GTA Online Player-Created Jobs Making Noise

Posted on December 30 2013, 11:57am | Author: R* A | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Recently, we announced the first batch of officially Rockstar Verified player-made Jobs - and your amazing Deathmatch and Race creations continue to impress, adding on to the over one million Jobs currently available to play.

For those looking for more great ones to give a whirl over this holiday season, here are some more player favorites that have been making noise out there so far garnering grassroots attention via YouTube, Reddit and other places by virtue of their creativity and sheer fun.

We'll have more Rockstar Verified user-made Creator Jobs to announce soon. In the meantime, please feel free to share in the Comments section any of your personal favorite Jobs or ones you are particularly proud of that you've made yourself that you'd like others to give a try.

Jump the Lake by Gaming Delimited
Reminiscent of a Japanese game show, members of the The Last Rising Crew use the concept of skipping stones across the water to create some semi-aquatic motorbike madness with a series of ramps and a fleet of motorcycles. Watch the hilarity unfold in the video above and play the Job for yourself if you're up for the challenge.

Busted (Rancho) & Busted (Police Station) by RatchetAU
Finding new and creative ways to have fun in Free Mode was a big part of the GTAIV online experience, and Redditor RatchetAU is now using the Creator to bring custom Busted and Demo Derby matches to GTA Online. Ratchet's even provided a handy guide on Reddit explaining how to create your own.

Laguna Seca Remake by GTAVDriver
Based on California's legendary Laguna Seca Raceway, this one's also gotten a lot of attention on Reddit. We applaud GTAVDriver's attention to detail in recreating this famous circuit, right down to the rally style wall-tyres that demarcate its epic twists and turns.

Fort Zancudo Race & Spyhunter V1 by rechyyy
Catch-me-if-you-can daredevil rechyyy (aka clayman90 on YouTube) has pulled off some incredibly well-timed and expertly evasive GTAV police chases in the past. Now, with the help of the GTA Online Creators, he's calling all the shots with well-placed ramps and power-ups in a GTA style race, that leaves even the toughest hot-pursuit lawmen coming up short. He's also taken it a step further with a nostalgic nod to the classic arcade shooter Spy Hunter.

Meet Your Match

To find created Deatchmatches & Races to play, head over to the Jobs area of the Social Club. From there, you can select different options from the dropdowns to filter your search. Once you you’ve found something you want to try out, click the screenshot and then hit the yellow ADD TO GAME button in the bottom left corner of the description. Next time you head into GTA Online, pull up the pause menu and head to the Bookmarked Section, within Jobs. Here you’ll see all the Jobs you’ve flagged, ready for you to play. For maximum efficiency put them into a Playlist and invite your buddies to play through them one after another – no messing around.

  • R* Xon January 2 2014, 5:02pmFlag
    Hey everyone, it's awesome to see many of you sharing your pride and joy personally-designed Jobs here in comments but please do not spam the same thing over and over again (that includes posting the same thing in multiple articles). Please only post about your Jobs once. Spammed posts will be removed and repeat offenders may have their commenting privileges suspended. Thanks all for understanding and stay tuned for more Jobs to be verified and featured here at the Newswire this month.
  • HowieFelterpusson June 26 2016, 2:12pmReplyFlag
    If there was player created contact style missions, this game would never die. First thing I would make is a DDay beach invasion with friendly and hostile npcs. Some players could have pilot role and spawn on an aircraft carrier to get in a jet for air support and the rest go in on the ground. No need for voice actors or cutscenes, I would think it would be possible.
    • RonitGomes26on June 17 2016, 11:16pmReplyFlag
      Hello everyone I am Ronit Gomes (playstation network id="rtyu7890lkm", social club id="RonitGomes26"). I have created a awesome deathmatch in GTA Online(Ps3) known as "Airport Blast". Players have to fight like World War(Open fire), and destroy the opposing team provided tanks, jets,different types of weapons,Insurgents etc. The deathmatch is in a small area in the Los Santos International Airport with So much fun. If my deathmatch gets Rockstar Verified then I will be very happy.
      • matdayon February 17 2016, 6:46amReplyFlag
        Please try out my first race creation. Matday's River Jump Race!

        Thanks :-)
        • Model-9000on November 18 2015, 5:21amReplyFlag
          Hey decent people, i just created an awesome team death match called '' a chute and a prayer ''. your stuck at the top of a skyscrapper facing the enemy with nothing but a parachute and a crowbar. At a certain level bellow theres a floor full of weapons, but theres no straight easy access, so watcha gonna do...?! Take a dive or take a hit ?!

          It took me allong time to perfect the creation, place some surprises and tighten up the overall experience with allot of testings, the model memory can give creators a hard time but i came trough and i just cant stop playing it. Send me a message to gamer tag (model 9000) if you wanna try it out....i dont want to reveal too much since playing, exploring and discovering stuff on your own is half the fun.
          • SMOOTtheBOOTon August 4 2015, 7:56pmReplyFlag
            Must try capture!! Unlike anything you tried before.

