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Taking Aim at GTA Online Cheaters

Posted on January 16 2014, 7:00am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Support, Games
Update Jan 16 – Please note that today’s maintenance has now been completed and Grand Theft Auto Online is back up and running. Thanks again everyone for your patience.
In recent weeks, a small number of Grand Theft Auto Online players sought to exploit the game by generating and distributing game-breaking amounts of in-game cash, disrupting the experience for other players.(Updated)
We will continue to issue title updates on an ongoing basis to counter the negative impact this has had on gameplay, and as part of today’s maintenance period, we are removing the counterfeit GTA$ from the game's economy. Anyone who innocently received GTA$ as a result of these exploits but did not engage in cheating to acquire it will not face any further action - the funds will just be removed, and you'll be able to keep any items you currently own.
Those who actively engaged in cheating and exploiting the game in this manner will, however, be subject to in-game penalties at our discretion. This may include being placed in isolated cheater pools or banned from GTA Online altogether.
Should you ever encounter someone in GTA Online that appears to be taking advantage of exploits in your session, we ask that you alert us directly via the in-game reporting functionality. In the Pause menu, under the Online tab, select Players and scroll to the offending player. From there, select Report and choose Exploits from the violation options.
We're grateful for the community's continued support in dealing with these issues and once again apologize to anyone that has had their Grand Theft Auto Online experience sullied by these exploits that broke the game's natural flow. Please stay tuned for lots more news about GTA Online in the weeks ahead.

  • R* Kon January 16 2014, 9:54amFlag
    We’re happy to report that today’s maintenance has now been completed and Grand Theft Auto Online is back up and running. Thanks again everyone for your patience and understanding, and be aware that you will need to reboot the game in order to regain access.

    If anyone has any further questions on the above article, please check out the following FAQ at the Rockstar Support site:
  • djmaxbase5 days, 1 hour agoReplyFlag
    If got 8 000 000 mil. from a hacker plzz dont kick my plzz$$
    • joelwftw1231 week, 4 days agoReplyFlag
      ZeroPath2481171 and Skilful Madness have been doing a money glitch and Skilful Madness has a game clip recorded on his account of them doing this I just need to know what will happen as they have been boating about it and they also have been keeping other players cars I need your help to see what you can do as they both have made money what others have to buy.
      • PMeu2191 week, 4 days agoReplyFlag
        There is a guy on PS3 named player21Ad that is a cheater... Please if u can bane him it would be better for all the community. Great Job Rockstar ;)
        • Ariundalai2 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
          Why am I banned
          • NATHAN5162 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
            There is a guy that my friend knows and he is a serious nodder he has all the modded cars for example lost slam van, topless Cosco, and even the duke of death. He is a problem and I wish that u guys can ban him as he mods these cars in his gamer tag is GOLDKILLER84 and I am on the Xbox one version of gta
            • bonds9272 weeks, 6 days agoReplyFlag
              Please ban omegabetaalpha he is duplicating cars and teaching other people how to do it and to go on youtube to find new glitches and duplications
              • Burytook2 weeks, 6 days agoReplyFlag
                I was playing GTA Online on the XB1 and some guy got into my car and drove off with it even though my "Vehicle Access" was set to "No-one". I don't know if he's cheating, but I can't think of any other explanation.
                His gamertag on Xbox is M0tt86
                • Jay2311943 weeks, 5 days agoReplyFlag
                  Sook_Ma_Plums a hacker in the game keeps latching on to me then killing me and keeping me dying every 2 second and changes my look in to a ball with a hat and its really stressing me and making me very upset i cant have fun with friends without him joining sessions and causing me problems he is even able to kick me out of sessions without anyone else voting on it its causing me so much upset that cant play a game i like without him joining and doing these things to me so could you please ban him from psn on ps3 as im tired of having to move from session to session
                  • da4thlord774 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
                    Why am I banned
                    • saiyantmon March 20 2015, 4:47amReplyFlag
                      ban this guy hes doing glitches & modding on ps4 his psn is SiiLeNtt23
                      • EK9R06on March 20 2015, 1:37amReplyFlag
                        PROxSKILLZ_1 is hacking right now online. He's glitching under the bridge right next to where Lester's building is where you first do your heists and killing anyone that spawns or is nearby. My friends and I spawned right outside Lester's building after completing the final heist and this guy had the cops on him and killed all of us. Please ban him Rockstar! Thank you!
                        • Disco_l8888on March 19 2015, 4:47amReplyFlag
                          The cheating is out of control

                          • pokeman1122on March 15 2015, 9:05pmReplyFlag
                            ban thwarteight45 he is wall breaching and killing me over and over and he following me to any server i go.
                            • OpusBravoon March 15 2015, 1:59pmReplyFlag
                              Ban Opus Enigma he is doing money glitches and now has 2 million
                              • asadyadanoon March 12 2015, 5:40amReplyFlag
                                Ban amanygames141 he is on rank 8,000 he's a hacker he needs banning he's a big fat cheat
                                • KhanTehleelon March 8 2015, 5:59amReplyFlag
                                  I got given 85 million and I didn't want to receive it but didn't know how to turn that option off. I have now been banned can you unban me?
                                  • butch111296on March 6 2015, 8:49amReplyFlag
                                    hello im currently writing because of hackers he keeps blowing me up and spoling my session I couldn't leave the lobby until I switched off my playstation his name on psn: doxalized ive been banned before because I got given money and the real hackers seem to always stay on your servers... hope yous can sort this

                                    • hittman222on March 4 2015, 11:20pmReplyFlag
                                      You know I have been banned this freaking ridiculous just because some random person gave me money a month ago I'm so pissed if they aren't allowed to give you money then why can you do it. It's a game I mean really... let me back on
                                      • heavymetalleron March 4 2015, 9:49amReplyFlag
                                        I just caught on the act a couple of people on Xbox 360.
                                        Their names:

                                        original obama (Unkillable, and his character was a ALIEN EGG with a WEED PLANT, I have photos)
                                        vVx LORD xVv ( Unkillable)
                                        Pilot is Gold ( Unkillable, and it's jet was an Alien Spaceship)

                                        All of them had the jet and couldn't take it from them. Couldn't destroy them.

                                        I reported all of the to Xbox Live for cheating.
                                        Please, remove all of them from the servers, thanks
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