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After featuring The DONZ Family Crew in a recent Crew Cut edition, we came upon a couple of Crews cut from the same pin-striped cloth, including the illustrious Financed and Corrupt (FNCO). Their recruitment vid, which features The Godfather's classic theme and shows off their trademark red and black on everything from three piece suits to freshly painted Vapid Peyotes, sends a clear message to all of greater Los Santos that they are not to be crossed.

The 1MOS men of honor.

Speaking of mafiosi, the MADE OF STEEL MOS (1MOS) is all business, gravely warning "Don't mess with our money or our family". In contrast, the crimson-striped Based MOBB (MOBB) Crew appears to take a lighter approach to the whole la famiglia thing - by the looks of things on their Snapmatic page they seem to be mostly about the fun, but mess with them and you might get burned.

MOBB wear the masks of red death.

The Richkidzz (RICH) Crew are mobbing in their own unique way, rocking their signature orange getups like a modern-day GTA Online chain gang. Commissioner thaforce wrote to us with great pride in the photos they've been taking, confident they were strong enough to be featured here in the Crew Cut. Feel your Crew should be represented? Give us a shout and convince us why at

Blood orange. The Richkidzz at various stages.


Most Crews have at least that one member with an itchy iFruit finger, eagerly out to capture every mission and ill moment to post to Snapmatic and/or Instagram. The Pack of parasites (1124) Crew have quite the active leader and lensman in 3rdeyeopen47, whose Instagram is solely dedicated to Crew drift action.


The Grave Reapers MC (GRMC) Crew, known for pushing iron horses above and beyond, have been taking the same approach with their own Instagram feed as seen in some selections below:


Commissioner TDSpiral of The Crystal Moth (MOTH) Crew released on deviantART this impressive GTA-artwork-style original illo in honor of his squad.


Crews have been out in full force at the first couple of GTA Online Social Club Event weekends - check out some party photos snapped during the #VespucciBeachParty and the recent Social Club #CreatorWeekend Event.

Vespucci Beach Partygoers. From left: The Asylum MC (SYLM) Crew a rockin on top of the new Paradise van; the Public Enemy GALICIA (PEGA) Crew salute with panache; and the SN1-SN26 (SN26) Crew are the most frightening thing to happen to the conga line since Buster Poindexter.

Crews styling during the most recent Social Club Event. From left: Joe_Dirt_Yall captured some of his Reapers - LosSantos (ROLS) Crew having a blast; GTA Paris (7593) Crew Leader sebbob93's usual unobstructed city view out of his apartment window just got blocked by one of his Crew-mates hoisting a Canis Bodhi with a Cargobob; mathduf27 and a couple other members of the Saguenay (SAGS) Crew of Quebec in festive red and green duds.


The Social Club Crew community has been on a hot streak with stellar videos as of late. The GamerFuzion (GMRF) Crew captured their very first time in Survival mode. If you have yet to test the waves, this run through at the Railyard is a nice introduction. For even more guidance, look to HikeTheGamer and his group of compatriots the LANDED IT (HIKE) Crew below for a fun capture of an epic live-stream session they had filled with custom car flexing and wanton destruction.


  • CHOC_CHOC_11919 hours, 14 minutes agoReplyFlag
    Can someone message me telling me how I can make my crew take part in this?
    • namon4202 weeks, 6 days agoReplyFlag
      Nords MC Paleto Bay Chapter is looking for members to start crew battles tdm and missions and races... all prospecting is done inhouse so u will start with the full patch.....have mic on xbox 360 and be 16 years or older its just me in the crew looking to expand but mostly just looking for people to play around with
      • teflonvon3133 weeks, 6 days agoReplyFlag
        I am the crew leader of America's most wonted (mc) crew I'm looking for members to join us on xb1 Nov 18 we are taking over GTA online. our colors is red and black. Hit up my inbox for more info
        • Spongeop1998on September 11 2014, 7:29amReplyFlag
          Sorry for yalls mobs but cssd would take any one of you to h3||
          • mysticalboiion September 9 2014, 6:07pmReplyFlag
            Any one on Ps3 would like to join a up ad coming Mc please reuest an invite we welcome you all with respect Hell is empty the demons have risen
            • WildBoiBillon September 8 2014, 10:32pmReplyFlag
              100% Original Crew started before the release of GTA V on PC!!
              Come out and join and we will run GTA V when it releases on PC!
              Recruitment is open to anyone
              Promotions, Operations, and Logistics will be handled once the game is released or we have enough members...
              Brother are already joining... still spots available for "Original" members...
              • smokieindubinon September 1 2014, 3:09pmReplyFlag
                Whats up people.. we are a crew from Dublin looking to get a crew battle going think you can get a crew ,, text me smokieindublin
                • AmmoAddict316on August 31 2014, 2:53pmReplyFlag
                  WOODLAND WOLVERINES (PS3)

