Crew Cut: Crew Business and Killer Squads Large and Small

Posted on March 19 2014, 3:31pm | Author: R* L | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Check out how Crews are putting the new Business Update vehicles and attire to good use, plus more squads hitting the 1,000 member mark as well as ones that intentionally prefer to stay lean and mean - plus some standout Crew videos, Instagram pics and more.


Team building at the Maze Bank Tower fountains. Clockwise from top left: xVxDarkjedixVx shows off the dread, white and blue of xVx-The Agency-xVx (AGNT); Destinsenvy and some of the RIOT Clique with their display; it's a white party for ShaolinBeast and the M0NSTARS (STAR) CrewSirShoup's Glock Shooting Sport (GSSF) Crew demonstrates the knuckle and air thrusting toasts, as well as their suits 'n' rides.

Los Santos has seen a rise in sharp dressed Crews displaying their more sophisticated tastes, with players taking full advantage of all the elegant attire options in The Business Update. Looking fresh, lots of Crews took to Snapmatic to show off. As you can see above, quite a few had the same idea to take advantage of the fountains in front of the Maze Bank Tower to display their customized new rides along with their other spoils - while this selfie by MARCUS_STROM of the Th3ClownZ (TH3C) Crew shows members of his gang stepping things up with signature top hats. Anonamix and the always entertaining Traffickers (TRFK) Crew put in work as well showing off the new Business gear in the 8th installment of their crazy Grand Theft Thursdays video series entitled "Business As Usual".

The Australia Illuminati (ORDO) Crew, who were featured along with sister Crew the Illuminati MCC (IMCC) in our last Crew Cut, sent us the below footage of the new Grotti Turismo R racing against the some of the best the Supercar class has to offer. These Crews have been busy auteurs as of late, also releasing an epic Demolition Derby (which prominently features the Roosevelt from the recent Valentine's Day Massacre Special) as well as their weekly "Show and Shine" events, which showcase the Crews' hottest rides. Meanwhile, if you're curious how intimidating some of the new 30 masks look in the heat of battle, this action-packed Free Aim Deathmatch between the JAMESTOWN RANCHOGANG (JTRG) Crew and the United Blue Nation (XUBN) Crew should do the trick.





Recently we highlighted Crews that moved almost instantly and effortlessly into the 1,000 Member Club thanks to fan association with their YouTube channels or long time presence in the Social Club community. The trend of capped-out Crews continues as many more have clawed their way to capacity, promoting themselves via the Noticeboard and out there on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere.

Despite being named after a Chief Keef song, 3hunna Sosa Squad (SOSA) headed up by RushKush may be in immediate need of a name change now that a “3hunna” member count is no longer applicable. Long running Italian GTA fan site / YouTube channel GTASeriesVideos (GSVS), known for their clever ‘Lifeinvader Look Back’ series and other great videos, and the boys in blue from the original FIBS Most Wanted (MSTW) Crew led by Nimble92 have gained considerable size since we last reported on them. Sporting four additional support Crews for both the Xbox 360 and PS3, as well a central HQ. FIBS membership base has now grown to over 3 K not unlike the byPureGaming (BPGC) Crew who now have not one… but nearly six fully stocked thousand member divisions! It also appears Los Santos will have no shortage of heroes or villains with the Batman Squadron (BTMN) topped out and the Decepticons LS (DCEP) having beefed up all three of their divisions to full capacity.



With all the focus on 1,000 member mega-Crews rising to prominence in recent weeks it’s also important to remember that there’s plenty of proud, intentionally smaller squads out there that deserve respect. Remember that Crews are what you make of them – they can be either a tight-knit group of long-time friends you like to get into GTA Online action with on the weekends, or they can be a massive conglomerate and community of players brought together by common interests and associations. Here are just a few of the notable Crews we’ve spotted closing ranks and keeping it exclusive.

Team Member and avid Snapmatic shutterbug MAKAVELI shows what the trademark Slaughterhouse style of warfare is all about.

