Crew Noticeboard: Creators Club, Apex Stalkers, 44Bullets and Others Now Recruiting

Posted on January 31 2014, 10:22am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Games
The Crew Noticeboard is our featured column of Crews actively seeking members to join their ranks where we publish your recruitment pitches in your own words. This week, the Noticeboard features some Content Creator obsessed master builders, RPM addicted and stunt focused drivers, and a Crew of oddballs who are looking to include all of greater Los Santos in their shenanigans. Many of these guys are really going for the gusto in their recruiting with dedicated official websites, impressive YouTube video demo reels and more.
Member of a Crew that's looking for new recruits? Drop a link in the comments below (but only once – those who copy and paste spam the same recruitment message more than one time at the Newswire may not be featured) for all to see or hit us up at and let us know why your Crew deserves recognition for originality, skill or effort... we may publish your want-ad in a future Noticeboard here at the Rockstar Newswire.

Crew Leader CalebSC, founder of the Creators Core Club, has pulled together an army of 200 Creator power-users who have amassed over 2,700 original published Jobs between them. We applaud Caleb and the Crew for assembling a truly collaborative club of Creator enthusiasts who make, share and help perfect each other’s Jobs. You can also check out their dedicated website at

"We design and promote custom Jobs (Races, Deathmatch) created by us using the online GTAV Content Creator.

We are looking for individuals who love the Content Creator and have created Races and DMs to play and share. This is absolutely a different experience than any other Crew on GTA to date."


Despite loving to raise hell on the streets of Los Santos, TheSource2100 and his Crew Psycho Anarchy really seem to look after their own. These guys are seriously organized – with a dedicated website (, Facebook page, and coordinated Crew meetings.

"Looking for potential members to add to my Crew. We're PSN based and we have a decent amount of active members. We hold occasional meetings and also participate in Crew-only activities & sessions. We love to cause chaos & mayhem. But, we do have respect for one another. We prefer you to have a mic and be fairly active with the Crew. For more info, check out our Crew page and request an invite if you're interested in joining Psycho Anarchy."


All about flexing speed and skill after the checkered flag waves, -Rik96- and his roster of ravenous racers the Apex Stalkers Crew have created an almost-300 strong squad (between both their PS3 and their Xbox 360 branches) of speed demons. The Apex Stalkers (“The Clean Racing Crew”) host their own forum for member discussion and have begun scheduling regular road runner meets. They’re also heavy on Snapmatic and the Content Creator with 3,000+ photos taken and 527 total Jobs created as of press time..

"Any clean racers out there are encouraged to join! Just note that we will be watching for dirty drivers, Crew killers, and general trouble making. Promotions are also handed out for instances of helping team mates, clean racing, good performances, and most of all, activity on the official forum.

Rules: Just try to respect your fellow racers, we all know the occasional scrape can be fun when under pressure but no deliberate ramming.

Games: Primarily racing. Please guys, avoid grinding criminal records and such... It's not a rule but I'm sure we're not here to grind.
We do also love other game modes, all in the name of fun, for example, proximity skydiving is a bit of a trend atm.



We have recently switched to invite only so that we only get the most active and dedicated members.
The process to join is:
Sign up on our forum.
Post a request to join in the recruitment section.
We will organise to run some races with you there to see if you’re a good fit for the Crew.
If you are a good fit, then we invite you!

XBOX 360

Open at the moment, but may go the way of invite only when numbers get big, this is to ensure we only have active members taking up our spots." (PS3) (360)

The 63-member Damned Legion MC has been actively assigning Hierarchy ranks and delegating responsibilities amongst their motorcycle enthusiast clique. These guys know the key ingredient for any Crew is solidarity. To that end, they’ve launched a dedicated site (with a redesign on the way) to keep their members updated and encourage respect amongst their ranks. In the words of Crew Representative El_Goobong420

"The essence of a good motorcycle Crew is Brotherhood, Unity, Strength. The essence of a GREAT MC is all of those plus one more ingredient ... YOU!!! The Damned Legion MC knows exactly what you've been wanting in this Crew business. Fun--Unity--Brotherhood--Active--Reliable.. Yeah, that's right; it's FUBAR that such an awesome Crew can exist. And it does exist! All it needs is you, you, and YOU!!!

Come check it out, like what you see. If you want we'd even be willing to friend you for a hang around if you really want to try before you ride. It's a great family of GTA outlaws that is ever growing. Link for our club is below! Go now!!"


The self-proclaimed "band of misfits" known as The Crystal Maze Crew and led by the charismatic beccazombie certainly seems like a good time.       

"!!! Join The Crystal Maze, you muthas!!! Are you ready for the sexiest Crew in the universe? Our merry band of misfits will shower you with Top Fun and Water Sports and you will f*cking love it, you filthy beggars.

