The Valentine's Weekend Massacre Social Club Online Event

Posted on February 13 2014, 2:44pm | Author: R* M | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Grab your partners in crime this weekend for a hot and heavy Valentine's getaway to Los Santos. This Friday February 14th through Monday February 17th, jump into GTA Online to make sure you redeem the limited-time-only Valentine's Day Massacre Special content and also reap four whole days of in-game rewards, discounts and happenings in the Valentine's Weekend Massacre Social Club Online Event. Tailor up in a new double breasted suit or flapper dress from the Valentine's Day Massacre content pack, grab a trusty Gusenberg SMG and pick up your loved ones in an Albany Roosevelt to paint the town red all weekend long.


In addition to the limited-time-only Valentine’s Day Massacre Special content that can only be redeemed between Friday, Valentine’s Day through the end of February (but once redeemed, you can hold on to it for good), we’ve lined up lots of special in-game rewards exclusively for players this weekend to help you paint the town red.

  • Special Event Crate Drops. Make-out big by lurking around some of San Andreas’ most secluded spots such as the secluded beach in North West Blaine County, the Stables, Del Perro Beach, the Observatory Car Park and, of course, the VINEWOOD sign. Special Event Crate Drops will be falling from the skies in those lovers’ lane locations frequently, stuffed with huge RP bonuses, a range of SMGs, and Sticky Bombs to give that special someone some serious separation anxiety.
  • Triple GTA$ payouts for all Sea Races. Cruise the waterways of Los Santos and Blaine County and if you can best your rivals in a Sea Race, your happy ending will be extra sweet with triple the GTA$ payout.
  • Triple RP in Arm Wrestling all weekend. Lock hands, make some awkward eye contact and push for glory and triple the RP.
  • RP bonuses for riding in cars with others will be awarded up to three times as fast, whether you're in a traditional twosome or a full-on ménage.
  • Free cinema tickets all weekend to your choice of date night screenings.
  • Look for love in all the wrong places with free shots and free lap dances at the Vanilla Unicorn.
  • PLUS for old time's sake and by popular demand, we're also turning on Triple XP in both Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption all weekend long (through end of day Monday).
Share your best Snapmatic shots from the Valentine's Event Weekend and tag them with #vdaymassacre for your chance to win a cool GTA$1M and one of five exclusive in-game license plates (MASACRE, VLNTINES, VMASSCRE, KISS IT, BE MINE). We want to see the best shots of you and your beloved Crew members breaking hearts with the new Valentine's Day Massacre outfits, car and gun - and taking advantage of the other in-game Event rewards mentioned above. We’ll pick our five photogenic favorites to feature here at the Newswire and pay out a handsome GTA$1M each.
Like to watch? We're kicking off the weekend on Friday afternoon with an epic Rockstar-hosted live-stream which will be broadcast across three different channels: the Social Club Online Events page, the Rockstar Games Channel and the official Rockstar YouTube channel. Head over to or YouTube now and subscribe for an automatic email notification when the stream begins. During the show, we'll be joined in the studio by esteemed Twitch broadcaster and GTA fan Swiftor who will be playing live along with our Rockstar Devs and members of the Social Club community joining us in lobbies Online. We'll be playing through some of the brand new Jobs from the Valentine's Day Massacre Pack including brand new Last Team Standing, Races, Parachuting and Deathmatches as well as the latest round of Rockstar Verified player-created Jobs. Tune in from 2pm til 4pm ET Friday. Members of Rockstar Games will be online playing on both Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network as PlayRockstar, PlayRockstar1 and PlayRockstar2, so feel free to look out for us in the lobbies.

And all throughout the weekend, some friends of ours from the world of YouTube and Twitch streaming who are also leaders of some of the biggest Crews in Social Club will be going online hosting their own live GTA Online Valentine’s Weekend broadcasts.
Make sure to follow these guys to get the word of when they’ll be on:

Finally, enter to win sweet prizes in our Valentine's Weekend Event Sweepstakes. 5 lucky winners will score a deluxe Grand Prize Pack featuring the Valentine's-red Bugstars jumpsuit to role play in style along with a huggable Chop stash stuffed animal doll along with official GTAV t-shirts and stickers. 10 runners up will receive an official GTAV t-shirt and stickers for themselves (see Official Rules). Congratulations to the 5 Grand Prize winners of our previous Event Sweepstakes who each won the rare V Varsity Jacketcalirob1129Stonyboy16MatthewFingerFilmorPencilboy and lazyb3123.

