GTA Online: The Business Update Coming Next Week, Tuesday March 4th

Posted on February 27 2014, 10:29am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games
Enjoy the perks of rising through the ranks of your Los Santos and Blaine County business ventures with The Business Update, coming next week on Tuesday March 4th to PSN and Xbox Live. Thrill-seekers and weekend warriors can hop in any of three all-new, blazing fast sports cars: the Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R... or take to the skies in the new Vestra airplane.
Take to the skies in the luxurious Vestra.
Swing by Ammu-Nation to pick up two new weapons, the Heavy Pistol and Special Carbine, which both offer some serious firepower. 
Dress for success with formal and business casual attire options like new suit jackets, slacks, glasses, heels and blouses, or don new all-business hairstyles and currency themed tattoos. There's also a collection of new masks, perfect for disguising yourself during the next hostile takeover.
The Heavy Pistol and Special Carbine, two new weapons available as part of The Business Update.
Just like the recent Valentine's Day Massacre Special, the new vehicles and weapons will be available in both Story Mode and Online. In Story Mode, weapons will be deposited into all three characters' inventory with two full ammo-clips and all three cars are accessible from their garage properties. In GTA Online, you'll be able to purchase the new weapons and their attachments at any Ammu-Nation location while the vehicles will be available for purchase from Legendary Motorsport and Elitas.
The Turismo R and Alpha evading LSPD pursuit through downtown Los Santos.
Don't forget that this weekend is your last chance to grab the Albany Roosevelt limousine, the Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun and all the rest of the exclusive items from the Valentine's Day Massacre Special before they're gone. Once you purchase them in-game, they're yours to keep - but they will no longer be available to purchase after midnight PST this Sunday, March 2nd.
And stay tuned for details about our upcoming Business Update Event Weekend as well as more info to be revealed on future updates including Online Heists, the Capture Creator update, new Assassination and Flight School missions for Story Mode and much more...

  • R* Yon March 17 2014, 11:46amFlag
    Hey all,
    We hope everyone’s enjoying the new content and Jobs in the Business Update.

    To clarify for those asking - similar to the Beach Bum update, the content in the Business update is permanently added to GTA Online. Access to redeem it does not expire like the seasonal Valentine’s and Holiday content.

    Please also remember to send all suggestions, game feedback and wish lists you may have to where our developers are still looking at fan requests to consider for future game updates. And if you’re experiencing any technical issues of any sort, please refer to the Rockstar Support site to see if your issue is listed at – if it’s not there, you can always create a ticket for help. Thanks everyone!
  • fragilexxblackop5 days, 21 hours agoReplyFlag
    Hey the Rockstar should make a dlc about job like fireman, work in a store in, police in GTA 5 online and on single player. That would be great. And pet for as to play with

