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Crews have been a thriving feature in the Social Club community since the launch of Max Payne 3 and now with the arrival of Grand Theft Auto Online, we've witnessed recruitment efforts explode in Newswire comments and across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other sites and forums around the web.

To help aid your recruitment needs and to provide a proper on-topic destination for your Crew solicitation comments, we are introducing this new regular "Crew Recruitment" column here at the Rockstar Newswire as a special new companion piece to our longstanding Crew Cut series that highlights awesome Crew activity happening in the open world wild. Here we'll feature a new batch each time of select Crews we've seen on their membership drive hustle, and we also invite and encourage you to post a link to your Crew Page in comments below along with your best pitch to prospective new recruits about why your squad is the one worth aligning with. If you're a lone wolf looking for a GTA family, then this post and its comments section will be an ideal place to scroll through to find likeminded criminals, free roamers, street racers, gangsters, pranksters, sportsmen and warriors. Are you a large competitive Crew, looking to amass an army of followers to dominate on the Team Deathmatch Circuit? A group of motor heads and speed demons, looking to trick out your whips in the latest modifications to assure consistent first place wins? Are you a casual close-knit group of Free Roam hooligans, simply looking for your next laugh and a new way to put the physics and the unsuspecting pedestrians of Los Santos to the test?

We realize there are many styles and preferences from Crew to Crew - some coming together organically in an Online Playlist or lobby for the first time and teaming up with people they work well with, others have close ties from real life friendships and previous games, while some simply share a common interest. Nevertheless, having a close circle of people or large group of players you can call on to help you complete a difficult mission or stand your ground in a heated gun battle is just one benefit of being part of a Crew - along with the more practical perks of course such as Bonus RP for playing with your Crew mates or Crew Emblems to show solidarity amongst your ranks, as well as many others listed here

And to start in our inaugural Crew Recruitment noticeboard lineup here at the Rockstar Newswire, here are a dirty half-dozen motley Crews that are ready for action and open for enrollment:

donutguy12 is hoping you’ll join his crew, the Marvel Alliance. Nuff said? Can we get an official rivalry brewing with these guys?


"The legendary Crew "Marvel Alliance" continues to prosper. Have no fear though, you too can be a member. Free of charge. So that means all you gotta do is visit the link below and BAM! You're all set to go." 


Novacane_Sab feels a bit Giggity-Giggity-Goo about The Shockhers emblem.


"Looking for a laid back casual PS3 Crew with a sense of humour? Well look no further my friends! Join The Shockhers today! Best part of all NO LAME REQUIREMENTS! We are Mostly in the USA & have mics and are adults. We also have one of the very best emblems around baby!"


Mr.Voller wants you to know his "this thing of ours" outfit the Ditcham Crew is strictly business.

"DHMC is still recruiting and growing. Want to be part of an organised family where there's always something to do? Look the part of a Mafioso, too smart to kill. Work hard, play hard is the way to go, tear up the streets of LS by killing cops or robbing shops or doing bounties, with crews or on your own.

Join Ditcham Crew to show GTA Online what organised crime is all about on this game. PS3 ONLY. You're either one of US or another dead man walking!"



evilGrimReaperDe and the Reapers Chapter MC will be tolling the bell for the unlucky who cross their path on the roadways of San Andreas.


"Like motorcycles? - Want to get patched up, and ride with us 1%ers?
Join the Reapers Chapter Motorcycle Club (RCMC)
• At least 1 American-built motorcycle in your garage
• Attitude of teamwork (no noobs please)
• Biker 1%er patches (Crew emblem)"


TDS_tobias from The Devil Scorpion Crew show us that he and his cohorts have international appeal.


The Devil Scorpion est une team fun on est la plus pour déliré mais pas de joueurs en dessous de 20 ans merci ;) nous avons également un forum ou l'inscription est recommander . . . Merci et bonne soirer. PS: pour plus d'info ajouter moi sur psn avec un msg car sinon je ne serai pourquoi vous venez.



a_fine_mess is confident in The Devils Within's ability to go toe-to-toe with any size Crew.