Free-aim masters Slaughterhouse (XSHX), a 26 member Crew that's been putting it down consistently ever since Max Payne 3, are currently sporting the 4th spot for overall world Crew ranking amongst all player-made Crews in GTA Online Team Deathmatch. With an impressive K/D ratio of 2.32 it’s easy to see why pro performers like MAKAVELI are proud to rock the XSHX Banner. Another highly competitive "Legit and Loyal" Crew keeping it under 50 are veterans II_LEGION_ll who are currently ranked 2nd in the world standings amongst player-made Crews with an overall K/D of 1.86 in Team Deathmatch. A quick glimpse at their Crew feed reveals that vigilant Crew Leader Metrolock pays close attention to the bottom line whilst still actively tracking Feud wins in Max Payne 3.

Going to an even smaller set, newcomers T-O-Killer Accademy (TOKA), led by Mini-Rambo, are another carefully cultivated clique seeking capable and active players. Currently housing 20 members but willing to expand, their motto states that they're only for "PRO" players and don't aspire to ever have more than 75 members at most. With a consistent K/D ratio of 2.32, they appear to be dead serious about maintaining their edge. Taking the small Crew competition to Racing, 420 - The High Crew (4THC), headed up by Qeythos, aren’t just blowing smoke. With less than half the member count of TOKA under their belt they still rock a strong 621/907 Race win ratio - proving that old adage that good things do come in small packages.



Loyal Royals. The Royal Warlords (ROYA) Crew ride or die in this highlight reel.

Crew Leader ghost360frost is live and direct, showing off his true to life Online character and the official ROYA hoodie on Instagram.

On YouTube, we happened upon the Royal Warlords (ROYA) Crew. Putting down roots in Los Santos since October, ROYA have a penchant for debaucherous Crew music videos and cataloguing their adventures on their official Instagram page. With a Crew motto of "Loyalty Is Everything... Death b4 Dishonor" these guys are a tight knit group - whether it's squaring off against instigating Crews in the featured highlight vid above or repping with their official real-world ROYA hoodies.



The irrepressible Ganja Outlaws (WEED) are at it again. Check out their coordinated time lapse video above, set to "California Soul", along with this hazy highlight clip of their Team Deathmatch exploits and a preview of their Weed Farm shoot out created Job.


We're always on the lookout for new squads to feature, awesome Crew based activity, videos and pics to highlight, and beefs to cover, so give us a shout to mouthoff if you have something exceptional going on that you think the world needs to see or hear about and also share it with the Social Club community here in the comments. 

Also keep a lookout on our Twitter feed for some new Crew vs Crew battles to go down - streaming live at our official Twitch and YouTube channels in the coming weeks - along with special editions letting some GTAV soundtrack artists battle it out across Los Santos which should be fun to tune in to (more details on that soon).

Let us know if you've got scores to settle of your own by hitting us up at Be sure to provide us with your Crew page link, preferred platform and a little dirt on why you think your dispute should be broadcast to the world.



  • R* Yon March 20 2014, 1:26pmFlag
    A big shout to all the Social Club members whose Crews were shouted in this edition of the Crew Cut including @xVxDarkjedixVx, @Destinsenvy, @ShaolinBeast, @SirShoup, @MARCUS_STROM, @Anonamix, @RushKush, @MAKAVELI, @Metrolock, @Mini-Rambo, @Qeythos and @ghost360frost.

    We’ll also be announcing the winners of the #BUSINESS Snapmatic contest here at the Newswire soon, as well as winners of the Los Santos Better Business Sweepstakes from the Business Event Weekend. Please stay tuned for that.

    For those of you that want to post recruitment messages, please be sure each one is completely unique.

    Please send all suggestions or wishlists for future GTA Online content or feature updates to where our dev team is actively reviewing player feedback.
  • Chevy54123 days, 18 hours agoReplyFlag
    Looking to join an active crew that is a security force or something law related. I'm on
    xbox one
    • Jayzuz1872 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
      Sacred Bones Originals MC!
      Hello Guys? Im opening a new chapter of the Bones MC Club in Los Santos and im looking for some loyal members to join!
      Your loyal? You love guns, bikes, beer and you want to be a part of a Motorcycle Club?
      Ok! Private Message me: Jayzuz187 (PS4)
      • tacitBradster1012 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
        If you're looking to join a crew on Xbox One, The Skull eyes Mafia just might be for you.
        You have to be a team player
        Not a little kid
        No arguing in the crew
        Loyalty to the crew
        Have a mic (Optional)

