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Crews have been a thriving feature in the Social Club community since the launch of Max Payne 3 and now with the arrival of Grand Theft Auto Online, we've witnessed recruitment efforts explode in Newswire comments and across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other sites and forums around the web.

To help aid your recruitment needs and to provide a proper on-topic destination for your Crew solicitation comments, we are introducing this new regular "Crew Recruitment" column here at the Rockstar Newswire as a special new companion piece to our longstanding Crew Cut series that highlights awesome Crew activity happening in the open world wild. Here we'll feature a new batch each time of select Crews we've seen on their membership drive hustle, and we also invite and encourage you to post a link to your Crew Page in comments below along with your best pitch to prospective new recruits about why your squad is the one worth aligning with. If you're a lone wolf looking for a GTA family, then this post and its comments section will be an ideal place to scroll through to find likeminded criminals, free roamers, street racers, gangsters, pranksters, sportsmen and warriors. Are you a large competitive Crew, looking to amass an army of followers to dominate on the Team Deathmatch Circuit? A group of motor heads and speed demons, looking to trick out your whips in the latest modifications to assure consistent first place wins? Are you a casual close-knit group of Free Roam hooligans, simply looking for your next laugh and a new way to put the physics and the unsuspecting pedestrians of Los Santos to the test?

We realize there are many styles and preferences from Crew to Crew - some coming together organically in an Online Playlist or lobby for the first time and teaming up with people they work well with, others have close ties from real life friendships and previous games, while some simply share a common interest. Nevertheless, having a close circle of people or large group of players you can call on to help you complete a difficult mission or stand your ground in a heated gun battle is just one benefit of being part of a Crew - along with the more practical perks of course such as Bonus RP for playing with your Crew mates or Crew Emblems to show solidarity amongst your ranks, as well as many others listed here

And to start in our inaugural Crew Recruitment noticeboard lineup here at the Rockstar Newswire, here are a dirty half-dozen motley Crews that are ready for action and open for enrollment:

donutguy12 is hoping you’ll join his crew, the Marvel Alliance. Nuff said? Can we get an official rivalry brewing with these guys?


"The legendary Crew "Marvel Alliance" continues to prosper. Have no fear though, you too can be a member. Free of charge. So that means all you gotta do is visit the link below and BAM! You're all set to go." 


Novacane_Sab feels a bit Giggity-Giggity-Goo about The Shockhers emblem.


"Looking for a laid back casual PS3 Crew with a sense of humour? Well look no further my friends! Join The Shockhers today! Best part of all NO LAME REQUIREMENTS! We are Mostly in the USA & have mics and are adults. We also have one of the very best emblems around baby!"


Mr.Voller wants you to know his "this thing of ours" outfit the Ditcham Crew is strictly business.

"DHMC is still recruiting and growing. Want to be part of an organised family where there's always something to do? Look the part of a Mafioso, too smart to kill. Work hard, play hard is the way to go, tear up the streets of LS by killing cops or robbing shops or doing bounties, with crews or on your own.

Join Ditcham Crew to show GTA Online what organised crime is all about on this game. PS3 ONLY. You're either one of US or another dead man walking!"



evilGrimReaperDe and the Reapers Chapter MC will be tolling the bell for the unlucky who cross their path on the roadways of San Andreas.


"Like motorcycles? - Want to get patched up, and ride with us 1%ers?
Join the Reapers Chapter Motorcycle Club (RCMC)
• At least 1 American-built motorcycle in your garage
• Attitude of teamwork (no noobs please)
• Biker 1%er patches (Crew emblem)"


TDS_tobias from The Devil Scorpion Crew show us that he and his cohorts have international appeal.


The Devil Scorpion est une team fun on est la plus pour déliré mais pas de joueurs en dessous de 20 ans merci ;) nous avons également un forum ou l'inscription est recommander . . . Merci et bonne soirer. PS: pour plus d'info ajouter moi sur psn avec un msg car sinon je ne serai pourquoi vous venez.



a_fine_mess is confident in The Devils Within's ability to go toe-to-toe with any size Crew.

"If you're looking for a Crew to join, why not join The Devils Within. We'll accept anyone (PS3). If you don't plan on making this Crew your active crew don't bother joining, we're looking for members who will actually play with us.

