Original Red Dead Redemption Artwork: Luisa Fortuna & Irish

Posted on May 3 2010, 8:08pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Presenting two new character artwork designs that have been added to the official Red Dead Redemption website...

Luisa Fortuna is a 19-year old Mexican teacher and revolutionary, who knows how to handle a sidearm.

Irish is a teller of tall tales, who’ll try to talk his way out of anything.

Both are also featured prominently in People of the West updates to the official site, and make appearances in the Red Dead Redemption character videos.  You can also grab these designs as a full range of desktops, backgrounds, icons and avatars at the Downloads page.

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  • TerryTGon May 9 2010, 12:27pmReplyFlag
    There's going to be millions of gangs out on multiplayer, so many hideouts. I cant wait to get on and start some shoot-outs... i know il be in the hills with a hunting rifle.... this game looks amazing!
    • Buskieon May 7 2010, 2:42pmReplyFlag
      Does... does anyone else find Luisa kind of attractive in that background?
      • The-Death22on May 7 2010, 2:53amReplyFlag
        Please realease Red Dead Redemption for PC R* !!!
        • redz101on May 6 2010, 7:33pmReplyFlag
          great artwork :)
          • AntiqueShahidon May 6 2010, 4:21pmReplyFlag
            Hey does anyone know if the pre-order bonuses are available to unlockin the game. Like, would u be able to eventually get the war horse or do you HAVE to get that specific pre-order pack. I've already pre-ordered it from Amazon UK with Golden Guns, but I am reconsidering because for £4 more i can get the war horse [which seems to be the most likely bonus that you can't get in the game] and 3:10 to yuma on bluray! So please can anyone tell me so i can decide whether change my pre-order or not!

            • joseywales09on May 5 2010, 7:52pmReplyFlag
              im starting a posse the best in the west join or get the hell out of the way id hendo-mma-legend ps3
              • Aimanoon May 5 2010, 3:17amReplyFlag
                Irish remids meof PACKIE from gta4 cause he's irish to >.
                • skippy925on May 4 2010, 3:46pmReplyFlag
                  of course uncharted is better on the ps3, it's a ps3 exclusive ( :
                  • 6206837on May 4 2010, 12:39pmReplyFlag
                    Hell yeah! Very nice R*
                    • -OPAZO-on May 4 2010, 11:58amReplyFlag
                      I really really love RDR artwork!
                      who paint them btw?


                      join www.RedDeadWest.tk the home of Red Dead Redemption/Revolver!
                      • dargoyleon May 4 2010, 11:03amReplyFlag
                        Grrrr! Us over here in England have to wait til the 21st! Thats's too long :( R* should bring it out now!!!!
                        • ghostx1984on May 4 2010, 10:55amReplyFlag
                          2 weeks away!
                          • kmfrogon May 4 2010, 10:08amReplyFlag
                            Bigdragon8me i have a ps3 and xbox and the ps3 is better

                            uncharted 2 among theaves 10x better on the ps3
                            • Zadv1.0on May 4 2010, 10:03amReplyFlag
                              • Genera1Nemesison May 4 2010, 9:15amReplyFlag
                                This will be better than GTA in my estimation, if only because they've had a couple years to tweak the multiplayer aspects and hopefully make it more accessible than GTA 4 was online. Plus, while GTA 4 was magnificent in it's glorious depiction of modern day America, I find this setting more appealing simply because it's so different in time and setting. Hopefully the online is streamlined compared to GTA 4, because I always had a hell of a time connecting to competitive games and never once played a 16 player match in anything besides the races.
                                • NicatAbbasovon May 4 2010, 9:07amReplyFlag
                                  NEXT Grand Theft Auto ?
                                  • Jortanon May 4 2010, 8:50amReplyFlag
                                    Yeah more pictures!
                                    • bringdlc2ps3on May 4 2010, 8:24amReplyFlag
                                      nice.. gotta love the drunken irish
                                      • rin-goon May 4 2010, 8:13amReplyFlag
                                        @ Mortal91ify

                                        yeah, goodbye social life but theres always the R* Social Club... :)
                                        • DarkRichaon May 4 2010, 8:09amReplyFlag
                                          Lol punjabitoo sure likes to type much in caps and probably almost everything he types is crap?
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