The Rockstar Newswire Crew Noticeboard: Aces, Jokers and Other Assorted Hooligans

Posted on December 6 2013, 11:18am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

It was great to see the Social Club Crew Community come through in force on our first Newswire Notice Board installment; actively letting us know what sort of members and Crews you are looking for. 

As promised, here is an updated round of Crews headhunting and looking to grow, in some cases seeking quality over quantity.


Most Crews may have turned their primary focus to Grand Theft Auto Online, but KingKoshan wants you all to know that the Gold Aces are keeping Max Payne 3 pro performance pride alive and well.

"Hello GTA V players, Golden Aces now recruiting, yes the best Max Payne 3 crew there
is. If you want to be a part of this beast crew MESSAGE me but please, don't request a
invite since there are currently 360 pending invites to the crew.

Requirements: 1. KDR must be +2.00. 2. Mic is optional since we have a private text
chat room for those that don't have a mic. 3. CREW MEMBERS DON'T KILL EACH OTHER.
4. You have to be a beast player."


AceSniper_FearMe and The Jokerz Gang are always looking to have the last laugh.

"Ready to introduce a little... Anarchy? I'm AceSniper_FearMe, leader of the Jokerz Gang. Whether you're more of a "lets do a bunch of Jobs" player or a "must ruin everyone's day by wrecking havoc" kind of player or both, then join us. We can cater to all of your psychotic deranged needs. We currently have an Open Enrollment, so just find us and join the chaos! Jokerz Gang, we are an engine of chaos!"



DForce77 and the blazing basketball emblemed AP Colians appear to be making an open declaration of war on the entire Social Club. You've been warned.


This is NOT a recruitment post. This is a BATTLE CRY!
If you want to join us, fine. But if you're not with us, you're against us.



JustFadedYou and the 747 Cartel are planning on bringing some turbulence so make sure to put your flight trays in the upright position.

"Tired of getting killed? Tired of failing missions? Tired of not making any money while getting shot at by Los Santos crews? 747 Cartel is currently searching for Hit Men and Lady Assassins.....any crew who has ever been in a Los Santos area with us know how we roll.....Ride With Us Or Collide With Us.. Its nothing personal, just business...."



Some Crews take themselves quite seriously but QUADLEYMODO and the Ageing infidels seem to have a more laid back approach.


"Ageing infidels looking for new members for our attempt of world domination... not really.

We are a mature clan, 21 plus, a good bunch of guys and girls making ends meet in Los Santos we are inviting and will include all willing to participate. What you waiting for?"



F-2341803 takes much pride in Dead Union's awesomely detailed John Martson emblem.

"Looking for Professional Criminals that can quickly do the correct jobs easily without being "Wasted"... We do not want little kids, or ragers... With one of the finest emblems in Social Club you can easily put it on your Hoodie, T-Shirt and others!...

Objective: The objective is simply to spread chaos across Los Santos & Blaine County, kill as many you can, and get rich!"



And this week's featured Crew recruitment video comes to us from buty365 of the meme-tastic Gangster of Love Crew...

As always, feel free to share your story and what your Crew is about in the comments section below. We only ask that you don’t spam (one post per Crew) and please keep all such comments strictly on this and future Crew Recruitment articles. This is also the ideal opportunity to show off your Crew spirit with any fun group Snapmatic photos or awesome gameplay videos you've made that show everyone why your squad is the place to be or the team to beat.


  • SUPER-KEV-00710 hours, 46 minutes agoReplyFlag
    LOOKING FOR RECRUITS ON PS3 TO JOIN ANGLES OV DEATH 7 we are a small crew at the mo 5 members 3 are prety much always on line we help each other on all aspects ov the game even when we are in a battle with other players we are a freindly crew mics are good but not nesacery and if you have the armoed car then it must be in black n crew colour and display crew emblem as we want to be reconised ty the crew is on open so any level can jion
    • OpTicHellHoundz3 days, 10 hours agoReplyFlag
      I have just made a new Xbox account so my online level is 1 I have a ps4 hoping to be the game soon but if anyone has an Xbox 360 add me as OpTicHellHoundz
      • Popevino4 days, 10 hours agoReplyFlag
        Hey, everybody my crew Middlez Gang is doing open enrollment for all new members until 8/01/15. If you feel you have what it takes to join this small but growing specialist GTA Online taskforce come join us in the streets of Los Santos! We currently have 20 members mostly on PS4 we have open Comissioner slots for highly qualified other platform users (PC, Xbox etc.)

