GTAV Fan Pic Round-Up: The Streets of Los Santos, Time-Lapse Photography and More

Posted on October 18 2013, 4:00pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

We continue to be amused and amazed at the many mirthful parodies and interesting art media choices fans have used to express their personal enthusiasm for GTAV and GTA Online. Below are a few of the standouts we've spotted in recent weeks. 

As always, if you happen upon (or take) cool GTA or Rockstar-related shots, make sure to send them our way via Mouthoff and remember to follow us at for all our latest official pics.

Brazillian street photographer Fernando Pereira Gomes has taken to the streets of Los Santos for his latest project. In his blog Street Photography V, Fernando under the Social Club Nickname ArtCow captures the beauty of LS in a pretty cool way. Check out his entire Snapmatic library here

We're not entirely certain what a Burger Shot Bleeder with cheese is called in France but nevertheless this is a nice nod by Social Club Member Hjango.

This marvel of a portrait made by artist @en4ki definitely shows off all the colors of Trevor. Awesome work, dude. 

An accurate portrayal of Trevor that would make a great corporate logo for Trevor Philips Enterprises. @leebraineater

FlameJonah29 managed to snap his friend banking some insane vert while launching off the Del Perro Beach Roller Coaster, inspirationally dove-tailing the Stars & Stripes. Bless ‘Murica!

Reddit User philtomato applies his love for two different genres to make this "mathematical" Adventure Time style Michael, Trevor & Franklin - pretty cool. 

It looks like Chop isn't the only one who can be trained as we see Franklin taking the shark selfie craze to a whole new level - the shark photobomb. Snapped by Social Club Member MILINKO81.

This selfie didn't work out so well for GianNapoli...


An impressive parody of the Beatles' "Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" album cover featuring some of our most beloved characters by Deviant Artist IgorLevchuck.

This may be the first time we've seen wood used as a medium choice for GTAV but what an impressive set of wood carvings these are, whittled skillfully by Deviant Artist WoodBoxEdition. Shout out to 0GTAFanGirl0 for sending this our way.   

Social Club Member kieranmarsh channels Walter White. Now if we could just get Trevor to pose as Jesse Pinkman to establish chemistry....

Reddit user Plonkey created a few time lapse GIFs  by taking a Snapmatic photo every 30 seconds.  We admire the dedication! 

Fan Photos: Snapmatic Selfies and Scenic Photography
Found on Instagram: #RDR Tattoos, Toys and Rockstar Costumes, A Few #GTA Instagram Faves


  • TrickishBard4on December 20 2013, 8:46amReplyFlag
    my snapmatic wont work it says disabled on my account
    • funkymcmonkeyon November 8 2013, 2:05pmReplyFlag
      Dont you hate they w@nkers that always post here asking people to join their crew.

      Join my crew "The cums stains"
      • ExoticRifle1on November 6 2013, 7:09pmReplyFlag
        Did you need a Rockstar account in the month of October to get the stimulus package or did you need to be online with your xbox or ps3 if you didn't have a rockstar account at the time???????????
        • QuinnKongon November 4 2013, 3:05pmReplyFlag
          Stupid question but how do you change the name of your crew? ;)
          • ExoticRifle1on November 6 2013, 7:18pmReplyFlag
            @QuinnKong Your going to have to create a whole new rockstar account, make a new crew. That's what I did, it may sound stupid but it is a good idea if you had a really stupid crew name. My old one was Happy Bullet, pretty stupid, huh.
          • frozen_snipez1on November 10 2013, 9:15amReplyFlag
            @QuinnKong cant.ya have to make a new one
        • zakarayon November 3 2013, 2:49pmReplyFlag
          • DAVY0612on November 3 2013, 11:21amReplyFlag
            I have not been able to play gat online for 3 days already I don't understand from one minute to the other I could not play online anymore it says failed to host a GTA online session why is this happening to me
          • scp5000on November 2 2013, 10:37pmReplyFlag
            i love gta its so cool how the pigs just magicly appear out of thin air when ur on ur stupidly long cool down time, im not allowed to cheat so why is the game. when ur hiddlen stairing at a space and boom cop appears. so many floors in what should be such an awsome game
            • Scouter43on November 2 2013, 1:23pmReplyFlag
              i cant even walk around a corner in gta online with out some ass trying to execute me 4 no reason... even if i have passive mode on (if i can get $100 after all of those f**king hospital bills) i still get run over by total d**ks every 5-10mins and i can hardly progress... it took me 12 days just to get $23,000 and i accidentally bought the wrong rims 4 my Sultan RS, and lost all of that cash 2 something i didnt want... i practically live in the cheapest garage because of not having any cash since everyone thinks that if they see a person. that they are forced to repeatedly kill them over and over... passive mode is total crap though because it has absolutely no effect in vehicles and u can still be killed by cars... if this doesnt get fixed, i may not play GTA anymore and not purchase any DLC or RockStar product...

              PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!
              • ExoticRifle1on November 6 2013, 7:14pmReplyFlag
                @Scouter43 Dude you don't need to go on freeplay with other players, just go on an invite only match so you don't get killed and play more online races. if you win you get $7000-$13000
            • T3F10NxG0TTion November 2 2013, 11:04amReplyFlag
              GTA V is a great game but would be even better if you can do trucking jobs for gas companies, ammunation, grocery stores, clothing stores and the truck that lets you stack up cars so you can deliver them. It would also be nice if you can hijack trucks by yourself with a crew to steal the cargo and bring it back to a warehouse you bought and sell the stuff to the different companies. It would also be great if you can stash weapons in your house as well. Its also frustrating that you cant buy more than one property in GTA online. I should get paid for these ideas.
              • R* Yon November 2 2013, 1:37pmFlag
                @T3F10NxG0TTi Thanks for sharing your suggestion. If you have any more thoughts or impressions on GTA Online please send them to us at:
              • frozen_snipez1on November 10 2013, 9:18amReplyFlag
                @T3F10NxG0TTi I actually suggested the truck jobs awhile back but no one from R* seen it lol. I rekon we should be able to make a import export business in out garage(Just as Simeon does)
            • blandy008on October 28 2013, 10:45amReplyFlag
              Quite frankly im not going to write some crap noone cares about, need a crew on ps3? Backdoor Bandits KFC will be happy to supply
              • R* Yon October 29 2013, 10:46amFlag
                @blandy008 We can appreciate the fact that you and many others are recruiting for their respective Crews but please keep posts in the comments section relevant to the posted article. Thanks.
            • Twiistoxon October 27 2013, 1:11amReplyFlag
              We are XS, join today we are a crew of friends looking to meet new people, we are major about our crew and GTAO so join our motto is "As long as they pretend to pay us we will pretend to work" No major requirements, if you are a girl we promise no harassment unlike other crews. join today we want to atleast get 100 crew members, if we get more i will love you four ever. Join today link is here --> we hope you join!
              • bad_fur_dayon October 26 2013, 9:28pmReplyFlag
                I just picked up Lori Petty on the side of the road, you can't fool me Rockstar.

                "The" Tank Girl. In my car... <3
                • R* Aon November 1 2013, 5:58pmReplyFlag
                  @bad_fur_day Ha - pics or it didn't happen
                • bad_fur_dayon November 1 2013, 11:18pmReplyFlag
                  @ R* A. It was in GTAV lol. I recognised her voice from one of the female crew members you can help, she was stranded on the side of the road. I would recognise that voice anywhere.

                  Also there's only one person that sounds like Danny Mcbride on this planet and that's Danny McBride. :)
              • ironoidon October 26 2013, 1:29amReplyFlag
                GTA V is about as awesome as it can get! I always imagine Trevor like a second Jason (like in the move, but with a little more brain). Micheal is like the lead character from Ocean's 11 and Franklin...well, like the average road side hustler. At least at first. So many twists and turns in the plot, and I enjoyed every single moment of it. TREVOR FOR PRESIDENT!
                • BlackEagle_1982on October 25 2013, 2:31pmReplyFlag
                  common, one week more for wating of the cash.

                  i ignore GTA Online!!!!!

                  no fun, i lost so much and i am very angry to wait week after week.

                  you thinking only at you, there is no character or money losing, that is fixed you can pay out NOW....
                  • bad_fur_dayon October 25 2013, 4:21amReplyFlag
                    I think I just figured out why some people were losing their cars in single player. GTAV will load up the latest save when you start, sometimes that's an auto-save from after you've driven out of your garage and blown up your car, got killed, failed a mission or left your ride in the middle of nowhere.

                    It looks exactly like you loaded up your latest save with your car safe in your garage but infact you loaded up a auto-save that doesn't have your car in the garage.

                    Case of the Missing Cars; Solved.

                    But then again I might be completely wrong.
                    • kingmillz518on October 25 2013, 1:34amReplyFlag
                      I 1000% love the fact that we can fight each other in the fighter jets r*
                      was wondering how you guys would do on the fighter jets and its beautiful
                      just wish there was a more realistic mode with it where you ran out of ammo both missiles and guns
                      just saying it would be more of a test of skill for players
                      • ThrowedMigoon October 24 2013, 3:32pmReplyFlag
                        If Your From New Mexico And Looking To Join A Crew We Are Recruiting Anyone Who Wants To Join. We Play On Xbox 360 And Have 4 Members So Far, Our Crew Is Called 505 Boyz So Message Me If You Wanna Be Down With Us!!!
                        • TheAssassin56on October 24 2013, 3:24pmReplyFlag
                          For anime fans, I Would love it if you guys would join my crew. i have set up a custom emblem too.. No real requirements other than people who don't straight-up suck. i got no more than 7 people currently. we play on PS3 and we're looking forward to play with you later on. "THE DARKSTALKERS"
                          • KalsyDaEpicOneon October 24 2013, 3:07pmReplyFlag
                            SoleBADGER (Ze Kenzeux is his Gamertag) is a cheater, it says on his page he made 3 mil from car sales
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