Crew Noticeboard: The Mercanti Family, Deadly Sins MC, The Departed MC and Others Now Recruiting

Posted on March 10 2014, 11:47am | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

The Crew Noticeboard is our featured column of Crews actively seeking members to join their ranks where we publish your recruitment pitches in your own words.

Since the recent lift of the Social Club Crew member cap, the clamor of clans looking to gather numbers is more feverish and coordinated than ever. Meanwhile, the growing trend of Crews amplifying their efforts via other forms of media like dedicated websites and YouTube channels continues going strong. This week’s Noticeboard features some close-knit and character-focused Crews, along with a group of "good guy gamers" and more...

Mojo Jojo Crew Leader ProRookie55 may not be looking for power puffs, but this Crew is all about playing respectfully...

"MOJO JOJO CREW: We are a group of 'GGG' (Good guy gamers) who don't mess with people for no reason, we fight for the weak and the rookies. We only mess with bullies. So if you are a decent guy, we would love to have you in our Crew. We are very active, play Missions, Deathmatches, Races, Freemode everyday making sure we represent the Crew without being stuck to the tv for long hours. It is important that our Crew members also spend time on their real life as well.

You will see that each and every member of our Crew is a "Badass Gentleman". We are from all over the world. We love good music too, none of the new stuff. Why is it called the Mojo Jojo Crew you ask ? ...... because MOJOJOJOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!"


Looking to live the caporegime lifestyle in Los Santos with a Crew that treats the "family business" with utmost respect? The Mercanti Family has a host of structured role-play scenarios that require you to behave a certain way, and doing so earns you points towards becoming a made man. Aside from hosting missions and initiatives over at the burgeoning fan community site, Leader Aldo Mercanti has even taken this discussion to Reddit to gather support and interest.

"We are a Mafia Role-Play Crew that utilizes the incredible landscape and depth of Los Santos to play as if GTA Online was our "Organized Crime Simulator". This means we live the life of a Criminal rising through the ranks of a Crime Family. You start off as an Associate with access to some 'Family Business' and work your way up to become a Mademan or above with the chance to own Property, run Family Rackets, receive Crew Awards and hold Territory.

On our dedicated Crew Website, we list Original Content in the form of 'Family Business'.

These are a selection of Free-Roam Role-Play Jobs that require teamwork, and often interactions with Civilians, Call Girls, Gang Members and sometimes Police in a way that evokes a reaction from them. Based on their reaction, you handle your business in different ways, e.g. upon being 'Bumped', the Stall Owner walked away = he paid his protection money. Stall owner runs away = He refuses to pay it etc.. We have 'Family Business' that involves Extortion, Pimping, Robbery, Contracts, Unions, Rivals and even a Scrapyard Scam that we must protect from the Armenians.

Members receive "Points" for completing 'Family Business' which goes towards unlocking Awards and earning Promotions.

We play as if Evidence was a real factor, We use Getaway Vehicles stolen from empty carparks and side streets, we avoid Police at all costs. We plan our moves. We play like there are consequences, and its more fun than you might think. Check us out in more detail at our new Crew Website, you won't regret it:"


In addition to recruiting for the free-aim focused squad, the Deadly Sins MC, Crew leader brewcity262 is also looking to get the word out about their "District Domination" meta-game oriented Crew, which is structured around warring factions holding down certain sections of the Los Santos map.

"Deadly Sins MC is giving notice to ALL Crews, the time is now to Ride or Die. We are in this game for one reason, to consume Crews. Our thirst is expanding into every alley to suburb, every trailer to penthouse. Any MC’s that are dedicated to this amazing game of GTA Online, contact us for a patch over or rivalry, we are not looking for alliances. We have the structure and resources, given from depths far below, to grow chapters around a membership base that is committed to nothing more than Crew domination.

Our District Domination game validates Crew claims of Districts previously controlled only by a patch or emblem. Fight for rights to your claim, or wander aimlessly through the streets, just don't cross over our borders into Paleto Bay.

Our Rockstar Social Crew is Deadly Sins MC / Our Crew for Crew vs Crew battles is District Domination

This is a Free Aim, Clean Racing, and Mature (as in no drama) setting. We are like-minded gamers that want to expand the game. Currently we are running for PS3, this game is in its early stages, but set for long term players."

SPART2023 describes the Money United Corp as a "Corporation that serenades the streets with RPGs and Tanks for wealth and power". This Crew as of press time is closing in on 350 members so there’s still plenty of room for growth.

"Money United Corp. operates as a Corporation of 200 members. We are looking to recruit more dedicated members with the motivation to work with other Crew members as one unit. Crew Emblem must be worn on all vehicles (Crew Emblems on clothes is optional). We’d like people to stay active within the Crew; so missions, TDMs and DMs can be more organized as a team effort. No cheaters allowed.

