New GTAV Arrivals at the Rockstar Warehouse: Body Bag Sleeping Bag, iFruit iPhone Case and More

Posted on December 17 2013, 5:35am | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Rockstar, Games

If you're looking for some last-minute gift ideas for fellow GTA fans, or ideas on how you might spend that post-holiday loot, the Grand Theft Auto V Collection at the Rockstar Warehouse has been updated today with new arrivals like the Body Bag Sleeping Bag, the iFruit iPhone Case and more. Delivery on these and all other items are guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas if you order by December 19th and choose the UPS 2nd Day Air option in the US or the UPS Express option for the EU.

Body Bag Sleeping Bag
Bearing a striking resemblence to one used to smuggle Michael into the IAA building in 'Dead Man Walking', the GTAV Body Bag Sleeping Bag features screen printed L.S. County Coroner lettering along its left zippered edge, an ergonomic hood with the official Grand Theft Auto V logo, and an upper zipper seal with the Rockstar Games logo.


iFruit iPhone Case
This ultra-thin, elegant soft touch feel and rugged Snap Case delivers four-corner protection for your iPhone (4, 4s, 5, and 5s) and features the iFruit logo on the back, “V” logo on one side, and Rockstar logo on the other.


Power Magnet Pack
Each magnet in this set of three is lightweight, but highly potent, has a diameter of 1.25" (3.175cm) and features an etched Grand Theft Auto V logo on one side and the Rockstar logo on the other.

Los Santos Lifeguard Tee
Available in either yellow or white, this long-sleeve, soft, 100% cotton tee features a small “Los Santos Lifeguard” logo on its left chest, a large “Los Santos Lifeguard” logo on its back, and “LIFEGUARD” lettering down both arms.


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  • GhVxM0nT4GEon February 9 2014, 11:13pmReplyFlag
    I Want Drone Cases for Samsung Galaxy S II, III, IV
    • DOEBOY66on January 30 2014, 9:14amReplyFlag
      i want that sleeping bag
      • Nicknameismeon January 26 2014, 11:17amReplyFlag
        when are the ifruit cases back in again?
        • nicholas_david97on January 8 2014, 9:16amReplyFlag
          Can i buy the sleeping bag its so funny lol i love how rock star is such a funny company
          • JASON_SLICKon January 8 2014, 5:09amReplyFlag
            How do u win
            • Sh4doWwon January 8 2014, 4:25amReplyFlag
              On PS3 please take away my money in the bank the money in my hand i earned and you can check my Account Details on my profile as it is linked
              • swaganationon January 6 2014, 9:58pmReplyFlag
                OMG can u put crew emblems on the coat?
                • GTAWeedDailyon January 6 2014, 9:09pmReplyFlag
                  I was going to get the sleeping bag, but holy crap $70?
                  • DJ.Batmanon January 3 2014, 12:07pmReplyFlag
                    I WANT THAT I FRUIT CASE FOR I PHONE 5C
                    • Dark_Sorrowon January 3 2014, 10:42amReplyFlag
                      hi r* i recived my order today. Why i only got one Magnet? It says 3? Please respone. thx
                    • chidchillion January 2 2014, 3:55pmReplyFlag
                      I want the ifruit case for the 5c!!!!! rockstar pleeeeeeeeeaaaassseee
                      • Dark_Sorrowon December 28 2013, 4:15amReplyFlag
                        Hi Rockstar

                        Can u tell me when the zippo ligther will be again alaviable?

                        btw pls delete those youtube spam comments..
                        • Franklin96921on December 22 2013, 12:29pmReplyFlag
                          Nice sleeping bag
                          • Franklin96921on December 22 2013, 11:53amReplyFlag
                            I won't that ifruit phone case
                            • Psychoclown25on December 19 2013, 6:28pmReplyFlag
                              that's awesome love the sleeping bodybag lol
                              • Dark_Sorrowon December 19 2013, 4:37amReplyFlag
                                r* i did order the ifruit case, i made one order, i did took a look now i have two ordesr with 2 shipping payment, i only want one. i did wrote yesterday a email that one order should be canceld cause i only need one. no answer today. please help me out
                              • TommyTykeon December 19 2013, 4:01amReplyFlag
                                Will the Bugstars van keychain be in the Rockstar warehouse anytime soon?
                                • Say10LuvzUon December 19 2013, 1:43amReplyFlag
                                  I'm going to buy an iFruit phone case for all the members of Living Stoned Lives. Awesome crew on ps3 and that will get peoples attention.
                                  • YASCEN3_on December 19 2013, 12:23amReplyFlag
                                    Looks like a nice blanket to fart in ;)
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