GTA Online Rockstar Verified Jobs Update: 10 New Additions by Power Users & Collaborative Crews

Posted on March 14 2014, 10:08am | Author: R* M | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

When we find a really great GTA Online user-created Job that we feel deserves recognition as one of the Rockstar Verified selections, we often dig through that Creator's other offerings to see if there is something else waiting to be unearthed. This latest round of Rockstar Verified picks features a pair of power users who have each received two commendations, along with a couple of Crewmates that have mastered the art of Race Creation. Read on for details and links to these and the rest of the new additions to the Rockstar Verified collection.

Please note that due to restraints on the total number of Rockstar Verified Jobs that can be made available at any one time in the game, we've also retired the first set of Races and Deathmatches originally verified back in December from showing up automatically in Freemode (but you can always still access them from the Social Club Jobs page and choose to add them to your game). Going forward, as we continue to bestow Rockstar Verified status on more Jobs, we will be cycling out some of the earlier ones along with those updates. Without further ado, here are the latest ten including a wealth of highly-recommended Races and a pair of exceptional Deathmatches.

Leader of tight-knit The Only Ones Gang, Poklaan already has 19 different Creations under the belt. We selected these two that are a fine showcase of Creator skills. "Around the Mirror" is a clean and quick Race for up to 16 players around the scenic area of Mirror Park. The long straights make it a great choice for the new blazing fast rides like the Grotti Turismo R and the Dinka Jester from The Business Update. Poklaan's second Rockstar Verified Race entitled "Windy Hills" takes inspiration from the popular Rockstar Created Race "Power Trip". It's a 16 player motorbike Race through the rotary blades of the RON Alternates Wind Farm in Blaine County. This lap Race features long straights combined with several perilous cliff-side hairpin bends that require expert control and perfect timing.
In "Transformer Station", teams battle for control of the entire Los Santos power supply in the far northeast of the city. Pizza690 has a talent for Deathmatch creation and here has perfected the spread of props to provide cover where there aren’t transformers to hide behind. With just two armor pick-ups and a handful of firearms, your choice of starting weapons will be key to victory here. Meanwhile across the city, the gravestones of the titular "Hill Valley Cemetery" provide cover for teams looking to wake the dead, or add to their numbers. Here the plethora of health packs, weapons and vehicles available (Romero Hearse included), complement the availability of plenty of natural cover.
As announced on his Twitter account and Social Club profile, bongongta69 is now "R* Verified baby". This course turns the Sandy Shores airfield into a challenging track with tight turns, great views and bumpy off road sections that could easily throw you off course. Be sure to slow down for the tire wall chicane or risk being thrown head first into a patch of prickly pear. You can check out a video by bongongta69 previewing his Race here.
Another great track built specifically for dirt bikes featuring on and off-road sections. "Farm Fresh" was picked out for R* Verification due to the diverse terrain explored in a map that navigates tight, difficult sections in and around Martin Madrazo’s ranch at La Fuente Blanca, up to the Redwood Lights race track and back down to an on-road section in the Vinewood Hills. Creator Ma1evo1entCheese has honed the art of a good clean Race as a member of the Red Rum Racing Crew, a highly organized collective with their own forum for Crew meets and intra-Crew challenges.
One of Red Rum Racing's Commissioners also earns a Verification nod this round with the aptly named "Coupe D'état". As we mentioned in our recent article outlining tips for the Race Creator, vehicle selection should always be carefully considered according to the layout and terrain of your course. LuapYllier has followed this advice perfectly, selecting an underused vehicle class that is perfect for the tricky turns and hill sections. Keep an eye out for crossovers where you can collide with opponents as well as a shortcut across the abandoned railway line.
"Power Hour" is an exciting high speed Race in an area rarely used: the Palmer-Taylor Power Station on the east coast of San Andreas. With each lap featuring a double loop, there's plenty of potential for some electrifying collisions - Race leaders may find themselves quickly targeted by those bitter at having fallen behind.
Refuel - Created by Demon Low-Rider
Demon Low-Rider advises "total concentration" in this endurance Race from Grapeseed, round the Alamo Sea, through Sandy Shores and down the Senora Freeway into the city before finishing up at Mirror Park. With sections on asphalt and dirt, as well as tight turns and long straights, this diverse track will challenge all of your driving ability - particularly if you have the full complement of 15 opponents battling to throw you off course. A win on this course should serve as affirmation of your skill as a pro GTA Online racer.
Confrontations in the city can often result in madcap dashes across town to the local health care provider for "repairs". This short point-to-point (1.33 mi) lets you practice for that very situation as you race from Burton to Los Santos County General. Be sure to keep traffic turned on for the authentic emergency experience.

