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Posted on November 11 2013, 12:05pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

We invite you to sit idly back and enjoy a specially curated slideshow of travel photos taken by Snapmatic photographers from all over Los Santos and Blaine County.

From breathtaking scenic views of Mount Chiliad to proud photos of Los Santos Custom-ized rides to precious candids of Michael, Franklin and Trevor – and more – the official Snapmatic Screensaver includes hundreds of your awesome original GTAV and GTA Online photos.

See if any of yours made the cut – and we’ll also be updating this dynamic screensaver regularly so that you may see great, fresh new shots and themes over time.

Check out the preview above, and download now for PC and Mac (OS X 10.6-10.8). 

  • rikitirooon January 12 2015, 11:57amReplyFlag
    i could appreciate this if i could actually view my own uploaded images first ...but since snapmatic doesnt actually work for me i think il give this 1 a miss . not a game breaker but it does annoy me
    • xeaon26czon September 15 2014, 12:26pmReplyFlag
      its working and its cool. But my avast keeps telling me it has malware how can i get rid of it?
      • GrimSinneron June 28 2014, 9:42amReplyFlag
        How do you guys pick pictures for this? Is there a way we can submit our pics to you guys or do you guys choose yourselves?
        • Packie7302on December 21 2013, 8:00pmReplyFlag
          It won't let me use the snapmatic thing it says online survace is disabled on my account can anyone help me?
          • SHIRTBOYon March 20 2014, 10:33amReplyFlag
            @Packie7302 me too i reported that and now it says unavailable due to elegability restrictions. been like this since gta online came out and no fix for it yet.
        • 123touchmykneeon December 20 2013, 3:16pmReplyFlag
          it would be good if GTA had a army pack such as new camouflage cloths and accessories plus new guns and equipment, maybe even new vehicles such as hum-v's!
          • regulators1634on December 17 2013, 9:25pmReplyFlag
            you guys should a war hero pack
            • jessica78544on December 16 2013, 5:45amReplyFlag
              When are there going to be bank jobs ??? Please let us know Ty
              • Spooner1959on December 15 2013, 9:32amReplyFlag
                Don't work on my Imac !! Already deleted it , waste of time !!!
                • XxInfamousCLRxXon December 9 2013, 1:11amReplyFlag
                  I have tried everything and I still cant get my snapmatic to work
                  • DarqueWingon November 22 2013, 6:24pmReplyFlag
                    Cool pics! PC, Mac... but no love for Linux. Is there any way to get just the pictures? I can roll my own screensaver from there.
                    • omawnakwon December 1 2013, 11:51amReplyFlag
                      @DarqueWing It's pretty simple to get just the urls of the pictures. Here is the request URI Do you know any similar screensaver for KDE or xscreensaver? I think there should be a way to run this flash in a KDE Plasma web browser widget (if any) and to use it as screesaver. Or maybe try xscreensaver + gflashplayer.
                  • SuperPale777on November 21 2013, 1:56pmReplyFlag
                    hey guys.

                    Me and my friends have created a BIKER CREW called The Pirates of Los Santos (TPMC)
                    We are now recruiting!!!
                    Anyone interested in joining contact me and we will go over a few things.

                    See ya on the battlefield brothers.
                    • FlozLok639on November 21 2013, 2:57amReplyFlag
                      MDWG Ebk
                      • GarzMachineon November 20 2013, 8:18pmReplyFlag
                        We need some crew members for our Mafia Francese, join us, earn money, get the respect of others and kill for fun.
                        • mirzagtron November 18 2013, 1:26pmReplyFlag
                          • RamzKillaon November 18 2013, 12:32amReplyFlag
                            Is there anyway I can edit the settings on how quick the screensaver starts? I don't really like how it starts within a minute or two of leaving my mouse still... Please help me!?
                            • Schindiggon November 24 2014, 11:22pmReplyFlag
                              @RamzKilla are you serious??? the settings got nothing to do with the actual screensaver. right click on your desktop and go to personalize.........hopefully you can find it from there.
                            • RamzKillaon December 13 2014, 2:24amReplyFlag
                              @Schindigg lol I don't even got the screensaver anymore thanks though.
                          • gtaheadquarterson November 17 2013, 8:02amReplyFlag
                            RockStar Should be adding menitors to the GTA5 online play. this is getting out of hand, people are geting sick of other players that keeps using their tanks to blow up other players, even after a responced. then they go back after them again. then if you can put that player in for a kick a message appears that say you have been a bad support and you are being kick from gta online. Please when i or other players have not done anything and it is the other players, this makes no sence at all. GTA you need to something about this. and after all if you are trying to save your money for a place and you loose it because of hospital bills, even the new people that is coming into the GTA 5 ONLINE THEIR GETTING THEIR BUTTS KICK.
                            I can become a voluntare for the mentoring, thanks for reading. this why you added team death matching in the online game, so you can kill those that joins this deathmatch.
                            • MaliciousJokeron November 18 2013, 7:13amReplyFlag
                              @gtaheadquarters Oh boy, this one was the funniest.
                            • gtaheadquarterson November 18 2013, 8:18pmReplyFlag
                              @MaliciousJoker Well Glade you think it is funny.
                              I tell You what. What will happen when you login into GTA online, and find your account is block by rock star.
                              and you try to login with a new name and it said the same thing. Because you IP address. Ok so I missed spell some words. so what. it is called a computer software designer, and up all nights of the hour. working a software that will stop cheaters. and if you did not know this already when you destroyed someone else car, the money comes out of your player account. I know this because I tried it to see what happens and the money came out of my players account to repair that other players car. so next time you wanna destroyed another players car watch your money turn red with a -#11,000.00 . so will you like it to see you account has been frozen for cheating??? and that the gameing company can stop your IP address.
                              So again What's so funny.
                            • MaliciousJokeron November 18 2013, 10:15pmReplyFlag
                              @gtaheadquarters I've never had to pay 11,000 for someones car. The most was 5,347 and that was literally today.
                            • gtaheadquarterson November 20 2013, 6:27amReplyFlag
                              @MaliciousJoker was it the million dallor car? no it was probably a free car that you had to get when you start the game. I have 8 different cars, and each one is different to repair it. from mors. . and if you didn't know destroying someones else car will give you a BAD SPORT.
                          • Archangel169on November 17 2013, 12:53amReplyFlag
                            Is there any kind of credits list for whose photos made it into the screensaver? I've set the screensaver as my default, but I'm not really willing to sit for hours on end to see if I can spot any photos I or my friends have taken. That, and keeping an eye on 20-something ever-changing photos means it's unlikely I'll catch a photo I recognize even if one does make it in there...
                            • Markosdangerouson November 16 2013, 11:05amReplyFlag
                              Where's the lightning strike FX?
                              • fatlind89on November 16 2013, 5:41amReplyFlag
                                @Rockstar Games: can you give back potshot mission please
                                • jman91401on November 15 2013, 11:39pmReplyFlag
                                  Looking for a crew ? I got a crew called crazy 4c3s (ACES) Join if your interested crew rank 54
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