Crew Cut: Lost and Found Motorcycle Clubs, IRL Crew Poses and More

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 Crew Leader iXpertThief presents The SekC Army's original theme song and music video.


Not since The Sharks and The Jets have so many roving street Crews turned to theme music as part of their territorial skirmish M.O. iXpertThief, the rapping leader of The SekC Army (SEKC) Crew followed up his recent GTAV “Berserk” parody with a little Crew ditty called ‘Thug Life’ seen above that lays down what SEKC is all about, highlighting a taste of the squad’s affinity for and acumen with holdups, shoot outs, club debauchery and more.

Meanwhile, the Twelve Reasons 2 Die (TR2D) Crew prove that they're perfectly capable of connecting politics – ditto. Apparently big fans of GTA soundtrack alumnus Ghostface Killah and his most recent album which the Crew is named after, they’ve released an awesome Team Deathmatch highlight reel appropriately set to GFK’s "Murder Spree” – the Apollo Brown remix to boot. Watch it below to see TR2D display some crazy gun skills expertly showing off what happens when you neglect to protect ya neck with a few impressively successful knife sprees.

The TR2D Crew display more than twelve reasons to die in this murderous compilation.


Be on the lookout for some Crews known for terrorizing the freeways and avenues of Southern San Andreas possed-up on their Pegassi and Western 2-wheeled monsters.

The Snapmatic page of the Lost Angels MC (LAMC) Crew reveals to a close-knit group ready to set GTA Online ablaze. Some constructive criticism though guys - you might want to recruit a maid. Then there's the SC Brothers of Freedom (SCBF) Crew, who have put extra effort into getting their name out there. In addition to being quite active on Snapmatic, the gang have also created their own website where they post everything from Crew news to sanctioned allies to documented Crew excursions.


Motorcycle Club Crews. Clockwise from top left: The LAMC Crew live by the credo 'real men wear black'; LAMC most definitely breaking Binco store policy; A candid shot of the SCBF Crew in their posh clubhouse or a Ponsonbys ad?; SCBF Crew show that their colors don't run. 


Girls just want to have guns. When it comes to U-N-I-T-Y, the Boss Girls (GIRL) Crew seem to do it right. Having made the sweet voodoo queen Crew emblem illustration below, they're also planning to go above and beyond for the sisterhood by distributing sticker versions of the emblem to all 93 members. Slow clap. Any individuals of the XY persuasion looking to infiltrate their ranks might want to check that hope at the apartment buzzer as their strict recruitment policy requires you to leave a voice message for Leader nikkinade or Commissioner Thizzlers to ensure the integrity of their ladies-night policy.

From left: The Boss Girl Crew's latest emblem reps Santa Muerte; trying out some intentionally un-lady-like salutes; a nice vanity tag shown off in the GIRL Snapmatic collection by Crew Representative demidollz87.

We have to hand it to luikakiu of Hong Kong's zombie fight club (0414) Crew for bringing their Crew family portrait to life in the IRL Crew pose at the bottom left that they posted to Instagram - impressive coordination, fellas. Looking through their Snapmatic feed, this 15 person Crew seem to be having a grand ol' time:

Bookending their emblem, the zombie fight club Crew in the ultimate IRL family portrait on the left; face painting the town on the right.

Check out the corporate style swine vibe of the Gunz of Patriots (GOPS) Crew below. While their Crew motto reads "Kill them all," perusing their Snapmatic page we found a squad truly living it up:

The Gunz of Patriots (GOPS) Crew channel Generation Swine-era Crüe; GOPS' stark and artful logo; Babe Watch.

Abominable Cupcakes (CAKE) Crew Leader LadyGamer101 got into some Halloween mischief recently with this free roam vid filled with deadly tricks and treats. Currently looking for new members, this confectionary clique touts that they 'stay FROSTED and the rest get iced!' and seeks quality over quantity in their ranks. The Sea Haven (SHC1) Crew have been quite busy on their YouTube channel. In addition to this grandiose Crew trailer, these guys have been posting action-packed missions with a side of extracurricular hi-jinksThen there's the ostensibly peace-loving maxmoefoegames, Leader of the Love and Sunshine (LOVE) Crew, whose motto is 'appreciate and love one another' and has come up with a clever way to test the true LOVE of his fellow Crew members.

The Ganja Outlaws (WEED) Crew yet again impress with their inventiveness and unpredictability, this week making a Crew Cut appearance with this awesome and irie color-coordinated family photo.



Having featured the zany HIGH and Cyclop 9 Crews over the last couple of weeks, we heard from Commissioner Mike921 of the Shine Thugz (THUG) Crew, who reminded us that they're no slouches in the shenanigans department. Crew Cut veterans previously featured last year with a bronze medal honor in our Max Payne 3 Olympic Efforts feature, they pride themselves as a "first French team" with a genuine joie de vivre. Peep the Fight Club-inspired bit of cinéma vérité they sent to us below which opens with a Crew cruise around to some 'Pac (clearly an inspiration) and segues to relentless, brutal melee action and some vehicular mayhem in their customized yellow Vapid Bullet.