As ever, in addition to occasionally changing Job names due to taste, copyright or other reasons - we also from time to time will make other small edits to players' Jobs before making them Rockstar Verified. This includes, but is not limited to modifying spawn points, improving checkpoints or increasing/decreasing the amount of weapon picks ups for a particular Job. Once Jobs are Rockstar Verified, they become available for play across both platforms, so whether you're on Xbox 360 or PS3, you'll have all these newly Verified creations available in your next Freemode session.
Go ahead and post your Job below in the comments (only once, please don't spam) with a punchy explanation of why it's worth checking out. We're always looking for new player-created Jobs to add to the Rockstar Verified program and the best way to get noticed is to have a solid Race or Deathmatch that's been thoroughly tested by the community and refined into the most fun and fair experience it can be.



  • R* Yon March 17 2014, 1:19pmFlag
    Congrats again to @Poklaan, @pizza690, @bongongta69, @Ma1evo1entCheese, @LuapYllier, @AnneSauceyFrank, @Demon_Low-Rider, and @sickeningstig for their stellar Verified creations. We’ll be looking to add more Verified Jobs soon, so everyone continue to polish and perfect your Jobs for consideration.

    A reminder that you can also feel free to share your Jobs below with the community to give them a play, just please remember not to spam – you should only post your Job once. Thanks all!
  • AJtheWizardon August 12 2016, 4:42pmReplyFlag
    Commenting a a person who literally fell in love with the creator ( i married my copy of GTAV in Vegas, baby!) I've come up with some missions I think are enjoyable: Srepin's Playground - a 2 team deathmatch from the roof of 2 high rise apartments. Tongva Hills Tango - The first (and best) of a 3 race series around the Tongva bluffs. Obseve This! - Short, but fast laps around the Observatory hill, perfect for polishing your talent at cornering at speed on varying degrees of inclinations. A 'Journey' To Remeber - Capture mission that tests a player and team's skill at escorting precious cargo. Operation 8-ball - Capture against the Ballas and an opposing team to disrupt a meet and make off with the Ballas dough.
    • Warinhari78on May 24 2016, 9:28amReplyFlag
      Bonjour. J'ai crée une course extraordinairement riche en émotions et j'ai des difficultés à partager, cette course qui se trouve dans le crew warinhari world war3 www3 . Son titre est "Mortal Suicide".. amusez vous bien !
      • Toukeuson April 20 2016, 5:57amReplyFlag
        je voudrais partager avec vous mes activités que j'ai crée, j'espère quelle vous plairons:

        affrontement sur autoroute

        extermination: snipers vs pick-up et t20

        Merci à l'équipe rockstar.
        • And1101245on March 11 2016, 10:37amReplyFlag
          Does Anyone have any wall ride maps i could play?
          • sleekaron May 28 2015, 3:49pmReplyFlag
            Bonjour à tous... Étant un grand fan des affrontements , j'aimerai vous proposer de regarder quelque affrontement créer par mes propres soins se situent dans de magnifiques endroit toujours inexploré en affrontement

            " Parc d'éoliennes".. Sur ce vaste terrain le sniper est le plus souvent utilisé... Mais rapprochez vous et le combat sera plus intense...

            " La piscine " .. Cet affrontement se passe plutôt en combat rapproché... De nombreuse caches se trouves aux abords de la piscine pouvant vous permettre de prendre l'avantage... Quelques véhicules militaire se situe dans les rues avoisinantes...

            J'aimerai vous laisser le soin de découvrir plus d'activitées part vous même... Voici les liens :

            " Tiercé Gagnant"

            " La prison de la torture"

            D'autres sont à découvrir en allant jeter un oeil dans mes activitées... Bon jeu à tous...
            • jeronimo64on September 1 2014, 3:31pmReplyFlag
              Jouer, créer, partager.

