Rockstar Warehouse GTAV Gear: Chop Plush, Leash and Collar Set, Hoodie, Beach Towel & Republican Space Rangers Tee

Posted on December 5 2013, 10:36am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Rockstar, Games

Just in time for the holiday season, the Grand Theft Auto V Collection at the Rockstar Warehouse has been updated with new Apparel and Collectibles for you to add to your shopping and/or wish lists.

Chop Plush Collectible & Bullet Whistle Set
This soft plush version of GTAV's popular Rottweiler Chop includes a removable, high-quality leather collar and a secret stash pocket conveniently located in his undercarriage, along with a bonus bullet whistle that has the Grand Theft Auto V logo etched on its side.

Chop Leash and Collar Set
Perfect for medium sized and large dogs, the premium leather Grand Theft Auto V Leash and Collar set includes a high-grade leather collar with Grand Theft Auto V lettering on both sides and a metal chain leash with premium leather handle, metal bolt snap fastener, and a small Rockstar Games logo on its end.

Grand Theft Auto V Hoodie
Made with premium soft heavyweight fabric and built for cold weather, this black 80% cotton 20% polyester pullover hoodie features the familiar “V” emblem front and center, along with a small embroidered Rockstar logo on the left cuff.

Grand Theft Auto V Beach Towel
This soft black 100% cotton beach towel that was part of our initial GTA Online Social Club Event Weekend Giveaway is over 5' long (1.6m) and nearly 3' wide (0.8m), and features the Grand Theft Auto V logo in its center and a Rockstar Logo in its lower right-hand corner.

Republican Space Rangers Tee
This soft white 100% cotton tee features everybody's favorite intergalactic militarized trio, with a large “Republican Space Rangers” logo on its front and a small Rockstar logo right below the neckline on the back.



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  • R* Yon December 5 2013, 7:34pmFlag
    While we certainly appreciate your enthusiasm, we ask that everyone with suggestions on future content or changes of any sort you'd like to see in GTA Online direct their feedback to where we are actively collecting and reviewing it for consideration.

    If you'd like to recruit (or be recruited) for a Social Club Crew please drop a line to the community in a Crew related article such as the Crew Cut or more directly at the Newswire Noticeboard:

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  • emmons1211on January 28 2014, 5:58pmReplyFlag
    can I get a chop plz plz
    • EvilJoker130on January 21 2014, 2:26pmReplyFlag
      Hey Rockstar! I would appreciate if you make an option when you buy hoodies so you can have the hood on (spell).....
      • BIGLADNORTHEASTon January 12 2014, 4:01pmReplyFlag
        Whats going to happen to all the cheater on GTAV and if there is some thing happing when will if start
        • MontyBalatonion January 11 2014, 6:03pmReplyFlag
          Halloween 2014... In game GTA Super Hero Costumes (Impotent Rage or A Republican Space Rangers outfit etc)! Rockstar, make it happen.
          • chrisTianlololoon January 2 2014, 7:47pmReplyFlag
            I got 68 million I don't want to get banned my psn is christian290101 nice chop plush
            • Klicxeron January 2 2014, 8:50amReplyFlag
              I would really love to have your online player settings saved like the look so u can get him as a figurine and also him leaning against one of your custom cars

              plus GTA ONLINE is awesome but u need to be able to buy animals so u can hav a dog or bird ect and u have to buy food because people have too much money these days and i would like a 25 or 30 car garage that would be awesome
              from One of your ps3 online players klicxer :)
              • Abbyy36on December 21 2013, 9:27amReplyFlag
                Hey everyone!!
                Join my Crew!! Immortal Wizardss
                I've only just joined Social Club but I would like for people to join my Crew! Need more people :D.


                • frozen_snipez1on December 18 2013, 9:02amReplyFlag
                  I don't know why rockstart didn't add pet stores into gta online so people could go buy dogs and have to buy food and stuff for them instead of using the ifruit app n stuff. I rekon it would be allot better and truck driving jobs for some extra cash and something to do for fun. why cant ya sell cars like Simeon does, just steal some cars load em on a car carrier nd take em somewhere to sell. Would be Soo much more FUN!
                • NinjaNiko_on December 17 2013, 1:28pmReplyFlag
                  is there anybody that knows how you order the shirts and stuff if you live in a another country
                  • dakota546on December 16 2013, 10:19pmReplyFlag
                    Make the muscle cars with wheelie bar do a wheelie
                    • gta5shankem_highon December 15 2013, 9:33pmReplyFlag
                      R* big business in store if you make some GtaV figurines. Please make this happen
                      • jamesyjooon December 12 2013, 9:59amReplyFlag
                        Hi I have just bought some money and spent 15 pounds but you haven't given me the money just took mine
                        • MARKofPAYNEon December 9 2013, 9:45pmReplyFlag
                          I WANT that leash & collar set for my dog. He always tries to hunt for squirrels and bunnies though (already caught one of each and tried to stop him, but he's so playful and smart).
                          WOULD this leash & collar be strong enough incase he sees a squirrel and tries to dart after it? I mean he is QUICK!!!
                          • Atomikbiohazardon December 9 2013, 5:26pmReplyFlag
                            Neon lights for the belly of a car!!
                            • xXhoneybadger37Xon December 8 2013, 5:02amReplyFlag
                              Yall should make it to where i can get my crew emblem, Cerberus Company, on a hoodie or tshirt
                              • jackbob7on December 8 2013, 12:09pmReplyFlag
                                @xXhoneybadger37X rock star has gave us some think and dont think he will make your crew emblem on the t shirt
                                how about you put your crew emblem on your self
                            • Harrisonthehutton December 7 2013, 9:03amReplyFlag
                              Love the Republican Space Rangers, make more please
                              • JollyRobberon December 6 2013, 2:39pmReplyFlag
                                I'm usually not one for sentimentality but that little dog is downright cute.
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