Free GTA Online Deathmatch & Race Creators Update Now Available

Posted on December 11 2013, 12:00pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games, Social Club

Create custom Deathmatches and Races with the latest free update to GTA Online.

The free Deathmatch & Race Creators Beta update for Grand Theft Auto Online is now available for PS3 and Xbox 360. Just download the latest automatic title update to gain access to some of the same tools our own game design and development teams use to craft custom skirmishes and races in any of the following modes:
  • Deathmatch 
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Race
  • GTA Race
  • Rally Race
To get started, access the Creator option from the Online tab of the pause menu. From here, you can start creating your own custom Deathmatches & Races or load and edit a previous creation. From there, you can check out a brief tutorial before you fully dive in (which we highly recommend).

In Deathmatch Creator, you can set Weapon and Armor locations in addition to Spawn Points.

You can create free-for-all or team variant modes; find your Deathmatch location anywhere in Los Santos or Blaine county, then drop the Trigger Location, where players will meet up to play your Deathmatch. Control the pace of your custom match with gameplay options Team Start Points and Spawn Points. With the operational foundation laid, dig into a full suite of Weapons and Vehicle customization; all weapon and vehicle classes are at your disposal to place around your Deathmatch. You can also drop Props like containers and ramps, to create hot spots for gunfights, more cover, or maybe you just want a few Sanchez dirt bikes to go airborne in the middle of a gunfight.

Customize the number of racers and the size of the starting grid.

Get started with a working knowledge of race creation by playing through the tutorial and building a land race. Once you've successfully published your first Land Race, both Sea and Air Races will be available for creation. In the Race Creator you can set the basics; Race Type (Race, GTA Race, Rally Race) and Route Type (Laps or Point to Point), number of players, starting grid size, vehicle class and more. Once you’ve set the basics, the full map becomes your racing paradise – take your land, air and sea races anywhere you want them to go. Add stunt jumps with custom cameras, create obstacles, and take your opponents on your dream (their hell) ride through Los Santos and Blaine County.

Add checkpoints to map out the route in created Races.

Once you've finished, you'll be prompted to test your Deathmatch or Race against computer controlled characters – completing a valid test before you publish your creation ensures your race is working perfectly, and will prevent you from publishing (or playing someone else’s) broken match. Published creations appear inside your GTA Online session and on the Social Club website (a linked Social Club account is required to use the Creator). We'll also be periodically reviewing the best community-created content to recognize and distinguish them as Rockstar Verified.

Capture a photo of your creation that will be seen in-game and on the Social Club website.

Along with the Deathmatch & Race Creators Beta, the latest automatic title update has a host of new fixes and updates for Grand Theft Auto V's Story Mode and GTA Online, including the flexibility to create weapon-locked deathmatches, giving players the ability to run inside their apartments and higher cash payouts when increasing the difficulty on Missions. For full details on the fixes and improvements in this latest title update, visit the Rockstar Support page for all the details.

  • Antjosh153 days, 5 hours agoReplyFlag
    I made three races, but I don't see them on the Social Website, what do I do to see it on the website?
    • okux1231 week, 6 days agoReplyFlag
      Can i delete my own created races or deathmatches?
      • svdb_gta3 weeks, 5 days agoReplyFlag
        Open this link and please add my created deathmatch to your game!!! And please Like if you do so!!!
        • Skyline2348on March 14 2014, 11:22pmReplyFlag
          Im looking for EXTREME OFFROAD by jeepin joe. How do I find that created map because thats not the exact gamertag he uses? Can you look up created maps? Or will we be able to in the future either here or on gtav online?
          • 566tommyon March 9 2014, 10:22amReplyFlag
            now all we have to do is wait for the time when we can create missions vehicle deathmatches etc...
            • leozurielon March 7 2014, 10:20amReplyFlag
              Quer um comando de amigos ? Aqueles que realmente te ajudam no que precisam ? Desbloquear itens ? Fazer missões, explorar o mapa, curtir, um comando sério que o que prevalece é a amizade.

