Crew Cut: Family Portrait Gangsters & Color Coordinated Pranksters

Posted on November 4 2013, 2:04pm | Author: R* L | Filed Under: Games, Social Club
The DONZ Family Crew have hooked up a clever reinterpretation of GTAV Trailer 1 to highlight why they moved to Los Santos...


With Crews all over trying to find innovative ways to recruit members, many are turning to the tried and true power of propaganda film-making to show why their particular party is superior. The DONZ Family Crew's handiwork can be seen above, channeling Michael's narration from GTAV Trailer 1 to underscore their own Crew sentiment alongside some sweet sepia action. The LS VIGILANT3S (NAFC) Crew have distributed an inspiring sizzle reel of Team Deathmatch action that illustrates their squad's never-say-die spirit - where despite getting waxed in the early part of the clip, Commissioner codydaley comes back hard in the end racking up Kill Streaks, Power Plays and surviving Bounties all to the tune of AC/DC's "Shoot to Thrill" to help turn it all up.


Meanwhile, the Blackharks (BLAK) Crew of Brazil have been using both Snapmatic and Instagram to spread their message, posting everything from solid propaganda posters to even real life custom t-shirts emblazoned with their logo as seen above. These guys seem to have a solid handle on the art of Crew branding.


After featuring the unabashedly zany
Cyclop 9 (CC99) Crew in our last Crew CutHealing in God's Herb (HIGH) Crew Leader Dockhag let us know that they're no chopped liver in the hooliganism category. This new Crew is always into something - HIGH's turn-ons include hosting their own intra-Crew Halloween photo contest in their Crew page feed, engaging in the Dockhag-created meta-sport of knife jousting, in which two people go at it with knives exclusively at Los Santos Golf Club and just generally goofing around in their signature Sprunk-green.

Crew HIGH-jinks. Clockwise from top left: The HIGH Crew's family portrait up in the Blaine County hills; an exploding car does an #epicphotobomb on amoney365; and which one of these does not belong?


The HIGH Crew above were just one of many who delivered on our request to the community to send through their best Crew family portraits - below are some of the standouts this week and we'll aim to feature more in future Crew Cuts so long as you guys keep great ones coming. Shouts to Lem0n Pledge (NONO)The Devils Within (FEAR) Crewthe SOUTH PACIFIC MAFIA (SPMA) and the East Coast Syndicate (EAST) Crew.

Clockwise from top left: The Lem0n Pledge Crew toast it up; an amazingly composed shot of The Devils Within squad, looking poised to wreak havoc in choppers; The SOUTH PACIFIC MAFIA straight chilling at the top of Mt. Chiliad; and The East Coast Syndicate's motto is 'Professionals Only' and here Crew Leader JenSpz hosts a stylish networking party in all-white.

Keep sharing your most impressive Crew portraits with the Social Club community in Newswire comments and you can also send them our way to have a look via Mouthoff.

A big shout to Redditors worldwide who've long been Crew-believers ever since the launch of Max Payne 3. We know there's a whole bunch of Reddit community Crews that are maxed out to the 300-member limit with more seemingly created all the time. We're hoping to be able to raise the member cap for large Crews like yours and others soon so that you can increase your ranks.

Other squads have been parlaying their own Subreddits to great effect as well. Leader raccoooonzzzz, who formed the Los Mapaches (RACC) Crew, just a month ago, uses their Subreddit to promote everything from news to Crew unity and even the Los Mapaches Car Show. The inviting Free Hugs II (HUGS) Crew (a sequel to the maxed out Free Hugs I) use their Subreddit mainly for membership driving and as a forum for members to ask questions and connect with each other - clearly a smart means of expanding recruitment efforts.


The good old Ganja Outlaws continue to make noise with coordinated bike outings and sweet matching green Crew cars, This week, we close out with an excellent compilation from the Club of Champions (CROC1) Crew, together since August, these guys have certainly been getting into some madness in GTA Online - enjoy:



  • Join our mafia family.
    • QUAKEAMILL1 week, 5 days agoReplyFlag crew music video CHECK IT OUT
      • Effffm2 weeks, 3 days agoReplyFlag
        so uh, la mesa Aztecs, Aztec fam been alive since the 90`s but we coming back a bit bigger, with our modern day level of close to nil racism anyone is welcome, to join play in our parties, do jobs, glitchs, spend big, gang wars with other crews who go againast our blue flag.
        Teal Blue Threads if you were wondering ahaha.
        La Mesa Aztecs (LAMA) becase why would you want to accidently join a crew with 10 6 year olds?
        • THEbighaxon February 27 2014, 5:59pmReplyFlag
          tired of d**ks in tanks or 2,3,4 even 5 people ganging up of you we'll have your back looking for lvl 45+ players

          • HOXTON91on February 23 2014, 5:09pmReplyFlag
            There may only be 4 in my crew but we are 4 of the finest motherf****ers you will ever play
            • -JayMan-on February 16 2014, 6:06amReplyFlag
              Do you like driving fast, killing your enemies and doing missions for rewards? Join Righteous Bears, we accept all genders xbox only as well as willing to help your friends WE DONT KILL OUR OWN
              • x-GREEN-GO-xon February 11 2014, 4:56pmReplyFlag
                Rosen Oak Boyz are now Looking for new recruits and emblem creator. we treat eachother like family and watch eachothers back
                • 32941897on February 5 2014, 4:01pmReplyFlag
                  wth this video is sheet i can make a video that will shake ur whole generation!! seriously thats what u call best and nice motto but it doesnt work like that...
                  • 34418232on February 5 2014, 4:20amReplyFlag
                    "You hit me, We hit you". f**k that, one of us can take your whole crew!

