Fan Pics: ‘GTAV on Floppy’ and More Awesome Costumery

Posted on November 8 2013, 7:30pm | Author: R* X | Filed Under: Games

In this week’s edition of awesome fan pics we’ve found on Instagram, Twitter and elsewhere around the web, we’ve got a bedroom-prying Sonny Forelli, striking GTAV-inspired art projects, and some spot-on Halloween costume pics that have continued to appear since last week.

As always, if you happen upon (or take) any cool GTA or Rockstar-related shots, make sure to send them our way via Mouthoff and remember to follow us at for all our latest official pics.

We’ll also have the winners of our first ever Snapmatic photo contest (#epicphotobomb) to announce soon.

This is dope. Italian artist Filippo Scaboro aka @gaspanic specializes in mixed media art homages to favorite videogames and his latest work is a striking series of Grand Theft Auto V character art recreations painted on 5x5 floppy disks – entitled ‘GTAV on Floppy’.

Marston lays down the deadeye on multiple targets in this epic photo by @onemanpartty taken as a warm-up before he took his Marston costume on the road for Halloween.


@djtalkstrash mugs his fiercest Philips Rampage grimace in this ’reaaaally messy’ Trevor costume. 

A clever take on the Trevor costume, @hatchetcosplay is ready for Blitz Play, donning the Smoking Monkey mask and boiler suit. Bonus points for Mr. Rasberry Jam. Looks like he met up with Michael and Franklin later that evening for a little Job of Beer Pong.


Artist Dave Oluwexe aka @davelexe brought the glitz and glamour of 80s Vice City into his friend's boudoir with this sweet Vice City mural rendition of the original Sonny Forelli Artwork - #epicphotobomb by Futurama's Bender creeping in there bridging retro and future.

Trevor, Michael and Franklin costumes were a popular sight this Halloween but Redditor akaTheLumpyPianoKey gets some originality points for bringing his personal GTA Online character to life.  


Leader of the Break Yo Selfies Crew, OwlBoogie bugged' out with this homemade Bugstar costume  - he even included his Crew Emblem on the sleeve to 'complete the look'.

 @eddzyb did a smashing job carving this ornate V logo. 


Fan artist @Adrianharrisart says that he was inspired by leebraineater's “Honest American Business” Trevor piece to do his own take on Franklin, Michael & Trevor - complete with color-coordinated green, blue and orange backdrop. 

Very cool to see Bethesda get into the Halloween spirit - that Lester was spot-on. 

FORE! A little birdie must have told Franklin this guy kicked his ball down the fairway when no one was looking.
Shared by Redditor oPHILcial.

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  • DiscoDes999on November 21 2013, 9:01pmReplyFlag
    Any chance of a jobs block list akin to bookmarking? I like racing but I'm sick of constantly being sent to Criminal records or down the drain when quick jobbing a race. Please do something about it.
    • fireryan123on November 16 2013, 6:30pmReplyFlag
      GTA V ONLINE: join my crew velocitatem to get an chrome adder with the best engine , brakes, suspension and more
      • Reavozineon November 15 2013, 2:25pmReplyFlag
        Hey Rockstar what is the email to sent GTA ONLINE FEEDBACKS AND RECOMMANDS to.
      • BumpyRogueon November 15 2013, 9:40amReplyFlag
        • Rod266on November 14 2013, 10:57pmReplyFlag
          LOL! It never even crossed my mind that you could hit the other golf player with the ball! Awesome
          • Shoot2KilUon November 14 2013, 3:39pmReplyFlag
            What cars are best to spin people out? apparently thats the only thing that matters with all the pricks that race in this game
          • MetalMofo-Billon November 14 2013, 5:39amReplyFlag
            For me, nothing beats a real life dead ringer, mad props for the Lester Halloween costume. Why Heidi Plum got so much coverage for her old lady makeup when this is just as good!
            • Arr-Paulon November 13 2013, 4:34amReplyFlag