            • Kortam7on July 14 2015, 10:35pmReplyFlag
              I have a problem i like to play stunnters vs snipers missions but the sniper alwys changes to a pistol

              • KingKarroon July 6 2015, 6:49pmReplyFlag
                So who wants contact-styled missions?
              • dooooommmon July 6 2015, 2:08pmReplyFlag
                I know your pain people and that is why i try to make fun and interesting maps for you that are not just simple stupid car races or just tdms... I have a simple suggestion, download my custom maps, most of the captures and are like survivor mode and yes my pirate maps, but this map i posted is a lts with rpgs and jets; ever hear of duck hunt?, or this one which is called Fort: hold the airport, where both teams are working together to fight off swarms of cops you need to attract with your insurgent pick-ups. It is a capture mode where you dont worry about capturing the cases(death trap if you do). // I have over 280 maps i have made check them out and give me a message. I am upset that rockstar took away my ability to make bendy ramps that can make wall riders and such, so now custom maps are going to be stupid looking and plain boring, What: no more falling bodies? Where that hell did my mime go? Someone told me that rockstar got rid of it since people thought is was racist. Ignorant humans, did those people ever hear or Marcel Marceau. Bring back the cool stuff of gta 4 like eating at restaurants training a new fighting styles. thanks dooooommm
                • Vitenson June 20 2015, 7:02pmReplyFlag
                  enouf races and dm. when can we create our own contact jobs? some simple mechanic like : go to point A. destroy/hack/steal/murder/save then go to point B. destroy/hack/steal/murder/save then go to point C. finale options /destroy/hack/steal/murder/save. finish.
                  should be doable. and you add a bunch loads of content.
                  or let us make our own heist's.
                  also let us choose what kind of car we want to use, when we are in the option menu between the missions. that way you have much more variety with vehicles in the contact jobs, then just the same car over and over.
                  • -Reina_on June 9 2015, 6:31pmReplyFlag
                    Search my race Derby. You can choose to do a quick lap or more to get money fast. It's a short track, with two jumps to keep it from being too easy.
                    • JoshGastonon April 28 2015, 12:39pmReplyFlag
                      How do you find the awesome races??
                      • Ganz77on April 14 2015, 7:34amReplyFlag
                        Coming round the mountain - Race for up to ten players around the Richman and Vineyard areas encompassing the mountain. Tight bends and sheer drops level off to a nice flat winding finishing straight. Ganz77.
                        • Evil_Amski1029on December 31 2014, 12:11amReplyFlag
                          I hate going to a deathmatch quick job and being placed in a custom game. How do I block custom games because most of them are horrible and impossible to get anything done in.
                          • spencethe3rdon December 25 2014, 5:16amReplyFlag
                            Gta 5 has been ruined by custom jobs. I can't even get into a race that not over loaded with poorly placed jumps, cheating racers and even a chance of winning. It's a joke. There should be an option to join just custom matches in the quick race option as well should there be an option for rockstar made races. I understand rockstar couldn't be bothered to actually make races so they let the community do it instead. Well it turns out that was disaster. I could name hundreds of players that fully agree. You need to update and make an option like the one I have suggested. And stop leading people on with lies like "heist out this year" then actually releasing them in a years time. It's clearly not on to the lay community. And completely unfair.

                            Oh and for God sakes. PLEASE PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE. sort out the server. I can't even connect to a map with players in. I have to get online buy logging in via invite only and going to find new session. Even then it times out or suffered an "unknown network error" I assure you the problem is shockstars cloud.
                            • ThisIsMartyon December 12 2014, 7:20amReplyFlag
                              Hey guys & girls! I created my first race last night and it went down pretty well with my friends who played it.
                              Its a rally-X type race with tight, technical, dangerous dirt corners to start as you race through the Tataviam Mountain trails, over the dam onto the downhill high speed bends leading onto the freeway followed by a final sprint to the finish line, where timing is essential as slip streams will make or break your race!

                              I hope anyone who plays this race enjoys it! And by all means feel free to contact me with any feedback, or even a friends request.

                              Good luck, have fun!

                            • Sh4dowF4xon October 26 2014, 4:36amReplyFlag
                              Hi everyone,

                              If you like racing and you like challenging and fun races that test your skill and nerve; then you should check out my races. I build my races to be competitive and challenging. I don't Nerf sections of the track by putting up barricades or containers so cars can ricochet off of it and keep driving. If you take a corner to fast and end up in someones driveway; well that's what happened. I have some that I'd love to see verified someday. Check out these few and see what you guys think.

                              2 Fast 2 Serious
                              Great race for any race class.


                              Vinewood Hooligans

                              Not class restricted but it is extremely fun on Compacts. Other classes are fun but fast classes are hard to race because there are some tight sections throughout the course.


                              Coyote Run Grand Prix

                              Pretty great on muscle and sports class.


                              Circuit De La Vespucci

                              Class restricted to compacts, very fun and competitive race.


                              I have a few others as well as these here but a couple of them are remakes of others tracks without class restrictions. I hope some of you play and enjoy these and let me know what you think.



                              • OfficialCasB_on October 9 2014, 12:45pmReplyFlag
                                Can you search by name instead of tags
                              • DavidWoodhouseon August 9 2014, 3:43pmReplyFlag
                                FUN CUSTOM GAMES

                                YouTube Link (Please Like & Subscribe)

                                Rockstar Link (Please Like & Bookmark)

                                all maps created by o REVELLER o
                                • Tallanvor77on August 1 2014, 2:25pmReplyFlag
                                  Please have a go at this cool race. There are no jumps, obstacles or anything like that. Just good hard sensible racing. Great for pedal to the metal racers. On PS3 .
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