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Crews have been a thriving feature in the Social Club community since the launch of Max Payne 3 and now with the arrival of Grand Theft Auto Online, we've witnessed recruitment efforts explode in Newswire comments and across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other sites and forums around the web.

To help aid your recruitment needs and to provide a proper on-topic destination for your Crew solicitation comments, we are introducing this new regular "Crew Recruitment" column here at the Rockstar Newswire as a special new companion piece to our longstanding Crew Cut series that highlights awesome Crew activity happening in the open world wild. Here we'll feature a new batch each time of select Crews we've seen on their membership drive hustle, and we also invite and encourage you to post a link to your Crew Page in comments below along with your best pitch to prospective new recruits about why your squad is the one worth aligning with. If you're a lone wolf looking for a GTA family, then this post and its comments section will be an ideal place to scroll through to find likeminded criminals, free roamers, street racers, gangsters, pranksters, sportsmen and warriors. Are you a large competitive Crew, looking to amass an army of followers to dominate on the Team Deathmatch Circuit? A group of motor heads and speed demons, looking to trick out your whips in the latest modifications to assure consistent first place wins? Are you a casual close-knit group of Free Roam hooligans, simply looking for your next laugh and a new way to put the physics and the unsuspecting pedestrians of Los Santos to the test?

We realize there are many styles and preferences from Crew to Crew - some coming together organically in an Online Playlist or lobby for the first time and teaming up with people they work well with, others have close ties from real life friendships and previous games, while some simply share a common interest. Nevertheless, having a close circle of people or large group of players you can call on to help you complete a difficult mission or stand your ground in a heated gun battle is just one benefit of being part of a Crew - along with the more practical perks of course such as Bonus RP for playing with your Crew mates or Crew Emblems to show solidarity amongst your ranks, as well as many others listed here

And to start in our inaugural Crew Recruitment noticeboard lineup here at the Rockstar Newswire, here are a dirty half-dozen motley Crews that are ready for action and open for enrollment:

donutguy12 is hoping you’ll join his crew, the Marvel Alliance. Nuff said? Can we get an official rivalry brewing with these guys?


"The legendary Crew "Marvel Alliance" continues to prosper. Have no fear though, you too can be a member. Free of charge. So that means all you gotta do is visit the link below and BAM! You're all set to go." 


Novacane_Sab feels a bit Giggity-Giggity-Goo about The Shockhers emblem.


"Looking for a laid back casual PS3 Crew with a sense of humour? Well look no further my friends! Join The Shockhers today! Best part of all NO LAME REQUIREMENTS! We are Mostly in the USA & have mics and are adults. We also have one of the very best emblems around baby!"


Mr.Voller wants you to know his "this thing of ours" outfit the Ditcham Crew is strictly business.

"DHMC is still recruiting and growing. Want to be part of an organised family where there's always something to do? Look the part of a Mafioso, too smart to kill. Work hard, play hard is the way to go, tear up the streets of LS by killing cops or robbing shops or doing bounties, with crews or on your own.

Join Ditcham Crew to show GTA Online what organised crime is all about on this game. PS3 ONLY. You're either one of US or another dead man walking!"



evilGrimReaperDe and the Reapers Chapter MC will be tolling the bell for the unlucky who cross their path on the roadways of San Andreas.


"Like motorcycles? - Want to get patched up, and ride with us 1%ers?
Join the Reapers Chapter Motorcycle Club (RCMC)
• At least 1 American-built motorcycle in your garage
• Attitude of teamwork (no noobs please)
• Biker 1%er patches (Crew emblem)"


TDS_tobias from The Devil Scorpion Crew show us that he and his cohorts have international appeal.


The Devil Scorpion est une team fun on est la plus pour déliré mais pas de joueurs en dessous de 20 ans merci ;) nous avons également un forum ou l'inscription est recommander . . . Merci et bonne soirer. PS: pour plus d'info ajouter moi sur psn avec un msg car sinon je ne serai pourquoi vous venez.



a_fine_mess is confident in The Devils Within's ability to go toe-to-toe with any size Crew.

