First Red Dead Redemption DLC Details - The Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack Coming in June as FREE Download

Posted on May 5 2010, 8:00am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Riding the river raft to an assault on the rebel stronghold of Nosalita.

In addition to the deep single player campaign and robust online multiplayer components of Red Dead Redemption, we are also very happy to finally reveal the game’s co-op mode, which will be released FREE in June simultaneously for both consoles via Xbox LIVE® and PlayStation®Network, respectively.

The Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack will feature six all-new cooperative multiplayer missions to play with 2-4 players.  This will be a completely free download that we will have ready for you to download and play at some time in June.

These six explosive and epic missions will play out across the game world, including:

“Walton’s Gold”
Walton’s Gang have taken control of a mining camp rich with gold.  Fight through the camp and load your mine cart with as much gold as you can carry and get out as fast as you can – Walton’s boys have rigged the place to blow!

“The River”
Ride a raft down river, taking out rebel encampments along the way until you reach the rebel stronghold of Nosalida and a final epic battle for the town’s massive weapons caches. Watch out for Gatling gun-equipped enemy rafts.

The Mexican Army has the town of Tesoro Azul under siege.  Storm the gates under heavy cannon, Gatling gun and sniper fire to destroy the Mexican artillery placements.
Plus three more missions to be revealed in detail soon.

The Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack will also yield additional multiplayer XP rewards, and brand new Achievements/Trophies to unlock.

Stay tuned for much more information – as well as release information and pricing on two further downloadable content updates, which we plan to release over the summer. Both of them will also be available simultaneously for both consoles.

Meanwhile check out these exclusive new screens from the Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack below:

Get the crew together – these co-op missions take teamwork and firepower.

The team tracks down weapons caches in Tesoro Azul.

Select any available character you like from the Outfitter for co-op missions.

  • R* Yon October 4 2011, 3:57pmReplyFlag
    • kanegtaivon October 4 2011, 2:49pmReplyFlag
      ps3 soz
      • kanegtaivon October 4 2011, 2:47pmReplyFlag
        i nned code for outlaws to the end co-op pack hunting & trading outfits pack and myths and mavericks bonus pack
        • bighungrythinon September 2 2011, 10:59amReplyFlag
          i can't redeem the dumb code either. help? I don't want to download them again!!!!!!!!!
          • stevey581on July 29 2011, 10:12amReplyFlag
            Seriously! no one cares about how you get it we just wantt o know WHAT THE FRICKING CODE IS! :|
            • R* Yon July 27 2011, 2:54pmReplyFlag
              Just to clarify for anyone looking at this thread in the future, Rockstar codes were only for pre-orders, you don't need one to play any of the DLC unless you got a pre-order code, any further questions please send to:
              • Mysteriohon July 7 2011, 3:34pmReplyFlag

                I both tried in-game marketplace and the marketplace on the dashboard but I don't find the DLC in the Extras.
                Any idea why? :S

                • xtkz123on May 16 2011, 5:09amReplyFlag
                  @thrashed1984 how do u make a us account cuz every time i do it says "You must enter a valid address."
                  • 13751444on April 7 2011, 11:07amReplyFlag
                    Where so I get my r code for rdr?
                    • cheerio1on March 30 2011, 4:48amReplyFlag
                      For those who may be new to this like I was and wondering about how to access the DLC after it is downloaded. You have to go to the multiplayer free roam and while in free roam press the select/back button and scroll down to "cooperative missions" and it will put you in it.

                      Wanted to post this to prevent having to read through dozens of posts like I did in order to eventually figure it out. I was completely stumped! Lol

                      • 13482974on March 6 2011, 1:54pmReplyFlag
                        Is the co-op for online only? and how do you do it?
                        • TheGunSlinger123on February 26 2011, 12:02amReplyFlag
                          "wats The Code for outlaws to the end?!?!?!?!?!?!"
                          • jeb1105on February 24 2011, 10:10pmReplyFlag
                            thrashed1984 September 23, 2010 at 6:27am
                            Alright like everyone else I was having the same problem the dlc didn't show up in the psn store from the disc menu. So I made another psn account (US) basing the country (US) from where the disc is, as I live in a different region and my psn account is registered to the UK. After making another psn account I logged in and went to PSN store through the disc menu and wala ! downloaded it. and installed it. went back to my original account and logged into multiplayer and it worked. If you have any confusions let me know, will be happy to help.

                            Like you, I have similar problem. I just moved to South Korea from USA and my PS3 is from USA. Likewise, in order for me to play any new games, I had to buy it from Gamestop and pay additional $29.99 for shipping charge. Anyhow, my problem is that I no longer have a USA address based credit cards and only have Korea address based credit card. Therefore, when I tried to purchase DLC, it won't work, as I am assigned to US PSN account.

                            Do you think it will work, if I create new user profile with address in korea for me to download DLCs?

                            Your answer will be greatly appreciated.
                            • Seberus_on December 1 2010, 1:01amReplyFlag
                              i'm raging the f**** out of my place, i don't see where, i can't find it!, it is NOWHERE to be found! this R* CODE!
                              • DontMakeMeAngryon November 27 2010, 2:44pmReplyFlag
                                I have RDR for PS3. When I load Outlaws to the End it asks for a code. Where do I find this code?
                                • howel17on November 10 2010, 8:36amReplyFlag
                                  how to get code on rockstar red dead redemption pls... teach me how..
                                  • Mikie81on November 8 2010, 2:06pmReplyFlag
                                    Ok for the Xbox 360 I figured it out. After 6 downloads it finally installed and is now visible is the multiplayer area, listed as Cooperative Missions. You can't play it in the DLC are, you have to go to multiplayer mode X button. Then look for Cooperative Missions, should be about half way down in the list. So if it doesn't show up then just keep downloading it so it reinstalls till it does.
                                    • Mikie81on November 7 2010, 5:47pmReplyFlag
                                      I bought RDR I have an Xbox 360 and i downloaded the Outlaws to the end pack and when I start the game it shows options for single player A button X for multi or Y for DLC I choose Y and I click on it and it asks the for R* code.
                                      • VietRangeron November 6 2010, 7:56pmReplyFlag
                                        I agree. The thing about you don't need a Rx code is bull sh--. There is no way for me to load the dlc from playstation store without entering the rx code. I just wasted $19.99.
                                        Something should be done about this...maybe like the voters did with the demos. Just don't buy the product.
                                        • R* Yon November 2 2010, 4:47pmReplyFlag
                                          @Beikes @jamiedebiew Thanks, please see here for a full explanation of why you don't need a Rockstar code since they were only used for pre-order items:
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