GTA Online Capture Update Now Available

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Fight for exclusive import rights at Los Santos International in one of the new Capture mode Jobs in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Capture - the newest addition to the collection of team-based modes in Grand Theft Auto Online, is now available as part of the latest free automatic update on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. With 20 new Jobs across four unique modes, this GTA twist on classic capture the flag style confrontations brings a whole new level of adversarial action to the world of Los Santos and Blaine County. Strategy plays a huge role as you run decoys, set traps and place obstacles to ensure your enemies don’t get close to your goods. These new Jobs are accessible in Freemode and spread across the four different modes described below. Read on for more details and previews of a few of our faves:
In Raid, you'll have to fight your way into your opponents' base and steal a package, then deliver it back to your base to score points. Reach the target score, or deliver more packages than your opponents do in the allotted time to win the match. 
Legal highs and bad t-shirts aren't the only things being pushed on Vespucci Beach. Four factions raid each other's stashes for control of the area's 'tourist trade'. Take product back to your spot and it's yours.
Like any military operation, when things kick off at Fort Zancudo Air Base, they escalate pretty quickly. Teams stockpiling weapons to sell on the black market raid each other's bases at either end of the facility. If they get the goods back, they're banked. Nothing's off limits to be used here, including the fighter jets.
When playing Hold, teams must collect and store as many packages as possible in their base. Packages can either be found on the map, or stolen from the opposing team’s bases. Reach the target score, or hold the most packages when the time runs out, to win.
"Block Party"
Gang violence escalates in Chamberlain Hills, as block fights block at close quarters. Four factions with two packages each try to raid each other and protect their own stuff. If they get someone else's product back to their turf, they'll have to protect it.

Compete to get buses back to your base in 'All Abhorred'.

As the ubiquitous acronym might suggest, GTA mode tasks players with stealing target vehicles located all around the map, before bringing them back to their respective bases. Each team must fight to steal more vehicles in the allotted time than their opponents.
"My Maibatsu"
Four East Los car thief outfits compete to get hold of a shipment of Sanchez dirt bikes, and store them back at their bases, while preventing the other teams from doing the same. First place to look would be the Maibatsu Factory.
"Field of Screams"
A tractor shortage in Grapeseed leads to farmyard chaos. It's harvest time, and two rival gangs compete to bring a Fieldmaster tractor back to their bases. Farming is a deadly serious business in Blaine County.
In Contend, there's only one package, situated in the middle of the map. Teams must fight to bring this package back to their respective bases, and once the package is captured it respawns in the middle of the map and is up for grabs again.
"Salty Snatch"
Dog walkers and surfing talent agents look out - two import operations at either end of Chumash Beach are fighting over a shipment that's landed on the pier. Any product they can get to their spot in the sand is theirs to keep.

The contested package at the heart of a firefight.

Capture is available now as part of an automatic update for GTA Online, which also includes a host of fixes and dynamic tuning updates. For details on those please check out the Rockstar Support page.
Note: You must be Rank 8 or higher in order to access Capture Jobs.

  • R* Kon December 18 2013, 12:37pmFlag
    We hope everyone is enjoying the new Capture mode and Jobs released today. Just a quick reminder to keep your comments on-topic to the article at all times. General GTA Online feedback and ideas should go direct to and any technical issues you're experiencing, please refer to our dedicated Support site at

    Those who persist in posting off-topic suggestions or questions or rants will have their comments removed and may have commenting privileges suspended. Thanks all for understanding as always.

    Additionally, those asking whether they will be banned after receiving large amounts of GTA$ from other players, please refer to this support article:

    Also for anyone having problems seeing the Capture Jobs, please note you must be Rank 8 or higher to access them. If you are having any other problems please contact Support at the web address above.
  • Alistor21on May 14 2014, 1:06amReplyFlag
    Is there any mode in capture where lt doesnt have to be two or more teams just one team
    • swaghard543on May 2 2014, 9:42pmReplyFlag
      i hope in the next update they put cars like a 05 impala instead of all the fast cars