    • psychotyler7371 week, 1 day agoReplyFlag
      I wish they would include a police DLC because i know there are many police crews that are willing to have squad cars in their garages
      • juugstuntin2 weeks, 3 days agoReplyFlag
        you guyz should put huge boat yacht so you could live in one or party the night or day away like a boss
        • freddylandon June 21 2014, 10:58pmReplyFlag
          Rockstar please add heist please we've been waiting forever
          • BRsemLimiteson June 20 2014, 1:30amReplyFlag
            rockstar this update was very good but please bring the dlc to come, bank robbery and the classic car gta san andreas the clover please e that this also buy animals for us would be pretty cool
            • ILiveILoveIDieon June 20 2014, 12:06amReplyFlag
              Rockstar, please please PLEASE take my suggestion. Please add animals online because free mode can get boring now and then. People are always killing each other and destroying your personal car. Even when you added the mental state stats, players with a white blip will still kill you out of nowhere. There's nothing else to do but do missions, show your cars off, and kill people. You guys work hard to bring us cool DLCs that give us new cars, guns and clothes. Players get excited and all but after a while, it gets boring because it's pretty much the same things you guys are doing.... giving us new things of the same category. At least try something new. I guarantee you, people won't be bored of GTA Online if you added animals. Instead of people hunting each other, they'd hunt animals together which would be REALLY fun. A lot GTA Online players I've talked to are always discussing about DLCs and what they want. They're always saying things like "I wish rockstar would give us military clothes" or "I wish rockstar would give us a flamethrower" but the number one thing I've noticed, everyone is always saying "I wish rockstar would add animals online".
              • bloodsheddeathon June 15 2014, 9:09pmReplyFlag
                Rockstar, a sweet car you should add is something that looks along the lines of the Lotus Espirit.
                Just a thought.
                • DomestickRock89on June 13 2014, 9:52pmReplyFlag
                  I lost my weapon Gusenberg meti to me one day and disappeared gta online anymore the could have, algen know how to fix this error?
                  • kevindbutleron June 13 2014, 9:14amReplyFlag
                    can u add cars like the(AE86) TRUENO futo hatchback version limited addition with pop-up headlights from initial D but with better drifting performance when cornering to continuous drifting to the next corner, and can u add a drift setting like midnight club 3 dub edition drift,traction,friction. also the TAHOMA from GTA sa. and last but not least a street editor were we can create our own roads and corners,hills,mountains.
                    • Dylan_Crienson June 1 2014, 10:59amReplyFlag
                      did anyone know's of there are coming new planes on gta v ?,
                      except the business dlc pack ?
                      • Southsideboy72on May 28 2014, 5:00pmReplyFlag
                        Add the Cognoscenti from gta 4 and you should also add a car that looks like a Ferrari
                        • Stigmatixxxon May 15 2014, 6:58amReplyFlag
                          I agree that there should be skateboarding
                          That would be pretty cool.
                          I was also thinking being that there is an vast
                          amount of coastline, we should have surfing.
                          Surfing could have been included in the
                          Beach Bum Update.
                          • SYZ-17BLAZEon May 11 2014, 1:16pmReplyFlag
                            I was wondering if you could add some housing in the north maybe with a six car garage due to:
                            many people in the city and people can stand outside your door ready to shoot or blow up the vehicle you are in

                            like I said houses in maybe paleto bay or near trevors house would be good
                            • prynsemillz09on May 2 2014, 12:14pmReplyFlag
                              Can out please add donks( cars sitting on big rims) all the Albany cars would look awesome sitting high. And add low riders too. I mean c'mon it's L.A. inspired clean up the voodoo put white walls on it and 10" rims with hydraulics
                              • Sids00on April 29 2014, 8:36pmReplyFlag
                                It would be excellent to have a seaplane or helicopter with float pontoons.
                                • Mad1max2on April 29 2014, 6:50amReplyFlag
                                  A Biker DLC would be nice! For all those in motor cycle crews!

                                  • toto217on April 28 2014, 1:05amReplyFlag
                                    I was thinking about things you should add in a future update and thought
                                    Wildlife in online with hiunting and dogs and horse races
                                    A skatepark creator where you can build a skatepark then access it through a menu and use it with your friends
                                    More than one person able to be in the creator at a time
                                    Bmx customizations like pegs and bulletproof tires
                                    More guns for sure
                                    I think you should forget about money glitches I mean if people don't want to play right who cares you guys are already rich
                                    New cars
                                    Make it easier to earn money that is the reason people need money glitches
                                    Warehouses ment for skating/biking
                                    Bandanas as masks
                                    The bald glitch is back with masks you need to fix that
                                    The ability to go into fast food restaurants and regular restaurants with friends to restore health
                                    More military vehicles (helicopters, ground cars, jets, etc.)
                                    Way more garage space
                                    Bounty timers to see how much longer you need to survive
                                    More jobs
                                    A job creator
                                    More aircrafts and Pegasus vehicles
                                    Casino dlc
                                    The faster heists come the better
                                    Lottery tickets (both scratchers and big ones)
                                    The ability to go inside more buildings
                                    A tram to the top of mount chiliad in online
                                    When you request you car it should spawn right in front of you faster
                                    You should be able to request your car from anywhere
                                    Better leather jackets
                                    The ability to put you hood on
                                    Bountys on random computer people where you can put them in your trunk and deliver them
                                    Stun gun in online( when you get zapped you can't move for like 5 seconds)
                                    Actual camo on guns
                                    Hunting clothes
                                    Better trucks
                                    The ability to have bulletproof windows on you car
                                    More car customizations
                                    I hope to see these in future updates you guys are doing great I love gta
                                  • codyxavieryoungon April 27 2014, 10:15pmReplyFlag
                                    a house in the north would be great. p.s. 6 car garage
                                    • chrisboss1992on April 27 2014, 9:15pmReplyFlag
                                      Can you please add animals to GTA ONLINE because I feel it would be more fun to hunt or have a hunting mission.
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