"If you're looking for a Crew to join, why not join The Devils Within. We'll accept anyone (PS3). If you don't plan on making this Crew your active crew don't bother joining, we're looking for members who will actually play with us.

A Crew that plays together, grows together. 300 is just a number, we're as big as you want this Crew to be. This is a PS3 Crew Only."



Others like chrispypitts from The Dead Guys are taking a somewhat different approach at recruitment by making a Crew Recruitment video.

Feel free to share your story and what your Crew is about in the comments section below. We only ask that you please just don’t spam (meaning only post once, do not repost your recruitment message repeatedly) and please keep all such comments strictly on this and future Crew Recruitment articles. This is also the ideal opportunity to show off your Crew spirit with any fun group Snapmatic photos and any awesome gameplay videos you've made to show everyone why your squad is the place to be or the team to beat.

  • R* Aon November 8 2013, 1:31pmFlag
    Great to see so much enthusiastic Crew recruiting going on here in comments.

    Just a reminder though to please exercise proper decorum and do NOT copy/paste spam your recruitment message in comments. Please only post once a day or so and make a point to be switch up the messaging so it's not the same exact message as the previous one left. Those who copy and paste their message more than once or are posting too often may have their commenting privileges suspended. Thanks for understanding and best of luck with all your Crew membership drives!
  • I could Wright a whole story about why you should join our crew, but its simple. Check out GambeDay, if you like what ya see, Join. If ya don't..Meh xD
    • PalmyraSq56 minutes agoReplyFlag
      UK Dark Knights are now recruiting - active crew close to 100 members, offering something for everyone whether you are a competitive racer, an ace pilot or simply enjoy spending time in free mode with others.

      A team above all, above all a team. Be part of a growing revolution and sign up today.

      Check out our official Youtube Crew Trailer.

      • theCODfather11220 hours, 51 minutes agoReplyFlag
        Hey guys!

        So I'm the only one in my crew right now. Yeah. So you should join, and we'll build a powerful crew from scratch. First couple ppl who join get admin status and lots of swag. XBOX only.

        Crew Name: Prep Squad II (Prep Squad was taken)
        My gamertag: theCODfather112 (rockstar username is the same. get it? haha)

        • londonboikumar21 hours, 38 minutes agoReplyFlag

          CREW: Kumar Enterprises
          MEMBERS CURRENTLY: Around 5
          CONSOLE: PlayStation 3
          1) No friendly fire
          2) Always loyal
          3) Must be Ranked 60 to be a part of the admin panel
          4) Have a headset/ microphone and must speak English (Exceptions can be made)
          5) Smart dress sense with crew colour showing (Exceptions can be made)
          6) Must follow R*'s Terms and conditions throughout membership of the crew

          If you have any enqurires about the crew feel free to contact me on social club on this account (LondonBoiKumar) or on my PSN (c**kney_KumarS_7)

          Many Thanks On behalf of the crew.
        • bigboom801 day, 16 hours agoReplyFlag

          we are looking for new crew members to have fun,do missions,raise RP,rank up,protect each other and generally enjoy playing GTA online the only 2 rules are 1:have a mic n speak n understand English & 2:no killing fellow crew members other than that come and enjoy our crew one of is always online
          • pizzaforlife11 day, 18 hours agoReplyFlag
            looking for a crew that helps with rp money
            loyalty organized
            but also that alows player to dress the way they want
            current rank 70+ i do belong to top of my current crew
            but disputes with leader make game a lot less fun
            so do you think you can provide for a loyal guy that plays daily
          • Ruka_Souen2 days, 1 hour agoReplyFlag
            |)anjou's Legion (13th) Foreign Regiment

            We are recruiting militant minded individuals. We are a close knit organization that values loyalty more then anything. we are an elite military organization and as such we have harsh standards, even so the rewards are great.

            As of now we have 2 divisions- Air Support. Bombing runs & exfiltration and rescue.
            And the 2nd being our ground forces- Commandos & sniper teams
            We also have a few officer positions available.