We all work together as one apparatus and will incinerate anyone who gets in the way of making money or tries to lower our kill ratio. 'The Money United Corp That Wipes Out Entire Armadas', now has Open Enrollment. Get ready to see what it really feels like to be on top of the world."


The Departed MC's Lieutenant, lloydminster reached out to us recently via Mouthoff to big up this brotherhood of PSN players that deserted other MC-based Crews - shouting out their virtues (and accomplishments) in a rather emphatic fashion.

"The name says it all. The Departed MC PSN was not created by one man but a core of players that departed from their previous MCs. Tired from leaders that tried to force ridiculous rules about what clothes to wear, what bikes to ride, how active you have to be and so on down their throats, The Departed MC PSN tried a new form of leadership. A democracy. Every decision, rule and leader is voted on by his Crew for an extended period of time before another revote is in place. Every member's vote counts and is important, no one plays favorites here.

Having fun is the main priority for The Departed MC PSN. Every week, the members of the Crew organize a playlist filled with Jobs created by their own Crew members for a fun challenge. Crew head to head battles are also a common sight in The Departed. Members are not afraid to face a rival Crew's challenge and in fact have a history of dominating in past events. Whether its Deathmatches, Races or Parachuting; The Departed MC PSN has a member that purely dominates that event. I'm a warrior on the battlefield with a commanding kill/death ratio of 5.57, you have a better chance of seeing Hell freeze over than seeing hank_da_tank311 lose a race, and DirkDigglerRules is often confused with an Eagle while parachuting


Finally, this Noticeboard edition's featured Crew recruitment videos come to us from the South Central Killaz and Abyssus MC Crews:

Leader AceHood23 is looking to paint the town red with his squad of multi-media savvy set-trippers, the South Central Killaz Crew. Their recruitment video below is a gritty slideshow of Crew Snapmatic highlights set appropriately to the tune of Westside Connection's "The Gangsta, The Killa and The Dope Dealer".        

"I never expected the Crew to become big... I really have to thank everyone who is a member of it and showed big tributes towards the Crew from day one and beyond. The Crew wouldn't be as big if it wasn't for these guys and they all know who they are... The Crew really has taken shape in what a great Online Crew should be. It's reached top 500 GTA Online World Ranking, expanded on Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Words cannot describe how grateful I am towards them, and the way most members communicate, it's basically a gaming Family. For the future, I can only hope it stays a major Online Crew that will big up its stats and name everyday. As for the members, whether you are a Commissioner, Lieutenant, Representative or Muscle, you're all important and will be treated equal for as long as the Crew lives."



With a few MC battles under their belts, leader Tactile Toxic  and the nomadic Abyssus MC are looking to have the last laugh on all who oppose them. Their Crew recruitment video below is short but sweet, segueing from their signature maniacal laughing clown to an extolation of their club's credos as they hit the open roads.

"Abyssus MC is now recruiting, we are looking for mature loyal members who will take the MC seriously. Feel free to check out our website. Link is on my profile. Also if you have a small MC, we are looking for people to patch over to us."

-President of Abyssus MC."


If you’re part of a Crew that's looking for new recruits, drop a link in the comments below for all to see (but only once – those who copy and paste spam the same recruitment message more than once at the Newswire will not be featured). Or, hit us up at and let us know why your Crew deserves recognition for originality, skill or effort... we may publish your want-ad in a future Noticeboard.

This is also an ideal opportunity to show off your Crew pride with any fun group Snapmatic pics, Crew Creations or awesome gameplay vids that show everyone why your squad is the place to be or the team to beat. Remember to leave a link to your Crew's Social Club page so that you're easily spotted by those looking to answer your call.


  • mikeballas1 day, 14 hours agoReplyFlag
    looking for mc club ps3 to join
    • Monolith692 days, 4 hours agoReplyFlag
      Looking for a fun and mature ps4 mc crew too join
      • IanG852 days, 17 hours agoReplyFlag
        Rampant Lions MC are currently looking for new prospects, We are looking for Active, Loyal and Mature (18+) Xbox One players, with the patients and willingness to see the club grow, Being that we are a new club and until we have a group of 6-8 active loyal members we only have a few rules below.
        And on that note, Club hierarchy will be also decided when we have a few active members, depending on how well we get along with each other and how active we are on game.

        > Must be an Active, Loyal & Mature (18+) Player to patch in, We are not here to babysit kids.
        > For now, Only fire if fired upon, We are trying to build the club, Not a list of enemies.
        > We have no rules or regulations on race or religion, a brother is a brother regardless and with that... always have your brothers back (No Team Killing)
        > Social club daily activity is not required, But we do expect to see you there from time to time, With a visible account linked to Xbox Live, and Rampant Lions MC/Prospects must be set as your one and only active crew at all times. It shows loyalty to the club.