"If you're looking for a Crew to join, why not join The Devils Within. We'll accept anyone (PS3). If you don't plan on making this Crew your active crew don't bother joining, we're looking for members who will actually play with us.

A Crew that plays together, grows together. 300 is just a number, we're as big as you want this Crew to be. This is a PS3 Crew Only."



Others like chrispypitts from The Dead Guys are taking a somewhat different approach at recruitment by making a Crew Recruitment video.

Feel free to share your story and what your Crew is about in the comments section below. We only ask that you please just don’t spam (meaning only post once, do not repost your recruitment message repeatedly) and please keep all such comments strictly on this and future Crew Recruitment articles. This is also the ideal opportunity to show off your Crew spirit with any fun group Snapmatic photos and any awesome gameplay videos you've made to show everyone why your squad is the place to be or the team to beat.

  • R* Aon November 8 2013, 1:31pmFlag
    Great to see so much enthusiastic Crew recruiting going on here in comments.

    Just a reminder though to please exercise proper decorum and do NOT copy/paste spam your recruitment message in comments. Please only post once a day or so and make a point to be switch up the messaging so it's not the same exact message as the previous one left. Those who copy and paste their message more than once or are posting too often may have their commenting privileges suspended. Thanks for understanding and best of luck with all your Crew membership drives!
  • bones117810 hours, 54 minutes agoReplyFlag
    Join my crew No Name Boys GTA. I'm looking to recruit mature gamers who enjoy all aspects of the game whether its a heist, mission, race, or ride around town(Semi MC crew) and good laughs.

    Only requirements:

    1) No killing crew members
    2) Have each others back
    3) No ratting
    4) Mic is preferred but not required
    5) Owning a Motorcycle is encouraged

    "Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut"

    gamer tag: bones1178

    Check out the crew page on Social Club online.

    No Name Boys GTA was formed by die hard Sport Lisboa Benfica fans honoring the notorious futebol crew/faction "No Name Boys" originating in Portugal.

  • DcSmith1315 hours, 13 minutes agoReplyFlag
    Hey, my crew is TheLast0fKings, we're mostly a crew that just has too much f**king fun doing stupid s**t, and we like to grind on that money whenever we can. We're a super friendly and dope ass funny crew, and we're just trying to make the most of the game with smiles and s**t. We got a dope ass emblem, and a dope ass crew color, and some super dope friends. Join if you want man!
    That's the link to the crew!
    • Bsaw28131 day, 22 hours agoReplyFlag
      Paleto Bay Army PSN is now recruiting we are a brand new PMC spanning all consoles. We have 4 branches Army Navy Air Force and Marines each with its own specific roles. We operate out of 4 areas across San Andreas, one for each branch.


      Sea Patrol

      Air Force:
      Air Patrol

      Responsible for all above jobs. Only the best make it.