              ADRENALINA BR


              OBRIGATÓRIO O USO DE H7 (isso facilita a comunicação e deixa o jogo mais dinâmico)

              Entre e venha crescer conosco

              Projeto de promoções e crescimento na CREW

              AGUARDAMOS VOCÊS

              • CrzyDrunkenIowanon March 5 2014, 4:23pmReplyFlag
                i have 2 races and 1 deathmatch i created in the game and i cant access 1 race and my deathmatch help
                • lastrites99on March 3 2014, 10:44amReplyFlag
                  When will you announce PC version? console hardware is outdated, Pc would be much cleaner and better looking that the pop in textures of console.
                  • Der_Kommandanton February 28 2014, 6:22pmReplyFlag
                    Est. 2010 MLM has been apart of the GTA Community. Were looking to further expand our crew further into the community. Were looking for new recruits to join our FNG program. If your interested contact myself with a private message or contact me over Xbox Live (MLMx InfraRed) -NWO
                    • BADALPHAGURAon February 27 2014, 9:18pmReplyFlag
                      • ESPipil777on February 27 2014, 1:50pmReplyFlag
                        Please check the race I made; comments and criticism welcomed!
                        • nemaGTAon February 18 2014, 2:19pmReplyFlag
                          Here is a link to my newest race which I personally think is Rockstar Verified material. For anyone who takes the time to check it out I thank you and hope you enjoy. :)

                 - "Senora's Wrath" - A race which covers most of the Grand Senora Desert which will test your driving skills to the max. With plenty of on and off-road sections.
                          • kh1975on February 17 2014, 9:23amReplyFlag
                            When does your creation get Rated? I've published a couple creations and played them online and got many thumbs up and some thumbs down but it still says its Not Rated Yet ? Anybody know? If i'm getting thumbs up and thumbs down isn't that rating it?
                            • Liran78on February 19 2014, 2:32amReplyFlag
                          • dairyworkeron February 17 2014, 6:25amReplyFlag
                            I just made my first race, ps3, the clucking run. I am looking for constructive criticism so please let me kknow what you think. Really enjoyed using the creator and hope to make more races once I know how people feel about this one......thanks
                            • hogiman454on February 16 2014, 6:15pmReplyFlag
                              I recently played Grand Theft Auto 5. I pulled out a car from my garage while a friend was also driving another one. Since then I cannot access my vehicle. Does anyone know what happened message me?
                              • 99-Problemson February 15 2014, 3:33pmReplyFlag
                                Wish they could make epic Battlefield maps with tanks, rpg's, buggies etc. Oh wait, they can! Bookmark this awesome Battlefield Map:

                                Tanks, buggy's, RPG's, u name it, its all there for a full out warfare!
                                • vitubatmanbatmanon February 12 2014, 7:29pmReplyFlag
                                  I don't like shooting people, nor I'm any good at it. Death matches weren't much fun until I created this.


                                  Any ideas to make it better? Please let le know.
                                  • ShiftyEagleon February 11 2014, 6:54pmReplyFlag
                                    I love how GTA V put this new update for level designing a while back, but while I was brainstorming multiple ideas for GTA Online levels, almost all of them where objective based. I'm wondering when we can create other levels, like the game-mode "Top Fun" is (and the others) is, which is simply a deathmatch where one team has an option of reaching a checkpoint to win. If anyone has any details on when other game types will be released on GTA Online level creator, please email me, privately message me, or block this comment for being off topic and asking for "leaks" in the game.
                                    • svante.olofon February 2 2014, 11:01amReplyFlag
                                      Yes this is the best thing ever for gta-online. I am so thrilled. Here is a track I made:


                                      I have notices that some who takes on this track leaves just after the first corner. But those who decides to soldier on tends do like it. I hope that you all will like it as much as I do. Me and my wife drives it over and over again trying to beat eachother time records. I wounder if they will make it possible to edit and play homemade missions. That would be a blast. Go rockstar!
                                      • moonbukhari98on February 1 2014, 12:50pmReplyFlag
                                        Love your update keep going
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