GTA Online Free Beach Bum Update Hits Next Week: New Weapons, Vehicles, Jobs and More

Posted on November 13 2013, 10:12am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Get ready to hit the beach with all new Jobs with the Beach Bum update for Grand Theft Auto Online, coming November 19th.

Get ready to tear up the coast and kick up some sand with the free Grand Theft Auto Online Beach Bum update that will be coming next week Tuesday November 19th. All the new Beach Bum content will be added automatically to GTA Online through our next title update (1.06), and will include two new weapons, a quartet of rugged and fun new vehicles for land and sea, lots of new action-packed Jobs, plus a wide variety of suitably rad new apparel, hairstyle and tattoo customization options. Read on for more details.
New Jobs
The Beach Bum update will bring a slew of new action-packed Jobs to GTA Online next week. These include new beach-themed Races, Deathmatches, Parachutes, Last Team Standings, Survivals as well as Gang Attacks for those who enjoy a good territorial skirmish.
 Better not kick sand in the wrong face. Beach blankets may run red by the time the sun sets on Vespucci.
Here are just a few of our favorite new ones that are on the way:
  • "Grass Route II" (Race): In this sequel to the original popular Grass Route Race, go off-road in an epic heat starting on the North bank of the Zancudo River through the treacherous wetlands with a triumphant finish on the beach in North Chumash.
  • "Survival on Del Perro Pier" (Survival): Skip the ferris wheel for a deadlier kind of thrill ride as you take on waves of relentless enemies at this beachfront attraction.
  • "View of Vespucci" (Parachuting): This leap sends you from 2,980 feet, down towards Vespucci Beach, weaving through palm trees to land on the basketball courts of the rec center. If you've got skills, it's possible to freefall through the first few checkpoints before even opening your chute.
  • "Paleto Beach" (Team Deathmatch): The locals complain that not a lot happens in this sleepy town, so do them a favor and wake 'em up with a barrage of gunfire exchanged between you and a rival team. This Team Deathmatch takes place right on the romantic shoreline for 4-8 players.
  • "Sundae Driving" (Bike Race): Sure to be a new fan-favorite motorbike race, menace Vespucci Beach on your two-wheel rocket, taking breakneck corners as you try and best the competition.

Expect these and lots more Jobs to be added to Grand Theft Auto Online next week.

New Vehicles
Hit the shore with four sand-and-surf-ready vehicles perfect to take on the all new Beach Bum Races and Vehicle Deathmatches: the BF Bifta dune buggy, the rugged Canis Kalahari off-road truck, the Bravado Paradise beach camper van and making a special return to the GTA series, the fast and stylish Speeder speedboat. All four vehicles will be available at no in-game cost, with the land-based vehicles accessible from the website and the Speeder available via on your in-game phone (call Pegasus for delivery). These vehicles are also available in Story Mode for Michael, Trevor and Franklin to enjoy - to access them, visit your garage property and the Marina property for the vehicles and the boat respectively.

Take to the seas and waterways in the classic, nimble Speeder.
New Weapons
Expand your arsenal with two new free weapons - the compact yet deadly SNS Pistol and the brutal new Broken Bottle melee weapon which is quite effective at delivering the appropriate message in up close and personal encounters. Each weapon will be available gratis from any Ammu-Nation location in GTA Online and will be added straight into each of the three characters' inventory in Story Mode.

Beach bums with attitude. Hit the coast with all new customization options to style up your GTA Online character.

New Customization Options
You'll be able to deck out your GTA Online character with all new beach-ready customization options including stylish board shorts, neon surfer attire, wild tribal tattoos, shaggy hair for that West Coast laissez-faire vibe and more...

This is just the first of many new content updates we're working on for Grand Theft Auto Online in the weeks and months ahead. Please stay tuned here at the Newswire for word on the forthcoming Content Creator, full on cooperative Heists, and GTA Online's take on Capture the Flag - plus info on some exciting new Story Mode updates as well. We'll have new info to share on all of this very soon.


  • R* Kon November 19 2013, 6:34amFlag
    As you may have seen, the new Title Update (1.06) has started rolling out to players on both consoles. To clarify: PS3 players will be able to access the new Beach Bum content by simply downloading this update. Xbox 360 players will be able to download the Beach Bum Update for free from the Xbox Games Store.

