GTA Online Rockstar Verified Jobs Update: 10 New Additions Today

Posted on February 26 2014, 2:48pm | Author: R* M | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Today, we’ve got 10 more user-created Jobs officially approved and easily available across both platforms as the fourth installment in our series of Rockstar Verified Jobs. If your Job was not featured today, check out our recent tips and tricks articles which may help you refine your creations and ensure they are as intuitive and fun to play as possible. Also keep an eye out on the Rockstar Newswire for more news about the upcoming expansion to the Creator tool. Here’s a preview of the new Jobs with some detail on how they earned the Rockstar Verified stamp of approval.

LSC Great Eight - Created by DrAtomic1
While it may look like a simple figure 8 track at first glance, the changes in elevation and tighter hairpins require a steady hand and intense concentration. Running around different levels of the Olympic Freeway this course will challenge all aspects of your driving. A strong octo-theme runs through this race: as DrAtomic1 points out in the description, the track itself is 0.8 miles long, and the maximum number of players is, you guessed it, 8.

The map view of LSC Great Eight on the right, and the aerial shot on the left.

Dirt Track DerbyCreated by N8thok
While there are hundreds of Jobs arranged around the horse racing track in the Palomino Highlands, we picked out N8thok's effort due to the considered placement of obstacles and pickups around the track that change this from a simple lap race to a white knuckle derby. With 16 players jostling for position, the slightest nudge could force you into the back of a burnt out bus, or off the track entirely. Masters of the art of drifting should be able to nail the curve corners and slingshot their vehicles into the straight sections. Final positions in the race will be decided by inches, the smallest mistake could be fatal.

Observe and RaceCreated by The_Gemte
In this one, 3 quick laps of the circuit leading up to the Observatory have been laid out using a variety of barriers to make for a very fluid and natural race. Overtaking skills will be put to the test as the only straight comes in the form of a narrow tunnel section where race leaders can easily defend against drifters. Corners will be your only option to snatch the lead, so aim for the racing line, brake late and hope for the best!

Getting High and Low - created by El_Cactus
Precision is the name of the game in this high octane motorbike race along the narrow dirt paths just above Cassidy Creek. Maintaining control of your ride is absolutely essential as overhanging pine bows could take you out at any moment. Go easy on your first run, the corners come thick and fast and the only way to win is to make the fewest mistakes. Anyone reaching the end without spinning off the path and falling into the creek below at least once should be pretty pleased with themselves.

Breathtaking views of Blaine County. Getting High and Low(left) and Through The Grapeseed (right).

Through The Grapeseed - Created by LoveLikeJazz
As Creator LoveLikeJazz describes it, this is a "lengthy lap race around Grapeseed with lots of long stretches and a few tricky turns. Watch out for those Sandkings, they think they own the road." Also, watch out for the stretch that goes the wrong way up the Senora Freeway, adding an extra element of danger to each lap. Avoid oncoming traffic to gain the advantage over your fellow racers, and keep an eye out for some spectacular crashes.

Sandy Shores Circus - Created by datwista111
Creator datwista111 modestly describes Sandy Shores Circus as a "simple race", belying the difficulty of the 45 degree turns around Sandy Shores town that will send cars criss-crossing each other all over. There are a few extra features of this race that really make it stand out, including crashing through a fence and into a resident’s garden and a final straight that results in a high speed jump straight into the Alamo Sea… just the thing to cool down screaming hot engines.

Senora Desert Hills - Created by: ZardozToast
"Enjoy the best switchbacks in Blaine County with this winding off-road race up and down the hills of the Grand Senora Desert." A long and winding race that was selected for the unique way it allows players to drift down several dirt roads on the hills of the Senora Desert. Expert control and vehicle selection is essential in order to avoid drifting off the edge of a hill and down into the rocky valley below.

