Valentine's Weekend Massacre Social Club Event Roundup: Snapmatic Winners, Weekend Streams and More

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The good folks at popular fan-run channel GTA Series Videos posted this awesome video on Valentine's Day as a detailed tour and highlight reel of their (now 1,000-man) Crew putting the new Valentine's Day Massacre content through its paces.

Much love to everyone who turned out, dressed to the nines in their spiffy double-breasted suits and flapper dresses, for the Valentine's Weekend Massacre Social Club Online Event.

We saw tons of players and Crews out there not only getting into some vintage violent hijinks with their new Gusenberg Sweepers and Albany Roosevelts, but also taking to the waterways to reap bonus GTA$ payouts in Sea Races, locking palms for Triple RP Arm Wrestling, scooping up Event Crate Drops with free weaponry, RP boosts and more.

As a reminder, while the Social Club Event weekend in-game rewards may be over, the Valentine’s Day Massacre Special content itself will continue to be available to redeem in-game until the end of February and will be kept in your inventory for good thereafter – so you’ve got until the end of day this Friday February 28th now to snatch up those vintage goodies while you can.


We kicked off the Social Club Event weekend with the official Rockstar live stream broadcast across Twitch, YouTube and the Social Club Events page on Friday afternoon as we were joined by special guest GTA fan and popular Twitch streamer, Swiftor. Swiftor got in the spirit by hosting an impromptu romantic pick-up line contest with players on the stream where would-be Romeos offered questionable queries like, "Can I borrow your phone to call my mom and tell her I'm in love?" from ThisGameIsEasy and other, less wholesome gems from CheeseWhiz90, SombreOsprey and more. Thanks to Swiftor and his awesome community for joining us, and we definitely look forward to having him back soon again.

A special shout to everyone who managed to get in a game with us during the show as we played through new Jobs from the Valentine's Day Massacre update - including ChubbyGrandad and ChubbyGrandson of the xBrotherhood Nation and well-known GTA community members iLewisGTA, theGTAbase, and MRGTAVInformer. Great times were had by one and all as you can see below.


The live stream Valentine’s Massacre Weekend action continued throughout the weekend with lots of other broadcasts by standout members of the community on Twitch and YouTube.

The new Albany Roosevelt might not immediately strike you as the perfect off-road vehicle but nonetheless, HikeTheGamer and his Crew decided to gather a fleet of them and take to the great outdoors on Saturday and then move out to the LSI tarmac to put their customized vintage sports vehicles through some rigorous racing and unusual jump choices - the footage you see above was streamed live to Hike's YouTube channel this past Saturday. Cheers as well to DomIsLive of the DevastationYT Crew who got buckwild on Twitch for over two hours, decked out in Valentine’s gear and getting into all sorts of Races and free roam action with others.

MarleyThirteen on YouTube also decided to spend Valentine's in the hills by taking along particularly demanding paramour, SaplingGirl for a romantic date in search of the sunset. And LarsDK got in some quality time with our very own PlayRockstar streaming his playsession, taking in a wide range of Jobs including Races and Capture.


Over the weekend, we challenged all Snapmatic shutter-bugs out there with capturing themselves and their respective Crews breaking hearts using the hashtag #vdaymassacre - with a cool GTA$1M and one of five exclusive in-game license plates (MASACRE, VLNTINES, VMASSCRE, KISS IT, BE MINE) up for grabs for our favorite five. Here are our most adored #vdaymassacre pics that were taken during the Event eligibility period:

of the ZWAME PT Crew did an excellent job of capturing this vintage sepia-soaked scene of contrasting black and white Roosevelt Albanys racing down a Vinewood street while amorous flappers look on blowing kisses. Shenizian was prolific in gettting into the Valentine's Day spirit all weekend long, also catching our eye with this capture of a cheeky Cupid cherub drawing his "bow" and setting his sights on a young couple.

With an eye for detail, DTizMusiK and his Vespucci Beach Boyz Crew took an historical reenactment angle for this perfectly composed B&W Snapmatic of a Valentine's Massacre gangland execution in progress. Official Gang Alliance Crew, The Leone Family did a masterful job of looking cool, collected and dapper in their new suits and spats whilst casually taking a stroll away from an insane explosion, under the directorial eye of lensman KidFromBroker.

Is this a private mob bosses’ summit somewhere away from the prying eyes of the FIB’s lip-readers? Or a tense "take a ride with me, we need to talk" type of discussion that will inevitably end with someone sleeping with the sharks? Mr_Nosnets of the San Andreas Hounds Crew sets the imagination running and lists this intimate snap as one of his personal favorites.

and the always entertaining Traffickers Crew painted the parking lot red by working together to arrange 24 crimson cars to spell out their undying affection.