    We hope you enjoy the new content and please stay tuned for further updates here on the Newswire.
  • stevenscullyon September 24 2014, 2:48pmReplyFlag
    Rockstar u need to put the money up back to normal for mission because y'all messed me up be cause I changed from Xbox 360 to ps3 now I'm rank 1 just lvled up to 57 and not much money u need to fix tht plz
    • starwarz0824on July 21 2014, 3:49pmReplyFlag
      Ahhh, Great memories
      • fonzi_rey713on February 13 2014, 7:27pmReplyFlag
        Youe need to put me back at 157 yall messed meup so fix it rockstar
        • CAxScarfaceon January 31 2014, 11:04amReplyFlag
          Rockstar ferait mieux de s'occuper des dlc et de donner des nouvel sur les sorties combien de dlc et can il sort a la place de faire de la pub pour les crew sa serait sympa qu il nous dise combien en tous de dlc et que dlc de style Casino Zombie Villa Braquage de BanK sa fait longtemps qu il en parle mai on entend parler de rien comme si que c'était du mensonge le DLC solo osi il parle beaucoup mai on voie rien
          • GrungyAsteroid6on January 21 2014, 4:50amReplyFlag
            Are heists coming son i love the storymod heists ?
            • maximus1109on December 30 2013, 6:51pmReplyFlag
              way to go rockstar now every one that has a computer and has gta 5 has billions of dollers thanx to the dns codes
              • CrazzyDayzzon December 23 2013, 8:09pmReplyFlag
                My game keeps shutting off. I can play for about 10minutes then it just lags out and restarts my xbox . Ill be in the middle of a mission or driving down the street and it goes black and restarts the game.It told me to reload the first disc so i did But nothing happened and i lost all my saved progress. I've been play it with no problems and this happens . Has it happened to anyone else or does any1 know what the problem might be
              • Upstairscoot03on December 20 2013, 9:09amReplyFlag
                i think the next dlc pack should contain more trucks for off roading
                • ExcellentVibezon December 12 2013, 12:48pmReplyFlag
                  Well that sucks man guess you'll just have to make your own grand theft auto then haha
                  • milkman45696on December 10 2013, 1:55pmReplyFlag
                    I have a glitch to report, I cannot play as my highest level character but I can play as my lowest character why I am annoyed is because I play as my highest level character all the time and its annoying because I select it and it just sits there looking over the city and its frustrating. if rock star sees this or anybody else with the same problem id like rock star to fix this as soon as possible.
                    • m1n3roon December 6 2013, 11:18amReplyFlag
                      Desde 11 de novembro abri um chamado no suporte da Rockstar a respeito de um problema no minimap. Até o momento nada foi resolvido. Até quando foi ter que ficar com esse problema? Não sou uma criança e não quero aceitar um jogo defeituoso. Portanto corram com essa resolução de problema.

                      • Nice-Guy15on December 5 2013, 8:20amReplyFlag
                        For a week ago i bought a cheetar car for 650k. I own an apartment and had space in my garage. It said the car was delivered, but there is just a empty space in my garage. I tried to call mors to see if they had the car for some reason. I also tried to restart the whole game but with no luck. What do i do??
                        • ffjeff35on December 4 2013, 9:12pmReplyFlag
                          I hate the you can only lower vehicles when customizing them. If i want to customize a truck i want it to be lifted, not lowered, and the wheels need to be different too. Theres just so much with customizing vehicles that would make this game so much cooler if they did that.
                          • ksolaireon December 2 2013, 5:35pmReplyFlag
                            I've said it before and i'll say it again ONLINE CAGE FIGHTS!
                            • Redyhair94on December 2 2013, 7:08amReplyFlag
                              Im now for the sixth time in bad sport lobby
                              3 of the 6 times it wasnt even my fault. and all the times it was about cars exploding.

                              If someone attacked you from his car. You will shot him down. If you ride after him and try to shot him but you hit his car many times and explode.... BADSPORT!!!

                              R* has much complaints about this bad sport lobby.

                              sure they have to stop this way of killing ppl. it wil make it to easy.
                              But punish ppl by playing in a badsport lobby and even dont let them play with their friends will make it really boring.

