Crew Cut: Family Portrait Gangsters & Color Coordinated Pranksters

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The DONZ Family Crew have hooked up a clever reinterpretation of GTAV Trailer 1 to highlight why they moved to Los Santos...


With Crews all over trying to find innovative ways to recruit members, many are turning to the tried and true power of propaganda film-making to show why their particular party is superior. The DONZ Family Crew's handiwork can be seen above, channeling Michael's narration from GTAV Trailer 1 to underscore their own Crew sentiment alongside some sweet sepia action. The LS VIGILANT3S (NAFC) Crew have distributed an inspiring sizzle reel of Team Deathmatch action that illustrates their squad's never-say-die spirit - where despite getting waxed in the early part of the clip, Commissioner codydaley comes back hard in the end racking up Kill Streaks, Power Plays and surviving Bounties all to the tune of AC/DC's "Shoot to Thrill" to help turn it all up.


Meanwhile, the Blackharks (BLAK) Crew of Brazil have been using both Snapmatic and Instagram to spread their message, posting everything from solid propaganda posters to even real life custom t-shirts emblazoned with their logo as seen above. These guys seem to have a solid handle on the art of Crew branding.


After featuring the unabashedly zany
Cyclop 9 (CC99) Crew in our last Crew CutHealing in God's Herb (HIGH) Crew Leader Dockhag let us know that they're no chopped liver in the hooliganism category. This new Crew is always into something - HIGH's turn-ons include hosting their own intra-Crew Halloween photo contest in their Crew page feed, engaging in the Dockhag-created meta-sport of knife jousting, in which two people go at it with knives exclusively at Los Santos Golf Club and just generally goofing around in their signature Sprunk-green.

Crew HIGH-jinks. Clockwise from top left: The HIGH Crew's family portrait up in the Blaine County hills; an exploding car does an #epicphotobomb on amoney365; and which one of these does not belong?


The HIGH Crew above were just one of many who delivered on our request to the community to send through their best Crew family portraits - below are some of the standouts this week and we'll aim to feature more in future Crew Cuts so long as you guys keep great ones coming. Shouts to Lem0n Pledge (NONO)The Devils Within (FEAR) Crewthe SOUTH PACIFIC MAFIA (SPMA) and the East Coast Syndicate (EAST) Crew.

Clockwise from top left: The Lem0n Pledge Crew toast it up; an amazingly composed shot of The Devils Within squad, looking poised to wreak havoc in choppers; The SOUTH PACIFIC MAFIA straight chilling at the top of Mt. Chiliad; and The East Coast Syndicate's motto is 'Professionals Only' and here Crew Leader JenSpz hosts a stylish networking party in all-white.

Keep sharing your most impressive Crew portraits with the Social Club community in Newswire comments and you can also send them our way to have a look via Mouthoff.

A big shout to Redditors worldwide who've long been Crew-believers ever since the launch of Max Payne 3. We know there's a whole bunch of Reddit community Crews that are maxed out to the 300-member limit with more seemingly created all the time. We're hoping to be able to raise the member cap for large Crews like yours and others soon so that you can increase your ranks.

Other squads have been parlaying their own Subreddits to great effect as well. Leader raccoooonzzzz, who formed the Los Mapaches (RACC) Crew, just a month ago, uses their Subreddit to promote everything from news to Crew unity and even the Los Mapaches Car Show. The inviting Free Hugs II (HUGS) Crew (a sequel to the maxed out Free Hugs I) use their Subreddit mainly for membership driving and as a forum for members to ask questions and connect with each other - clearly a smart means of expanding recruitment efforts.


The good old Ganja Outlaws continue to make noise with coordinated bike outings and sweet matching green Crew cars, This week, we close out with an excellent compilation from the Club of Champions (CROC1) Crew, together since August, these guys have certainly been getting into some madness in GTA Online - enjoy:



  • ridgeyboy1 week, 2 days agoReplyFlag
    My crew Triple X Enforcement is looking for players on ps4 to join its an open crew at the moment so join and get your spot need to have a mic and speak English don't matter your rank or money you will get help with that
    • lcf_zel1 week, 3 days agoReplyFlag
      Join my crew Loyal Cash Family
      • Herbkilla231 week, 4 days agoReplyFlag
        I got ps4 can I join?
        • Tootall19832 weeks, 3 days agoReplyFlag
          Looking for a nice good crew to join. I have a ps3...I don't mind blowing stuff up
          • PyschGh0st3 weeks, 3 days agoReplyFlag
            New Crew Just Started Called Psychotic Chaos Crew Join Today If Youd Like And Become Part Of The BrotherHood Alliance
            • RLeopard4 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
              Hi guys, just to let you know about my new and quickly-expanding crew STRAIGHT UP GUNNAZ. I was tired of crews that did not communicate and were not active daily so me and my boys made our own. We're up and coming O.G's ranging from newbies up to 200+ and we're making money daily. So drop me a call on here or on my PSN R_LEOPARD. UK based crew looking for new members.
              • LeeRoyyJames1 month, 1 day agoReplyFlag
                Need a crew that communicate. Need to do heists etc. Xbox one.
                Gamertag oO LeeJames Oo. Add me
                Uk 22
                • jacobpearce11111 month, 1 day agoReplyFlag
                  need a crew message me if u want me my 1st account is lv 150 and my new one is 58 but Ill join on my new one
                  • ridgeyboyon April 23 2015, 3:31pmReplyFlag
                    Join my crew called THE TRIGGER GANG anyone can join if you got a mic and you must be mature ps4 crew only
                    • jmax3kon April 21 2015, 11:09pmReplyFlag
                      Join my crew Gta Gurp Gods
                      • xXjOSH187Xxon April 20 2015, 6:47pmReplyFlag
                        We are starting a new car crew called S1ammed Syndicate if you are interested in joing in let me know we like to have fun but no annoying people hmu or message me on social club if your interested in joing
                        • FredyM305on April 20 2015, 6:44pmReplyFlag
                          are you guys on xbox one
                          • joshua1473ballon April 19 2015, 2:55pmReplyFlag
                            can anyone tell me how to cut out backound on an emblem or how to trim it
                            • MeloYellow82on April 14 2015, 9:22pmReplyFlag
                              Looking for an active PS3 crew. I'm on and off throughout the days. Looking to Rank up & Score big. May not be the best player on the team, but I'll get the job done. Add me, PSN: MeloYellow82
                              • gunplay904on March 23 2015, 10:04pmReplyFlag
                                I'm an active player I'm a hell of player on Gta I'm leader material with strategies I'm looking for an active crew no a-holes I don't have time for that I'm valible player
                                • xXSinCircusXxon March 20 2015, 7:45pmReplyFlag
                                  IL BLUD (ILBD) is now recruiting new members. You are especially welcome if you are from another crew. We are a mercenary group that takes in all kinds of people, so it is encouraged to be from another crew. We partake in jobs, heists, and PK (Player Killing)... for the right price.
                                  Activities include:
                                  Heists, Glitches, Job Runs, Gang Wars/Races, etc.
                                  Please Note: While the killing of crew members is encouraged (because it's hilarious) during free mode, it is strictly forbidden to kill members of allied crews (unless rightly provoked). We don't want a war do we?
                                  Players Wanted:
                                  1) Preferably in the 40 and above range (exceptions can be made for some players). I'd like to do a job or two with any recruits under Lv. 40
                                  2) Fun, energetic people (no buzz kills or a-holes). These people + explosives = fun times :D
                                  3) Any ruthless individuals looking to quench their blood lust
                                  4) People w/ high-end apartments would be nice (not mandatory) as i don't want to be the only one to plan heists.
                                  5) If you're a strategist, you would make an excellent addition to IL BLUD

                                  Here's something that I think everyone here can relate to:
                                  IL BLUD members are highly encouraged to kill players who prey on other players until they either rage or leave that player alone.
                                  (Ex. a Lv. 243 who keeps mercilessly killing a Lv. 10 just because its easy)

                                  As for IL BLUD's infrastructure,
                                  message me on here or Xbox Live for more details.
                                  • Pandax8387on March 10 2015, 2:17pmReplyFlag
                                    any crews recruting
                                    • kingjimmyhon March 9 2015, 11:58amReplyFlag
                                      to ROAD-KINGS apply now to become a KING!
                                      • Tinytaz95on March 9 2015, 9:16amReplyFlag


                                        Also add me on xbox : smalltaz95

                                        and add me on here!
                                        • NoDramaBarber77on March 4 2015, 2:01amReplyFlag
                                          Join my crew Da PsychoCircus Crew, we are a fresh crew with only 2 members & we are looking to expand. Looking for loyal members that are reliable, up for some serious mayhem or just wanna have some fun in Los Santos. With heists around the corner, we are recruiting & aiming to take some major scores when heists drop. Looking for active players that wanna get their hands dirty. If you are not yet in a crew & are looking to join, check us out, hit me up!
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