The Rockstar Newswire Crew Noticeboard: Aces, Jokers and Other Assorted Hooligans

Posted on December 6 2013, 11:18am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Games, Social Club

It was great to see the Social Club Crew Community come through in force on our first Newswire Notice Board installment; actively letting us know what sort of members and Crews you are looking for. 

As promised, here is an updated round of Crews headhunting and looking to grow, in some cases seeking quality over quantity.


Most Crews may have turned their primary focus to Grand Theft Auto Online, but KingKoshan wants you all to know that the Gold Aces are keeping Max Payne 3 pro performance pride alive and well.

"Hello GTA V players, Golden Aces now recruiting, yes the best Max Payne 3 crew there
is. If you want to be a part of this beast crew MESSAGE me but please, don't request a
invite since there are currently 360 pending invites to the crew.

Requirements: 1. KDR must be +2.00. 2. Mic is optional since we have a private text
chat room for those that don't have a mic. 3. CREW MEMBERS DON'T KILL EACH OTHER.
4. You have to be a beast player."


AceSniper_FearMe and The Jokerz Gang are always looking to have the last laugh.

"Ready to introduce a little... Anarchy? I'm AceSniper_FearMe, leader of the Jokerz Gang. Whether you're more of a "lets do a bunch of Jobs" player or a "must ruin everyone's day by wrecking havoc" kind of player or both, then join us. We can cater to all of your psychotic deranged needs. We currently have an Open Enrollment, so just find us and join the chaos! Jokerz Gang, we are an engine of chaos!"



DForce77 and the blazing basketball emblemed AP Colians appear to be making an open declaration of war on the entire Social Club. You've been warned.


This is NOT a recruitment post. This is a BATTLE CRY!
If you want to join us, fine. But if you're not with us, you're against us.



JustFadedYou and the 747 Cartel are planning on bringing some turbulence so make sure to put your flight trays in the upright position.

"Tired of getting killed? Tired of failing missions? Tired of not making any money while getting shot at by Los Santos crews? 747 Cartel is currently searching for Hit Men and Lady Assassins.....any crew who has ever been in a Los Santos area with us know how we roll.....Ride With Us Or Collide With Us.. Its nothing personal, just business...."



Some Crews take themselves quite seriously but QUADLEYMODO and the Ageing infidels seem to have a more laid back approach.


"Ageing infidels looking for new members for our attempt of world domination... not really.

We are a mature clan, 21 plus, a good bunch of guys and girls making ends meet in Los Santos we are inviting and will include all willing to participate. What you waiting for?"



F-2341803 takes much pride in Dead Union's awesomely detailed John Martson emblem.

"Looking for Professional Criminals that can quickly do the correct jobs easily without being "Wasted"... We do not want little kids, or ragers... With one of the finest emblems in Social Club you can easily put it on your Hoodie, T-Shirt and others!...

Objective: The objective is simply to spread chaos across Los Santos & Blaine County, kill as many you can, and get rich!"



And this week's featured Crew recruitment video comes to us from buty365 of the meme-tastic Gangster of Love Crew...

As always, feel free to share your story and what your Crew is about in the comments section below. We only ask that you don’t spam (one post per Crew) and please keep all such comments strictly on this and future Crew Recruitment articles. This is also the ideal opportunity to show off your Crew spirit with any fun group Snapmatic photos or awesome gameplay videos you've made that show everyone why your squad is the place to be or the team to beat.