            *requirements for enlistment-1.50 K/D Ratio, headset, active.
            **requirements for officer position-3.00 K/D Ratio minimal, active,headset, strong ability to lead, strong sense of duty & loyalty to the 13th Foreign Regiment.

            We also have a logistics officer position available which is exept from previous requirements.
            logistics officer requirements***- Headset, very active on recruiting & forums.

            If interested please add my PSN "EXMercenary"
            -Officer of the 13th Foreign Regiment in |)anjou's Legion-
          • Jamo-P2 days, 13 hours agoReplyFlag
            Crew: mileStarr ENT

            Color: Red

            Hip-Hop crew members/Music crew

            • DaeDaeRockxz2 days, 18 hours agoReplyFlag
              If you're looking for a Crew then join the Los Gremios, We'll accept anyone who really want to play. If you don't plan on making this Crew your active crew don't bother joining, we're looking for members who will actually play with us.
              A Crew that plays together, grows together. This is a PS3 and Xbox 360 crew."
              • PopeJohnPwnII2 days, 18 hours agoReplyFlag
                PopeJohnPwner here to let you know about some exciting openings with the Maternity Ward Bandits. Our main goal is to further our cause of snatching all babies in Los Santos, whether that be eliminating our opposition, stealing drugs on the side, robbing people for cash to buy more and more baby carriers, or staging elaborate selfies! Join us, and you shall be rewarded. Currently looking to fill medium and lower level ranks with opportunities for advancement.

                • Floogletorf00773 days, 11 hours agoReplyFlag
                  ATTENTION: GTA Xbox Live Players!, are you Military/Ex-Military or Military Minded? are you fed up of team killing, unorganized crews? Want something unique, active and serious?. And works as a team?.

                  Well look no further than the Black Wolf Commandos, We are an organized Private Army that works using strategy and teamwork to accomplish its goals, whether thats Bounty Protection, Fighting Hostile crews or Missions. We have very active, loyal and dedicated members and accomplished leaders to keep the clan functioning and working. You can rise through our ranks and hierarchy to gain and eventually lead our forces in operations. The clan is policed and regulated to maintain our professional standards. And have two very active Military Divisions:

                  Infantry: The Backbone of the Black Wolf Commandos, Adapted to harsh environments, well trained and disciplined this menacing combat force is deployed in large groups and are intended to push the front-lines in our favor, consists of multiple combat roles and versatile fighting tactics to form a spearhead in any combat situation. Infantry can be deployed on reconnaissance and Patrols in conflicted territories and on the front-lines

                  Mechanized: Heavily trained commando vehicle specialists who are vital for any combat scenario, these guys are quick to respond to any situation, any threat in any terrain and are sure to leave a permanent scar on any combatant who are foolish to attack Black Wolf Operatives. When they're are down they're not out by changing into an infantrymen if vehicles are destroyed. Mechanized are also quick to be deployed in large scale invasions and shock and awe operations. Also used for search and rescues and evacuations.

                  But not just anyone can join! First you will need to prove yourself to be a good team player, strategist and a reliable soldier, after all wolves hunt in packs, complete our training course to be deemed a Black Wolf Commando.

                  If you are interested please read the following requirements below...

                  -Have to be aged 17 and over
                  -Have to be Serious and Active
                  -Have to be a TeamPlayer
                  -Have to of acquired a Microphone
                  -Be Speak Fluent, Clear English
                  -Be able to Take orders
                  -Be able to Wear a Uniform
                  -Have to acquire a Crew Vehicle
                  -Be able to Help other Soldiers
                  -To abide by our laws

                  For really in depth info check out our site and forum:
                  Join here:
                • Snake-Marco3 days, 19 hours agoReplyFlag
                  Snakes From Hell MC is recruiting, Snakes From Hell MC is a motorcycle club, daily events to happen.


                  Famiglia Diablo is a MOB family ready to take over San Andreas.

