Crew News: Member Cap Raised to 1,000

Posted on February 4 2014, 1:56pm | Author: R* M | Filed Under: Games, Social Club


We’ve got some great news especially for the large Social Club Crews out there who’ve long since hit the historic member cap ceiling of 300. We’ve now more than tripled the maximum member cap for all user-made Crews to allow for up to 1,000 people in your ranks.

So with the ability to seriously swell your Crew roster head count, it’s time for some heavy-duty rallying and recruiting and we’ll certainly be on the lookout to see who truly grows their army or consolidates forces amongst affiliate Crews. Be sure to use your Crew's profile page feed and in-game messaging features this weekend to set up a few lobbies to meet, greet, audition or orient your new Crew mates (remember that in GTA Online. you earn 10% more RP for Jobs completed with a Crew member). And with join requests likely to come raining down heavy and fast, Crew Leaders and Commissioners should make sure your Crew Hierarchy is in order to help deal with the new recruits.  

With Crew headcount now reaching four figures, it's also a perfect time to get familiar with the recently released Crew Head to Head Playlist challenge feature. To initiate a Crew Head to Head, you'll need to create a Playlist that does not contain Vehicle Deathmatches, Survivals or any Jobs that require more than 2 teams. Head to My Playlists in the Online menus and you will see the option to start a "Head to Head (BETA)" by clicking the right stick on your game controller. From the lobby screen you can go ahead and invite other players from your own Crew, Friend's Crew or from Skill Matched Crews. You'll need to have some cash in your wallet to set the wager - the minimum is $1000 - but the ultimate Crew bragging rights are worth much more.

We're also taking the occasion of this new Crew update to kick off the first Grand Theft Auto Online Crew vs Crew battle live stream this Friday February 7th at 2pm ET broadcasting from our official Twitch channel. Tune in then to see us pit two bloodthirsty Crews against each other over the course of a curated Playlist of Rockstar Verified and Rockstar Created Jobs. Note that one Rockstar dev player will join each side to play in order to facilitate streaming and to keep things fair. We've already reached out to a few of the toughest Crews around (we'll be confirming the first matchup sometime this week) and will be contacting others soon. If you would like to be considered for the live stream battles, please get in touch with us at telling us your Crew name, a link to your Crew profile page, the specific platform you would like to stream on and a reason why you should feature on the stream. We may also show preference in selecting your Crew if you have a video that showcases your ability at competitive game modes - and if there's a specific Crew with whom you have beef you'd like to settle in a public arena - so definitely let us know via email. If we like what we see, we will get back in touch to find out your availability and to try and coordinate an upcoming battle. If you aren't picked, then stay out there and keep on truckin'. We're always on the lookout for Crews that are representing hard. (Although please note that anyone spamming the email or the comments section will automatically be disqualified from consideration!)

As always, for notifications of when our stream goes live, hit the subscribe and follow buttons on our YouTube, Twitch and Twitter channels and keep an eye out here at the Rockstar Newswire for Crew Cut recaps of the battles and announcements of upcoming skirmishes.

  • sour_deezus11 hours, 7 minutes agoReplyFlag
    open to anyone HNGXO MAFIA is now recruiting anyone can join, i just started this new crew, former leader of BMORE WOFLGANG looking for a heist crew
    • Luie198312 hours, 25 minutes agoReplyFlag
      This is SGT Luie please join "The unit of 1". The crew is multicultural and I am in the U.S Army adding my fellow battle buddies on Xbox to my crew. I will occasionally give out gifts to crew members that stand out threw hard work. Recently I gave my Lieutenant a 12 month xbox live membership. If you wanna learn tips and tricks on actual missions and want to rank up fast join our family. Here is the link:
      In addition check out my youtube video:
      • mamahellfire3116 hours, 48 minutes agoReplyFlag
        Fairly new crew looking for recruits. Go to our page at and join!
        • CuriousGeorge1231 day, 1 hour agoReplyFlag
          Join my crew, the marigliano crime family (TMCF). We are a crime based mafia crew recruiting so if you're interested, send us a crew invite.
          • Tone502-_-1 day, 12 hours agoReplyFlag
            Join my new crew "The Wicked Gang" we use a lot of team work and try to make $$$$
            • ShayTheRealist1 day, 14 hours agoReplyFlag
              The Attacked Titans (TATS) is now recruiting!!

