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Crews have been a thriving feature in the Social Club community since the launch of Max Payne 3 and now with the arrival of Grand Theft Auto Online, we've witnessed recruitment efforts explode in Newswire comments and across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other sites and forums around the web.

To help aid your recruitment needs and to provide a proper on-topic destination for your Crew solicitation comments, we are introducing this new regular "Crew Recruitment" column here at the Rockstar Newswire as a special new companion piece to our longstanding Crew Cut series that highlights awesome Crew activity happening in the open world wild. Here we'll feature a new batch each time of select Crews we've seen on their membership drive hustle, and we also invite and encourage you to post a link to your Crew Page in comments below along with your best pitch to prospective new recruits about why your squad is the one worth aligning with. If you're a lone wolf looking for a GTA family, then this post and its comments section will be an ideal place to scroll through to find likeminded criminals, free roamers, street racers, gangsters, pranksters, sportsmen and warriors. Are you a large competitive Crew, looking to amass an army of followers to dominate on the Team Deathmatch Circuit? A group of motor heads and speed demons, looking to trick out your whips in the latest modifications to assure consistent first place wins? Are you a casual close-knit group of Free Roam hooligans, simply looking for your next laugh and a new way to put the physics and the unsuspecting pedestrians of Los Santos to the test?

We realize there are many styles and preferences from Crew to Crew - some coming together organically in an Online Playlist or lobby for the first time and teaming up with people they work well with, others have close ties from real life friendships and previous games, while some simply share a common interest. Nevertheless, having a close circle of people or large group of players you can call on to help you complete a difficult mission or stand your ground in a heated gun battle is just one benefit of being part of a Crew - along with the more practical perks of course such as Bonus RP for playing with your Crew mates or Crew Emblems to show solidarity amongst your ranks, as well as many others listed here

And to start in our inaugural Crew Recruitment noticeboard lineup here at the Rockstar Newswire, here are a dirty half-dozen motley Crews that are ready for action and open for enrollment:

donutguy12 is hoping you’ll join his crew, the Marvel Alliance. Nuff said? Can we get an official rivalry brewing with these guys?


"The legendary Crew "Marvel Alliance" continues to prosper. Have no fear though, you too can be a member. Free of charge. So that means all you gotta do is visit the link below and BAM! You're all set to go." 


Novacane_Sab feels a bit Giggity-Giggity-Goo about The Shockhers emblem.


"Looking for a laid back casual PS3 Crew with a sense of humour? Well look no further my friends! Join The Shockhers today! Best part of all NO LAME REQUIREMENTS! We are Mostly in the USA & have mics and are adults. We also have one of the very best emblems around baby!"


Mr.Voller wants you to know his "this thing of ours" outfit the Ditcham Crew is strictly business.

"DHMC is still recruiting and growing. Want to be part of an organised family where there's always something to do? Look the part of a Mafioso, too smart to kill. Work hard, play hard is the way to go, tear up the streets of LS by killing cops or robbing shops or doing bounties, with crews or on your own.

Join Ditcham Crew to show GTA Online what organised crime is all about on this game. PS3 ONLY. You're either one of US or another dead man walking!"



evilGrimReaperDe and the Reapers Chapter MC will be tolling the bell for the unlucky who cross their path on the roadways of San Andreas.


"Like motorcycles? - Want to get patched up, and ride with us 1%ers?
Join the Reapers Chapter Motorcycle Club (RCMC)
• At least 1 American-built motorcycle in your garage
• Attitude of teamwork (no noobs please)
• Biker 1%er patches (Crew emblem)"


TDS_tobias from The Devil Scorpion Crew show us that he and his cohorts have international appeal.


The Devil Scorpion est une team fun on est la plus pour déliré mais pas de joueurs en dessous de 20 ans merci ;) nous avons également un forum ou l'inscription est recommander . . . Merci et bonne soirer. PS: pour plus d'info ajouter moi sur psn avec un msg car sinon je ne serai pourquoi vous venez.



a_fine_mess is confident in The Devils Within's ability to go toe-to-toe with any size Crew.

"If you're looking for a Crew to join, why not join The Devils Within. We'll accept anyone (PS3). If you don't plan on making this Crew your active crew don't bother joining, we're looking for members who will actually play with us.

A Crew that plays together, grows together. 300 is just a number, we're as big as you want this Crew to be. This is a PS3 Crew Only."



Others like chrispypitts from The Dead Guys are taking a somewhat different approach at recruitment by making a Crew Recruitment video.