Switchbacks through the undulating terrain in Senora Desert Hills

NurburgringCreated by Mr_Grandis
The latest real-world homage to get a verification nod is this impressive take on Germany’s famed Nurburgring. As Mr_grandis describes it is a “very technical and dangerous track with blind corners, bumps and long straight road.” Recreated around Banham Canyon, Tongva Hills, Great Chaparral and Vinewood Hills, we like the way it challenges endurance and driving skill in equal measure.

Battle GTA - Created by KS-GTA
In the swamps outside Fort Zancudo KS-GTA, lone member of The Assassins Monks, has set up a pitched battle for 2 teams featuring power weapons and heavy machinery. The key to the success of this Deathmatch is balance: a cluster of incendiary props in the center field provides adequate cover for an infantry battle while powerful weapon pickups such as RPGs provide a fighting chance against aircraft. This is an excellent map for Crews to put their communication and teamwork skills to the test.

The scene is set. Battle GTA (left) and Paintball! (right)

Paintball!Created by yoduhh62
A flat expanse of sand on Del Perro Beach is transformed into a dynamic and challenging Speedball-style arena. With skillfully placed props like sandbags, construction fences, wrecked vehicles and tires, this Deathmatch forces players to dart between cover and expose themselves to gunfire when dashing for powerful weapon pickups. Stealth and timing are key here, and we recommend using teamwork to create distractions while you outflank and outmaneuver your enemies.


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  • R* Xon February 26 2014, 7:49pmFlag
    Congrats again to the Social Club members responsible for this week’s set of Verified Jobs: @DrAtomic1, @N8thok, @The_Gemte, @El_Cactus, @LoveLikeJazz, @datwista111, @ZardozToast, @Mr_Grandis, @KS-GTA,and @yoduhh62
    Everyone else, you can feel free to post your proudest created Jobs here in comments but of course refrain from doing so more than once.
    Also for those eager to hear more about forthcoming GTA Online content updates, please stay tuned as we should have new content to announce very soon. Thanks all!
  • uktdu94on August 4 2015, 2:05amReplyFlag
    Money please
    • RONxNYC.Deadpanon April 24 2014, 2:48pmReplyFlag
      This Deathmatch is on an island at the Paleto Cove location. It's good, fun, challenging. It's perfect to have a Deathmatch outside of the city for once. 2-16 players maximum, recommend a team. Who ever play my deathmatch, I grantee you'll love it. It's like Dead island. Hard rain, waves and chaos. Keep your friends close and enemies closer.
      • yolo069on April 22 2014, 7:30pmReplyFlag
        Hey rockstar community. I have some off the wall races made by my friend hideousrose55483 check them out so I can help make his dreams come true of getting rockstar verified thanks for reading
        • Jraqo11on April 5 2014, 2:26pmReplyFlag
          Around Town: - An amazing off-road dirtbike race in the desert. If you ever enjoyed games like MX vs ATV, or any other dirtbike games, you'll enjoy this race. You'll be able to show off your tricks with beautiful camera angle.

          Hurdle-Hopping: - A different type of bicycle race. Instead of just flying down mountains, or cruising along the beach, you will be taking your bike into the wilderness hopping over obstacles, from trail to trail. (Oh and by the way, Rockstar, I'm unable to receive feedback on this race (likes/dislikes, the option doesn't show), can you help me on that?)

          Scenic Road: - A car race with a variety of challenging turns going downhill and uphill. Simultaneously, as your racing, there's spectacular views of the city, and all through the big open views of the mountains.

          Turning Point: - A motorcycle race with many swift turns around the neighborhood of Sandy Shores followed by the last turn, which is a very sharp U-turn. Very quick and enjoyable.

          Rapid Waters: - Racing on seasharks up Cassidy Creek, up the waterfalls. Very quick and competitive.