              We are a Xbox 360 based crew.

              TATS Rules:
              1) Don't be a jerk! Our crew most of the time will just be chilling trying to have a good time, we do not need jerks to come and ruin that for other crew members. So... don't be a jerk.
              2) Respect other crew members, while we may joke around be considerate of others feelings.
              3)Being active: We do not require you to be on everyday. We all have lives outside of GTA, however at least pop up once in a while to hang with us.
              4) TATS must be your active crew.
              5) We all know money rules the world. With that said making guop(cash) is one of our main focuses, only second to having fun.
              6) Although it's not required we'd prefer if you're at least level 80 and up.

              So if you're interested in The Attacked Titans (TATS) hit me up and request an invite.

              • TRxCoDeXStorm2 days, 20 hours agoReplyFlag
                Terminal Reflex is now recruiting.

                We are small but mighty.
                Join us in the path of redemption.
                We need members fast.
                Also, we have a forum which is posted on our crew wall.
                Stop in and say hi to the leader, me, TRx CoDeX Storm
                ON XBOX 360
                • hitman-4twenty6 days, 9 hours agoReplyFlag
                  • gtajohn831 week, 1 day agoReplyFlag
                    GTA Night Bandits

                    1.) No killing crew members
                    2.) Assist crew members when needed
                    3.) Help others level up and get $$$$$
                    4.) Must have crew as active in order for promotions
                    5.) Don't be a troll
                    • DanyMX3 weeks, 6 days agoReplyFlag
                      Eres Mexicano(a) o Latino(a) buscando un Crew con gente que habla español ?
                      Unete a nuestro crew, jugamos todos los días. Hacer misiones, andar en modo libre cazando a otros jugadores, jugar carreras, subir nuestros carros al edificio mas alto para ver quien es el ultimo en caer, dar la vuelta completa al mapa en modo off road en nuestros pick up's. Unete en...

                      • AlexBlaze934 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
                        No tienen crew o buscan una crew donde exista el compañerismo?.
                        Si desean ser parte de una crew competitiva y donde existe amistad y compañerismo entre los integrantes, dale click al link de abajo y unete a nuestra crew.

                        LA GRAN FAMILIA ROJA.
                        • Loverboy_G4 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                          An ambitious crew looking to become an EMPIRE. We are about having fun and making money. We do events like pool parties, riding around town show casing our cars, and bike rides. We get serious when it comes to our members "No member left behind" is the motto. Low level members we do missions, survivals and missions to get your rank up. We look out for each other.

                          There are always members online unlike other crews around, and there is room to move up .
                          Join Now at
                          • Zro-Dfectson March 23 2014, 9:08pmReplyFlag
                            Hey everyone.

                            I am looking for some people to join my new crew (x The Mercs x) and help build up the friendliest mercenaries you will ever come across. I am mainly looking for people with low level RP who would like help to level up, win races and earning cash etc, I am not after players with RP well into the hundreds). People who are just starting out would be perfect but others are welcome, I will help you with anything you need help with in game. There is no limits to age, sex, location or game skill.

                            I have also created a Facebook page which I will give more details later that will have regular content such as in game tips, hidden locations and some snapmatic photos and heaps more.

                            I am co-leader in other crews and have left a few just for a change. I know a lot of players from various crews that will also help you and will not kill for no reason, basically we never shoot first, this is how we find out who is friendly, if we walk by someone and they kill for no reason at all then they might find them selves with a few people wanting to hunt them down, we are like a big family, we look out for each other.


                            Crew Rules & Guidelines:

                            # - Main rule is no team killing unless it is for fun only and both parties know about it and at the same time not to involve other members who are not aware. This goes for players with Bounty's too as it is classed as team killing, you must let them know you wish to help clear their Bounty.

                            # - No cheaters allowed in crew, this means no modders that can alter the game to their advantage such as god mode against any other crews etc, I will allow certain tricks to be used as for in game fun only.

                            # - Any members annoying you by deliberate killing or any form of voice chat and messaging must let me know along with their gamertag, no names of people involved will be shared with anyone as this can turn minor problems into bigger problems, we must show respect and help each other when ever possible, all you have to do is ask.

                            # - When playing, all I ask is if you could please use the crew name when playing with us while we help you level up and earning cash etc, you can also join any other crews you wish, this is your choice, you don't even have to have my crew as your primary.


