Crew Cut: Chain Gangs of 2014

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This edition of the Crew Cut highlights some squads that are clearly staking a claim on 2014, Crews that have been banding together to collaborate and upvote each other’s custom-made Creator Jobs, Crews that had a melee Christmas with the seasonal Holiday Gifts and more.


A tip of the cap to all of the Crews out there who have formally laid claim to this year by pre-emptively branding themselves with ‘2014’ in their name. There’s the over 50 member deep BAF CREW 2014 of France created last fall just prior to the release of GTAV as a new incarnation of BAFC - and smaller squads such as the Chain Gang of 2014, cleverly named as a nod to one of GTAV’s signature soundtrack artists and the inspiration for the name of this particular Crew Cut edition. It will certainly be interesting to see how newer Crews like Honey Badgers 2014, GT4 V KINGZ 2014 and The Night Crew 2014 (to name just a few) flourish or flop as an exciting new year of GTA Online carries on.


Veteran French Crew Shine Thugz are back beating down some serious war drums in their homemade "I'm a Thug" music video , scoring YG and Meek Mill's tune to their own GTA Online thuggery.


Anonamix and fellow Crew mates DOPEBOT and NachoWoo from the Traffickers Crew are making Deathmatch and Race Creator collaboration make a family affair as seen in their Grand Theft Thursdays video above which highlights four of their proudly created Jobs: Bloody Bankers, Mow Money Mow Problems, Roof Top Rumble and Hella Propella - a dangerous and diabolical Air Race through the RON Alternates Wind Farm that you can see in action from 1:37 on in the clip. Way to go in collaborating, supporting and promoting the custom Jobs of your brethren.

Created by Crew Leader Socketz and Commissioner Noru122 from Consumer Products [OCPC] in collaboration with YouTuber lazarus spade we see a full on weapons-check exhibition in two vicious Deathmatches: Back Alley Beatdown and Bridge Too Far - an "all out war" that shows off exactly what happens when push comes to shove on a narrow bridge packed with high-explosive playthings in Raton Canyon.


Upon reading our feature on Reddit Crews, Commissioner AlienJulius of the Reddit 360 V Crew (REDT) contacted us as if to say, "challenge!"  Looking at their Subreddit, you'll find a gracious and classy Crew that has it together, with pep talks, organized sports-themed game nights and even discussions about how to get mentioned in this Newswire column.

Crew Lieutenant Classabear of the highly involved FIBS MOST WANTED reached out to us to let us know that while other Crews do their best to avoid being left black and blue, MSTW embrace Rockstar North Studio’s colors fully to represent themselves as a strictly active (inactives get the boot) 300 member outfit networking on all fronts through Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. They also participate in various Crew activities and awesome photo-shoots which is made evident by their submitted GTA Online style shard art above.

Clan mXm (MXMR) dropped us a line via Mouthoff about their close-knit group that's relatively new to the Social Club scene. They've existed as a gaming clan for nearly a decade before deciding to take their talents to Los Santos in GTA Online. The level of commitment and seriousness these guys have is impressive. They have an official appreciation letter and patch (seen below) they send out as part of inducting new members and their loyalty even transcends simply gaming together - Associate Lieutenant Officer626 from the mXm affiliate Crew L S Police Division relayed, "A good example of our dedication to each other came with Hurricane Katrina. In the aftermath of the hurricane, two of our members were left displaced and with nothing. In an effort to respond, the clan organized monetary donations and aid from all of our members as well as the other clans we had come to know to help them out, something we look back proudly on today."


Finally, here's a little roundup of just some of the fun that we saw Crews getting into with the Holiday Gifts last month (the gifts expired on January 5th with the exception of the new Snapmatic feature updates which remain available) via standout videos and Snapmatic pics.

In his own words, Australia Illuminati (ORDO) Crew Leader PaxSierraMike went on a "festive rampage, chock-full of holiday spirit".

DiorNation came through in a snap with a sleigh full of festive pics on their Snapmatic page rockin' the green and red on everything from attire to transportation.

Hells Angel El81ite roll in with a freshly a snow-capped funtage to commemorate their eggnog fueled shenanigans. For more holiday hell-raising, also check out the Hustle Boyz Crew's thuggin' Christmas Special.


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