              Suite de la liste :

              The Daemons Bikers : (Course)

              Single Jump : (Course)

              La montagne ça nous gagne : (Course)

              En ras d'eau : (Course)

              Land Act Reservoir : (Course)

              Beach Run Endurex : (Course)

              Pour le cardio : (Course)

              Bridge of Life : (Affrontement)

              Une série d'affrontement d'apres une map de Call of Duty en voyageant dans le temps. Une petite histoire avec en description.

              Nuketown 2000 : (Affrontement)

              Nuketown 2010 : (Affrontement)

              Nuketown 3000 : (Affrontement)

              Merci l'équipe Rockstar.
              • jeronimo64on September 1 2014, 3:30pmReplyFlag
                Jouer, créer, partager.

                Bonjour tout le monde, je suis Jeronimo64 sur PS3, j'aime créer de nouvelle activité et le partage est ma philosophie.

                J'ai donc plusieurs créations à mon actif et je souhaiterais vous les partager. Ce ne sont pas des activités totalement WTF mais elles gardent tout leurs charme. A travers mes activités j'espère vous faire redécouvrir des lieux peu souvent exploré.

                Je vais vous faire découcrir le bonheur de faire des courses nocturne en sens inverse. Qui rêve de faire la route 68 de nuit en sens inverse ? Vous ? Alors je vous propose de tester cette couse à travers ma palette de création.

                Route 68 Inverse : (Course)

                Grand Senora Dragster : (Course)

                Stop Cars Edition : (Affrontement)

                Stop Cars Edition 2 : (Affrontement)

                Ultimate Game : (Course)

                Los Santos Drift : (Course)

                Grand Tour d'Alamo Sea : (Course)

                Beach Area : (Course)

                Beach Area Inverse : (Course en sens inverse de Beach Area)

                Mirror Park : (Course)

                Mirror Park Inverse : (Course en sens inverse de Mirror Park)

                Pacific Bluffs : (Course)

                Pacific Bluffs Inverse : (Course en sens inverse de Pacific Bluffs)

                Merci l'équipe Rockstar.

                • .GHOST.RIDER.on September 1 2014, 12:34pmReplyFlag

                  VOL DE DIAMANTS
                  Description:vous devez accéder à l'intérieur de la banque et dérober les diamants pendant la transaction! vous pouvez pénétrer dans la banque sans problèmes du moins pour y entrer "Si.. vous ne pas tirer de coup de feu tout de suite ""ou si vous ne pas provoquer les gardiens avec une arme,cela peut être un avantage si vous vous trouvez sur les lieux avant l'autre équipe.
                  Ensuite arrivé dans la salle, vous devrez faire exploser le mur d'armoire blindé qui sépare les pièces a l'aide du c4..
                  une fois cela effectue,défendez les diamants et votre peau pour sortir de la banque et vous rendre au point de livraison.
                  • Phaltsaron August 26 2014, 1:31amReplyFlag
                    Hi, i have created some activities, i think the better are :

                    one land or in the air ( super sport race with two choices possible the groud or the jump)

                    Xtrem Monster (race for the liberator)

                    Surfin' USA (race for the coquette classic only)

                    Hefner's limos (capture)

                    Promenons nous dans... (team death match like war)

                    thank you, and sorry if the post is too big
                    • alter_egoe1on August 5 2014, 8:29amReplyFlag
                      Hello, check out some of my races:

                      Airport Madness
                      Back to the Roots
                      Central Drive
                      Dock Tales
                      Last Minute
                      Last will be last
                      Sandy Short
                      The Pin

                      Have fun!
                      • bl4CkCharizardon August 2 2014, 10:55pmReplyFlag
                        look at my levels please i love to make them so please go and look thanks
                        • luponthethirdon July 11 2014, 3:51pmReplyFlag
                          i have the best deathmatch in ls... rooftop rumble 2... fight with bats and golf clubs on a real roof of the fib building.. try it out for yourself.. tons of fun plus a full lobby pays out over 20,000 for the winner.. or try it with teams either way all my friends play it all day everyday...
                          • Exemptedwolfon July 9 2014, 4:02amReplyFlag
                            Are we there yet ? , around we go, cuttin laps , explore the coast , it's a bird a plane . argh , the scenic route .
                            Those are my races and my captures are : lets earn money playing , military theft . I would love to see at least one or two of my creations verified they all had hours of time and care put into them to make them each challenging for all levels and players designed to keep u wondering and curious...
                            • GRANIXKIon July 1 2014, 9:56amReplyFlag
                              MY Races

                              BOSSA NOVA SHAKE RACE
                              CAPITALIST SLAVE RACE
                              KATTAMAKKA LONG CRITIKEL
                              BLACK WIDOW SPIDER BITE
                              HILLY BILLY DISATER
                              BIKERS MOUNTAINS RACE
                              HOLY SMOKES, SAILORs RAGE
                              ANGEL RIDE
                              TRASH TRAMP TRAIL
                              TREVORS HOME RUN

                              I m a Muscle Car Driver, I working hart for my Race, its Race for good Drivers , its Harmonic Race , bandages aspitations and Fun.