                  This two crews belong to SnakeArtGaming search on facebook and leave a message
                  • Markyttt4 days, 6 hours agoReplyFlag
                    Hey people check our recruitment page; people online everyday making a lot of money and having fun, great up and coming crew with many active players looking for more people to join please read the post on GTA forum
                    • P3t38204 days, 18 hours agoReplyFlag
                      castellano CF is looking for some new family members for this growing crew we protect each other and our brother crews so when you join castellano cf you are really joining 3 crews we help you rank up daily and get money join now no rules except respects your crew members no requirements join today
                      • Lusmillz4 days, 19 hours agoReplyFlag
                        Bi Polar Mayhem is looking for a few good men. Im trying to start a gang that acknowledges loyalty above everything else, meaning if anyone is giving you problems, and you see any members online, just send a join gaqme request for backup and we join no questions asked coming with guns blazing! Also my RR grind is unparalleled if you need to get your cash or RP up. No strict rules, just fun, fun, fun and a crew that doesn't let ppl pick on them or run them out of servers. pI never run from a server and always make sure my man makes it home b4 i log off. If interested you can search the social club Lusmillz or Crew Bi Polar Mayhem with the acronym CRAZ.
                        • Villainnov4 days, 22 hours agoReplyFlag
                          New crew! We are a social, comedic and personable crew! We like for our members to be active with eachother. We are a silly crew but can be serious. We want new members to run deep in sessions with. We do missions or free roam, anything.
                          Console: PS3
                          Crew/Clan Name: Five Hunnit K
                          Crew/Clan Tag: 500K
                          Crew/Clan Leader & Officers: Leader: Villainnov, Officers: Lakers4111, Antwanswagboy14(FATJOE5666 PSN)
                          Rank: 20+
                          Time Zone: US
                          Mic Required Y/N: N, but prefered.
                          Crew/Clan Style (Casual, Competitive etc...): Casual but we can be competitive when challenged.
                          Recruiting Status: Invitation but open minded.
                          • Villainnov4 days, 22 hours agoReplyFlag
                            @Villainnov Message Me @ for further details or questions.
                        • Ruka_Souen5 days, 1 hour agoReplyFlag
                          |)anjou's Legion (13th) is actively recruiting motivated, team oriented individuals to fight on the grond in the city of LS!

                          We are looking for sniper teams, commandos, pilots, even 2 officers to lead units into the fight!
                          We have airsupport for quick response to assist in rescue & bombing runs whether your a commando, sniper, or tryout you WILL BE RESCUED. as the Air support officer and as a commissioner thats my pledge to you.
                          Like all elite units we have requirements & standards that we must meet. however some exceptions can be made so dnt give up.
                          *requirements-Headset, 1.50 kdr, active.
                          **officer requirements- 3.00 kdr minimal, headset,active, strong ability to lead.
                          if you do not meet these requirements but are still interested tryout anyway because like before you might have a skill set thats worth having :)
                          If wanting a tryout message my PSN. "EXMercenary" and we will set one up.
                          -officer of the 13th-
                          • Ruka_Souen5 days, 1 hour agoReplyFlag
                            @Ruka_Souen We also have one "administrative position" available in the 13th.
                            This position is exempt from all requirements as it has its own.

                            **Administrative Officer requirements-
                            Headset, strong people skills, strong management skills.

                            (this position will not see combat and if present in the field will have commandos & sniper teams posted for protection as this position is for administrative purposes)

                            There are 2 administrative officers in the 13th and currently only 1 available. again message my PSN if interested. "EXMercenary"
                        • ToXiiC_Prophett5 days, 10 hours agoReplyFlag
                          ToXiiC is now open.
                          Accepting anyone willing to join and that play actively.
                          PS3 Crew
                          • Robert3955 days, 11 hours agoReplyFlag
                            Canada Crime Familys is now looking for new if your looking for a canadain crew whose organized and as long as your 18+ and have a mic come and check us out and CANADIAN MOBBSTAZ are recruiting new members have to be 18+ and have mic both crews play on ps3 mostly but willing to accept Xbox players 18 + and have a mic too come check out both of our crews any questions ask Robert395
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