        Commissioner Qualifications
        *Level 100^ on GTA Online no PS4
        *1.0 KD
        *put together 10 man crew 1 week
        Send message

        *No Crew Killing
        *No Racist Remarks
        *One Crew Car with Emblem
        • Popevino4 days, 10 hours agoReplyFlag
          @Popevino I also am very involved with my crew and try to keep up with them. Team No Sleep Middlez Gang is a crew like no other we are very involved and take are crew very serious and anybody who doesn't follow the rules will be removed as quickly as possible. I am the preSident and any concerns or question can be directed to me.
      • OldManHooteR6 days, 12 hours agoReplyFlag
        Looking for a new crew. I play on PS4, have a mic, am over 21, level 202. Have completed all heists multiple times. Would like a crew that does heists, I am tired of doing heists with randoms, but also enjoy wreaking havoc and offroad racing. Shoot me an invite if you need another crew member.
        • Lanius62 weeks agoReplyFlag
          Serpent Security Inc. A PMC for Xbox players. If you want to join you either join the MP, Snipers, Pilots, or Infantry. JOIN NOW!
          • JonRaps2 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
            TheRapsCrew Is looking for active members!!!
            • angryROOSTER223 weeks, 6 days agoReplyFlag
              AR15 militia looking for new crew members. We are on xbox one and looking for all levels of players. Would like you to be active as much as possible but not required. Easy going crew, I am the crew Prez and you will be able to come to me with any issues and i will take care of it. Promotions are based on your activity in the crew, so if you want to do missions, deathmatches, or just want to run around and create havoc come join us. Its all bout making that green and having some fun. I only ask that you dont kill other crew members and be respectful of the other crew members. Come join us and lets rise to the top together as a crew family. Because the crew family will be repppin when they come steppin !
              • SHADOW-BOTZ-on June 28 2015, 10:17pmReplyFlag
                r u on ps3? and wanna join a crew who cares about your expeirence and ur say, well come join us THE DEMON RACERS we hold crew meets and events, we are looking for some members to apart of the team and have fun, we r like to use military style bases of the crew, what i mean by that is that each rank has a person in charge of that rank eg MUSCLE would have a crew commander known as MCPL = MUSCLE CORPORAL. myself the vp and the prez would like to say we r as equal as any other player in this crew dont be afraid to come to us for assistance and a big thing 'if your say is not heard then we the prez and vp will make it heard!, open spots are MCPL and event officer. now money. the crew cars are between 60 000 and 200 000$, if you do not have enough money then some money will be dropped for you!
                • mafia145on June 28 2015, 2:53pmReplyFlag
                  • KEDO916SMACkSon June 24 2015, 10:18pmReplyFlag
                    anyone on PS3? JOIN ThaPlayazClub, just started around 4 days ago, but have nothing but HIGHLy active members, playing all across the board, Heists, races car meets/sideshows, snapmatic,created matches, and Yes we get down in freemode too. and always down to help another crew member out regardless if its cruising around doing what it do in freemode or doing a heist, we'll help you lvl up and stack big money! Dont miss out JOIN TODAY!!!! lokking to expand, aswell as looking for comissioners to be the head of crew meets/car meets youtube streamers, a bike club within the crew and more, join today and send me a message, lets get this crew up to 1000. streamers are welcom to join and pop in from time to time, ALL ACTIVE PLAYERS ARE WELCOME! aswell. heres the link, after you join add me on psn KamikaziSMACkS SEE YOU ONLINE!
                    • Badkittykittyon June 18 2015, 10:33amReplyFlag
                      TheGunnerChicks are now recruiting membees. We are an all chick crew but fellas are More than welcome to join us. We are LOYAL and RESPECTFUL towards each Other. There is NO I repeat NO DRAMA in this crew. And as your crew leader will make sure that it stays DRAMA FREE. I am laid back and very down to earth. I respect all my members and I value my members opinions. I believe that crew members should voice there opinions about things that can better the crew. I do not believe in shutting out my members. We are a laid back crew but we do involve ourselves in activities. Today I will be doing our first crew meeting. And I am doing this because I would Like to get to know my members personality as well as i want them to get to know mines. So if you are interested please feel free and join us. You must have a mic and if you do not have one it is totally okay. You must be on ps3 As well. Any level is welcomed. I dont mind helping anyone ranking up. Im always doing heists. So please come and hang out with THEGUNNERCHICKS. You can message me here on Rockstar or you can hit me up on my gamertag@MsBadKitty for details. Thank you for your time. And hope to hear from you all soon. Peace!
                      • WarHorse34on June 8 2015, 9:28pmReplyFlag
                        NATO (North Atlantic Terror Organization) Death Squad is now recruiting members of all levels and skill sets. We only require that you be active and a team player, with a STRONG internet connection to avoid annoying connection drops that hold up everyone else from earning. We are highly coordinated and focus mainly on heists and missions, but also take occasional breaks from the grind to run playlists of races & deathmatches to help lower lvls toughen up, have fun, and make a little extra cash. We also prefer that each member own, or quickly acquire at least one high-end apt for heists, as well as an armored Kuruma, a crew-colored Insurgent, and access to at least one Warstock vehicle like the Rhino, Buzzard, Hydra, Savage, etc. If you are looking for a great, active crew to have your back and help you get ahead in Los Santos, or just like the idea of rolling into public lobbies with an obsurdly over-powered unit of military equipment- message me here, or in-game at ExiledOne33 to request membership.
                        • Dark_Freakon June 8 2015, 5:43pmReplyFlag
                          i want to join in a Crew!! i am really on racing games. Thank you
                          • KorupT122on June 7 2015, 7:27amReplyFlag
                            join my crew.. maybach emp1re
                            • Thesniper41299on May 29 2015, 4:00pmReplyFlag
                              If your looking for a military realms crew join I US NAVY l. We are a daily new crew looking for loyal mature members that play on ps4. We also have 3 other crews that you can join, but must first be a member of I IS NAVY l and prove to be worthy
                              • sinistercircuson May 27 2015, 10:40pmReplyFlag