*** -DEM RULES- ***

1. We like mics, so that you can hear our dulcet tones!

2. Must know the words to Barbie Girl by Aqua.

3. If you don't smell like Gamestation, you're not doing it right (mix of hot refuse and teenage angst)."




Finally, this Noticeboard edition's featured Crew recruitment videos come to us via The 4 Wolves Crew and the 44Bullets Crew who’ve both put together some pretty compelling visuals to underscore their squads’ strengths.

The 4 Wolves are a proud quartet led by W1ldthing93 and Commissioners b3ndaniels, imentalist and R4BiDR400N – but they’re now looking to create a larger Crew appropriately called the 4 Wolves Army. Watch their promo video below to see if you want to be down.

"Grand Theft Auto 5 Crew promo video, showing the 4 wolves and what we like to do.

We will be taking on members for a new clan called the 4 Wolves Army

Special thanks to The 4 Wolves, Deejayanthon and R*."


 The 44Bullets are a long-running group that’s been stunting on YouTube since GTAIV. Their Social Club Crew now has 72 members and counting, so if you’re all about death-defying, jaw-dropping flights of fancy – you might want to align yourself with these pre-eminent showoffs.

"We are a GTA stunt Crew who makes YouTube videos and currently are about to reach 2 million views. We have been GTA fans throughout the whole series of games and started making stunt videos back from GTA4. Currently we are at 70 members and we are now looking to expand on that with people who are like-minded and have high skill levels when it comes to gaming. We are all mature gamers and we do not just stunt we also produce music in real life and are connected to some of the best artists around with our productions. When it comes to people trying to mess with us while recording, we still like to wipe them out together if they come with that intent and we all have very high ranks and k/d ratios.

If you are interested in being a part of this as we cross the 2 million mark milestone then click my name and send a message or apply to be in our Crew 4T4B from that page and I will respond asap. Looking forward to seeing you in our future videos and If you would like to watch one of our newest videos and songs then click this GTAV montage below. Cya soon.. hooorah!"


Share what your Crew is about with the community in the comments section below. We only ask that you don’t spam (one post per Crew - and that includes pasting the same recruitment message in multiple articles). Please keep all such recruitment comments strictly on this and future Crew Noticeboard articles. This is also an ideal opportunity to show off your Crew pride with any fun group Snapmatic pics, Crew Creations or awesome gameplay vids that show everyone why your squad is the place to be or the team to beat. Remember to leave a link to your Crew's Social Club page so that you're easily spotted by those looking to answer your call.


  • twhiteieg5 hours, 4 minutes agoReplyFlag
    Rich Gang billionaire boys job
    • OfficiallyRated20 hours, 53 minutes agoReplyFlag
      I'm looking for a crew, that has only a small amount of people, but I want cool people not 10 year olds.. I'm looking for respectful people, no cheaters, Just a decent crew..Xbox360 I want to ride in gangs, I want it to involve roleplay as well as killing people in a lobby, thats the type of crew I'm looking for..
      • shaddow5553 days, 11 hours agoReplyFlag
        I am looking 4 anyone who would like to join my crew, X 501st X. It is a crew of players just looking to, we'll, play GTA 5.
        • x_Jaegermeifter4 days, 16 hours agoReplyFlag
          Interested in joining a Crew that is based around killing people? Well no pun intended, but Player Killers sounds great for you. We are all based around going into public lobbies, and murdering everyone in it. If you sound a little interested, read on below!

          Crew Name: Player Killers.
          Crew Color: Black.
          Crew Count: 488 Members.
          Crew Logo: A B.A. looking Punisher Skull.
          Crew Vehicle: Any Street Bike. Not required, but its what we majority prefer.

          1) The Golden Rule. DO NOT, kill any fellow crew members unless you challenge them, this rule has 0 tolerance.
          2) We must be set as your active crew, if you have other crews that your in for friends/fun, you can be in them, just make sure to switch to us when you plan on running with us.
          3) Keep it Clean. Even though we like to push people out of lobbies, I personally do not tolerate trash talk. Yes its apart of the game, but theres a limit, and no reason to let cannons loose from the get go.

          1) Must be 17 years of age or older. This is for maturity reasons mostly. Some exceptions may be made.
          2) Must have a working Mic. For communication. No fun talking to a wall.
          3) A Positive KD. Don't know what yours is? Go into game(online). Press start, go to online>Players>Your name, and itll say, otherwise you can go under "Stats>Combat" to look.
          4) Level 100+ (This is mostly so you have majority of the Guns, and hopefully a decent sized Bank to sustain your ammunition costs). Some exceptions can be made.