        Other details can be discussed if you want in; if you want to join either message me, or message Sgt Cobra N7 on Xbox one.
        • looking for people to join the crew hit me up for ps4. camaradas llegenle al crew estan bienvenidos todos manden mensage.
          • DeathclawDiscoon January 5 2016, 1:15pmReplyFlag
            Merryweather Talon now recruiting. You will be an employee of Merryweather Security but your roles will go way beyond simply driving a Mesa around and getting shot. We have recruited hard recently and now have a tidy group. We have a brand new logo which we wear with pride and the only way to get this insignia is to join Merryweather Talon. Happy New Year everyone x
            • Lenka67on December 30 2015, 5:29amReplyFlag
              Hi !
              If you look for a crew active and fun, you will found LWMC (LoneWolf MC Charter) one of the funniest and active crew.
              We play for fun, just a group of cool guys from every console and even on PC, players.
              We emerged from XBOX one, in november, starting with nothing.
              Now the crew is progressing, with brand new members joining, week after week, expanding and growing the crew.
              LWMC is a crew with no headache style, we just play to get fun with eachother, doing missions, enjoying freemode, getting our hands on whatever we can.
              We like bikes.
              We appreciate loyalty, honor and respect. If you have those, you are definitly a good member to come.
              LWMC promote their members for one reason: respect and honor to the crew and others.
              It's not because you're in one crew that you can't respect the others who are not in LWMC, but we enjoy being your first crew. If you want to get promotted, good advice is setting LWMC as active crew, and you will, if you are respectful, get promoted.
              We would like to expand more, forge alliance with other crews who want the same as us.
              We have every nationality, going from France (like me and my right hand) to US, to Brasil and even England and Russia.
              Our most used language is English.
              We enjoy every new member, even if they are just looking for a safe spot to land, they are welcome. You can actually do multiple-crew with us, for alliance, that is the best. And you will still grow flourishly in the crew by doing those alliance who will make the crew grow more and more.
              We are ambitious but patient. We are the Wolves in the night that prey.
              If you want to join a pack of players who wants the same as you, join us.
              The crew is OPENED for joining.
              So, Welcome newcomers. Every rank on GTA V is accepted, to rank 1-10 to 100+. Everyone will be accepted regardless of that.
              • HerculesHale_96on December 25 2015, 12:01amReplyFlag
                Looking for a crew to join on the PS4 I have a mic and am very active and mature what I am looking for is a crew that primarly plays in free aim lobbys, most if not all players have mics, and some role play. I would prefer the crew to be either Military, Crime/Gang, or MC. If you are actively recruiting please send me a message on either my social club or my PSN ID which is the same as my social club HerculesHale_96.
              • Maxim-RUSon December 11 2015, 4:24amReplyFlag
                • Blashnoel1on November 24 2015, 2:17amReplyFlag
                  We Blackouts V plan to take over sessions with brute force
                  using jets and guns. That's easier said than done so in order to
                  Achieve this goal, we need to increase our crew numbers. The most important rule in this crew is that we back each other up in battles and respect one another. We're recruiting skilled players who are good with jets or snipers and particularly enjoy fighting other players. In this crew we do not necessarily look for high ranks but players who are good at killing and survival. We also do Run and Gun deathmatches but our main strength is in freeroam. If you enjoy killing and treat freeroam as a big deathmatch, this is the crew for you. You'll find a wide array of players in this crew such as pilots and marksman rifle users. I have decided to keep it an invite only crew to ensure that everyone here is skilled. Here are 3 important rules
                  1. Always have crew set active
                  2. No crew killing
                  3. Teamwork
                  Make sure you're profile and stats are visible before requesting an invite.
                  Link to crew :
                  • Hood_famouzeon November 5 2015, 8:34pmReplyFlag
                    • Hood_famouzeon November 5 2015, 8:37pmReplyFlag
                      @Hood_famouze Hey guys check the link below of The famous Ganja OUTLAWZ getting dominated in some free roam pvp enjoy!
                  • BenTheMLGProon November 3 2015, 5:19amReplyFlag
                    If anyone is looking to join an organized and good crew on Playstation 4 please join Soldiers-United Ps4 only join if you take orders and fight in crew battles.
                    • COGZY89EFCon October 29 2015, 5:26amReplyFlag
                      ATTENTION: GTA Xbox One Players!, The Black Wolf World Gaming Community are now recruiting for they're official GTA Crew "Black Wolf Commandos"