                            Basically you only need to follow the above rules but I want to point out what we don't do aswell that many other crews find it as a must.

                            # - There will be no annoying meetings as not everyone can be on at the exact same time, if there are any important messages I will message them to you, besides you only want to play the game and have fun right?, so why waste time with meetings.

                            # - A lot of crews require you to have a specific vehicle as a crew car along with a crew color, this goes for clothing too, not everyone likes the same car and colors so why should you have something you don't really want, any clothing, vehicle and color is your choice.

                            # - As above same goes with the crew emblem, most crews want you to display the emblem, though it would be nice but again you don't have to, not everyone wants a picture on the side of their car or the back of their clothing, which ever you choose you will not be judged, we want you to have as much freedom as possible, after all it's your game.

                            # - Also like some crews you do not have to be an active player, I am sure you have a life outside of GTA5 too, but do pop in from time to time, would be nice to see you :)


                            So if your looking to joining your first crew and have some fun while getting help in game or wanting a crew change or to simply just be added as another one of your already crews then this crew is perfect for you.

                            Just drop by the crew page link below and click on Request Invite and would happily welcome you to the crew. Once you request an invite could you also please message me with your social club name and Xbox Gamertag.


                            Hope to see you there soon.
                            • elunikoroque0713on March 20 2014, 5:16pmReplyFlag
                              Narkoz is now accepting members we are a new crew just looking for some real gamers that like to have fun we do all types of missions don't mess with nobody unless they mess with us first protect others that need your help respect your fellow brothers no friendly fire tolerated. if interested send me a request at e1unik0kik3 (ps3 only.)
                              • banditosxynoeon March 20 2014, 9:48amReplyFlag
                                Salut tous le monde mon crew et moi nous recherchons des joueurs de gta5 pour des défi entre crew donc si vous été interessé mon crew est new caledonia et mon pseudo est banditosxynoe et je suis le chef du crew !!!!!!! Allé soyai pa timide
                                • Pickleh93on March 18 2014, 5:31pmReplyFlag
                                  heavy recruiting now
                                  no rules but to make money and have fun
                                  • DTJ_DT_DTJon March 17 2014, 9:05pmReplyFlag
                                    Any crew out there and I mean (ANY CREW)look up BULLYGANG513 AND face us cuz we bout it and we Fight wit the hands and we'll kill Yall azzez wit the gun BULLYGANG513 BE FLEXIN LOOK UP HAHAHAHAHAHA WE DA MOST LOYAL CREW U GONE FIND I MAKE SURE OF DAT I GOT MY CREW HANDLING thing
                                    • ChopTheBosson March 17 2014, 6:07pmReplyFlag
                                      Are you looking for a good street gang style crew but don't want to join the families ballas or crips & bloods etc?

                                      Well if that's you why don't you consider joining Chamberlain Hills Gs, we're a new crew with only a few members but looking to expand on PS3!

                                      So here's a bit about the crew the two leaders LeicseterCity16 & ChopTheBoss both have known each other before Gta v & get on really well. They are two former commissioners in a mafia & biker crew & are very active on social club so are always available to be contacted by crew members & will always help with fellow crew members problems.

                                      All we ask of are members is to follow the rules we set which will be coming in a minute & to show us & fellow crew members respect if you do not you will be immediately kicked out we have had problems with disrespect before so we will not hesitate to kick you out.

                                      Right now to the rules

                                      Rule 1: No crew killing bounty killing is decided between the two party's in game.

                                      Rule 2: Always help crew members if they ask for help.

                                      Rule 3: Give fellow members respect.

                                      Rule 4: Make sure you use us as your primary crew you do not have to leave your other crews but are crew has to be your primary.

                                      Rule5: Split money 50:50.

                                      Rule 6: Always defend the set from other gangs.

                                      Right that's the boring rules over & done with now.

                                      Right now to are territory are turf is chamberlain hills & are HQ is the apartment complexes on forum drive but you will be given a full tour when you join.

                                      If you have read this far then you must be interested if so PM LeicesterCity16 or ChopTheBoss & tell us a bit about yourself, oh & for now we would prefer European & British players so we can all be on at the same time but others are welcome to.

                                      So we will see you on the set then if your interested & thanks for reading.

                                      Here's are crew page.
                                      • ZainRehmanon March 17 2014, 3:03pmReplyFlag
                                        join my crew XBL BOSS
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