Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Collectible Gear Now Available at the Rockstar Warehouse

Posted on January 23 2014, 12:00pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Rockstar, Games

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is currently available for Android, iOS, and Amazon Kindle HDX mobile and tablet devices, and to celebrate, the Rockstar Warehouse has added a brand new set of San Andreas collectible gear including items that were in our recent Facebook prize pack giveaway.

Hit up the Warehouse and celebrate the 10 year anniversary of GTA San Andreas by snagging collectibles like the Bandana iPad Sleeve and iPhone 5 Snap Case along with limited reissues of some of the most popular items from San Andreas' original release like the Playing Cards & Poker Chips and Official Basketball.


San Andreas Bandana iPhone 5 Snap Case
This ultra-thin and durable Snap Case provides four-corner protection for the latest iPhone models (5 and 5s), sports a smooth soft-touch feel and features the signature San Andreas style (and subtly Rockstar logo branded) B&W bandana print.


San Andreas Bandana iPad Sleeve
The San Andreas Bandana iPad Sleeve offers form-fitting cushioned protection for your iPad (iPad 2, iPad 3rd gen, iPad 4th gen, iPad Air) or iPad Mini (1st gen, 2nd gen) with a plush felt inner liner and top access zipper closure. Bringing East Los Santos couture to your tablet, the sleeve features the signature San Andreas bandana print on both its front and back, along with a Rockstar Games tag along its right edge.


San Andreas Limited-Edition Lithographs
These premium 17” x 12.5” lithographs are printed on high-quality cover stock and feature one of four classic San Andreas illustrations including "The Truth"CesarThe Driveby, and the iconic lady of Vinewood. Prints are limited-edition and hand-numbered. Only 350 lithographs of each design will ever be produced so get them while supplies last.


San Andreas Playing Cards & Poker Chips
Looking to stack some chips in true Las Venturas style? This collectible set includes: one deck of standard playing cards along with ten Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas poker chips (two green, two orange, two blue, two purple, and two black) that feature the GTA San Andreas logo on one side and the Four Dragons Hotel & Casino logo on the other.


Official San Andreas Basketball
Turn some heads on the court and show off your love for San Andreas with this regulation size basketball, suited for both indoor and outdoor use in striking black & white, rocking the San Andreas logo on both sides plus a Rockstar Games logo on the top.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Kubrick Box Set
A commemorative reissue to celebrate the release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on mobile devices, this Kubrick Box Set features lead character Carl “CJ” Johnson, Officer Tenpenny, Big Smoke, Ryder, and "The Truth".

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Tee
This soft 100% cotton tee proudly represents SA with a San Andreas logo on its front and a small Grand Theft Auto logo just below the neck line on the back. Available in stark and serious black and white options.


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  • PacMan738on March 14 2014, 12:58amReplyFlag
    This stuff is so awesome!!! I would get the cards, the basketball, and the little Lego looking toys
    • no_sympathyon February 11 2014, 12:32pmReplyFlag
      gta 5 the best estupid game off year
      • djezc420on February 8 2014, 11:04pmReplyFlag
        btw love the bandana print why arent the bandanas in game have that print?
        • djezc420on February 8 2014, 11:03pmReplyFlag
          clothes awesome infact i own a shirt and the hat

          Give us more clothes in the online game shouldnt be all that hard to make and would make some NEW stuff that we all sooooo want ...

          want the RL stuff to sell more make the game more popular keep us players playing by releasing new stuff

          ive done clothing making on a few computer things nothing major just things like imvu but i would think new clothes wouldnt be the hardest aspect of the game to make so give us new stuff keep gamers playing
          • DEADPOOL_Maximon February 5 2014, 3:08amReplyFlag
            Its soooo cool!!! I need "Body Bag Sleeping Bag". Want to kill my wife, and don't think that bags for garbage is good, but R*'s bag is so so so nice! Don't need to saw the body. Thanks!
            • Mpsj2001on February 2 2014, 3:20amReplyFlag
              Everything looks great just can you make the posters cheaper
              • Freelaylayon January 31 2014, 1:47pmReplyFlag
                Would LOVE a CJ San Andreas Women's T-Shirt :)
                • Freelaylayon January 31 2014, 1:45pmReplyFlag
                  Would LOVE an IPhone 5 Cover Or Case :) Peace
                  • SixPacPLon January 30 2014, 5:04amReplyFlag
                    more iphone cases? do real phone. R*Phone. :-)
                    • vicecitystalkeron January 30 2014, 1:58amReplyFlag
                      Thats some cool sheeeet!
                      • Avvnr2on January 29 2014, 2:00amReplyFlag
                        Somebody can give THE link to ifruit i phone 5 case Hello Rockstar answer me
                        • lachy.on January 29 2014, 6:26amReplyFlag
                      • SoCoollMatton January 28 2014, 6:26pmReplyFlag
                        Were is the Zippo GTA..cant finf it no more?
                        • Dark_Sorrowon January 28 2014, 7:58amReplyFlag
                          wow *__* just got my package today :3 the sleve looks so amazing, very good made. the lithograh is just wow o__o
                          thx r* for that awesome gear <3

                          to all others, this is what i order:
                          ipad sleve for mini and normal
                          cards with poker chips
                          san andsreas black t-shirt
                          • RSTAR78242on January 28 2014, 6:31amReplyFlag
                            I am totally buying the iPad case for me iPad Air!
                            • LastLaugh_HaHaHaon January 28 2014, 1:55amReplyFlag
                              Dam I wish if I can buy all these stuff, too much money to spend :(
                              • ITONYSOPRANOIon January 27 2014, 6:17pmReplyFlag
                                Finally beat San Andreas on my... phone! Never thought it would be possible to say that almost 10 years ago.

                                Zero's missions... Still a pain in the arse. Yeah...
                                • Twelve-Bar-Blueson January 24 2014, 9:54pmReplyFlag
                                  some cool stuff there, id like one of the lithographs, but... boo, international shipping strikes again
                                  • Heavy-Levelon January 24 2014, 10:44amReplyFlag
                                    i think the RDR poker set was better might have to grab mi sen 1 of them at some point if u still do em, any DLC comin our way for the weekend R* even if its just additional properties for now so i can continue building my car collection
                                    • BarnabyJones619on January 24 2014, 10:27amReplyFlag
                                      I need that poker set. Just wish there was a full set of chips available!
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