Crew Cut: Amazing Stunts, A Rooftop Battle Royale and More Crew Action in GTA Online

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The GTAStunting (GTAS) Crew puts on a clinic in this amazing highlight reel.

Crews new and old have descended upon the open world of Los Santos and Blaine County throughout this first month of Grand Theft Auto Online - documenting their adventures and mayhem all throughout with some awesome videos and Snapmatic pics. You'll definitely want to check out the sizzle reel above from the GTAStunting (GTAS) Crew who pull off some jaw-dropping stuff and pride themselves on a no-cheats M.O.. If you're similarly gifted in two-wheel prowess, you might want to hit up Crew Leader GTAStunting to see if you have what it takes to be down.


Thanks to the magic of Snapmatic, many Crews have been getting their family portrait on, rolling deep in Online and posing together sharing precious moments. You can see a few standouts below including early adopters the Ganja Outlaws (WEED), the MLP - FiM (PONY) Crew doing a little 'shopping' on Clinton Avenue in matching ponied Crew emblem gear, the Milice (MILI) Crew toting their toys at the airport, and Crew Cut veterans Consumer Products (OCPC).
Clockwise from top left: Ganja Outlaws patronize their favorite Vespucci Beach shop; France's Milice Crew showing off their clips and whips; PONY pwning an unlucky convenience store clerk; and Consumer Products in a camo'd out party.
Do you have a heartwarming photo of your Crew family that you proudly carry around in your proverbial Snapmatic wallet? Share it in comments below or send it to us at and we might feature it in a future edition of the Crew Cut here at the Rockstar Newswire.

You might want to keep a close eye on the Snapmatic feed of the Cyclop 9 (CC99) Crew where there's always some entertaining hijinks going on. Longtime fans known well over at the GTA Forums boards, these guys are less concerned with Crew conventions such as competitive valor and social-order Hierarchy and more with seeing how much rag-tag craziness they can get into, playing strictly for the "lulz". With their spirit animal certainly being Trevor Philips, a special shout to fearless Leader Voodoo. for lording over this unique band of misfits in his unmistakable fuchsia short shorts and John Waters-esque makeup. Check out a gallery of finest (?) moments below.
Clockwise from top left: Pretty in pink, Crew Leader Voodoo. poses first with what appears to be a Vice City style Vapid Sandking XL; and in the heat of battle going the opposite of commando with a Crew mate; the CC99 gang practicing the fine art of ghost riding; and - how did that get up there? - LordTeos causes mischief with a Cargobob.
The Crew recruitment frenzy continues to go strong, with recruitment efforts here at the Newswire and elsewhere around the web enlisting members to help new Crews blossom into fully formed gangs of assassins and rabble rousers. Looking for a Crew with a collective moral compass that is a bit off center? In their recruitment video, the Inglorious Scumbags (SCUM) Crew are looking to do justice to their name, promising chaos, carnage and general mayhem.
If you're exclusively into bikes and beauties, you may want an invite to the French Bandidos MC SA (SYLB) Crew. Led by stepus77, the Snapmatic page of these blokes - filled with choppers and chicks, man - would even make the Lost MC green with envy.

Speaking of green, every good Crew needs at least one team spirit person and the
KingMofo (KING) Crew seem to have found that in LilE4056. In this photo taken from the garage, this co-Commissioner can be seen rocking true Crew colors in not just a King Crew shirt emblazoned with their emblem and trademark lime, but a matching Ocelot F620 to boot.
Looks like we're not the only admirers of fine emblem art. YouTube's dpjsc08, a bit of an emblem critic on his channel, curated this collection of Crew emblems from the Social Club. He shouts out each Crew he thought was up to snuff and plans on doing more of the same in the future - check it out and see if yours made the cut.

Meanwhile the SC00000TER BROTHERS (SCBR) Crew are currently sporting an awesome faggio-riding chimp on their Crew t-shirt, paying respects to the original Scooter Brothers (just like Trevor himself). Here's a few more standouts that crossed our path:
Clockwise from top left: OCPC put their stamp on V; SCUM go Terminator on Homer; the Blaine County Pirates (BCPS) Crew buc up their emblem; the San Andreas Bugstars (SABS) Crew stay true to their name; the Trevor Philips INCO (TPIN) Crew give their namesake a stark B&W treatment; and the Blaine County Cartel (GTAV) Crew's take on the V cover.