A Crew that plays together, grows together. 300 is just a number, we're as big as you want this Crew to be. This is a PS3 Crew Only."



Others like chrispypitts from The Dead Guys are taking a somewhat different approach at recruitment by making a Crew Recruitment video.

Feel free to share your story and what your Crew is about in the comments section below. We only ask that you please just don’t spam (meaning only post once, do not repost your recruitment message repeatedly) and please keep all such comments strictly on this and future Crew Recruitment articles. This is also the ideal opportunity to show off your Crew spirit with any fun group Snapmatic photos and any awesome gameplay videos you've made to show everyone why your squad is the place to be or the team to beat.

  • R* Aon November 8 2013, 1:31pmFlag
    Great to see so much enthusiastic Crew recruiting going on here in comments.

    Just a reminder though to please exercise proper decorum and do NOT copy/paste spam your recruitment message in comments. Please only post once a day or so and make a point to be switch up the messaging so it's not the same exact message as the previous one left. Those who copy and paste their message more than once or are posting too often may have their commenting privileges suspended. Thanks for understanding and best of luck with all your Crew membership drives!
  • Talibankid922123 hours, 33 minutes agoReplyFlag
    play abtm in team deathmatch
    • CLASSWARR7 hours, 30 minutes agoReplyFlag
      [XB360] Elite Killers and Professional Thieves will be considered.

      [DRAN] NDRANGH3TA Criminal Organization- We run LS.

      Check our crew channel:

      SC Search: ndrangh3ta

      *Only Active/Skilled 360 players considered*
      • NicGore8 hours, 34 minutes agoReplyFlag
        REDDDRUMMM is a new and upcoming crew looking for active and dedicated crew members. Current positions open for: MUSCLE, REPRESENTATIVES and LIEUTENANTS.

        -Active in Heists (20% minimum for crew members)
        -Battle vs other crews or assist other members in revenge or bounties during free play.
        -Assist other members in winning free mode events as well as share winnings in free mode events.
        -Active in missions.
        -Very low tolerance for killing crew members or destroying crew vehicles.

        Currently Open invite @

      • Wicked.E-Death21 hours, 13 minutes agoReplyFlag

        Gods Of Mischief is open for recruitment. We are looking for regular to weekly active players.
        Promotions are based on commitment and activity. Let's Grow in Experience, Wealth, Level and Friendship Together.
        Questions? Get in touch with me through social club or psn MiteriE
        • real__seal_1 day, 10 hours agoReplyFlag
          Anyone looking for a crew
          • real__seal_1 day, 10 hours agoReplyFlag
            Anyone looking for a crew message on ps4 real__seal_ also checkout our website follow me on twitch real__seal__ will start weekly broadcast soon
            • RDNKJackSparrow4 days, 15 hours agoReplyFlag
              DeadLand Mercenaries - A Private Military contracting organization that's been around as long as
              MerryWeather Private Security consulting! Here at DLM, we make sure our clients are happy by providing them with the peace of mind that someone who was once bothering them, will be 'inhibited' by one of our or a few of our agents! But, we can't do that with no agents! Which is where YOU come in! How may we pull off the process of actually getting YOU paid with your start of your GTA V Online Carrier in private military contracting!

              Well, our method of payment will start with our lovely client setting a bounty of the negotiated price, onto your head, proceeding to let him kill you and share that cash to YOU! After the transaction from his bank, to you, and into your bank is complete! You will be set to hunt down the target that he requested to be 'inhibited'. If you fail to 'inhibit' the target, You will refund the customer and if you do not. You will be removed from DLM, and blacklisted from all DLM Agents! Basically always making you a constant target. The more targets that have been confirmed being killed, is the more your availability will decrease! Making your services much more expensive. And here at DLM, We hope to actually accomplish something with our ranking system!

              (A confirmed kill is a person you target over & over again until they submit to you by leaving, passive mode, or any form of aggravation. Also, these ranks are just to show you're skill, the Hierarchy on The Rockstar forums are really just for show.)

              Enlistee: You will be given this rank at the first time you join DLM! Until you are able to confirm you have completed 1 Kill/Target. Once your first target has been handled, you will be rewarded with a promotion!