                              I love gta and it is still a perfect game, but every time I went in bad sport I dont play the game online anymore.
                              Please R* invent something to fix this in another way, because ppl hate that bad sport lobby.

                              I dont say delite the bad sport lobby, but edit it at least.
                              the punishement is to hard!

                              (sorry for my bad english is not my best language I speak)

                              NL Bassie94
                              • freebandgang1017on December 1 2013, 4:58amReplyFlag
                                What Rockstar Games needs to do: add colored dots to gta online, add an option to turn off the cops on gta online (except when robbing stores or doing heists) because its annoying everytime i shoot someone the cops start chasing me oh and speaking about heists, add heists to gta online and last but not least make a weapon pack add-on including the molotov and fix the auto-aim why does it automaticly aim at pedestrians in gta online? everytime i try to shoot another player it aims at a pedestrian whats the point of that? im not playing gta online to kill pedestrians things like this are annoying and it ruins the fun of the game sometimes rockstar needs to focus on the little things its the little details that make a big difference.

                                I say GTA 4 multiplayer wasn't bad i prefer it much better in a way its was much more structured and straight forward especally when accesesing things like multiplayer, options, and different online missions and the shooting mechanics such as auto-aim were much better it seems like rockstar just copyed the shooting mechanics from max payne and put it in GTA 5 oh and 2 things i noticed is there is no crouch option in GTA 5 and you automaticaly climb up ladders instead of pushing Y or Triangle depending what console you're using. this was a bad choice due to the fact that when i try to climb down a ladder i fall off the building and last why is there hardly any enterable buildings? i want to have a place where i can hideout and have a shoot out there weren't many in GTA 4 but hey atleast there were a few like the old runned down sprunk factory. i just wish rockstar would pay more attention to things like this. hopefully rockstar makes a full add-on for GTA 5 like they did with GTA 4 such as The Lost And Damned & The Ballad Of Gay Tony. speaking of TBOGT how come it had nitrous but GTA 5 dosen't? hmm...
                                • FuzzJ97on December 1 2013, 11:25pmReplyFlag
                                  @freebandgang1017 Auto aim is honestly the worst setting you can turn on in this game. It is for people who can't aim for shi**. I personally think it's a bi*** thing to use.
                                • Reddog420mofoon December 22 2013, 9:31pmReplyFlag
                                  The game is a little bit ---ed in ways I purposely put my game on passive so I could steal cars in peace to fill my garage and was killed several times by morons running me over . if your gonna put a passive thing on the game make the passive characters dot disappear and make them invincible when in contact with others . and I was kicked out of a survivor mission and got a message that I left the mission early and if I do it to many more times I get put on the bad sport list .first off wasn't my fault secondly if you actually want to stop ---s from acting stupid ban them from the game entirely for a while don't create a f**king stupid bad sport area
                                • Neegrodamuson January 18 2014, 10:04amReplyFlag
                                  I agree completely about the hydros plus, The impala is covered in rust and scratches you can't get off in the Los santos customs, the Cadillac (emperor) is slower than stock cars even if you completely upgrade the engine and add a turbo, gta 4 at least had a Buick regal. Why are all the gangsta azz car disappearing and the ones left suck? Oh, yeah and the most you can lower some cars is very little. Rockstar should take some simple lessons from other customizing games. I would rather them spend some time in this area.
                              • MintyOreoon November 30 2013, 9:36pmReplyFlag
                                Looking for dedicated and motivated bikers in the Los Santos area, hit me up if interested or visit our club page "LegacyBrotherhood MC".
                                "A Legacy Lives On, Others Dont."
                              • amileezackon November 28 2013, 6:19pmReplyFlag
                                hey are the heist every coming out?
                                • LaserBoy15on November 29 2013, 11:04amReplyFlag
                                  @amileezack This is just the first of many new content updates we're working on for Grand Theft Auto Online in the weeks and months ahead. Please stay tuned here at the Newswire for word on the forthcoming Content Creator, full on cooperative Heists, and GTA Online's take on Capture the Flag - plus info on some exciting new Story Mode updates as well. We'll have new info to share on all of this very soon.
                              • Eg_Er_Norsk98on November 28 2013, 11:33amReplyFlag
                                I have an idea, use the prison for bad sports and players that are caught by the police like in SAMP. I realy miss that.
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