              heres somethin the older gen will remember !
            • sleepyGTAGODon November 12 2013, 6:53pmReplyFlag
              Can some on please tell me why my bad sport timer keeps going up ill be down to 5 minutes ten it will go back to a day im about done with this game
              • owlboogieon November 12 2013, 2:10pmReplyFlag
                Thanks for featuring my costume! (sorry I accidentally posted on the latest newswire entry)
              • McGKyleon November 12 2013, 12:51pmReplyFlag
                Hey rockstar I would like to be able to get a balaclava for my character and a bandana over the face...
                • R* Aon November 12 2013, 1:20pmReplyFlag
                  @McGKyle Please send any and all wishlist items like that to which is our official suggestion box email address where our dev team is collecting and considering feedback for future updates. Cheers
              • DeathclawDiscoon November 12 2013, 12:25pmReplyFlag
                Hahahaha that's the first time my work browser has let me see the pics!! Lester is awesome and a salute to the floppy artist :D
                • Rocket300on November 12 2013, 12:12pmReplyFlag
                  The mob has declare war in every crew in GTA5
                  • R* Lon November 12 2013, 12:11pmFlag
                    To @logjambro, @SimonMoses420 and others, please keep your comments on topic to the specific article and be very mindful of Rule #5 right above the comment box. If you have something unrelated to the article to say, and especially if you have something you want to say to our attention rather than as part of a community discussion, please use Also – if you have feedback on specific suggestions of things you’d like to see in GTA Online, a reminder to send those to where our dev team is considering all direct player feedback.

                    Any and all off-topic comments that don’t pertain to this article specifically will be removed and repeat offenders of Rules #2 and #5 may have their privileges suspended. Thanks all for understanding and please stay tuned for further updates on GTA Online.
                  • logjambroon November 12 2013, 12:08pmReplyFlag
                    R* I would love to see some new sort of bad sport punishment, im stuck in bad sport lobbies for two more days and it was pure accident that they crashed thier helicopter into my car and i paid for it. Make bad sports fight their way out of the penitentiary with only fists and all the inmates have knives. Or something more creative and please get heists up and running its so hard to make cash sometimes.
                    • logjambroon November 12 2013, 12:01pmReplyFlag
                      Bulletproof blu crew needs more members join when you want but beware if you make rivals within the crew you may be kicked and rule number one "no entering passive mode if you have fellow crew members in the lobby , fight your way out"
                      • DeathclawDiscoon November 12 2013, 10:18amReplyFlag
                        I want a catsuit or playsuit for my girrrrrl character. Please R* make loads more clothes for us :)
                        • R* Yon November 12 2013, 10:36amReplyFlag
                          @DeathclawDisco Please make sure to send any and all feedback for things you'd like to see tweaked in GTA Online to We're looking at all direct player feedback there for consideration, cheers.
                        • DeathclawDiscoon November 12 2013, 10:44amReplyFlag
                          @ Thank you ;)
                      • SimonMoses420on November 12 2013, 9:50amReplyFlag
                        All i want is to either
                        1.) not get a bad sport rating for blowing up some ones car
                        2.) get a bad sport rating for killing some one

                        I get more annoyed when im killed as it costs me money, when some one destroys my car it dosnt cost me anything so i dont really care so why is being half a douche worse then being a full one? I recently bought a tank so if i feel the need to use it i have to make sure whoever it is that im after is on foot and who needs a tank to kill a civilian!?

                        please fix this rockstar CCRK want to use they're tanks........thanks.
                        • dotanuki85on November 12 2013, 11:09amReplyFlag
                          @SimonMoses420 I second this. Before, when I had to pay the insurance myself, it would piss me off that they blew up my car. Not enough to rage on about it on forums, but I knew I had to be more careful. Now, they automatically pay for your blown up car. Go ahead and blow my s**t up every time. I don't care, especially with the medical bills being reduced. However, you shouldn't double penalize them by giving them Bad Sport AND making them pay the insurance. It needs to be either make them pay the insurance with no Bad Sports consequences OR make them a Bad Sport and not force them to pay the insurance. Both ways have pro's and cons. Personally I like making them pay insurance and not getting Bad Sport because it makes free roam fun (yes even if I am the one getting blown up a million times). The other way takes away the fun because the Bad Sport lobby is awesome until you want to play with a friend and can't. However, you can give them the option to either be a Bad Sport or be a good guy and offer to pay the insurance.
                      • monc_slon November 12 2013, 9:42amReplyFlag
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