(Updated Nov 5) Grand Theft Auto Online Update

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Get ready to drop some sea shells with all new vehicles, weaponry and a load of new Jobs that are coming in November with the Beach Bum Pack.

Update (Nov 5): The new title update (1.05) has now been released to address player progress issues. For full information check out:


We expect to deliver everyone’s GTA$ Stimulus Package in the next few days. Stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire for further updates. As ever, a big thank you to GTA Online players worldwide for your continued patience and understanding.

Thank you to everyone for joining in GTA Online throughout this first month of its release, for all of your awesome Online Snapmatic pics and Crew videos that we’ve spotted, for your patience and understanding as we’ve been working through the initial teething issues of launching an online experience like this, and for your excellent feedback to the official GTAOnline@rockstargames.com email address. Please keep it coming as it is really helping us plan for the future of the game. Here’s a quick update for all Grand Theft Auto Online players worldwide on what’s in store in the immediate future.
We know many of you are anxiously waiting for us to show you the GTA$ Stimulus Package money we announced a couple weeks back. As mentioned in that post, we of course want to ensure that game progress loss issues are sufficiently sorted before distributing the GTA$ to everyone. We have a few more tweaks and fixes to make in a new title update that will hit sometime next week and then we will distribute the cash.
Coming in early November will be the first add-on content update, the Beach Bum Pack which will bring all-new beach themed vehicles and new weaponry that you’ll be able to use in both GTA Online and Story Mode. Plus new customization options for your GTA Online character including new tats, hairstyles and more. We’ll also be adding lots of brand new action-packed Jobs to play with Gang Attacks, Survivals, Last Team Standings, Parachutes, Deathmatches and Races that will have you bloodying up the waters and coastlines of the finest beach resorts across Los Santos and Blaine County.
We are also working to bring you the debut of the first part of the GTA Online Content Creator this fall – giving players the ability to craft, publish, rate and play custom-made Deathmatch and Race Jobs. We’ll be keeping our eye open for exceptional ones that we’ll be stamping as ‘Rockstar Verified’ and will be featuring them here at the Newswire and as part of forthcoming GTA Online Social Club Events. Both the Content Creator and the Beach Bum Pack are free.
Starting in November will be the first Grand Theft Auto Online Social Club Event weekends which will bring special rewards and bonuses ranging from limited-edition in-game Event Crate Drops to in-game discount specials and even a special new GTA Online live-stream show hosted by Rockstar at the Social Club Events page and Rockstar Games Twitch page – plus prize pack giveaways of hard to find GTAV gear and more.
Stay tuned as we hope to have more information with more details and specific timings on these content updates as well as on GTA Online Heists and the new GTA Online Capture the Flag mode to share with you next week. We will also have initial details on more additional content coming for both Story Mode and GTA Online in the next few weeks.

  • R* Mon November 5 2013, 10:55amFlag
    The new title update (1.05) has now been released to address player progress issues. For full information check out:


    We expect to deliver everyone's GTA$ Stimulus Package in the next few days. Stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire any for updates. As ever, a big thank you to GTA Online players worldwide for your continued patience and understanding.
  • Ronney1202 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
    in the next update for gta 5 can we please have the car that everyone would dream to have which is the shelby eleanor gt500. P.S.... YOU ROCK
    • presten_beast69r3 weeks, 6 days agoReplyFlag
      I would like more weapons and a monster truck u can put in ur garage ive allways wanted to be able to space out wheels and rais and lower all vehickles if u could make an update for that i would never get off gta.

      • MrDom501on May 10 2015, 7:38amReplyFlag
        One the 360 Could we maybe get? The Casino and gabbling? It would be great. also if i could edit my character or change his face more than twice. and If the weather effects would change from snow to fall to spring junk like that? Idk that would be cool.
        • stickybloom341on February 9 2015, 8:46pmReplyFlag
          Keep the rossevelt out for 3 weaks please and could you unlock the hot knife for me to please?
          • G-DOGfooton January 17 2015, 3:22pmReplyFlag
            I can't get a gta 5 online charcter it keeps asking me to download a pack
            • staxxxcmdon December 30 2014, 6:03pmReplyFlag
              I was wondering if u could add neon lights on ps3 version and also to be able to camber ur wheels in and also a drift tune for ur cars also I never received the stimulous package thanx
              • EPICxWaRRiOr69xon November 25 2014, 7:25pmReplyFlag

                wow! I was gifted a Xbox Live 1 month card code totally free! I got it from http://linkbitty.com/freexboxlivemonth
                • bigsmith47on October 7 2014, 5:36pmReplyFlag
                  Any thing as a add on whold be great but what i recommend is put a cheville and the nova more American muscle and more military jets and Easier ways to make money bank heists and betting on basketball and playing basketball more activity's thank you
                  • AShaffer14on September 21 2014, 9:24pmReplyFlag
                    In future updates can you be able to add a diesel truck made by vapid? Also you should add campers and trailers that you can tow, sleep,watch TV,eat and all sorts of stuff.
                    • RobertasACDCon September 12 2014, 4:06pmReplyFlag
                      I emailed rockstar a few minutes ago about adding an update with pimp staffs, pimp suits, and pimp cars. I hope they respond. My current purple suit is cheesy. I would like some fur on it. Smacking a person in the face with the large purple diamond of a golden pimp staff sounds great too. I also suggesting potentially adding a golden gun with diamonds in it like a pistol for pimps.
                    • rigman42on September 6 2014, 4:57pmReplyFlag
                      i wish i could add some thing to the updates like hydrolicks to the cars and flying cars with new planes and better cars

                      • profisherman3333on September 6 2014, 12:42pmReplyFlag
                        You should. put a should put a southern air boat in the game
                        • profisherman3333on September 6 2014, 12:41pmReplyFlag
                          you should. unlock the hot knife please pretty please will you
                          • Dominater455on July 15 2014, 3:55amReplyFlag
                            can u put a new easter egg like sleander man or military update
                            • guykazulaon July 3 2014, 11:13amReplyFlag
                              Rockstar expensive you need to do I can get to level 186 loot and I do not accept the task of the fib and you should add Gregg places and countries that everyone will enjoy them and who you kiss in online and in autumn

                              • policegunner3622on June 29 2014, 4:02pmReplyFlag
                                Rockstar can you try to put in police pack update in gta 5 online if people are in police crew in that game online but i dont know if you will i know you dont allow that in the game becaues people love to drive the police cars all the time if people are in the police crew in gta 5
                                • mattknapp666on June 29 2014, 12:14pmReplyFlag
                                  Also u guys should add drug dealin to gta5 and be able to customize the atv's and turn them into racing 4 wheelers also make hair grow longer and beards grow longer too!! also make the bravado youga a 4 seater please for the drug deals it is an awesome racing van people would love the van as a 4 seater please take this message into consideration THANK YOU gus at R*
                                  • mattknapp666on June 29 2014, 12:08pmReplyFlag
                                    i want heists i need MONEY!!!!!!!! you guys should make the area in the back of the garage with the lift and all of the tools their own little car shop to upgrade cars without having to go to an LS customs
                                    • BLUTO1962on June 17 2014, 12:30pmReplyFlag
                                      add more things to the game and the heist and make the game more real life like your person can eat food and play sports like basket ball surfing and play football and your person can go to the air port and travel to different cities and diffenent country and make a mansion to the game and a beach house or different houses so I hope you read this and I think most people would play more and buy grand theft auto 5
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