GTA Fan Vids: "Inconvenience Store" Short Silent Film, "A Tribute to the P-996 Lazer", "The Rhythm of Los Santos" & More

Posted on February 7 2014, 11:54am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Games

Taking Vinewood movie making back to its essence. Check out this quite creative short silent film by Grand Theft Auto fan and silent movie enthusiast sneaverson entitled "Inconvenience Store" - the story of a 24/7 hold-up gone awry, recently spotted on the GTAV subreddit.

And read on below for a collection of some of the latest and greatest fan-created GTA videos including save-the-day stunt montages, meticulously shot time-lapse presentations and major Lazer-focused tributes.


We've seen montages featuring all sorts of land-based vehicles in GTAV and GTA Online, from awesomely acrobatic Akumas scaling Los Santos skyscrapers to people landing that perfectly placed rail slide along a fence line on their Scorcher. Now, here are a few folks who've struck the perfect balance between aerial combat maneuvers and gracefully flirting with disaster to show just what the P-996 Lazer is capable of.   

"A Tribute to the P-996 Lazer" by PerfectPlays

Recently, video production and commercial maker PerfectPlays (aka potatobears on reddit) spread his creative wings by reaching out to the Reddit Community and sharing this excellently cut tribute to this infamous 50 caliber bird - calling on a classic track from San Andreas's K-DST to set it off nicely. Also check out an amazing run of high risk maneuvers during "GTA V - Not a stunt montage. Just one long take".

Meanwhile, "DANGER ZONE 2 - GTA 5 Jet Stunts" by vSubFire shows Franklin tuning in to a Loggins inspired "Danger Zone 2" montage that features harrowing flipside passes through San Andreas' lowest bridges and eye of the needle cut-throughs in some of the narrowest spaces available.


With all the flashy cars, amazing stunts and explosive action to be enjoyed in San Andreas, it's often easy to forget that Los Santos and Blaine County can also offer a chill visual respite amidst the chaos. Here are a few excellent vids that stop to take in the view.

"The Rhythm of Los Santos" by Ferino Design

You may remember Ferino Design for the awesome Art in Motion animated graphics GTAV video series. Now maestro Ferino turns the focus to the streets and hillsides of GTA Online with an amazingly crafted and hypnotic time-lapse video, "The Rhythm of Los Santos". Says Ferino, "Lovely, lovely city. I love it, its rhythm, its beauty... Spent on this video: 128 hours of video material and more than a month of work." Kudos. And while we may all be relieved to have the hectic Holidays behind us, we would be remiss to not mention his charmingly cheeky and super slick "Happy Holidays in Los Santos" video as well. 

Crew Commissioner BoomStickChick of the LC Wolfpack Crew took her first swing at creating a time-lapse style video with Grand Theft Auto V Time Lapse and we must say her composition and perspective in some of these living-breathing postcard shots is top-notch.

Also Check Out:
"Random V - Timelapse / Day & Night" by DespicableChannel
"Sentinel XS - GTA V Hellaflush Montage" by Dopaholics
"GTA V - World in Motion" by BenBuja


The Creator community continues to show off its prolific ingenuity in making original GTA Online Deathmatches and Races. Here are a few that take it to the video tape with stylish showcases.

"GTA 5 Online | DM creator | 'Vanilla Unicorn'" by Aegis Imperium | EGIS

Associate Crew Aegis Imperium of the veteran Aegis Legion Crew has shown a flair for the dramatic before. In this latest offering above, they run a lot more than their Crew flag up the pole in a decidedly hot and bothered custom created Deathmatch inside the Vanilla Unicorn. By the looks of things, this popular gentlemen's club seems ready to serve up plenty of gats, bats and colorful bra straps (with a Molotov cocktail chaser).

If Custom Races are more your thing, Der4ucker from the provocative 4uckers Crew clips his way through a carefully crafted race in "GTA Online Pro-BMX Race" - which is not only a point-to-point trek through LS's backstreets but a well-executed BMX trick course. High marks for ingenuity as this gambit of a circuit seems to be every bit as much about technique as it is about the speed it requires to make landings and markers - all the way up until the rooftop jump touchdown at the finish line.
Able to leap over tall buildings in a single bound or "descend from the rafters... like a bat"? It's all in a day's work for GTA Online's physics defying denizens who often trade in their "mild-mannered" daily activities for some no-fear leaps along rooftops and hard to reach landing zones.

"GTA 5 - The AMAZING Stuntman" 1 & 2 by Red Key Mon

Nomad Union Stunting of are back at it with new offerings by RedKeyMon, demonstrating that they're more than capable of swinging through the neighborhood without the use of elaborate web-slinging devices or colorful spandex body suits. We won't spoil anything but make sure you check out the truly amazing drop at 1:19 in the second installment above if nothing else.

Also Check Out:
"Wingin it" by il White Widow
"Having a Bad Day" by NickTN


As always, if you've got an excellent GTA or Rockstar themed clip of your own that you think the world needs to see, feel free to drop it in the comments for the Social Club community to enjoy or send it our way to have a look at, and we may feature it in a future round-up here at the Newswire.

  • tictoconeron May 14 2015, 1:58pmReplyFlag
    hey guys if you liked this short film take a little more time out of your day to check mine its my first GTA 5 short film ever!!!
    • zoid0riz0rsnon March 5 2014, 11:31amReplyFlag
      Maybe the first GTA V Online Heist! ;) It took a lot of hours to create this video so just take a look and feel free to leave a comment. ;)
      • needyfishon March 3 2014, 2:15pmReplyFlag
        Alguém ai?
        • jukeismon February 27 2014, 11:06amReplyFlag
          These user videos are a testament to the greatness that is GTA 5!
          • BaileyPointson February 26 2014, 9:16pmReplyFlag
            Hey Rockstar I have made a GTA V Machinima which I have put a lot of time editing be cool if you could check it out thanks -
            • mujii123on February 22 2014, 11:42amReplyFlag
              damm the stunts were epicc !!!!
              • Meth83on February 21 2014, 7:54amReplyFlag
                • Assassin_NJon February 15 2014, 6:07amReplyFlag
                  That was pretty good stunt guy
                  • FruitNFibreon February 14 2014, 10:07amReplyFlag
                    haha nice!
                  • Ryerson187on February 13 2014, 3:50pmReplyFlag
                    Everyone that's out there making these amazing videos and working so hard on them I commend you, its really awesome to se how creative we are and just how badazz GA5 is!
                    • FlavaFrazon February 12 2014, 10:16amReplyFlag
                      Yeah Im going to start recording movies from now on. GT :FrazierGang
                      • IIIITHUGIIIIon February 12 2014, 10:07amReplyFlag

                        gta crew video check it out :)
                        • Freelaylayon February 12 2014, 6:54amReplyFlag
                          Our Phones Should Be Able To Record Even If Only For A Minute :)
                          • IWIKongZillaon February 12 2014, 6:17amReplyFlag

                            Eternal respect to the GTA Online community!
                            • BaxterWorkson February 12 2014, 1:21amReplyFlag
                              Der Zugbesteiger - 3 Minuten, Deutschland 2014
                              • C_LoC_Cuhon February 11 2014, 11:39pmReplyFlag
                                @R*, Here's a good clip that can be used for my crew.
                                • xXleogonrageXxon February 11 2014, 3:01pmReplyFlag
                                  i can do better than the stuntman
                                  add me on psn
                                  • zoid0ron February 11 2014, 6:18amReplyFlag
                                    A little heist promo, how to rob and escape :D
                                  • ReeceBuddon February 10 2014, 10:22pmReplyFlag
                                    How do you place span points in places like the strip join its impossible
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