      Visit our website and see if we are right for you:
      • XsophiebabieeX21 hours, 9 minutes agoReplyFlag
        @Bsaw2813 So if im seeing this correctly... you are the only member and you have a website and 4 branches? what is the point of doing that when you are the only member, wouldnt it be more sensible to make the basic crew and get members before going ahead and making branches or a website, just my opinion
    • young__pesos2 days, 6 hours agoReplyFlag
      Im looking for loyal and active members to join my crew on PS4 we are a small group of players who do not use mods. if you are a modder plz do not reply or ask to join. we are a free aim only crew. I'm looking to push us into Roleplays, car meets and making videos. if u are interested in any of that msg me asap. its hard to recruit cause all of the people with modded accounts. so if ur a fan of the game and want to play to have fun then this is the crew for you. plz msg me asap. thx
      • REZZD0GG2 days, 7 hours agoReplyFlag
        -- XB360 XB1 PC ACTIVE CREW -- Madd Dogg Militants are recruiting active members for Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. We specialize in lobby battles and Hiests but do pretty much everything else in GTA Online also. We help each other complete their daily objectives every day, religiously I might add. We hold weekly crew sessions and daily meet ups. At crew sessions we discuss crew business and issues and every crew session we have training exercises that vary from deathmatches, TDMs, vehicle deathmatches (land, sea & air), races & shooting range target practice (ammunition & free-roam). Daily meet ups is when we put our skills to the test and really whatever we feel like. Promotions within the crew MUST BE EARNED! they WILL NOT be just handed out! ABSOLUTELY NO CREW KILLING! Crew Killers will not be tolerated and will be kicked. We work together, help and back each other up at all times like any good crew should! The more active you are on Social Club the better off you'll be, we also have kik. Request a invite or message me on social club if you think you have what it takes to be a part of the Madd Dogg Militants crew tag DOGZ. Serious and Mature players only! AGE 17+ RANK 50+ XB360 XB1 & PC
        • lsch232 days, 15 hours agoReplyFlag
          looking for a crew on xbox one which is very active
          • SpongeDog142 days, 23 hours agoReplyFlag
            Join my crew, British houndz any platform and level
            • qwerty_bird3 days, 13 hours agoReplyFlag
              "Two men can keep a secret if one is dead"
              That is the code we live by in The Murder Cartel. We're wet work for hire. Assassinations, bombings, crew takedowns, you name it, we do it. We also offer protection for the price that you join us. We want to make a name for ourselves, we want to be feared.

              We are a mafia role-play crew and I hope that we grow! Msg for more information.
              • SpongeDog143 days, 14 hours agoReplyFlag
                Join hounds of the UK now. Recruiting on all platforms and of all skill level .
                • Bsaw28134 days, 11 hours agoReplyFlag
                  Looking for a military crew
                  Prefer to be pilot but can also be infantry and navy
                  level 84
                  will do what im told by my superiors without question
                  message me with questions
                  • ViceFrost4 days, 23 hours agoReplyFlag
                    XBOX AND PS

                    This crew is to ride around with your friends, other crew members and other sets!
                    ELS Balla Gang is currently recruiting.
                    We fight together we ride together.
                    You don't need to be a certain lvl or have experience.
                    Message me if you would like to join!
                    • Bsaw28135 days, 1 hour agoReplyFlag
                      Do you remember what it was like to first start playing GTA online? Killed all the time and helpless. Somehow you grinded your way up the ranks to where you are now. At Paleto Bay Army US we are a military themed crew that provides security for other crews events, as well as defends low level players who cant defend themselves. Join Paleto Bay Army US and message me with any questions you may have.
                      • GangMakinBands5 days, 1 hour agoReplyFlag
                        Join Money Whips n Glocks my psn is Fireproofrogue2 we do heists
                        • CommonerKhan5 days, 16 hours agoReplyFlag
                          Dark reapers13 mc is recruiting on all platforms and all ranks and positions are open pm for info
                          • staffy-pitbul-156 days, 3 hours agoReplyFlag
                            my crew the royal artillary unit is now recruiting we are a military based crew and have 7 units 1 sniper unit. heavy unit. special ops. vip unit. night vision . air assult unit. base gaurds . we may be a small crew but we all stick together to serve and protect. also we are doing security for people who neeed it and for car meets. get involved and join our crew you wont be dissapointed were on xbox 360 .

                            • hitman_ubmc6 days, 19 hours agoReplyFlag
                              Stangs MC recruiting loyal PS3 members, our next ride will be this weekend (28th-30th) message me for details.
                              • UNMC ( United Nations Military Crew ) is a military role play crew, we are recruiting and have only started a couple months ago, looking for players who will be 100% committed to this crew, we have 4 divisions and a new one which is still undergoing decisive testing for training and gear, yes, you will be required to do training, you will be required to follow set rules, and you will be required to have fun, if you wish to join then go ahead and apply to our website listed below, we are a PS3 crew so no Xbox or PS4 players. We are also looking for alliances and people who would like to crew battle.