Feel free to share your story and what your Crew is about in the comments section below. We only ask that you please just don’t spam (meaning only post once, do not repost your recruitment message repeatedly) and please keep all such comments strictly on this and future Crew Recruitment articles. This is also the ideal opportunity to show off your Crew spirit with any fun group Snapmatic photos and any awesome gameplay videos you've made to show everyone why your squad is the place to be or the team to beat.

  • R* Aon November 8 2013, 1:31pmFlag
    Great to see so much enthusiastic Crew recruiting going on here in comments.

    Just a reminder though to please exercise proper decorum and do NOT copy/paste spam your recruitment message in comments. Please only post once a day or so and make a point to be switch up the messaging so it's not the same exact message as the previous one left. Those who copy and paste their message more than once or are posting too often may have their commenting privileges suspended. Thanks for understanding and best of luck with all your Crew membership drives!
  • NoDramaBarber7710 hours, 10 minutes agoReplyFlag
    Join Da PsychoCircus Crew, all are welcome & we are on Xbox one. Looking for loyal members who wanna have some fun & terrorize the mean streetz of Los Santos. We specialize in Heists, TDM, Racing ( All kinds ), basically any mission or job. We also like to cause havoc in free mode in any way possible. Everyday is Halloween with us. We take care of & protect our own. If you are interested please feel free to message or add me NoDramaBarber77. My Xbox One online gamertag is ArchJOKER595628!
    • The_Gamer777716710 hours, 31 minutes agoReplyFlag
      Vigilante conquerers. Join my crew. Modded paint job and emblem. Immediate promotions.
      • byap3713 hours, 13 minutes agoReplyFlag
        Established PS3 crew looking for mature, active players for heists, missions, money making and freeroam mayhem. Leadfoot Posse.
        • shinigami_21714 hours, 8 minutes agoReplyFlag
          Bongore Famiri Recruitment:

          The "Bongore Famiri" is a new crew that would like to become big in GTAV. Anyone is welcomed to join it doesn't really matter. If you are interested click on the link below to go to the crew page and join (This crew is only for PS3)

          • Cutieanna091 day, 1 hour agoReplyFlag
            Everyone wants join Money task force are welcome ! We are family we take care of each other! We have fun! Join money task force ! We getting stronger n bigger crew in gta !
            • Ben_Knotted1 day, 20 hours agoReplyFlag
              LOOKING TO RECRUIT!
              CREW NAME : The Choomers

              Xbox One Gamer Tag - DPing You

              Looking for some members, currently have 3-4 playing everyday.
              We welcome anyone.

              Our style :
              1.) We smoke the herb, jahh.
              2.) We're very chill, welcoming, funny, never pissed.
              3.) We try to make as much money as possible while on, constantly doing Heists & missions.
              4.) Always looking to help, if you're willing to join and you are a lower level, we're here to help. With anything.
              5.) Last but not least, HAVE FUN!

              Thanks for your time. - The Choomers

              • Arcamean2 days, 12 hours agoReplyFlag
                nOOb misfits is looking for anyone just wanting to have fun and not worry about being "pro". Mistakes happen and that's somthing too many people don't seem to get. As a long time "nOOb" myself I want to extend a welcome to anyone else like myself. There are a FEW basic rules of course but they aught to be common sense;

                1) Don't be an asshat... Killing once or twice is fine but don't camp, no one likes a camper.
                2) Remember IT'S A GAME! Don't bring outside drama online, we all play this to unwind not wind up.

                If anything else needs to be added it will but for now I thought it best to keep it basic.
                • Tamikmik13 days, 4 hours agoReplyFlag
                  CREW: Beast Rides Only
                  CONSOLE : Xbox 360
                  DESCRIPTION: Yes, the name says it all. We are looking for people who like to show off their cars, but particularly, the players willing to have fun and mess about with each other. DO NOT tolerate friendly fire or killing of current crew members, UNLESS both crew members agree to killing each other . p.s. If possible , kindly let leader of Beast Rides Only know what you think of the crew emblem. Thanks kindly. Cheers. - Tamika
                  • splatman89104 days, 9 hours agoReplyFlag
                    The Sitting Ducks Waddle crew is recruiting NOW for the Xbox 360 console.