The GP Mafia (GPNZ) Crew are another group we found that seems to have a boundless appetite for mischief and hijinks in GTA Online. Take a look at this recent video of them in an awesomely calculated skyscraper rooftop car battle royale meta game:


  • obey_madi12 hours agoReplyFlag
    JOIN THE CREW!!! Obey Propaganda GTA
    Promotions for every member, 50/50 profit, dope emblem, cool custom cars Audi R8 Spyder (9F in GTA V). Check out my Snapmatic for pictures of the crew.
    • sammypillion January 13 2015, 11:40amReplyFlag
      CLAN WAR
      • ESTyleron January 11 2015, 10:11pmReplyFlag
        TALLINN MAFFIA recruiting now, 70 strong at the moment, PSN players mostly!
        • IMTMpreachon January 10 2015, 10:58pmReplyFlag
 If you would like to join request an invite
          • DrumNonstopon January 2 2015, 6:26amReplyFlag
            Join twd because we are your most trusted crew on GTA. Because we split everything 50/50"
            • Imritzon January 1 2015, 10:22amReplyFlag
              BLOOD AND SMOKE
              Highly exclusive and regulated crew on Xbox only.
              Mature and responsible members. No cheaters.
              Cool crew emblem.
              Join us on facebook:
            • TomGUN__2009on January 1 2015, 1:01amReplyFlag
              Looking for an organized MC that has church, helps it's members out and has members that won't kill eachother? Join Hell Hounds MC. You'll have to prospect for a short time.



              If you have any questions mesaage me or the president asetyuherrd.
              • Lanius6on December 26 2014, 5:54pmReplyFlag
                Mortus mes, a all around a gaming PMC for anyone wanting a crew
                • doozy92on December 17 2014, 8:43pmReplyFlag
                  Join quick draw crew up and coming crew looking to take over everything in its way do well get promoted all welcome
                  • IceboundDevinon December 6 2014, 9:01pmReplyFlag
                    any active crews on ps4 looking for new members
                  • Evil_Kidson December 6 2014, 12:59pmReplyFlag
                    Please Join My Crew

                    We do lots of fun stuffs and racing
                    • Toni_Borellion November 30 2014, 12:05pmReplyFlag
                      Join Tha Borelli Family. We are a Mafia style crew opperating in the San Abdreas area and we are looking for Jackers, Leg Breakers, Wheel Men, Hitmen, and everyone in between. Sure we got some rules and codes of conduct to keep things organised but thats why it's called organised crime isn't it? We are pretty much a PSN group at the moment with members on both PS3&4 and while most of the crew is indeed planning to move to next Gen we certainly ain't leaving tha PS3 people out in tha cold. This crew needs good folks who want to be members of a TEAM and will behave like members of a TEAM, respecting, looking out for, and helping members of their TEAM. There is lots of room for expansion and promotions WILL come if You work hard and prove Yourself. If this interests You then by all means contact Me, Don Toni Borelli, here on the social club or hit me up on the PSN under the handle MercCarty316. We look forward to hearing from You.
                      • Cameron-Fryeon November 29 2014, 10:27pmReplyFlag
                        We are looking for good people to fill senior positions and have the ability to get this crews ranking up on Rockstar and one on one with other crews, we don't have any enemy crew at this stage so you can belong to any outfit you desire, we only have one rule and thats just dont kill your crew mate's, if you are interested please come along and have a look, join and have your say.
                        • Stunting101on November 29 2014, 7:51pmReplyFlag
                          Hells Angels ArchAngels is Recruiting for like minded Active 18 + players with head sets. Have to be a active in the Club and Social Club,, We respect each other and do not tolerate crew killing and have each others backs and are very selective in who we let join. When we feel you are ready to leave prospects there will be 2 boot camps to pass to be patched in to your choice of 10 chapters, If you like the outlaw brother hood of a Mc club we are for you, AFFA!!!
                          • teflonvon313on November 29 2014, 5:41pmReplyFlag
                            I am the crew leader of amw (mc) gang and we are ten members strong on xb1 we do missions races gang shoot out and everything Los Santos have to offer inbox me for more info
                            • manda35on November 22 2014, 8:18pmReplyFlag
                              looking for an active laid back and mission doing crew for xbox 360
                              • joses1234on November 22 2014, 8:24pmReplyFlag
                                @manda35 ????
                              • manda35on November 22 2014, 9:21pmReplyFlag
                                @joses1234 I like to have multiple
                              • joses1234on November 22 2014, 9:34pmReplyFlag
                                @manda35 oh ok just wondring what u meant lol
                              • Imritzon January 1 2015, 10:26amReplyFlag
                                @manda35 I have a mature crew of non-cheaters and loyal beings who have very tight recruiting to make sure we don't get any time-wasters and grievers. We do missions and survivals together. Only way to get in is by joining us on Facebook. Http://
                              • joses1234on January 8 2015, 6:29pmReplyFlag
                                @Imritz is ur crew down for a crew battle just message me!
                            • even35936dvon November 21 2014, 1:32pmReplyFlag
                              Looking for a ps3 Mc ? Look no further The Feared Mc is now recruiting prospects so if your looking for a home you can find one here we do daily rides and are active 24/7 join now if your tired of mcs failing and being in active we are the club that wont die.
                              • THEDONGUNNERon November 7 2014, 8:30amReplyFlag
                                Need a new crew hit me up on xbox
                              • kiparkon November 6 2014, 10:34amReplyFlag
                                Looking for a crew to join (ps3) message me if you want to enlist me.
                                • Deuce_G333on October 15 2014, 9:47amReplyFlag
                                  Join Ghost Delta-1 We are a Military Special Forces Crew With Establishments Of Every Armed Forces Branch Spec Ops units: Become A Wolf Or Follow Your Sheperd
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