Crew Cut: Family Portrait Gangsters & Color Coordinated Pranksters

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The DONZ Family Crew have hooked up a clever reinterpretation of GTAV Trailer 1 to highlight why they moved to Los Santos...


With Crews all over trying to find innovative ways to recruit members, many are turning to the tried and true power of propaganda film-making to show why their particular party is superior. The DONZ Family Crew's handiwork can be seen above, channeling Michael's narration from GTAV Trailer 1 to underscore their own Crew sentiment alongside some sweet sepia action. The LS VIGILANT3S (NAFC) Crew have distributed an inspiring sizzle reel of Team Deathmatch action that illustrates their squad's never-say-die spirit - where despite getting waxed in the early part of the clip, Commissioner codydaley comes back hard in the end racking up Kill Streaks, Power Plays and surviving Bounties all to the tune of AC/DC's "Shoot to Thrill" to help turn it all up.


Meanwhile, the Blackharks (BLAK) Crew of Brazil have been using both Snapmatic and Instagram to spread their message, posting everything from solid propaganda posters to even real life custom t-shirts emblazoned with their logo as seen above. These guys seem to have a solid handle on the art of Crew branding.


After featuring the unabashedly zany
Cyclop 9 (CC99) Crew in our last Crew CutHealing in God's Herb (HIGH) Crew Leader Dockhag let us know that they're no chopped liver in the hooliganism category. This new Crew is always into something - HIGH's turn-ons include hosting their own intra-Crew Halloween photo contest in their Crew page feed, engaging in the Dockhag-created meta-sport of knife jousting, in which two people go at it with knives exclusively at Los Santos Golf Club and just generally goofing around in their signature Sprunk-green.

Crew HIGH-jinks. Clockwise from top left: The HIGH Crew's family portrait up in the Blaine County hills; an exploding car does an #epicphotobomb on amoney365; and which one of these does not belong?


The HIGH Crew above were just one of many who delivered on our request to the community to send through their best Crew family portraits - below are some of the standouts this week and we'll aim to feature more in future Crew Cuts so long as you guys keep great ones coming. Shouts to Lem0n Pledge (NONO)The Devils Within (FEAR) Crewthe SOUTH PACIFIC MAFIA (SPMA) and the East Coast Syndicate (EAST) Crew.

Clockwise from top left: The Lem0n Pledge Crew toast it up; an amazingly composed shot of The Devils Within squad, looking poised to wreak havoc in choppers; The SOUTH PACIFIC MAFIA straight chilling at the top of Mt. Chiliad; and The East Coast Syndicate's motto is 'Professionals Only' and here Crew Leader JenSpz hosts a stylish networking party in all-white.

Keep sharing your most impressive Crew portraits with the Social Club community in Newswire comments and you can also send them our way to have a look via Mouthoff.

A big shout to Redditors worldwide who've long been Crew-believers ever since the launch of Max Payne 3. We know there's a whole bunch of Reddit community Crews that are maxed out to the 300-member limit with more seemingly created all the time. We're hoping to be able to raise the member cap for large Crews like yours and others soon so that you can increase your ranks.

Other squads have been parlaying their own Subreddits to great effect as well. Leader raccoooonzzzz, who formed the Los Mapaches (RACC) Crew, just a month ago, uses their Subreddit to promote everything from news to Crew unity and even the Los Mapaches Car Show. The inviting Free Hugs II (HUGS) Crew (a sequel to the maxed out Free Hugs I) use their Subreddit mainly for membership driving and as a forum for members to ask questions and connect with each other - clearly a smart means of expanding recruitment efforts.


The good old Ganja Outlaws continue to make noise with coordinated bike outings and sweet matching green Crew cars, This week, we close out with an excellent compilation from the Club of Champions (CROC1) Crew, together since August, these guys have certainly been getting into some madness in GTA Online - enjoy:



  • hamofied_271 week, 6 days agoReplyFlag
    62 MAFIA my crew is now recruiting (ps3 only) im new to the game, but my crew is all about trust, money, loyalty, respect and family, let me know if you want to join or friend request me, my psn is ngafz62bloods add me
    • VickeWirre2 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
      Looking for a ps4 only crew?
      • iK1LL4FUNon July 27 2016, 11:32pmReplyFlag
        Looking for devoted members. We are 140 strong, and well organized. We specialize in Rockstar jobs, crew events, videos, and CvC. World rank now 2k as we approarch our 1 year anniversary. If you want to join message a commissioner on Social Club. We also have a Kik group chat for GTA info,events etc. (Message on Kik: K1LLER1NST1NCT5) For more details on crew and our requirements. Or visit our crew page.
        • grose37on July 19 2016, 12:30amReplyFlag
          I need a crew for ps4 just starting out at lv20/with guns
        • william_trump809on June 20 2016, 9:21pmReplyFlag
          I'm looking 4 good crew 2 join mainly a mcc gang hold me down and ill do the same.
        • quadro09on June 13 2016, 4:25amReplyFlag
          It never seizes to amaze me how all the hideous crews make the crew cut and great crews never make it....
        • Detroit313boundon May 1 2016, 10:13amReplyFlag
          New crew Runnit Boiz 742R looking for new members
          You'll need a Mic speak English we play hard and party harder
        • SENSR_tRon April 25 2016, 3:01pmReplyFlag
          teamRiSE is NOW recruiting.
          teamRiSE is a crew that you will definitely want to join. Started by former La Clika Gaming member SENSR, this crew is all about having fun and enjoying video games. We are not competitive. We are just here to have fun and destroy lobbies.