                  Simple, small roleplaying crew. Will not accept more than 50 players. Become a Wolverine TODAY!!!
                  • MafiaConsigliereon August 29 2014, 10:52pmReplyFlag
                    If want more info message me on xbox Ma Sagesse is my GT
                    • MafiaConsigliereon August 29 2014, 10:50pmReplyFlag
                      Join The Fortune Family today. You will be treated like Family and we dont give chances
                      • Marcho80on August 20 2014, 10:39pmReplyFlag
                        Looking for people to join Dark and Furious crew on ps3 loyalty and Respect is key to move up the ranks add me mikeejohnson pan
                        • SDMC_SA_PRESon August 12 2014, 9:48amReplyFlag
                          The Seven Sins Mc- to all out there wanting a outlaw lifestyle and having fun while doing it, The SSMC is for you! The Seven Sins OGs- To the residence of Los Santos need not worry about The Families or The Ballas, you keep your eye open for us. If interested in joining either my Mc or my street gang send me a message and we'll talk.
                          • jon-chaoson August 9 2014, 6:39pmReplyFlag
                            We give love to our brothers and death to all others. We are the Grim Legion. An extremely active and tight-knit MC, all we ask of our members is loyalty and good times. We value full-time members who look the part, and do not care who you are so long as you’re mature. Those with a fondness for conflict and drama within their crew need not apply, and there is no mercy for crew killers. You’re guaranteed acceptance to the prospect club, where you’ll ride with good people from the main charters. When you earn your patch, you’ll be given the choice to join your brothers and sisters on either PSN or XBL. We’ll have your back like no other club, and you’ll have ours. Take no prisoners, take no sh!t. Welcome to the fold.
                            • BZRK_WILLiamon August 9 2014, 6:00amReplyFlag
                              Gabber, do i need to say more?
                              • AgonizingPage7on August 3 2014, 4:59pmReplyFlag
                                If you are looking for a crew that supports and respects the men and women of law enforcement then you should definitely check out Thin Blue Line USA. This crew was primarily made for the emblem. So far the only member is myself but I figured I would offer the opportunity for others to use the emblem if they to wanted to support the police. Anybody wanting to show support but not wanting the join this crew can use a Gauntlet or Banshee and change the body to be black and the stripe to be blue. If you have any questions feel free to message me on Xbox live. My gamertag is AgonizingPage7.
                                • RICH805on August 2 2014, 4:55pmReplyFlag
                                  We are a mob of good mature players having fun on ps3 . We on run like the mafia but train and take down our enemies like the military .We all have mics cause communication is key in having teamwork.190 members active shows we are here to stay in the game and run these streets of los santos .Crew challenges against other crews I what we love but we do it all .Join us Dinero Mobb
                                  • CHUMASHprezon August 1 2014, 5:29pmReplyFlag
                                    The bandidos mc Chumash chptr is recruiting we are the enforcement chptr and TDM chptr of the bandidos united states we are looking for loyal people with good gun skill with an Assault rifle to be apart of our mc must be 15rs of age or older with a headset add me on social club look up mojo19 and send me a message if interested
                                    • Xx_Champ-Ian_xXon July 30 2014, 12:47pmReplyFlag
                             come join the Hells Angels support 81
                                      • TDBoss16on July 29 2014, 2:53pmReplyFlag
                                        Looking for Soldiers to join my Family the Potent Family if you wanna earn money,respect, and power message me for an invite.
                                        • KINGHARDTARGETon July 25 2014, 12:03pmReplyFlag
                                          looking for new members TLSW WARRIORS
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