  • Dillon.M.92on October 14 2015, 10:53amReplyFlag
    Need an invite to a good crew that has a good record. Ive all essentials, hydra, savage ect.
    • Dillon.M.92on October 14 2015, 10:49amReplyFlag
      I need an invite to the Ganja Crew, !!!!!!!! send me an invite im rank 172 kill death ratio is 1.40 im a clean team player ! P o T H 3 A D v
      • william_trump809on October 12 2015, 8:49pmReplyFlag
        I'm looking to join a loyal crew that's all about there money, cars, and brotherhood if your crew fit that description i play on ps4 and my name is william_trump809
        • CLASSWARRon September 23 2015, 1:56pmReplyFlag
          NDRANGH3TA Crew Promo- apply now:
          • straight.ogon September 16 2015, 11:36amReplyFlag
            yo join my grove street role play crew, peace
            • PackDaTruthon September 15 2015, 12:01amReplyFlag
              Started my own active gang on Xbox One open recruit looking for a general and soilder hit my profle up I check daily very active
              • Killumnati15on September 12 2015, 6:03pmReplyFlag
                You all should join my crew. Kiluminati squad, we get the job done. Have over 60 players in the crew, my crew is like family. I have a ps4, my gamer tag is teebaggy. If you wanna feel like you actually part of a crew join mine.
                • NnyNoiron September 11 2015, 5:48pmReplyFlag
                  Sick of seeing fake clubs with names and patches of real life clubs? Me too. Want to try and do something about it? Join Tribal Blood M.C. to eradicate the wannabee clubs, and ether force them to change their names... or disband. Nomadic-1-tribe-club here. No other charters. Join quick, as I need a v.p., secretary, sergeant at arms, road captain, and two enforcers, after that I'll be taking prospects. Xbox 360 only, 16+, mic, free aim, harleys and be mature. Don't ask to join your club or to patch over. The answer is no
                  • Grandpa_Cowon September 9 2015, 6:19amReplyFlag
                    Looking to build a community of friends to hang out and do things in gane together. ROLEPLAY the life of your character with things to have and do such as vintage custom motorcycles, garage, workshop, greasemonkey, roadtrips, rugged styled fashion, forest tracker, desert offroads, camping and waterfall cliff jumping, wearing our brand tshirts, supportlocal, backpacking, salty bike revivals, truck, muscle and hotrods, leather boots, raw denim jeans, leather jackets, black tshirts leather gloves. All this and more, i just need your help to build such a community. With my Crew called Forest Rangers MC Custom Cycles Parts & Services. Support me and if youre interested, add me up. I'm on PS3, gamertag: Grandpa_Cow or check out my crew search : Forest Rangers MC(looking for new members to help build the community.)
                    • big_dog51on September 8 2015, 6:00pmReplyFlag
                      Looking for regular players join the spartan hellhounds brotherhood over anything making a name and making money you want to make bank join us and see how rich you get
                      • MRxPsYCH0TiCon September 7 2015, 11:47pmReplyFlag
                        Looking for mature players for gta v heists, I need to make money but all the players I run into suck, and act like s**theads GamerTag: MRx Psycho x13
                        • KingN8Boogieon August 17 2015, 4:40pmReplyFlag
                          Join King Eagle MCC. Best thing going right now. We ride together, we die together.
                        • christepher22on July 21 2015, 1:41pmReplyFlag
                          add me on ps4: REdefined2b tank,insurgent,boats,supercars,lvl 114, clean player... need people for heists and crew. join our crew, frequent players only, mic...lets make some $$$$$
                          • daddy_antdogon July 10 2015, 3:46amReplyFlag
                            La Ondas Vatos Locos (LOVL) is looking for some crews to battle on xbox 360. hit me up, DaddY AntdoG. Also looking for 10 more crew members. Age16+, must have mic and be active.
                            • NnyNoiron July 1 2015, 9:40amReplyFlag
                              Longrider Locos M.C is looking for brothers. Now again, we are looking for brothers, not members. Just the most fierce and loyal brothers. To be able to prospect you must be 18+, have a mic, use free aim, ride Harleys, and use AR’s only. Unless you’re up against an enclosed vehicle or aircraft then do whatever. We aren’t looking for people who join for their own needs. Be brother or be an outcast.
                              We just expanded to the One but we are generally on the 360, so if you have the option, hit me up about our 360 charter first. That’s the most active. We are very active on KIK and our members play just about daily. I, being the V.P. am on daily. And I’m always on the lookout on KIK and Social Club for new brothers and helping the ones we already have. You won’t find a better M.C. out there. Not one that pays mind and gives a s**t about their brothers. Don’t be another cog in the machine, be a brother. Message me or look up the club and message any high ranking brother to see if you are a good candidate to prospect. Many don’t make it, but the ones who do make It won’t regret it.
                              • eViLxRenegadeon June 29 2015, 10:32pmReplyFlag
                                ll Dying Breed ll Crew tag:LAST. Recruiting experienced adult gta 5 players. Must have atleast 2 . KD. We are an Xbox 360 crew. All consoles welcome. MSG my social club page for further information.
                                • EdHardBodyon June 27 2015, 5:39pmReplyFlag
                                  Any active crews out there ps3? Add me please and give me a invite EdHardBody
                                  • Grimm7980on June 16 2015, 10:10amReplyFlag
                                    Experienced, Chill, adult gamer looking for a well organized, established crew. If your looking for a solid member, please hit me up. thanks
                                    • estmannon June 15 2015, 5:54pmReplyFlag
                                      The Angels0fDeath MC is looking for active riders fit for crew team death matches, contact mission jobs, heists, crew convoy rides, and much more.
                                    • KEDOSMACkSon June 15 2015, 9:47amReplyFlag
                                      looking for active players on PS3 your level doesnt matter aslong as your good, just click my profile and join the crew! see you in the game!
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