                      The Black Wolf Commandos are a Organised Private Army that operates using strategy and teamwork to accomplish its goals, whether it be "Bounty Protection", fighting hostile crews or doing heists and missions. They have very active, Loyal and Dedicated members as well as an accomplished Democratic leadership core which keeps the clan functioning and working. You can rise through the ranks, and its own military inspired hierarchy to eventually lead BWCS forces in operations. The crew is policed and regulated to maintain high professional standards. There are Two very active Military Divisions for you to choose from :

                      Infantry: The Backbone of the Black Wolf Commandos, Adapted to harsh environments, well trained and disciplined this menacing combat force is deployed in large groups and are intended to push the front-lines in our favour, consists of multiple combat roles and versatile Fighting tactics to form a spearhead in any combat situation. Infantry can be deployed on Reconnaissance and Patrols in Conflicted territories and on the front-lines

                      Mechanized: Heavily trained Commando Vehicle specialists who are vital for any combat scenario, these guys are quick to respond to any situation, any threat in any terrain and are sure to leave a permanent scar on any combatant who are foolish to attack Black Wolf Operatives. When they're are down they're not out by changing into an infantrymen if vehicles are destroyed. Mechanized are also quick to be deployed in large scale invasions and shock and awe operations. Also used for search and rescues and evacuations.

                      But Not Anyone can join! first you will need to prove yourself to be a good team player, strategist and a reliable soldier, after all wolves hunt in packs, you will be asked to complete basic training in order to become a: Black Wolf Commando

                      If you are interested please read the following requirements below...

                      -Have to be Serious and Active -Have to be a TeamPlayer -Have to of acquired a Microphone -Be Speak Fluent, Clear English -Be able to Take orders -Be able to Wear a Uniform -Have to acquire a Crew Vehicle -Be able to Help other Soldiers -To abide by our laws

                      And of course by enlisting with the black wolf commandos on GTA, you will also become a member of our community, which has many benefits for any gamer.

                      Check us out at :

                      Good luck

                      BWWG Community Leader
                      • GTA4life12345678on October 17 2015, 8:09pmReplyFlag
                        Can I join get markiller216 I'm a you tuber as well
                        • Rinox13on October 17 2015, 5:22pmReplyFlag
                          hey ! me and my crew are looking for a better crew to go with, would you be up to accept a few stoners in ur crew?
                        • AwsomPenguinson October 16 2015, 4:28amReplyFlag
                          Looking for a pc racing crew look no further as the new crew Los Santos Mad Whips is in town and ready for racing. Join for amazing street racing all you need is a nice whip so join crew if you're ready for racing. You can also friend AwsomPenguins the leader of the crew just for tryouts. Just one rule bring a nice whip doesn't have to be expensive. It could be a street car just swing by take a race and see if you want to join. AwsomPenguins will be on this weekend Saturday to Sunday around 4:00 to 8:00 see Ya there.
                          • madwallace83on October 12 2015, 6:47amReplyFlag
                            We are on ps4 only.
                            • madwallace83on October 12 2015, 6:45amReplyFlag
                              We are looking for new members to join our Scottish prospects mc charter,do well in the crew earn your stripes and you will be patched over to the mother charter the 1% Scottish braveheart mc,all nationality's welcome as long as you have a mic,and we only accept you to have 1 mc ours,feel free to show your intrest.
                              • PackDaTruthon October 8 2015, 1:59pmReplyFlag
                                LSBS looking for active people on xbox one if interested hit me up
                                • Master_Mason713on September 29 2015, 4:51amReplyFlag

                                  Be ready to be "Tried"
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