The Rockstar Newswire Crew Noticeboard: Aces, Jokers and Other Assorted Hooligans

Posted on December 6 2013, 11:18am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

It was great to see the Social Club Crew Community come through in force on our first Newswire Notice Board installment; actively letting us know what sort of members and Crews you are looking for. 

As promised, here is an updated round of Crews headhunting and looking to grow, in some cases seeking quality over quantity.


Most Crews may have turned their primary focus to Grand Theft Auto Online, but KingKoshan wants you all to know that the Gold Aces are keeping Max Payne 3 pro performance pride alive and well.

"Hello GTA V players, Golden Aces now recruiting, yes the best Max Payne 3 crew there
is. If you want to be a part of this beast crew MESSAGE me but please, don't request a
invite since there are currently 360 pending invites to the crew.

Requirements: 1. KDR must be +2.00. 2. Mic is optional since we have a private text
chat room for those that don't have a mic. 3. CREW MEMBERS DON'T KILL EACH OTHER.
4. You have to be a beast player."


AceSniper_FearMe and The Jokerz Gang are always looking to have the last laugh.

"Ready to introduce a little... Anarchy? I'm AceSniper_FearMe, leader of the Jokerz Gang. Whether you're more of a "lets do a bunch of Jobs" player or a "must ruin everyone's day by wrecking havoc" kind of player or both, then join us. We can cater to all of your psychotic deranged needs. We currently have an Open Enrollment, so just find us and join the chaos! Jokerz Gang, we are an engine of chaos!"



DForce77 and the blazing basketball emblemed AP Colians appear to be making an open declaration of war on the entire Social Club. You've been warned.


This is NOT a recruitment post. This is a BATTLE CRY!
If you want to join us, fine. But if you're not with us, you're against us.



JustFadedYou and the 747 Cartel are planning on bringing some turbulence so make sure to put your flight trays in the upright position.

"Tired of getting killed? Tired of failing missions? Tired of not making any money while getting shot at by Los Santos crews? 747 Cartel is currently searching for Hit Men and Lady Assassins.....any crew who has ever been in a Los Santos area with us know how we roll.....Ride With Us Or Collide With Us.. Its nothing personal, just business...."



Some Crews take themselves quite seriously but QUADLEYMODO and the Ageing infidels seem to have a more laid back approach.


"Ageing infidels looking for new members for our attempt of world domination... not really.

We are a mature clan, 21 plus, a good bunch of guys and girls making ends meet in Los Santos we are inviting and will include all willing to participate. What you waiting for?"



F-2341803 takes much pride in Dead Union's awesomely detailed John Martson emblem.

"Looking for Professional Criminals that can quickly do the correct jobs easily without being "Wasted"... We do not want little kids, or ragers... With one of the finest emblems in Social Club you can easily put it on your Hoodie, T-Shirt and others!...

Objective: The objective is simply to spread chaos across Los Santos & Blaine County, kill as many you can, and get rich!"



And this week's featured Crew recruitment video comes to us from buty365 of the meme-tastic Gangster of Love Crew...

As always, feel free to share your story and what your Crew is about in the comments section below. We only ask that you don’t spam (one post per Crew) and please keep all such comments strictly on this and future Crew Recruitment articles. This is also the ideal opportunity to show off your Crew spirit with any fun group Snapmatic photos or awesome gameplay videos you've made that show everyone why your squad is the place to be or the team to beat.