          System: PS4
          Mic Needed: Yes
          Age Limit: 16+
          English Speaking: Yes
          Twitter: Not required, but good for communication.
          YouTube: Not required.
          MySpace: Sure!

          Add SENSR_tR to join and please enjoy life.
          Thank you!
          • hitmanforhire420on March 29 2016, 8:10pmReplyFlag
            Starting my second character doing Outlaw Biker s*** only for my character trying to join a 1 percenter MC that's tight legit that's active everyday and does all around MCS to hit me up Xbox One
          • poopdog187on March 23 2016, 2:47pmReplyFlag
            IntL PiRATES! Be the crew fer yeh.. if a PiRATES blood run through yeh veins..
          • Empty_Kingdomon March 22 2016, 11:30amReplyFlag
            Heist Masters, Contact Mission Specialists and Criminal Masterminds. Join today to become an ultimate GTA 5 Online Money Machine. Training available.
            Social Club:
            Platform: PS4. Must have a working mic and good English.
            Contact me on PSN: Kraizy_Knight
            • Szymon0518on March 22 2016, 7:40amReplyFlag
              The Rigos... The Brotherhood... The Mafia, we are all of these things. After a brutal ambush by the Ballas and Vagas I am all that is left. While time has past I have decided I must avenge the fallen, The Rigos are back. We are are group of classy, but extremely dangerous individuals, challenge us if you dare. But thats not what I came here to talk about, we are in desperate need of more support. We are a PSN group and ask very little, here are our requirements:

              •A business suit( or any type of suit as long as it is professional)
              •A Tommy gun
              •Atleast rank 20
              •Atleast a garage
              •Your undeniable respect and loyalty

              When you join all that we ask is that you kill any rival gangs/mafias (unless told otherwise) and spread our glory. RIGOS FOR LIFE!
              • CalizHunnyon March 16 2016, 5:28amReplyFlag
                New group Leader of VixenElite.... We are a group of stealth females who dress and drive the best cars GTA 5 has to offer. We are about Loyalty Money Sisterhood Having Fun and staying Elite in our skills. Yes is a group for the ladies PS3 Mic or not Newbies welcomed with shooting skills up to par. Come on ladies it don't get any better than the sexy beautiful solider VixenElite...
                • Terezinoon March 13 2016, 7:17pmReplyFlag
                  • UNTAMED91on March 12 2016, 1:13pmReplyFlag
                    Rule Number One Iz Family to Alwayz Protect Your Fam No Matter Wat Rank We respekt All memberz .We move as a unit Alwayz Tryin to better Ourselves. Helping thoze Who Respect Uz nd Are willing to Grow we are Currently on The ps3 but alzo Hve members on The p4.Numba 2 we Never Kill Krew memberz Thz rule iz enforced to the fullest Nd will not be tolerated Frm any one .Number 3 nd the Mozt Important Kartelz Way Iz the Only Way Kill Kill Kill any One Who Aint Down With Kartelz Way .Keep in mind we dnt juz Mobb Lobbiez But We Kan nd Will If Itz Kalled For.Join If U thnk the Kartelz Way Iz Ur way
                    • CrewSelleron February 15 2016, 5:57pmReplyFlag
                      ORIGINAL VAGOS GANG:
                      • TheDawnsEdgeon February 8 2016, 6:40pmReplyFlag
                        Awesome, A new Crew that is just made is looking for crew members, Rise of the DAWN is a group of liked minded individuals that are the best of the crowed which we don't follow age does not matter accepted an enrollment in the crew and get started. we play anything :P
                        • Deathstroke_2o9on February 3 2016, 1:22amReplyFlag
                          I'm looking for a Crew to Join must be fairly active and must be fun!!!!
                        • leemp83on January 20 2016, 2:11pmReplyFlag
                          From the Pool Newly formed Xo crew bringing together old and new players and system jumpers (i've left Psn)
                          Ideally over 18 (we are in 20's and 30's) however some acceptions can be made depending on situation (like mostly kids playing an over 18 game) Custom Created content(adding to this)
                          All usual Gta madness Jobs and Heists etc etc
                          if interested hmu and i'll help out with any questions if I can
                          Warriordowinlad (aka...leemp83.psn. RRMerff...Twitch)
                          • KYFSTON3Ron January 9 2016, 4:48pmReplyFlag
                            Looking for members to join my crew
                            WEST SIDE RYDER GANG (WSGZ)
                            Must be active and own a headset.


                            1. NO killing other members.
                            2. NO arguing on headset.
                            3. No twelvies strictly 18+ like the game is rated.
                            4. Must be at least level 50.
                            5. You don't have to be rich as I can make that happen. (I don't mod BTW)
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