        If interested, Request an invite here: "" with a little about yourself and we will get back to you ASAP!
        • looking for people who are low rank like 19 and below who are tired of getting killed and just want to have a good time. we help you rank up while having fun. so if you dont have a crew yet and want to join one add me on psn ps3 and try out. if we like you we will add you to our crew family psn account is chevyduramax254x
          • diablo_761 week, 1 day agoReplyFlag
            • Big-D351 week, 1 day agoReplyFlag
              Looking for PS4 crew members. We are a loyal, mature and tactful crew. If you like making money and causing mayhem and chaos in open lobby's then we might be the crew you have been looking for. We want our members active on the crew wall as well as in game. Mic's are not a must but recommended for easier game play. We are a small but organized crew and we consider our crew members like family. We rarely fail missions and always make the best of each mission for higher payouts. We do cause a lot of mayhem but we also like to just chill and have fun as well as far as making the best of what GTA has to offer. If you think we are a crew you might be interested in then come check out our crew website to read up on what we are all about and our mentality.

              I am the Consigliere/Commissioner of Blk Mob My PSN is Bg-D
              RudeBwoyJacob is our Crew Leader. Contact either one of us to join.

              Crew Website-->

              Social Club Crew Wall-->
              • Monolith691 week, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                Looking for a crew too join on ps4 for races and having fun
                • Mr.Whispers1 week, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                  Do you like driving? Join Pointless Racing. This crew has everything to do with engines and wheels.
                  • namon4201 week, 3 days agoReplyFlag
                    looking for mc
                    • Polargasm1 week, 4 days agoReplyFlag
                      Vice City Felons are looking for players who can create mayhem in the streets of San Andreas, and who can also work along side eachother to make some cash.

                      The felons are currently Xbox One only, but are anxious to seek out a possible leader on the side of Playstation 4.
                      • Wilson_Brouwer1 week, 4 days agoReplyFlag
                        [PS3] Seeking collective of adaptable, preferably balanced individuals
                        A tight-knit organization, we get things done right.
                        *transiting to ps4 by end of december
                        • 1911smith-weston1 week, 5 days agoReplyFlag
                          Looking for a mc on xbox to prospect for and one day get my patch I'm also looking for a real club that fellow th e mc guidelines, church, crew rides and a hierarchy If there are any mc likes please message me Thanks
                          • WHYTEBOI_2042 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                            CANADIAN MOBB ON GTA ONLINE!!!! ON PS3, PS4, XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE!!! Join now
                            • dottdogg2 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
                              The Skull Crakers Motorcycle Club is recruiting. Our aim is to portray the realistic representation of an Outlaw Motorcycle Club. We're a role-playing club. We do organized rides, have church every Sunday(Depending on members IRL commitments this sometimes changes), we treat our characters lives as if there are no respawns, we have earnable patches.

                              Like all members you'll start off as a hang-around, once you are registered on our website and complete the first few tasks you'll be allowed to prospect for the club. During your prospecting phase you will have to do different club jobs posted on the website, attend rides, etc. Once you're recognized enough you'll be voted to be patched in at church.

                              To view more information about our club please check us out on our website:


                              • LikeThatThere2 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
                                Metro Moon Runners are seeking PS4 players that enjoy contact missions. Money and RP is the two goals we have as Metro Moon Runners.
                                • deathbatSS4192 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
                                  deadlyhollows crew is currently looking for members on Xbox One. We do alot of racing and made up mini games. We just play for the fun. No hacking or modding here. Open to anyone 16+ years old.. a mic is preferred as well
                                  • Brew-City3 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
                                    Deadly Sins MC is now recruiting for PS4. The original sinners are back, get in while the gates are narrow and our bloodlust is still dormant. Cheers.
                                    • Vishnu11113 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
                                      The TORA Naval Special Warfare Deployment Group (SEAL Team 669) is now recruiting: If you wish to be part of a Special Operational Unit, apply here;

                                      • broutledge3 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
                                        NEW CREW Killstreakerz. LOOKING FOR NEW OR EXP PLAYERS TO RAGE WAR
                                        • M3RC Motorcycle crew is recruiting. Trying to keep it small, and keep it simple with at least 3 members but more are welcome. Lol I worked a long time to put together my very crude crew patch. I want to get it unlocked for the leather jackets but wear it however you want. No big rules just as long as we get active and play at least once a week to rank up. This is a PS3 crew.
                                          • @CHUGGY-89 Oh and members must have a MICROPHONE so we can better communicate and coordinate when crap hits the fan lol.
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