              Private: 5 Successful kills.

              Lance Corporal: 8 Successful kills.

              Corporal: 10 Successful kills.

              Sargent: 12 Successful kills.

              Captain: 15 Successful kills.

              Major: 18 Successful kills.

              Colonel: 22 Successful kills.

              Class I Assassin: 30 Successful kills.

              Infamous Assassin: 50 Successful kills. This is the best of the best. To show true skill!

              Join here!

              "They say you can't put a price on a human life, We disagree!"

              DLM Mercenary Guild leader- RDNK Sparrow.
              • Shima_Tetsuo5 days, 5 hours agoReplyFlag

                I created Project Zen in order to gather only the very best ninja motorcycle racers in the game into one group. Once we have enough members we will conduct tournaments at the end of each month to determine who is best. The crew is called Project Zen because Zen was my favorite character from midnight club 2 and he was a ninja motorcycle racer.

                If you can defeat this race: in under 5:45 then you can join the clan.

                “Above all things cowardice is what I hate most, determined strength will flow.
                -ZEN, Midnight Club II

                We are currently only active on PC.
                • bluscion5 days, 11 hours agoReplyFlag
                  My crew called Crazyfolk is looking for the crazy grand theft v auto players. We rip the city up having car shows, taking over the Turf and running the map when we all play together as a crew. We take any and everyone who playes crazy as hell. In my crew you will be promoted if you play with other crew members. The more girls we have in the crew the better we don't discriminate at all. Come join Crazyfolk if you want to have fun in online play.
                  • Big-Toi6 days, 2 hours agoReplyFlag
                    Starting a new Crew called Murda Block Outlawz. If you want loyalty in helping with Heist and Missions this is the place to be. We also want the same loyalty in return. Anyone reported purposely messing up Heist or Missions will be booted from the crew. Serious players only. Help me build this online Empire and lets get Rich
                    • adehn146 days, 18 hours agoReplyFlag
                      Evil Mad Mafia.


                      having a mic so we can communicate with other crew members

                      don't be a d**k, help you crew members out


                      We do heist daily and are active on ps4
                      If you enjoy playing rockets vs insurgents, this is the crew for you
                      Message adehn14 for details
                      • We Have A B*tch is recruiting for new members!

                        Our crew revolves around these two very important rules:

                        1. Wear the crew clothing at all time.
                        2. You have eachother's back at all time.

                        Nothing more, nothing less. Breaking these rules will result in a ban, since they are vital to keep us a brother-/sisterhood.

                        This relatively new crew is here to settle itself in the vast landscape of crews. We have a website with a forum and are working on a VOIP server which will soon be online.

                        We are looking for all types of players from everywhere around the world! Wether you are a hardcore gamer or just casually play GTA from time to time, we welcome you into our crew. The most important thing for us is to have fun and feel like a strong pact. And trust me on this one, you WILL become stronger by joining WHAB.

                        We have creators, fighters, drivers and alot more. Whatever your profession is, we need you and welcome you with open arms!

                        On regular basis we will be doing crew events. More can be read about this on our website.

                        If you are interested and would like to register, head over to , where you can apply for an account. We will review your application within 48 hours.
                      • chris_teh-god1 week, 1 day agoReplyFlag
                        The Cold Dead Hands PS4 Wrecking Crew... We like to F Sh** up.

                        The Cold Dead Hands are now recruiting new players for membership. We are seeking active, fun, skilled, and mature players to add to our ranks. We are a PS4 Wrecking Crew and the majority of our members are very active in-game and have mics. In addition to general recruits, we are also looking for seasoned players who are skilled in combat to be commissioners and lieutenants to help us dominate Free mode Lobby's and Deathmatches. Below you'll find information about our crew: rules and policies.

                        We are looking for all types of players: Foot soldiers, Pilots, Tank Specialists, Snipers, Racers, Heist members, as we Wreck everything. Whether you are skilled in Freemode wrecking, Deathmatch domintation, Racing, or just want to join a crew that will offer you protection, or just to give you back up when needed- we could be the wreckers for you. Enjoy the benefits of having the freedom to pursue your gameplay in a crew without undue restrictions and regulations. There are no dress codes, no mandatory meetings, and we only have one rule. The most important thing for us when playing a game is having fun. Play how you want in a crew that will give you the freedom of choice to do so. Will you be the next to join us?