          Extras: As i said before, we are mostly a Public Killing crew. Running in gangs pushing people out. We also however, do TDM, Grind Missions together, hold bike rallies (Why we have street bikes as our crew vehicle), Go off roading/mudding, car shows, and epic old western duels with pistols. Still not enough? We are currently working on a website to keep everyone organized, plus we are also "testing" a Phone App that can be accessed through the Computer as well. This app, "GroupMe" Is like a chat room where we can all talk and coordinate into parties faster.

          Interested? Either message me via Xbox, SocialClub, or hit up our Page:

          • primetriplex1 week, 3 days agoReplyFlag
   Join lgtakers this crew is based off of respect and loyalty if thinking bout mvoing up earn it. also coming out with gta seeason series if you wanna spot in it you gotta earn plain an simple
            • hazzer891 week, 6 days agoReplyFlag
              Join: UK mafia elite (UKME)

              crew colour: aqua blue

              we are a crew who tries to get the best out of the game earning money and doin deathmatchs and races and towards the end of the night sit in free mode taking on the rest of the people in are lobby. We only except people in uk but will make the exception for Americans who no what there doin when it comes to obliterating there opponent. So join there mainly six or more in same game every night!
              • wwill782 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                Playboyplayers is recruiting we are a fun laid back crew we help each other out and help u rank up fast also and help u get money for low ranks that is if interested send me a message this is for ps3
                • wwill782 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                  i was wondering how do u put up that ur crew is recruiting cause my crew is recruiting
                  • gta_DriFta2 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                    looking for new members to join my crew! plenty of crew challenges, crew video's and plenty of carnage. i aim to be a good leader to all members giving every one a chance to take part in every thing we do.

                    CREW RULES-

                    No killing other crew members
                    non active crew members will be removed
                    a crew member must help out a fellow crew member if they are in trouble
                    crew colour must be active during crew and car meets
                    no player is to be invited unless a crew member has permission
                    anyone who goes against us will be instantly removed

                    I want MoRe FIRE 47'z to be a good firm crew in the gta online world
                    built on respect and power
                    i want people to enjoy being apart of the crew
                    it could be a crew cruise or a crew on crew battle what ever we get up to its going to be epic.
                    free roam carnage with plenty of video footage!

                    if you want to join us send me a message and request to join. PEACE!
                    • GODSMACK-merci2 weeks, 5 days agoReplyFlag
                      Do you like the classic gangster look and lifestyle?
                      If so then join the "Corleone Family TCCF" Crew where we enjoy activities such as Racketeering,Contract Killing,Extortion,Heists,Robberies, and Mob Wars with other Crews as well as many more things of a illegal nature, we also follow the Code of Omertà, if you don't know what that means then you should look it up on Wikipedia.
                      • ArmandoT8932 weeks, 5 days agoReplyFlag
                        THIS IS FOR PS3 PLAYERS ONLY!!!

                        i work as my own crew, so in other words im a mercenary. ill be up front, i do charge for my services. the prices depends on the job that needs to be done, but the amount will never exceed $7,000. whether you need help taking out a crew, a single target, smuggling or distributing drugs, or as simple as robbing a liqour store, i can help. if you are part of a crew, i would like to speak to your leader so there are no misunderstandings and problems. if in the unfortunate event where two crews hire me to take each other out, i will not offer my services solely for the fact to avoid conflict to me. I WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GIVE INFORMATION ABOUT OTHER CREWS!!! One last thing, i wont accept any crew invites for the sole purpose to avoid the "why us and not them" conversations. The way that the alliance can be set is if the crew leaders message me and friend me on here and on PSN.

                        If you are interested at all, feel free to message me on here or PSN: ArmandoT893
                        • Rayon_Da_1876_0G3 weeks, 6 days agoReplyFlag
                          Jamaica Pride2 also known as the 1876 family we are now the top jamaican crew in gta an we are looking for new recruits to join or crew you don't have to be jamaican to join us all nationality are welcome as long as like jamaican music/food/weed an looking to have a good vibe then this is the crew for you join us an let's get to 187 all those other crews out there thinking there all that
                          • ArmandoT893on July 26 2014, 5:46amReplyFlag
                            i work as my own crew, in other words, im a paid mercenary. extra muscle. im here to offer support to those who need and/or want it at any time whether it me taking out a specific target, smuggling and distributing drugs, or aiding you as extra muscle. in any case, should you need any help or assisstance, message me and we can work out a time and place to meet. note, if you are a member of a crew, i would ideally like to speak to your leader so there is no issues or cmplications.

                            on a personal note, if any crews participate in any role playing such as police officers or anything of that nature, message me
                            • MUIR2011on July 23 2014, 5:21pmReplyFlag
                              'The Masked' is now recruiting! We are a Playstation only crew that loves causing mayhem and having fun, in activities such as jobs, free roaming or just messing around! We welcome players of any level who are willing to follow a few simple rules to keep things in order:

                              - A crew uniform is required when around crew leaders and other members ( A suit and mask)
                              - All vehicles are acceptable in The Masked, but you must have at least 1 vehicle in the crew colours of Black and Red
                              - You should be reasonably active ( At least a couple of days a week for an hour or two)
                              - Killing other crew members is not allowed unless we are goofing around

                              Apart from those rules, a headset/microphone would be preferable but not required, you should be able to speak English and this crew prefers people about our age (14-20), but will usually welcome all ages to our ranks.