          Skimming Through: - From the idea of Down the Drain, this water race starts in the end of the water drain and finishes in the heart of the drain. From deep waters to the shallowest of waters through the drain, race with a seashark all the way through 3 inches of water. Also very quick and enjoyable.
          • lorsavage3000on April 5 2014, 1:17pmReplyFlag
            i think that rockstar need to upgrade this guns cause when i shoot at someone it takes a lot of bullets to kill one person.Also they need to let us rob random houses.They need new clothes, new guns and take out some guns like the heavy pistol.For mini-games basketball,gym,and more.Missions heist,drug dealing,
            • wwwfitipaldion April 4 2014, 5:46amReplyFlag
              Carrera atrapame si puedes!!! de Ls ganster probarla esta muy bien.cualquier actividad que probeis de wwwfitipaldi os gustará,podéis encontrarlas en el social club en wwwfitipaldi
              • wwwfitipaldion April 4 2014, 5:43amReplyFlag
                LS GANSTER recluta españoles con ganas de jugar limpio en todas las partidas.para liarla ya esta el modo libre.Somos 66 miembros españoles o de abla castellano.uniros os ayudamos en lo que aga falta LS GANSTER
                • Mr.Thuglifeon April 2 2014, 9:36pmReplyFlag
                  Rockstar implement the crossbow weapon !!
                • juansebaskilon April 2 2014, 7:13pmReplyFlag
                  pues me parece muy buena la actualizacion pero deberian agregar mas dinero en las actividades por que uno se demora y no recibe casi nada tambien deberian pues en mi opinion agregar como un modo zombies o algo haci para los fanaticos de zombies gracias por leer
                  • KRIEKENATORon April 2 2014, 3:15pmReplyFlag
                    Hey guys! Awesome job so far, looking forward to the heists hopefully coming out soon. I have a request, in gta San Andreas, the Sanchez was a 2-stroke. Is it possible to add one in gta online? I enjoyed the sound of it and was really excited when I saw one on the trailer. Again good job, keep it up. Kriekenator
                    • WilkieFTWon April 2 2014, 2:11pmReplyFlag
             we need members if interested message me bank thank you
                      • jay9683on April 1 2014, 3:21pmReplyFlag
                        havent verified any of my races though, i got some pretty cool tracks. my freeway revisited one is pretty good. by the way whoever done the laguna seca track. it sucks.
                        • COTE64on March 27 2014, 8:30amReplyFlag
                          I have 2 Deathmatches, with a twist . Demolition Derby , Run them down or fight like a man. No weapons in this one. Hand to hand fighting to build up your strengh, witch a lot of players dont know how to build up there strenght. And my second Deathmatch is Parking Lot, lots of cars to drive or destroy, big explosions witch players love. lots of plays and thumbs up on both games.
                          • Enricoon March 23 2014, 6:25pmReplyFlag
                            That's my deathmatch map. It's undergroud the city. I hope u like it
                            • JULRAC2000on March 22 2014, 8:54pmReplyFlag
                              Hey rock star if you can plz check out my new race called NASCAR me my friends and a lot of random people have liked it over all it's like an actual nascar race plz check it out and hopefully verify it
                              • LandstalkerV8on March 18 2014, 7:40amReplyFlag
                                Here is one of my Team Death Matches. Has a rating of 95 % for now. Its called Fists, Fire and Pistols
                                Description: After a violent fistfight for that one Molotov you soon realise there are better guns lying around. But what are all these ramps and vehicels for?

                                Its a TDM at the Sandy Shores Airfield.

                                How does it play?
                                The 2 teams spawn without weapons in a cage. In the mIddle of the cage is a Molotov. After the first clash you will spawn around the Sandy Shores Airfield. There are many vehicles and props giving you coverage. If you use the ramps correcly you can get some fine wapons. If not there are plently of regular pistols lying around anyway.
                                • Combatghost56on March 17 2014, 8:04pmReplyFlag
                                  I have a race called ha gaayyee and another race called ha gaayyee 2 and I hope they get verified I think it is called ha gaayyee but I hope they get verified so my friends could see them and other people can do them because there off-road and they both have good places were the are located
                                  • Combatghost56on March 17 2014, 7:59pmReplyFlag
                                    I don't know how to get my races and deathmatchs a verified
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