    • Corvus mcc looking to recruit active players that will help each other out on all missions especially the biker dlc ones
      • Hoezay_to_bad2 weeks, 5 days agoReplyFlag
        Hi I just made a fun crew plz join us girls and guys are allowed. 18 and over. We are called tha killa b33z
        • come and join the black pistons patch
          we are a biker crew we do missions. free roam ceo work and now biker work looking for active members
          • jeffery_baby3 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
            Join a real team an become a OGkingpin An getcha rank up as well as this money #FGBG FinesseGangBikerGang get down or lay down
            • DoberMan13133 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
              Looking for mature MC crew. No killing fellow crew members and passive is ok to use. (There is actually a very good reason why I use it in a certain situation. I don't want to explain here about that because then everyone would know something I don't want others to know about unless I get to know them. And once you find out why, you probably would possibly encourage use of passive in a certain situation). Anyways, nice emblem and custom crew color rather than the "blood red". Red is too easy to duplicate with in game paints and tire smoke, and neon. So I like Toxic Mint (looks like poisonous green gas when burning rubber) or florecent blue maybe. Something along those lines. Gold is pretty neat with the chrome crew thing. Any custom rare color besides red, pink or purple. I am extremely loyal once I have decided to dedicate. But for me to dedicate to the crew, I have to like it of course. Very reliable, and will do what it takes to do the best I can for my crew and fellow crew mates. Lastly, I can't have the no other crews (must be under the crews tag at all times thing) because I'm in charge of / own 5 other crews. I'm PS4/Above 30 years old/and do own a mic. If interested, message me and if I like what I hear and see, I might join depending on pros and cons compared to other crew offers I've recieved. Thanks for anyone's time. And sorry if this is posted under the wrong section. New bike DLC, bike crew: it may be in the right spot. R* is funny and confusing sometimes what they deem off topic.
              • rebelmcpride3 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
       Looking for prospects very active very competitive team deathmatch free mode ride together die together stick together fight together make people want to leave lobbies if you like that stuff and it sounds like you? Then join the prospects click link
                • benji45753 weeks, 5 days agoReplyFlag
                  need someone to design me or upload for me a grim reaper type crew emblem formy crew reapers puppets MC
                  • Lumlinson September 14 2016, 11:58amReplyFlag
                    Anyone looking to be my right hand and help grow my MC? Need active players on ps4
                    • abhin_meenaon September 22 2016, 1:18pmReplyFlag
                      @Lumlins Hey bro, me on PS4. Well, I m coming on PS4 this December , I play on pc. I am just a newbie , but my gaming skills are much more good. I need to level up and need a guy regular on GTA online PS4. Since, I m selling my old dumb pc.
                  • markellis1975on August 27 2016, 3:56amReplyFlag
                    Maniacs of ps4 looking for the oddest crew. we don't care if you run around in your undies screaming I'm a chicken. Super hero chums is the crew for you. We need new blood and blood of the innocent. All we ask is you do it with a smile on your face and looking for the next victim who took your parking space. Murder time is fun time.
                    • AdrieaNHon August 25 2016, 8:09pmReplyFlag
                      biker gangs on xbox one?
                    • aquaempresson August 2 2016, 5:19pmReplyFlag
                      i am looking for members 4 my crew. im on xbox one
                    • BLMCxSILENTXon July 31 2016, 2:30amReplyFlag
                      Banished Lordz MC 4 Life.
                      • ghosted1066on July 28 2016, 5:39amReplyFlag
                        ESAS (elite san andreas) for xbox one are recruiting now.we need members.we are a new crew focused on getting cash and enjoying ourselves.we are a guerilla style outfit.our status is set as communication is key therefore a mic is essential.if you enjoy the better things in life,getting cash and regular meets to show off your spoils then message ghosted1066 or Dizz Reflex for an invite.
                        • akamattyboy72on July 17 2016, 12:53amReplyFlag
                          I'm looking for a solid crew with Crew Solidarity....I'm a loyal player on daily with Mic and need to join a bunch of good people willing to offer my skills ...I can drive like no other and shoot with the best of you ...basically I want a.Crew who plays daily who want that Money Power Respect..and a willingness to take over Los Santos one. Crew at a time..Xbox1 Loyal to my Crew...add imaDirtyWhiteboy thanks for your time .....
                          • Silvino715on July 13 2016, 4:06pmReplyFlag
                            I need an active xbox 360 crew
                          • TooHighToTryon July 11 2016, 12:36pmReplyFlag
                            I just wish I could find a crew that does TDM and other game modes rather then messing around in free roam all day everyday
                            • SCOTTCALEBon August 24 2016, 7:31pmReplyFlag
                              @TooHighToTry I got a crew but we only take people that use rpgs before join u got to 1v1 me tho add my kik if u want to join kik KID_INK759
                            • L0nR0e1986on September 24 2016, 7:34pmReplyFlag
                              @TooHighToTry Look up the Bedstuy kos gang. We do it all even tennis and golf at times.
                          • SecundusBon July 9 2016, 11:07pmReplyFlag
                            PSN - Private security firm Zancudo Inc. is seeking new talent. Join here:
                            • EmmyBird99on June 30 2016, 7:53pmReplyFlag
                              Hey could anyone make me an emblem? I want it to be of my dragon OC, the editor is a pain in the butt and I tried uploading the image that I want but nothing seems to work. If anyone has skills for this could you please private message me, thanks!
                              • gtafirm00on June 18 2016, 5:58pmReplyFlag
                                I am a lieutenant in Gta uk firm we are looking for some new members we currently have 150 active,crew was founded in January this year . although it is uk crew all are welcome.we have both ps3 and ps4 members.only 2 rules stay active with us and no killing of your own crew mate's.if you stay loyal you will earn promotion!
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