                              Our goal is to terrorise the people of Los Santos, but have some fun in the process, so don't hesitate, join now by visiting our page on the social club ( or by messaging me on my PSN account (MUIR2011)

                              We look forward to meeting you!
                              'Simul autem potentes, nos autem solum fucatis'
                              Together we are strong, alone we are masked.
                              • Biggsixx1on July 20 2014, 2:23pmReplyFlag
                                4 words: DEAD MEN DONT TELL
                                DMDT CLAN
                                we make Money, and Mayhem FRIENDS and Revenge. If that's what you're looking for in a crew, then The Facers are for you. we don't care if your a level 1 or 101 just as long as your a team player

                                We are currently looking for dedicated, active, loyal players, who are looking to completely dominate the streets of Los Santos. We are the crew that other crews will grow to fear. If you take a shot at one of us, you can expect full retaliation from all of us. if you need back up were there but if we need it you better come back your crew up

                                Muscle cars are preferred, but not required. Crew logo must be visible somewhere on clothing, on the front if its a shirt on back if its a crew jacket Being a team player is a must. Mics are also preferred, as it makes coordination much easier, but not necessary if you can make it work without.

                                our' mission to make certain the mayhem benefits us in either our enemies' blood, or stacks of cash.

                                There are a few spots left for high ranking officers in my crew, if you think you can handle the heat. Get ready, 'cause here we come Los Santos. we want to get up to 1000 member and well need your help
                                JOIN DMDT CLAN
                                • youngghost55on July 20 2014, 11:51amReplyFlag
                                  Hollywood undead mc now recruiting ps3 only message me if you want to join looking for loyal players
                                  • F0RS00KEDon July 19 2014, 6:54amReplyFlag
                                    Two words: Money, and Revenge. If that's what you're looking for in a crew, then The Facers are for you.

                                    We are currently looking for dedicated, active, loyal players, who are looking to completely dominate the streets of Los Santos. We are the crew that other crews will grow to fear. If you take a shot at one of us, you can expect full retaliation from all of us.

                                    Muscle cars are preferred, but not required. Crew logo must be visible somewhere on clothing, or as a tattoo. Being a team player is a must. Mics are also preferred, as it makes coordination much easier, but not necessary if you can make it work without.

                                    Mayhem is great, but it is The Facers' mission to make certain the mayhem benefits us in either our enemies' blood, or stacks of cash.

                                    There are a few spots left for high ranking officers in my crew, if you think you can handle the heat. Get ready, 'cause here we come Los Santos. And we want blood.

                                    -The Facers

                                    • AmmoAddict316on July 19 2014, 12:39amReplyFlag
                                      (PS3) Quieres gente con quien divertirte y al mismo tiempo subir nivel y ganar dinero? Pss venga con la hermandad! Ven con LOS REYES DEL SUR!!!

                                      Que esperas carnal??
                                      • DROIDGon July 16 2014, 1:56pmReplyFlag
                               hey looking to promote my race, ive spent about 6 months building it & have already had 1500 plays, its a unique race, you can choose from completely seperate dirrections continuously throughout the race each has its own advantage & disadvantages, some start off hard & end up being the safest way & vice versa, hidden shortcuts all over, plenty of gamechanging jumps with rockets & nos strategically placed throughout the different routes for different reasons, & just incase anyone were ever to get lost ive placed health throughout the race indicating were you can or should go, its important to remember every route has its own set of shortcuts advantages & disadvantages, with the ability to change the course of the race at any moment
                                        • DROIDGon July 16 2014, 2:00pmReplyFlag
                                          @DROIDG the link didnt seem to work, look for, Bathurst:King of The Hill
                                      • HumonoidTyphoonon July 15 2014, 2:21amReplyFlag
                                        Nations Untited Inc is now recruiting (Nations) because we are racially and culturally diverse (Untited) because we are a rogue Superpower (Inc) because we are a business before bodies corporation meaning we are all about the $$$$ We help our members with money, rank, and any opposition they may face we are heavily armed and always protect our own, We are very competitive and frequently have live battle training in public lobbies We are open to any rank just have a mic and be an active player as we will train you and help you level up fast I promote based on loyalty and consistent presence within the crew So the opportunity to be promoted is high No color or clothes requirement here you are free to express yourself We have experts in all areas of the game we are experienced and completely independent so if you'd like to join a Corporate Entity over a meager street gang we'd love to hear from you We are a EOE.
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