We would certainly be remiss if we didn't honorably mention a few other standout Snapmatics - including some that were tagged #vdaymassacre but were posted outside of the announced eligibility period: jbhips a.k.a. Ferino Design captured this gorgeous snap of a Roosevelt rolling out at The Richman Hotel and Ayreon01 blew a sweet kiss making for a perfect potential advert for the Vanilla Unicorn. Other notable honorable mentions include commendable pics from NineD6, iDeSTRuCTiioNz-, k2xBlazer, Space0Monkey, austin_45561, jwozzbot117 and Leinachan.


We'd like to give a special s/o to the ladies of Pussi Riot, self-proclaimed "GTAV's Premier Girl Character Crew Tearing Up The Streets Of Los Santos" (although if any other all-girl Crews want to challenge that claim, drop us a line at Their Lieutenant, blondarus set them a challenge at the beginning of the week to dress up in their finery and share "Mug shots even Eliot Ness would be scared of". That turned into an incredible bit of foresight with the Valentine's Day Massacre update being announced shortly after, and we enjoyed checking out the contributions on their Crew Blog.


Remember, the Valentine's Day Massacre Special content is still available to obtain in-game til the end of this month and can be kept for good, so you've got until the end of day this Friday, February 28th to scoop it all up. In addition to that, we'd like to also remind everyone who entered the Social Club Event Sweepstakes (for the chance to win rare Bugstars overalls, the Chop stuffed stash and more) to watch the inboxes of whatever email you have linked to your Social Club account as we’ve now sent out email notifications to try and confirm potential winners. Stay tuned for more new GTA Online content updates to be announced soon as well as more Social Club Event Weekend action to come.

  • swagerloltubon June 30 2015, 8:31pmReplyFlag
    please rockstar put the valentine update one more time in 2016 february 14 again please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Blondebeardpir8on July 12 2014, 12:55amReplyFlag
      I didn't have Xbox Live or GTA V during this update so can you bring it back at least as a purchasable update for those who missed this like me I'm not the only one who wants it back
      • Dillon_Buchon March 24 2014, 3:10pmReplyFlag
        I had my tommy gun and I saved up for the cool olden day car... And now all of it is gone like if there was no dlc... I check psn and nothing. My friend missed the dlc so won't you please put it on gta and make it a part of the game full times thanks. Plz plz listen
        • kzerkingon March 16 2014, 8:07pmReplyFlag
          just so you know that are people using s cheat to here you can't see them and they can kill you out in the world it is unfair to the rest of the other people playing the game.ty
          • Knightshade2000on March 15 2014, 9:09pmReplyFlag
            I think that you guys should add the valentines day things back in because i just made a character after the things in the dlc were gone.
            • Johnnyman_Foxson March 9 2014, 9:51pmReplyFlag
              • baddodgeramon March 9 2014, 3:54pmReplyFlag
                dear rockstar it would be very nice to allow us to customise and to own cop cars.and add the unmarked police car online and this is all I ask for plz plz.from psn devingta2
                • SycoJimon March 7 2014, 7:12pmReplyFlag
                  Purchased the Albany Roosevelt . came back after vacation and didn't have it anymore . now I cant purchase it anymore says out of stock ???
                  • mrmax13on March 7 2014, 12:22amReplyFlag
                    I bought the Gutenburg and when I got back on the on the march 3rd I didn't have it please give me my Gutenburg back
                    • Damian2002jump68on March 6 2014, 5:14pmReplyFlag
                      rockstar i had the Gusenburg sweeper and paid for it and i wasn't on for a while and i got back on and the gun was gone so if you could please give it back to me i DID pay for it. please i want it back...
                      • Dergmanon March 5 2014, 4:43pmReplyFlag
                        So what's the deal with removing the Guensberg Sweeper from the game. I can fully understand removing it from stores if players did not purchase during the event. But why take it away from people who have purchased the gun in due time. I hope it was maybe a bug or accident and will come back or receive a refund. I also hope the same thing doesn't happen with the Special Carbine (G36) and the Heavy Pistol
                      • Baby_Anime_Mamion March 5 2014, 4:30pmReplyFlag
                        The update made valentines day awesome
                        • kysbfanon March 5 2014, 11:00amReplyFlag
                          My question is why did you take everyone's gusenburg?
                          • backofon March 5 2014, 8:20amReplyFlag
                            our crew part review is here

                            thanks for the news wire feature R*!!
                            • tartreece16on March 2 2014, 2:13pmReplyFlag
                              • VanTheVon March 2 2014, 12:29pmReplyFlag
                                • Welsfordon March 2 2014, 12:11pmReplyFlag
                                  Add my race to your game. It's a rugged lap race around Los santos for all you dirty cheating bast*rds, called 'Dirty Racing':
                                  • KING_ICARUSon March 1 2014, 12:22pmReplyFlag
                                    I couldn't get any of features not a single outfit. What is the problem?
                                    • Loud_Mouth_Gameron February 28 2014, 11:48pmReplyFlag
                                      Great job to GTASeriesVideos for getting featured on the newswire! But Rockstar, since you mentioned their crew, please verify it so the crew cap can be unlimited! Tons of people can't join it now.
                                      • backofon February 28 2014, 10:43pmReplyFlag
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