  • Loey2003 days, 4 hours agoReplyFlag
    The Federal Police of Los Santos is the only bounty/tank interdiction crew in gta5. we hunt down bounties and give the money to the crew. If anyone is feeling like getting there track destroyed the FPLS can help with that as well. We will destroy any and all tanks in Los Santos... NO EXCEPTIONS!! So if you bring the rank out in a public lobby the Federal Police will be waiting.
    • BackHand672 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
      Join the Blu Water Mercenary Corporation, looking for a crew that is well trained, Disciplined, Respectful, Has Great Teamwork, and Fun to be around This is the crew for you Enlist today and be apart of the soon to be greatest crew in GTA5 with your help we will be the Greatest
      • Robert3952 weeks, 3 days agoReplyFlag
        CANADIAN MOBBSTAZ and Canada Crime Familys is recruiting. If your a Canadian player on ps3 or Xbox 18+ and with a mic then we're the right choice for you. Come and check us out and we look forward to playing online with you guys in the future
        Robert395 CANADIAN MOBBSTAZ and Leader of Canada Crime Familys
        • catman14232 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
          The National Federation is a crew who would love YOU to join, yes you, we host big celebrations on somebodys birthday and we have regular meetings and training sessions, you could show of your skills to other members or let them show you theirs, we are strong, we have an alliance, we never rage quit, wanna join, ask kittieman023 on xbox 360 now! It is reconmended to set our crew as active so my boys do not shoot you, we have 5 divisions, ground, sea, air, spec-ops and TAC- command. We do have 5 uniforms, for celebrations you can dress in your own clothes to add some freedom, and on meetings, please try and wear a suit if you can. We wish to see you on our side in the battlefield soldier! Join the National Federation now!
          • gjbeynon2 weeks, 5 days agoReplyFlag
            Are you sick of those gangsta wannabes talking rubbish and rapping utter tosh over their headsets???? And those annoying kids/squeakers who think its real life??? Wanna do something about them??i created this crew for us normal people/older players who wanna go it alone now and then to take the annoying gits down a peg or two,i do it regular from my normal crew and its highly enjoyable perched on a rooftop somewhere and they are bullying or generally being tw*ts and then "crack" they dont know whats hit them,as soon as they respawn hit em again........ :) its most satisfying hearing them whine and freaking out cos they dont know where you are.....then hit em again just to show we tolerate these fools.......
            requirements=none you take them out as you see fit........ personally i use a heavy sniper rifle.......
            so if you fancy a change the crew is open to join for both platforms pa3/xbox...thanks for your time guys byyyyeeeeee.....
            • xjda_havokx3 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
              You foos are whack, on the real ese. TOKERZ TAKING OVER!
              • youngghost553 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
                Looking for expert emblem creator message me if thats you
                • shane1234vtecon June 27 2014, 2:19pmReplyFlag
                  qorter is recruiting... no rules.... we are a flight crew
                  • CPTALFon June 15 2014, 6:00amReplyFlag
                    Join us, The Warlocks LS, we are based on The Warriors! Join us!
                    • SpartaTheNachoon June 13 2014, 8:45pmReplyFlag
                      Come on Rockstar. There is no way Dead Union made that using the emblem creator you provide. When will you give us the ability to edit our emblem a lot more than what we have at the moment. It would be nice to have a Text Feature and a Zoom feature also.
                      • calvin27446on June 11 2014, 8:29pmReplyFlag
                        If you want to join you have to respect everyone and don't kill nobody and dress like you mean and and listen to what leaders have to say and don't backtalk them and if we're going somewhere you have to go to and if we have any missions you will be invited or come and we leaders will check if you are doing a mission and rising up in the rank's and become a great player and I'llonly accept people who are middle and high ranking players and nnothing else and if you to customiz your car you can if want to and if we have a mission that requires a car that's for the right job and if you do a mission that requires us for a robbing mission well be there for you and that means no man left behind and you can have fun if you want to and if you buy a house or something important inform us and don't kill any players we will kick you out if you don't play right
                        • calvin27446on June 11 2014, 8:20pmReplyFlag
                          The o g gangsta crew is recruting some new people and if you want to join you can if you want to and have fun
                          • calvin27446on June 11 2014, 8:18pmReplyFlag
                            If want to join this club you have to respect everyone and don't do anything will make me take you off for good and youhave your bragging rights an nobody eelse's you hare me
                            • somjai123on June 11 2014, 3:48pmReplyFlag
                              Special 0p #SEAL is now recruiting. We don't have many rules just 4

                              1)Don't kill crew members
                              2)Listen to higher authority
                              3)Wear camo
                              4)Kill all enemies

                              If you can follow these hit me up on XBOX or R* under the same name somjai123. Plus my crews Twitch account is also somjai123 where I stream crew battles, free roam, etc.
                              • xxrowdyxxon June 10 2014, 11:37pmReplyFlag
                                im a very active team player im a no crew kill kind of guy with a mic 24 yrs of age and im looking for a crew that needs a good player im the guy for the job sign me up send me a crew invite ill join if we got a good team lets f**k some s**t up =]
                                • RAYGEone3 weeks, 5 days agoReplyFlag
                                  @xxrowdyxx we are looking for members to join our crew, Devils Outlaws SA. Message me (RAYGEone - PSN & R* Social name) for more details.
                              • superOsvaldoon May 28 2014, 7:57pmReplyFlag
                                Join Tough Bullets, on PSN
                                motto: mess with a single one of us and KAPOW!!! You're down!

                                We're an active crew that has fun and rule the sessions. We always split the $ equally. You will have a lot of fun and do cool stuff with us. We always do new activities. We help each other rank up and gain $. We give tips/ strategies if you ask on our crew page. We play daily. We are ranked in the 1000 area for crew challenges. Join us and you will gain allies, friends, and go on cool adventures with us. You will be playing with the best. We always do missions, versus missions, dm, races, freeroam and everything else. We have our own crew titles. You will be able to represent us with a cool emblem. (:
                                Join Tough Bullets for PS3

                                -The Leader
                              • Anton_Svichkaron May 25 2014, 3:39pmReplyFlag
                                The Corporate Ministry [International] (TCMI)

                                To anyone who is looking for a crew that is active, organized, established, and PROFESSIONAL, please feel free to request an invite. We are highly trained and practice constantly in all areas of skills - strategic and psychological warfare, stealth assaults, endurance warfare, teamwork, and organized combat control. If you want a crew that will give you the training and opportunities you need in order to make it to the VERY TOP OF YOUR GAME, then look no further! We have an excellent Board of Commissioners ready and willing to see that everyone in the crew wins on ANY AND EVERY level! Our dynamic approach to gaming is fitting to the GTA Online experience in that we combine all skill sets and base our crew on a "business" theme, where we can make alliances, corporate mergers, and blow up cops without making a blunder of things.