                    We are looking for active and loyal prospects. We are a loyal crew and flock together. We have crew challenges and weekly updates. We are also looking for members to complete heists and missions with. We openly accept and promote custom player-created jobs. Submit a color for the weekly crew color change. Be strong, be brave, be loyal, be clean, be free, be a Duck

                    1. You must have fun (most important)
                    2. You must follow orders from your superiors
                    3. You must be open and willing to ideas
                    4. You must be active and allied with the fellow allied crews

                    Use the link below to view our crew page

                    Or contact me directly at Splatman8910 on social club
                    • B-L-I-Z-Z4 days, 14 hours agoReplyFlag
                      Looking for a crew to battle...

                      We are recruiting, snipers and jet killers. add me BlizzHD2 ( PS4 )
                      • c0rt1c1bus5 days, 2 hours agoReplyFlag
                        The uk masked rebels are up and running and killing with style. we need anyone and everyone to come and join us, put on a mask, get dressed to the nines and show respect to the people that you are owning in lobbies.

                        1. get a mask
                        2. get dressed dirty peasant

                        crew page:

                        you will become the 1% of gta online killing with style and doing whatever the hell you want, but if you get annoying to the crew we'll hunt you, ruin your K.D then kick you

                        but all in all just have a bit of fun, were british so were the best at comedy. very rare people come online with me corticibus and don't laugh they're asses off.
                        • Dungeonbeard5 days, 7 hours agoReplyFlag
                          Blood Beards MC is looking for new members. We are looking to do heists and lvl up together. Nothing too serious, just having some fun. 420 friendly and must be 18+. Message Dungeonbeard on ps4.
                          • MAVERICKx675 days, 10 hours agoReplyFlag
                            Are you someone that got kicked from your crew, and can't find another suitable one? Someone that is looking for military training, and want to improve their skills on the field of nontrust? Someone that is looking for a crew that is coordinated, tough as nails, no bullcrap crew? Well, then you might just be looking for the right one. Blackwater PSF(BPSF), is a Private Military and Security Firm, this crew is based off the real world, and former private military company, Blackwater. This crew runs similar to what Blackwater did back when they were still active, or more like how Merryweather operates, we have a wide variety of services for our clients to chose from. to Training courses that makes a good warrior, into a better warrior. Security and Protection teams, if you are ever in a lot of heat with people, and offensive combat aid for our clients and allies, in case if you are someone that is taking a lot heat from other players, or just a crew that can't take the heat from an annoying crew that won't leave you and your guys alone, we are the elite private military and security firm out there, and we are looking for more members, and hopefully a future client that needs our services, so if you are interested post a interested post on our wall, and one of us will contact you. All services and recruiting is only done on Xbox 360.

                            -Working mic(NO KINECT)
                            -Militaristic mind set
                            -Have an active and accessible social club account
                            • UnholyMC-Admin5 days, 15 hours agoReplyFlag
                     Unholy Legion Mc is seeking the best prospects on the PS4 . Why should you care? Because we are building a solid brotherhood of bikers that understand loyalty and dedication. We are an organized group that holds churches and votes on important issues. Members are required to prospect before joining and can apply here . Prospecting is our time to get to know you, so we can make sure you are a good fit in our club. It's also your time to get to know us and how we operate. We treat our prospects with respect and expect the same in return. Having a mic is required because communication is important to us. Before applying make sure your social club wall, friends, and linked accounts privacy settings are set to friends and crews. Also make sure to read our by-laws .
                              • HAJenks5 days, 19 hours agoReplyFlag
                                Join my crew, we need crew members that are on frequently and members that are down to do heists.
                                • JackieBarrow1 week, 1 day agoReplyFlag
                                  The Bstards MC are recruiting for loyal prospects, We are a tight, active club, that are looking to expand.
                                  Prospecting can be short or long it depends on the work and loyalty that you show the officers, so you can earn the Bstard MC patch.
                                  we have specialist in heists, TDM, Racing and much more weekly church meetings, fight clubs, and ride outs, PS3 Free Aim only.

                                  To apply please visit our official website or contact me directly
                                  • splatman89101 week, 1 day agoReplyFlag
                                    Hey guys, I am looking for premium players that are loyal and enjoy the game. I need people to represent my crew and also good leaders. I regularly change the crew color every week and accept suggestions. I also need a good artist to make a supreme crew emblem. Join the crew Sitting Ducks Waddle for the best gameplay experience.

                                    COPY THIS FOR THE CREW PAGE
                                  • hoodstar-981 week, 1 day agoReplyFlag

                                    • K-Venom1 week, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                                      Eternal Lost Souls a ever growing family with Money, Murder & Mayhem our only outcome look us up or message me K-Venom
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