                                UN INFANTRY DIVISION - MOTTO - First to come, Last to leave -

                                The infantry is the backbone of UNMC, they are basic soldiers but well trained, their job is to be inserted by sea, air or land and then once being inserted start patrolling to their mission objective, when that objective has been achieved then they will be extracted by sea, air or land. Some of the things the infantry do are:


                                UN NAVAL DIVISION - MOTTO - If you wish for peace, Prepare for war -

                                The navy is masters of the ocean, they deal with taking troops to a insertion area, patrolling the oceans, chasing and engaging any unknown vessels and also extract troops. Some of the things they do are:

                                Shooting while on a boat
                                Inserting and Extracting troops
                                Patrolling the waters
                                Engaging unknown vessels

                                UN AIR FORCE - MOTTO - Death From Above -

                                The air force are there to provide air support for the ground units if requested, they also insert and extract troops via Black Bird ( ANNIHILATOR ) HUEY ( VALKYRIE ) or by Chinook ( CARGO BOB ) The troops can also be inserted via C-130 ( TITAN ) and they will parachute down to their mission area. Some of the things they do are:

                                Dog Fighting
                                Inserting and Extracting
                                CAS ( Close Air Support )
                                Maintain security in Sandy Shores

                                UN SPEC OPS - MOTTO - Fighting soldiers from the sky, Fearless men who jump and die -

                                Spec Ops is the Elite unit in UNMC, they are looked up to by all divisions and are highly trained, they are trained in many professions but to list a few are:

                                Hostage Rescue
                                Escape and Evasion
                                Long range sniping

                                If you wish to join then head on over to our website listed below and fill out an application form, by filling out this form you will have completed your first part in training, remember this is a PS3 crew, and do require a few things from you such as obey the rules and 100% commitment from you, we also wish you stay active on the site for news and info on the crew.

                                My PSN - XSophieBabiieeX

                                My KIK - XsophiebabieX

                                Website -

                                Requirements -

                                You must have a mic

                                You must be able to speak english, we dont mind what nationality you are aslong as you can speak english, we have british, irish, scottish, netherlands, americans, australians, canadians and germans so come along

                                And you must be 14 or over with the exception of being 13 and 10 months
                                • Dougie581 week, 1 day agoReplyFlag
                                  The Guilsborough Mafia offers a wide opportunity for you and your friends to partake in business. We offer some of the best needs to your online character. We may not be big but we will be. We go about are lives participating in business/ drug meets, protection, high life, exploring the world with are money earned from are business. Or maby just going down to the golf club in are expensive cars to meet and greet.
                                  Are motto is, Get Away From It All. In short terms Gafia or the Guilsborough Mafia.
                                  Are crew is dangerous.
                                  For now are members are a highly respected Online player. Isaac, Someone who doesn't mess about and takes his time to get the job done no matter what. He will do anything to keep the crew happy from driving you carefully and quickly to locations or helping you out by hiding at a bust so only we know where he is.
                                  Cam, a young Street hustler convinced he's surrounded by morons. Cam helps the crew with ideas, jokes around and will make sure everything is up to date. you can thank him for are amazing crew emblem.
                                  And them their is Ollie. A loud character who makes everyone laugh even the most serious. He came up with the amazing name. Ollie loves money but he has a spending issue. He can loose $1 million dollers in a day and not even by a car or a property. He will help you. he is the most trusted member.
                                  Finally me. A guy who hates his bank ballance even if their is $10 million in because it feels poor. I won't spend a penny. I will help you as much as I can (sometimes)
                                  So contact the Guilsborough Mafia today.
                                  You could live a wealthy for filling life.
                                  Thank you.
                                  • bolinmic1 week, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                                    PLEASE JOIN MY CREW

                                    BRONAMETH AND CO
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