New GTA Online Title Update 1.05

Posted on November 5 2013, 10:15am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Support, Games

The newest automatic title update for GTA Online is now available for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. As mentioned previously, this update addresses some residual issues where occasionally people's vehicles or vehicle modifications were disappearing due to a cloud save failure - as well as the other fixes mentioned below:

  • Built in measures to prevent users from losing their progress when there is a cloud outage
  • Built in a number of measures to protect players’ cash balances even if there are network problems
  • Fixed an issue where on rare occasions during network problems the player could lose their Online vehicle or mods after exiting GTA Online

Of course, if you're still experiencing any other technical problems, please visit our support website to contact our support team and subscribe to the GTA Online Launch Status article. You can also shoot us a quick message at the Rockstar Support Twitter.

We also encourage you to send any constructive gameplay feedback you have to us at our address, as we continue to monitor it for all the latest suggestions for tweaking and improving the experience of GTA Online.

On a related note, we anticipate the GTA$ Stimulus to be distributed in the next couple of days following this Title Update. The Stimulus will go out over the course of a full day once it's initiated so don't be alarmed if people on your friends list receive it before or later than you do. Enjoy and we certainly appreciate your patience and understanding as we sort out these remaining issues.

  • DonShivam1234on March 10 2016, 3:52pmReplyFlag
    i cant install the new update.when i press to update it updates but when it comes to install it stays on this 65 /8486 and is not moving from that number. what should i do help me please.
  • taewalker74on December 1 2015, 1:42pmReplyFlag
    how can i update manually
    • violent_serenityon September 19 2015, 11:08amReplyFlag
      What ever happened to American Exports, Docks to Stock II, Cleaning the Cathouse? And, why was Chopper Tail added back to the game after a long absence only to be removed a few months later? These missions were all on my jobs list, and were among my very favorite missions to play. I still Love GTA Online, it is the only title I make time to play because of my busy life, and limited time for gaming.

      There are still lots of excellent missions to grind, but I don’t understand why some of the best playing, high dollar jobs are being removed, and so many crappy low paying jobs remain. I don’t even see the above mentioned missions in the voting screen, or when “Random” job is selected. Please tell me these mission may be seen again at some point. Hats off to Rockstar, “Kick Ass game”. Love GTA V. GTA Online.
      • Deante6063on June 20 2015, 6:38pmReplyFlag
        we should be able to put a lift kit on our cars and trucks like in mid night club. and be able to select our rim size. and we should also be able to wear earrings with the chains and not 1 or the other, Thanks
        • destroyer10096on August 28 2014, 1:53pmReplyFlag
          hi my name is shaun west and I was hoping you could add the annihilator helicopter for gta5 and add a couple of guns from gta4 like the p90 and the aa12 shotgun and the 9mm glock pistol for gta5 and put the police job mission from gta4 on gta5 thanks.
          • ulorla66on August 21 2014, 11:31amReplyFlag
            Why can't i join GTA online. I have no problem joining invite only mode but trying to go strait into the game it times out every time. takes a few mins to fail then takes a few mins for it to go back to single player mode.
            • trucity989on April 21 2014, 9:48pmReplyFlag
              when is the bank heist cumming out
              • Sergio384on March 26 2014, 12:47amReplyFlag
                I don't understand how to unlock skull tattoo
                • messyjesse2on March 18 2014, 6:11pmReplyFlag
                  Everytime I try to join my friends it always says please make sure all players have the latest title update why
                  • ThePirateGameron February 15 2014, 9:54amReplyFlag
                    How to Upgrade Gta V ???
                    • smartasskenon February 7 2014, 6:06pmReplyFlag
                      i did 2 missions the othr day and did not get paid,(high tide or sumn like tht, and another one dnt remember name) jus high RP, also can we get more past times, fishing, 3 on 3 basketball, sumn. I dnt care for tank eithr but it is bearable, its a mission for me to KILL the Tank! also whn going fast in super cars screen turns soggy and car sinks, until I come to stop. cab missions, bank robberies. a survival at fort zancudo, and well as the PEN. we need more to do. can we get grapix packages for cars, side elblems, or place emblem anywhere on car.
                      • battleship_1234on January 18 2014, 7:35pmReplyFlag
                        how do you download updates pleas help me
                        • needalife73on January 21 2014, 7:44pmReplyFlag
                          @battleship_1234 It updates when you load the game...if not you need to change your settings on the console so it updates automatically or update it manually when you hear of a new update thats out
                        • rebornjulez94on January 27 2014, 12:28pmReplyFlag
                          @needalife73 how do u updated it ? i put my setting to auto but idk it didn't say anything
                      • DariusGroveron December 30 2013, 10:55pmReplyFlag
                        Rockstar this comment really needs to be seen there are things that need to be patched
                        (The Rhino tank needs to be removed) because i am sick and tired of enableing passive mode only to be shot by a tank for no reason. It is cheap and you cant take it out.
                        The masks remove all hair on our heads. Whenever i put my mask on and then take it off it cuts all my hair off.
                        Also you should make more episodes of shows like Fame Or Shame, Kung Fu Razor Lazor Force and My favorite Republican Space Rangers. I love these shows but i am sick and tired of watching the same show that i have watch 1 billion times.
                        I and the rest of the Rockstar community would be so happy and impressed when these are patched. Please help us out thanks!
                        • MONEYSHOOTon December 30 2013, 1:34pmReplyFlag
                          iv got to say iv bought every GTA since it was first created this is the worst of them all people hacking eveytime you do an update now most probs 1-2 million people are like level 600-1000 and have got over 1 billion what away to wreck the game and i will be returning this game back to where i bought it from even call of duty dose not have this problem and that's saying something.
                          • ooFESTERooon December 30 2013, 5:38amReplyFlag
                            For past two days cant play online it just loads and I staring at the city from the sky any it to do with ppl glitching into the servers
                            • douchy_jon December 18 2013, 9:35amReplyFlag
                              lookout rockstar hey man i appreciate errthang you all are doin .. i promise i have experience no i repeat none problems playin since day one i swear this is the best game ever "mani love this s**t" .. anywho lemme get to the point ... my hustler tattoo i cant get it i have earned over 100k bettin and gamblin .. if you could look into it i would greatly appreciate it .. btw ive only lost 10k gamblin so there yuh go .. lil stat for you staticians .. im from texas btw
                              • noobsarebad12on December 16 2013, 12:35pmReplyFlag
                                still cloud servers are offline im upset...
                                • GingaBloggarion December 13 2013, 9:34amReplyFlag
                                  Mine works fine. Just try to understand the GTA:
                                  Online has just started like 2-3 months ago. Everything is not perfect yet. :)
                                  • MattSk88on December 7 2013, 8:37pmReplyFlag
                                    James the garage louding screen bug is bad I can't run drive no weapons cand meli atack it's like I'm uncontrollable it's mad please help rockstar once I took a friend in my garage my car turn divisible my friend fell and died then I got stuck like wtf rockstar
                                    • MattSk88on December 7 2013, 8:31pmReplyFlag
                                      Vicelord you have to wait for the skull tattoo same hapend to me
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