                              Test my Rice and you love my Race , thanks vor all
                              • ISSA1553on June 22 2014, 4:45pmReplyFlag
                                I have this job that I think you are gonna like
                                Its a picture of the heist missions
                                "Loud and Dumb"
                                • mrgrimm007on June 17 2014, 7:30amReplyFlag
                                  Check out my jobs races and deathmatches in the 70s and 80
                                  a lot of fun look for cleanupgorilla3 jobs I think their good to b
                                  • riky_153on June 6 2014, 3:55pmReplyFlag
                                    I have created the only MOTOCROSS race (i think) of the GTA 5 so i think it can be useful for the game and for the gamers (like me) who likes MX.

                                    It is a track situated in a pit, it isn't so big, but it has all the components of a MX track plus a CRAZY JUMP THROUGH A BUILDING!

                                    Please watch it:
                                    • NBNK1995on June 6 2014, 6:46amReplyFlag
                                      I've creating races for a while now and I've had requests sent into me from other players for a track to me their specs for what they want, I'm now offering this as a service for the whole of the PSN community so if you fancy a race taylored to what you want feel free to drop me a message on PSN nbnightkiller or on the social club page or inbox me on it @ NBNK1995

                                      For the elite gta racers the race Need For Speed (L.S.) is still being played by many racers and has reached the 1.5k play mark so if you think you have what it takes to beat the best hit up the race with this link


                                      Other races which are moving quickly up the ranks are my film based designs such as The Italian Job (L.S) and Gone In 60 Seconds (L.S) these links are below. The last race that should get played at least once is the DEMOLITION DERBY if your into GTA races this is the one to play with close combat action around the track there's no room for error as you will end up killed. This races is the funniest race I've ever played and really helps only having one race rule of staying in the car anything else goes.

                                      The Italian Job (L.S.)

                                      Gone In 60 Seconds (L.S.)

                                      DEMOLITION DERBY

                                      Thanks for reading this and thanks to anyone who has hit these jobs up and liked them and bookmarked them, or any of the other races that have been bookmarked or liked in the past. So just hit me up if any of you lot want a race to be created.
                                      • NBNK1995on June 3 2014, 3:53pmReplyFlag
                                        I have a selection of races for all the racers of different levels and themed races for film lovers to, many of my races are played though out the day by me and all my gta friends and crew members, I have 4 completely different styled races which makes it a lot of fun when you are in a playlist with them included.

                                        Race one is called Need For Speed (L.S.) this race includes fast twisting bends through the Los santos country side and hills, and a fast straight on route 68 to the finish line makes for a great close race for all the experienced racers.

                                        Race 2) is The Italian Job, this raced is based on the classic film where you drive small compact cars around the L.S city back alleys, but it wouldn't be the Italian job with out going under ground so I've made the race go into the sewers just to make it more authentic.

                                        Race 3) is a crazy gta for anyone to take out there revenge on others or just to play for a laugh as you race on the L.S race track. The race called demolition derby is based on a demolition derby race and has the oval dirt track and a line of Barriers in the middle of the bends or make one lap in to two.

                                        Finally the last race is Gone In 60 Seconds, this is also a movie themed race but is full of tight turns, alleys and a grand jump at the end just like in the film. This race is very close to the real thing with the locations and route I have chosen, as it goes from martins house where in the film the mustang gets stolen and then through the housing estate through the oil site next to the city from there you enter the docks and drive on to the bridge where the jump and finish line is. Over all this is one of my favourite creations just as it's spot on like the final get way in the film.

                                        Overall would love Need For Speed and Gone In 60 Seconds to be verified as spent a long time and lot of effort making it a perfect race for everyone who takes part in my creations, it's well worth a look and play for the ones I've mentioned what ever level you are the races are designed to make it fair for every one.
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