                                We are established in the following countries: United Kingdom, Dubai, Italy, and the United States of America (HQ). We are looking for more members who meet certain criteria for admission.

                                - ALL applicants will be evaluated for a period of UP TO 60 days after joining (this is your time to show us what you're made of)
                                - Applicants must be of age 19 and older
                                - Applicants must be in possession of a headset
                                - Applicants must be AT LEAST Level 40 (most current members are over 125, and are willing to go higher and ensure that you do, too)
                                - Applicants must be able to follow the chain of command, as infractions are punishable
                                - Real-life experience (i.e. specializing in management, human resources, finance, or MILITARY) is rewarded by an expedited evaluation process of one week and a promotion based on demonstrated real-life skills in the following week.
                                - Real-life academic achievements are also rewarded by similar criteria as stated above

                                Corporate Ministry Statement of Laws
                                - ALL members are to follow the dress code without fail (see dress code below)
                                - DO NOT stab other members in the back in any shape, form, or fashion
                                - DO NOT sell out
                                - DO NOT kill one another UNLESS it is MUTUALLY AGREED UPON to do so by ALL concerning parties
                                - DO NOT steal money from an armored car that another crew member is attacking, unless assisting by blowing open the back doors
                                - ALL members must show some level of initiative, and must be alert of opportunities to do so (such as posting on the Crew's Social Club site that you are going to be running missions and are inviting anyone/everyone to join in, and other similar examples)

                                Dress Code
                                - TCMI Business Hours are from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (this is with respect to individual time differences). During this time, it is not expected that one should "work it as a shift," but we ENCOURAGE members to be online during these hours of normal business operation.
                                - AFTER 5:00 PM, ALL members have freedom to wear WHATEVER THEY WANT.
                                - During business hours, ALL members must follow three dress codes specific to the nature of the mission:
                                1.) Standard Uniform: Suit, tie, business shirt, dress pants, vest (optional), hat (optional) dress shoes, sunglasses (optional; matching) - ALL MUST MATCH
                                2.) Vest Uniform: Vest (any), vest shirt (matching), dress pants (matching), watch (optional), dress shoes (matching), sunglasses (optional; matching)
                                3.) Tactical Combat Uniform: Cargo pants, tucked-in shirt (preferably something that matches in color), boots (matching), tie (optional), sunglasses (matching), and visible body armor (matching; optional)

                                - Leaders who will LISTEN TO WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY - creative ideas are most welcome!!!
                                - A structured finance department dedicated to making sure that you are up-to-date on current crew financial stability, and assisting you with acquiring desired personal funding for projects
                                - A structured environment where we eat, sleep, and breathe as a team
                                - A structured education system where there are instructors to help you acquire those skills that no one else seems to demonstrate in open-lobby gameplay
                                - The ability to think independently, yet act as part of the unit at the same time
                                - Right to a fair trial in the case of mistaken misconduct, or any form of intended misconduct
                                - A CREW THAT IS LOYAL AND DOES NOT HOLD A GRUDGE
                                - A CREW THAT YOU WILL NEVER WANT TO LEAVE
                                - A CREW THAT IS HONORABLE

                                Please send a brief message about your skills and goals upon applying, and we will GUARANTEE an interview IF you meet at least 50% of the Requirements. Be sure to read in full before applying.

                                Thank you!

                                TCMI Chairman
                              • xl-Rage-lxon May 1 2014, 5:40amReplyFlag
                                The Iced Out Killas. Now looking for members.
                                We need to expand this leader encouraging crew.
                                We roll together, no matter what.

                                We believe in being there for our crew members, helping them out in what we all want. MONEY. We ain't here for nothing other than power, we here for money.

                                Leonidas needed 300 to stop thousands, so even with a small crew, we will make millions together.
                                Stand by each other.
                                We need to grow, let the people get chills when they see our title.

                                When we get seen, people get ICE COLD.

                                Join us today.

                                • ERASE_SANITYon April 27 2014, 1:16amReplyFlag
                                  For those people who enjoy Drag racing car meets, Jdm, Drift sessions add my on Psn:ERASE_SANITY we dont want you to drift alone
                                  • InsanEPsych0on March 9 2014, 10:54amReplyFlag
                                    League of Unknown: we are a crew of killers who do what is needed to be done. We are sometimes call psychopaths and sometimes called extremist. We are recruiting. We do have fun in our spare time but when a job needs doing we are head on, no messing around. Send me a request if wanted in!

                                    We know who you are. We know where you live. Always look behind.
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