      • whynotbeatmeupon April 12 2014, 4:14pmReplyFlag
        how about you can add members like those in deathmatches when you test your own creations? i would really like to test my captures without being invincible, and having those gang members with me so i can fully TEST it.
        • SC00TERGREENon April 12 2014, 11:44amReplyFlag
          I was really hoping that one of the capture modes would have been a, "King of The Hill" game type. Would have been great for a demo derby.
          • xRDAxDonon February 24 2014, 11:54amReplyFlag
            i think with the next update they need to put something to stop people with tanks going mad and killing anyone and everyone
            • DarkestAngel11on February 23 2014, 10:20amReplyFlag
              join my crew TheCorleoneFamily OG we like a mafia and have fun to kill cops & Car Meet

              you like to where suit

              we protect r crew MEMBERS


              on xbox360
              • ABRUEEEon February 22 2014, 10:40amReplyFlag
                pongan mas missiones tipos modo histria con lester, los robos de bancos,mas autos y mas casas q compra por ejemplo mansiones casas normales para la guaridas de la crew
                • xAGiiLExon February 18 2014, 6:45pmReplyFlag
                  I think in the next update players should be able to raise the vehicles suspension, considering they are already able to lower them, I think being able to raise them as well would make a good experience for players.
                  • BrushedToaston February 1 2014, 5:22pmReplyFlag
                    Want to play capture, especially in free-aim mode. Add BrushedToast on Xbox LIVE.

                    Rockstar, how about a capture mode event weekend...?

                    • Avfainon January 26 2014, 3:00pmReplyFlag
                      This was an update/dlc. I believe in the next update besides adding anything Rockstar Games is already adding; new stylish clothing, hairstyles, tattoos and vehicles should be added. Especially weapons and hairstyles/clothing/tattoos. As well I would very much like the idea of gauged ear lobes for male and female characters alike. All new trending real life style items should be added. Anyone with me?
                      - Avfain
                      • jamie-makavelion January 25 2014, 6:00amReplyFlag
                        why are there people running around the game with white stop signs next to there names and cant be killed I see a good few people with white stop signs next to there names I'm aiming at them and shooting them it wont let me shoot them but they can shoot me fix it and there driving around with white stop signs next to there names
                      • Red9republicon January 23 2014, 3:32pmReplyFlag
                        IF i could have my way with the grand theft auto creatamode, you guys would have some of the greatest levels to play. some ideas~noclipping with player barriers, and maybe a radius command to which you could create a barrier around your field to keep players inside and in the action. id also like to be able to make suspended ground such as bridges, and skywalks. id like a barrier to be able to be placed anywhere, raisable, lower-able, and nonclipable to the environment. like a high rise brick wall that could have light cracking at the bottom terrain where it sets so it doesn't look out of place. the ability to place things in midair would be great, if you dont understand what i mean, im looking for something like the bridge kits in worms 3d. a great deal of items needs to be added to the mode as well. if you want to see my works, join Lemon Demon (6666) i am red9republic. i have created well over 20 arenas myself all with a 75-100% rating. we have everything from skyfights in teh tallest of towers to nukemtown. we will not disappoint.
                        • carlosloko40on January 21 2014, 7:57pmReplyFlag
                          • MARPAC23on January 19 2014, 3:28pmReplyFlag
                            What happened to heists? Are u guys working on it or what? We haven't had any update about the heists.
                            • COMANDOSULon January 15 2014, 10:29pmReplyFlag
                              casa para compra e carrros mais rebaixados
                              • TEIDEN009on January 12 2014, 1:39amReplyFlag
                                Although I'm an opinion is the creator of Japan
                                In the next Apude
                                Free mode relationship
                                Police on and off
                                The on and off of the gun hit Become a distance 0
                                It could stand more garage
                                Bank robbery is also wanted out fast
                                Thank you faster, even in large update okay
                                • TEIDEN009on January 12 2014, 1:37amReplyFlag
                                  Although I'm an opinion is the creator of Japan
                                  In the next Apude
                                  Free mode relationship
                                  Police on and off
                                  The on and off of the gun hit Become a distance 0
                                  It could stand more garage

                                  Bank robbery is also wanted out fast
                                  Thank you faster, even in large update okay
                                  • MintyOreoon January 12 2014, 12:34amReplyFlag
                                    Angels Of Darkness MC Looking for new brothers to ride with! We get s**t done, make coin, cause chaos, you know.
                                    Crew page:

                                    Looking for serious and loyal bikers only!
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