                        We only have one requirement for enlistment:

                        1) Crew killing will not be tolerated. All incidents should be reported to a commissioner or anybody with kicking power. Use the crews social club, then we can debate it together. A crew are supposed to be your friends, your allies.

                        If you are enlisting with the hope of becoming a serious member in our hierarchy, as mentioned earlier we are indeed looking for good players to help build the infrastructure of what will hopefully soon become a great crew that is a serious force to be reckoned with. Below are the requirements for the hierarchy positions.
                        Commissioner - KDR 2.00 or higher
                        Lieutenant - KDR 1.5 - 1.9
                        Representative KDR 1.0
                        All positions are also dependant on activity in game and on the social club and forums.

                        If you are any good on Rockstar Editor and want to play around making crew videos. Feel free. As we also like having crew meets, to have a show of force. Even car meets if requested. None of this is mandatory, but we understand that this is something that players, and our members enjoy doing, and we are more than willing to be there right with you helping you to pursue your gaming wants and needs.

                        We have a Twitter page @_ColdDeadHands

                        We are currently deciding on a website, i suppose this will come with more members.

                        Hopefully we will see a few more faces, and hopefully some to bring into the hierarchy. We will look forward to kicking some ass with you.

                        Feel free to add us in game Chris-teh_god or Ellie87
                      • ChiraqPachucos1 week, 1 day agoReplyFlag
                        "Pachuckos" looking for active n loyal members for PS3/XBOX 360/PS4. Any one can join our ranks. We are a street gang style based crew. We are mostly active on PS3 but we also recently have members on Xbox 360. On ps4 we have members too we are looking for recruits for all 3 consoles. Looking for good shooters, trying to do heist get money n have crew battles with rival crews. We are small n growing check us out.
                        • Coolclear21 week, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                          Join BHOS
                          • h3llsmercenary1 week, 3 days agoReplyFlag
                            Hells Travel Agents (repr) is a small crew (55) that has few rules and a loose moral code. No crew killing, no squeakers, and no morons.

                            The last requirement is subjective but if you can count up to five and have the ability to learn then I'm interested in giving you a chance to join. Thus far we are mature adults and welcome more. A link to our Social club is
                            we are small but we look out for the each others best interest. You can reply here or request a invite from social club. I'll give anyone who meets the above criteria 7 days to see if we meet each others needs. I don't believe in BS trials or making you attend anything. Do what you like and if you join up we'll have you back and our resources. Level doesn't matter personality does.

                            Gt: h3llsmercenary
                            R*Sc: h3llsmercenary

                            Being 17 years of age or older is a perquisite
                            • SwtorOrakel1 week, 3 days agoReplyFlag

                              Show Me The Crits <SMTC> Is recruiting! (New crew)

                              -General Info-
                              Status: Invite only (open joining temp)
                              Minimum Age Requirement: 18+
                              Supported Platforms: Any
                              -What are we looking for-
                              Active players who can have fun but also be serious when the situation demands it. (ex: doing missions / heists vs freemode)

                              Contact Info
                              Social Club Name: Swtororakel
                              Psn: Swtororakel

                              P.S. : I wont be on the PC version of GTA for a while, my gaming laptop is having issues that I cant afford to fix currently.. I will be on ps3 GTA however that means I will be starting over again from level 1.
                              • Ocho-81 week, 3 days agoReplyFlag
                                PSN: OchoDaSavage

                                Platform: PS4

                                Crew: Organized Chaos Gang

                                Just created a new gang. Looking for players that are straight savages, but love to get $$$$$ if that sounds like you, then lets get it.
                                • MikeyThamenace221 week, 3 days agoReplyFlag
                                  Crew tag. RLMC
                                  Crew name. Reckless Souls MC XB
                                  Platform. Xbox one
                                  We play Free Aim only. We are a Motorcycle club with all sorts of Officer Positions open.
                                  Send me a message on SC Or xbox one, If you would like to join. Gtag: Pizzasauce1017
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