                    -Vancity Murder Squad
                    • Remak1on February 1 2014, 6:04pmReplyFlag
                      If your looking for a fun clan to join and to just chill with than join the SA assassins.
                      • LilRahstaon January 31 2014, 1:40pmReplyFlag
                        Secret Mercenaries are us. We are Recruiting All. Xbox 360 - The Rahsta
                        • Thompson8eron January 29 2014, 9:21pmReplyFlag
                          Do you like games like Assassins Creed and Hitman do you like playing as a professional killer or a hitman? Then see if you have what it takes to be a real killer and join the Assassins Order.
                          • sbfvbron March 3 2014, 5:08pmReplyFlag
                            @Thompson8er Are you on xbox cause our crew is simlar to what yours is if you ever want to team up let me know
                        • BLOODMONEYHUSTLAon January 28 2014, 11:31amReplyFlag
                          From the Godfather, Boardwalk Empire, GoodFellas, and Sopranos to Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, and Carlo Gambino. If being a mobster is right up your alley, Crew Leader: BLOODMONEYHUSTLA is recruiting for our mafia inspired psn crew The BARZINI Family
                          • mikelawon January 27 2014, 4:58amReplyFlag
                            Join Lawless Ltd. We are Mime. We specialize in finding a player to copy. We will dress and customize cars to look exactly like our targets. As a crew we will all Mime troll players all over San Andreas. No-one is safe from being mimed. Tank users better watch out when the mimes are about. Our crew is growing, which means more people to look just like you do muahahahaha.
                            • Dirty0Gon January 25 2014, 5:48pmReplyFlag
                              COBRA BLACKOUT here, looking for some muscle. Don't have a lot of rules just be a "legal" player no HACKERS, no MODERS. Have each others backs out there, don't be afraid to rep them crew colors and CAUSE HELL!!!!!! JOIN UP!! If you have questions feel free to hit me up on XBOX (Dirty 0G) or hit my buddy up on PLAYSTATION (rocsta) YES WE ARE ON BOTH SYSTEMS "NO LIMITS"…….See you on the streets!
                              -HAIL COBRA-
                              • BenKelly1996on January 25 2014, 12:23pmReplyFlag
                                "THE UNIT"
                                Motto - Kill or be killed. Your either with us or against us/
                                Looking for LOYAL members/players to join the crew. We're a very high crew.
                                Message me or Dazzlaa for more info
                                Cheers guys.
                                -The Unit.
                                • martiniweinion January 22 2014, 10:20pmReplyFlag
                                  Cirque de Monstres* - OPEN ENROLLMENT - *Circus of Freaks

                                  A recently developed crew that is looking to make a name for itself.

                                  Rules - Members must be team players and willing to assist any fellow crew members at a moments notice. NO DISCRIMINATION based on ethnicity, religious beliefs, sex, sexual preference, etc. Any members caught and/or reported doing so will result in being kicked from the crew. DO NOT antagonize other CIRK members and/or destroy their personal vehicles on purpose. DO antagonize non-members if you so desire. Headsets would be preferable as this will make communication much easier. Set as active crew. PS3 ONLY.

                                  Role Play/Appearance - The color scheme of apparel worn is a simple black and white color scheme, keeping with a mime/card theme. Crew emblem is not necessary but would be nice so as to represent CIRK. Tattoos, makeups, and vehicles should follow same color/theme as apparel. NOTE-Not all the colors need to be present on each piece of clothing/makeup.
                                  • koolzak47on January 19 2014, 12:33amReplyFlag
                                    whats good gta online the newly formed DRO SQUAD 242 looking to recruit strong,loyal,and active of members who are down to ride for their crew.loyalty is a matter your level or race you are.all are welcome.we just have a few rules to the crew.

                                    1.)no hating in no way we aint bout that
                                    2.)no glitching or hacking or cheating of any such we dont want another maintanence period right? i think not
                                    3.)assist all crew members no matter their level
                                    4.)all high paying missions,consider crew members first we must all be one
                                    5.) you can wear your own clothes but occasionally we will wear the crew color and emblem mostly during team deathmathches or sometimes in the lobbys to make others respect us
                                    6.)respect all members no matter level or race
                                    7.)DRO SQUAD 242 must be your active crew in order for promotions
                                    8.)no killing other crew members unless agreed upon
                                    9.)18 and over
                                    10.)take part in missions with crew members

                                    Also we have a few perks.such as chopper,boats,plane,tank.
                                    We take care of our own.we do more than enough missions,to where you'll be good far as matter race,gender all are welcome to join.please be an active player.till then......

                                    DRO SQUAD 242!!!!!!!!!!
                                    Crew leader:KJ242 AKA Koolzak47
                                    Crew:DRO SQUAD 242
                                    PS3 only
                                    Mics:yes/no PREFERABLY YES FOR EASIER COMMUNICATIONS
                                    • Austinmurphy04on January 18 2014, 5:30pmReplyFlag
                                      Hi I have been trying to get in the crew but it's been pending for a mouth now and was wondering why I havnt been accepted to the crew yet ? And I have GTA 5 on the 360 so I would love to be in the crew and to rep the crew . So message me back please . Btw the donz family crew .
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