  • Vitaiikon February 14 2016, 6:42pmReplyFlag
    Русские есть тут)))
    • Magic-Goldfishon February 11 2016, 3:04pmReplyFlag
      The 14th isn't friday...
      • take_a_dirt_nappon February 10 2016, 12:51pmReplyFlag
        OMG this update is so disappointing. It is the same crap as last year. Rockstar please open the mansions. Bring us a flame thrower and the stock markets or a hooker enterprise. Fire the people who are coming up with the same ideas and get some fresh new talent. This is so late.
        • Zu_Lucanioon January 10 2016, 4:01pmReplyFlag
          R* please release again the Valentines day Massacre!! Could be amazing
          • RHDmanon December 25 2015, 8:49pmReplyFlag
            Rockstar tem como vocês trazer a dlc valentine's day para esse ano que vem 2016? Eu vi os jogadores jogando eu gostaria de jogar também :-)
            • RaphaSales2001on October 1 2015, 4:26pmReplyFlag
              Please Rockstar bring back the Dlc from all Plataforms
              • Kahzmaton August 25 2015, 11:40amReplyFlag
                Please, Rockstar, bring this DLC back for the new PC players... I started GTA 5 from it's release on PC, April 14...
                • RSGSAN_CodyMon July 29 2015, 7:36pmReplyFlag
                  I agree, the Valentine's Day massacre was awesome.
                  • Jamaicamafiaon July 21 2015, 5:49amReplyFlag
                    Please rockstar please bring back Valentine's Massacre update all gta online players would love to have the gunsenberg tommy gun back and the clothing please bring it back.
                    • SAMBiELAon August 21 2014, 12:35amReplyFlag
                      • Kill3r_HitZon March 6 2014, 7:55amReplyFlag
                        my guesnburg has gone too and what about the haircuts I'd bought why dont I get to keep them?
                        • xSGT_KILLGORExon March 5 2014, 12:32pmReplyFlag
                          my gusenburg is gone to and I had it maxed out so we better be able to get it out I put a lot of money into it thinking I was gonna get to keep it but then after the patch its gone
                          • mokosh_666on March 5 2014, 9:53amReplyFlag
                            Where is my Gusenberg ? After Business Update/Patch 1.11 my gun missing .
                            • Psycok1ller45on March 5 2014, 4:25amReplyFlag
                              ive heard so many different complaints about the loss of items they give you...( cars, guns & clothes.... ) why does it keep happening??!!??
                              • OldDOGtryinon March 4 2014, 10:47pmReplyFlag
                                Same here lost my Gusenberg after the last update.I love that weaponand sure hope I get it back.Even tried downloading Valentine update again but no luck.
                                • Romondia85on March 4 2014, 3:34pmReplyFlag
                                  I lost the Gusenberg Sweeper too...what happens to the weapon?
                                  • Abbliyahon March 4 2014, 4:24pmReplyFlag
                                    @Romondia85 Hey, I recently read that Rockstar are investigating this issue. If you' like here is the URL to the article:
                                • Abbliyahon March 4 2014, 11:12amReplyFlag
                                  I lost the Gusenberg Sweeper after downloading the 1.11 patch... Was it supposed to happen or not?
                                  • Xxskullkillerz45on March 3 2014, 11:53amReplyFlag
                                    @VmastertrollV it said in gta wiki
                                    • Reiceyon March 3 2014, 11:12amReplyFlag
                                      I'm having the same problems my snapmatic is saying that it was disabled on my accountnd before that it wouldn't let me take photos at all and this morning I went to play gta5 it loaded and it said that my dlc has been unistalled but I checked my hard drive and it was still there and it made me VERY angry where I almost punched my tv because my dlc got removed the day after the valentines massacre ended and it took all of my money!!!! So please fix that RockStar
                                      • MankySoxon March 2 2014, 5:54pmReplyFlag
                                        Has anyone else lost a car? I replaced a car that i didnt want and somehow ended up losing my entity! Can someone help and i may have to spend money to retrieve it and thats the thing i wanted to avoid...
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