(Updated) Grand Theft Auto Online: Maintenance Period

Posted on April 2 2014, 12:00am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Support, Social Club, Games

Update Jan 16 – We’re happy to report this maintenance has now been completed and Grand Theft Auto Online is back up and running. Thanks again everyone for your patience.

Grand Theft Auto Online will be down for maintenance beginning tonight at 9PM Eastern Time through tomorrow, Thursday January 16th. We expect to be back up within 24 hours. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  • R* Kon January 16 2014, 9:49amFlag
    We’re happy to report this maintenance has now been completed and Grand Theft Auto Online is back up and running. Thanks again everyone for your patience and be aware that you will need to reboot the game in order to regain access.

    Please also stay tuned for future Title Updates and fixes to be announced and visit the Rockstar Support site for information and to subscribe for updates on known GTA Online issues:

  • wolf9f5 days, 15 hours agoReplyFlag
    i cant take a selfie or delete selfies
    • I'm not sure what you did but since an update earlier today I can't do and single player missions please fix this!
      • multi3352on November 1 2014, 7:30amReplyFlag
        was there no updates or fixes?
        swear auto aim didnt work from inside a vehicle before this downtime/maintenance
        • Patricia-Girl-93on September 24 2014, 9:00pmReplyFlag
          Please make it easier to crew Emblems
          • raidenx59on September 17 2014, 10:26pmReplyFlag
            Yea rockstar plz fix also there is a hacker that has stolen my hard earned money so is there any way I can get it back plz
            • aPeX-_-TACOSon September 12 2014, 9:29pmReplyFlag
              Can you make it so cars run on gas and there are gas stations
              • secretcoolguyon September 8 2014, 2:34amReplyFlag
                eversince flight school update I can't join any online sessions it gives me a time out error in an unknown error so rocks star if you could please fix this that would be nice
                • ollyhall879229on September 11 2014, 1:08pmReplyFlag
                  @secretcoolguy I am having the same problem its coming up with maintenance errors and error messages ever since the flight school update please can you fix it
              • ulorla66on August 21 2014, 11:35amReplyFlag
                I can't get into any mode except solo or invite only. so only way i can play online is solo and not with other people. i try to join just go and it times out every time. takes about 2-3 mins to fail then 2-3 mins to say oh you need to go back to single player. even quick job is a bit of a wait. :(
                • Malibudude1978on November 12 2014, 8:26pmReplyFlag
                  @ulorla66 Same thing here, I cant join public sessions after 5pm central time.... Only solo and invite only sessions, calling rockstar, I want a full refund on everything associated with this damn game....
              • TojjkaneNon August 18 2014, 4:26amReplyFlag
                why gta online doesn`t work
                • Adi_Gangstaon August 11 2014, 11:39amReplyFlag
                  Im on xbox 360 and GTA online loads forever and never loads to the online no matter if its a private session, public session oe crew session. This happened after the recent 4th of july update.
                  • Macdiggity123on August 2 2014, 5:47pmReplyFlag
                    I can't load my published race. It shows up on Social Club but it won't show up on the game, even days after. I saved it on social club, restarted the game and it still isn't showing up. Macdiggity333
                    • najimanon July 31 2014, 2:44pmReplyFlag
                      i can't connect in the xbox games store in my xbox. what should i do?
                      • H4MZ4h-_-on July 27 2014, 11:40amReplyFlag
                        I have created a race and published it but for some reason I cannot find it. Even when I go on the socialclub website and click add to game, it's not even on my bookmarks.
                        • NARUTOWEB13on July 27 2014, 9:55amReplyFlag
                          i cant get inn to my avatar and it in level 104 and i lost 7 mil my username on ps3 narutoweb13 rockstar i hope you can help me get in to my avatar and get back the money
                          • keepemcummingon July 12 2014, 6:09amReplyFlag
                            My online character doesnt work and every time i try to load it again its stuck in a perment loading screen. Its becoming annoying due to it deleted my status but not my any thing else any hints?
                            • MikeBawnzon August 24 2014, 6:15pmReplyFlag
                              @keepemcumming Me 2! can you get online again with that character? if so please help me guz i cannot, i had to make a whole new charachter. freaking annoying.
                          • jivechicken016on July 2 2014, 8:30pmReplyFlag
                            My friend Ckiller130 lost all his cars and apartment when he bought his second aperment and lost it all can you get it back for him
                            • Trygon456123on June 22 2014, 4:57amReplyFlag
                              Every time I try to get into an online game it always says no compatible games or I lost connection and when I'm even lucky enough to get into a game its either me and 2 other people mostly of the time its just me.Is there a solution if soplease tell me.thx
                              • Body-Bagz6197on June 21 2014, 9:06amReplyFlag
                                Um yeah there is a problem with loading screens and the creator.
                                The loading screen taking me into GTA5 when you can choose to go online or event (if there is one) it cuts off to the right on my tv/ps3 and the creator, I'd be in the middle of making a GTA capture and when I place down a vehicle and not a capture vehicle after making the job for more then ten minutes about, it records it as a capture vehicle and I have to restart when that happens.
                                Little question by the way, is this how you take problems by the gamer community? Shouldn't you have an email for us to send bugs, update suggestions, or questions of anything?
                                Please help tho..
                                • KickAssNinoon June 20 2014, 2:37amReplyFlag
                                  I have made a race three times and it won't save or publish. I remade the race but it still doesn't work. I even waited a day to see if it would work the next day but it keeps saying the Rockstar cloud servers are unavailable. Someone please help so I can finish my hard work.
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