday!!! As I have school then and I live in a student dormitory and I don't have ps3 there... I have my fingers crossed (and toes :P) that I will get it on the 21st and that the game won't have negative surprises!
                          • FacePalm94on May 11 2010, 2:36pmReplyFlag
                            omg i want this game NOW!! :D
                            • wvhunterplayeron May 11 2010, 2:20pmReplyFlag
                              im a maverick nobody tells me what to do!caint wait for this game so many in game choices!!
                              • Hatman9on May 11 2010, 2:11pmReplyFlag
                                Elikkä jos sais tietää jonkun joka kuuluu suomalaiseen posseen ni voisin addia?
                                Sanokaa ihmees Ps:n nimii!

                                PSN: Xsinan
                                • R* Yon May 11 2010, 1:51pmReplyFlag
                                  Thx guys – lots more this week – Social Club info today! Trailer Thursday!

                                  @littlesmurph We’ll be posting info on Midnight launch events soon
                                  • Overpassedon May 11 2010, 1:27pmReplyFlag
                                    jees! sinne vaa! Facebookis on sitte kaveri tehny posselle semmosen ryhmän et jos on profiili siellä ni tsekatkaa! sinne kommenttii yms : D ois siistii kyl saada se 8 tyypin porukka =)
                                    • Overpassedon May 11 2010, 1:24pmReplyFlag

                                      Joo laita vaa! meitsil on viel viikko ps3 lakkoo jälel ;D elikkä ens tiistaina aattelin palata pleikan ääree et sit siel sovitaa enempi sitte. Meil kolmel ketä siin posses on, on Teamspeak elikkä sen jos viittis kaikki possen jäsenet lataa ni pystyi koneen kautta juttelemaa ku ei oo ps3:ee kuulokkeita vielä mut katellaa sitte: D
                                      • Ismaeelon May 11 2010, 12:39pmReplyFlag
                                        I'm a man of honor. :) Nothing new, I always play as a good guy. Playing as a bad guy just feels wrong.
                                        • mlsk8eron May 11 2010, 12:34pmReplyFlag
                                          Hey does anyone know if all the mi---ames from SP will be present in MP freeroam, like Poker or Black Jack for example?
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