                                Join the Brotherhood MC 666. All Brothers are Equal. Everything we earn on jobs we split 50/50. Brothers don't kill Brothers. Brothers watch the back of other Brothers. All are welcome but the wild and violent are preferred.

                                Remember It's better to be first in Hell than last in Heaven!

                                • Smoerbleon May 21 2015, 2:55pmReplyFlag
                                  Live feed, wie wir zusammen agieren:


                                  ]Deutsche PC-Fun-Crew:
                                  Jeder ist willkommen (18+, wir sind 20-45+ Jahre alt). Kommt einfach auf unseren Teamspeak:
                         (kein Port)

                                  Bombrats Crew:
                                  Mehr Infos

                                  • Dontoby93on May 4 2015, 3:38pmReplyFlag

                                    The Cave With Batmen.
                                    Newly started firm seeking Batman-Mr.Andersson kind of players who will ball out n get that green salad and have some old fashioned fun

                                    What I want this crew to be:
                                    Cooperative, teamworking, communicating
                                    Able to complete the Criminal Mastermind Challenge
                                    Killing everyone in Deathmatches
                                    Helping each other out
                                    Doing stuff together, cuz money and RP is coming faster with 4 consecutive crew members.

                                    Microphone usage as often as possible (especially heists, deathmatches and missions)
                                    Be a kind and cool person and not a douchy turd
                                    No Crew Killing

                                    HAVE FUN !
                                    • RoD.I.Bulleton May 4 2015, 12:55amReplyFlag
                                      • THA-STEVE-Oon April 28 2015, 3:04pmReplyFlag
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