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Vote for GTAV in the 31st Golden Joystick Awards

Posted on October 16 2013, 4:18pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

We're honored that GTAV has been nominated for the Golden Joystick Awards in the Game of The Year category. Voting for the award ends this Sunday, October 20th and the winners will be live-streamed at on October 25th.

  • xMaGeSTiiiK_on November 12 2013, 6:20amReplyFlag
    on peux voter pour metres les clignoteurs etindre sa voiture en restent dedans savoir metres de l'essence et conduire les train et trame merci d'avance
    • xMaGeSTiiiK_on November 12 2013, 6:28amReplyFlag
      @xMaGeSTiiiK_ peux ton voter pour mètres de l'essence , les clignoteurs , éteindre la voiture en restent dedans et conduire les trains et trames et mètres le conteur de Km/h
      SVP merci sa serait simpas ;)
  • Bloodiamond94on October 31 2013, 1:05amReplyFlag
    Congrats Rockstar,GTA 5 truely deserves it
    • nick30071on October 29 2013, 7:17pmReplyFlag
      Rockstar can you please make that picture of Michael available for download! Please!
      • R* Yon October 29 2013, 11:03amFlag
        Thanks to all of those who voted. We are honored to have won the Game of the Year category in this auspicious competition. We couldn't have done it without the support of our loyal fans. Thank you.
      • vivaGTAon October 28 2013, 5:44pmReplyFlag
        Well deserved, Rockstar, well deserved...
        • lol232on October 26 2013, 9:03amReplyFlag
          Congrats on GoTY Rockstar, you ARE the best!
          • jonhyosbourneon October 26 2013, 7:48amReplyFlag
            congratulations R*, GTA V win award GOTY in joystick game awards :)
            GTA V is a amazing game
            • budaheadon October 25 2013, 6:57pmReplyFlag
              I like this game alot but there is so much little stuff that was overlooked. Prime example is a Jeep with a snorkel that is as useless as tits on a boar not to mention it nor the Sandking XL are even four wheel drive, I mean really? Golden joystick award.... I think not!!!
              • Love_ROCKSTARon October 25 2013, 6:08pmReplyFlag
                Congratulations on the Golden Joystick GOTY award. Well deserved.
              • SkymanLibertyon October 25 2013, 12:40pmReplyFlag
                Haha, GTA V won GOTY. Congrats Rockstar!
                • csak203on October 24 2013, 8:15pmReplyFlag
                  this game is dope...however,getting stuck in a room for "bad sports"for blowing up peoples cars is the dumbest thing ever.what happened to gta??
                  • R* Aon October 24 2013, 9:49pmReplyFlag
                    @csak203 Hey there, if you have feedback about the Bad Sport system, please send it to - we're actively reviewing direct player feedback there for future tuning
                  • HEYCLAMon October 25 2013, 4:29pmReplyFlag
                    @ everyone votes for a stupid mode and im a badsport for leaving? whatever-your leaderboards have been filled with cheaters since 1st day so online is pointless-
                • Franko92on October 22 2013, 5:23pmReplyFlag
                  You have my vote! Haters gonna hate ;)
                  • jazzysleepypantson October 22 2013, 8:17amReplyFlag
                    Abstaining my vote as you failed to get the Android version of iFruit out yet plastered it in the game. Good luck though and if I see the Android version before voting is up you can count on my vote.

                    Erm sod it I will vote for you as I do love the game shame about the Android offering though.
                    • alexboisoton October 23 2013, 7:30amReplyFlag
                      @jazzysleepypants Ugh, no! Why are you giving away your already-limited power as a consumer so easily?! What better way to send a message to Rockstar that this kind of preferential treatment towards its Apple customers is not OK than to refuse to give your vote for it for GOTY.

                      Well, you haven't got my vote yet, Rockstar. Just as soon as we hear some kind of explanation for why non-iPhone users have been getting stonewalled for well over a month now, with no visible sign that this may change in the near future. Perhaps then I'll consider it, depending on what it turns out you've been doing...

                  • dab446on October 21 2013, 9:18pmReplyFlag
                    Not going to lie it is a really good game the graphics Are amazing and the possibilities of things to do online are great. Once theyve sorted out all the issues i say they are the best game of 2013!
                    I havent experienced any of the money or character loss issues yet (touch wood) other then slow loading and freezing but good luck sorting it R* then youll have everyones vote :)
                    • ISAACTEHNINJAon October 21 2013, 2:53pmReplyFlag
                      the only reason the servers have been down is because so many people are trying to use them at once so you should just wait
                      • alexboisoton October 21 2013, 10:15amReplyFlag
                        Honestly, Rockstar, I feel bad about this, but I can't in good conscience give you my vote after seeing how you've handled things this last month.

                        Don't get me wrong - as a single player experience, if you can overlook some of the bugs and design flaws that should have been ironed out by a proper product testing phase, it easily deserves Game of the Year.

                        And actually, it's not even the fact that you've failed to bring 80% of your customers access to the iFruit app, or that I've only ever managed to spend a couple of hours (very confusing hours, I might add) in GTA Online.

                        No, you don't get my vote because you are plainly totally unwilling to communicate with unhappy customers who are asking for nothing more than some information. There is something going on that you don't want to tell us, whether it's legal issues or whatever else, and as a result you have now spent over a month stonewalling the very people who have just made you rich.

                        So regretfully, you don't have my vote. And the real shame of it is that all it would have taken is just one sentence (for example, "Yes, we are aware we promised the rest of you an iFruit app, but this whole GTA Online mess has been using up all our available resources, so we're sorry to say that the iFruit has been put on hold for now"). It would have been so easy to put things right and not leave us feeling like we're talking to a brick wall, but you must have had more pressing concerns.

                        I'll happily consider voting for you next time you bring out a GTA game (as long as I don't have to buy an iPhone to play it all)...
                        • Sammy_Nilssonon October 21 2013, 7:11amReplyFlag
                          I'm never going to vote for Grand Theft Auto 5, BioShock Infinite is much better then GTA 5. GTA Online destroyed GTA 5.
                        • Sammy_Nilssonon October 21 2013, 7:09amReplyFlag
                          I'm never going to vote for Grand Theft Auto 5. You mist be stupid if you even think I'm going to do so.
                          • timeparadoxxxon October 21 2013, 1:41amReplyFlag
                            You guys are the worst. Probably ---s. Grand Theft Auto V is an amazing game. The shaders, story, activities, characters, vehicles, plot is good enough for a game. Video Games these days are alot about realism, graphics, plot, and overall fun and pleasure you get from a game. Grand Theft Auto V has all of these. And I will gladly point out where. They've made a huge map for all of you sissys to stop complaining about from Grand Theft Auto IV, they've increased the graphics drastically that sometimes people could walk in on you and ask "What movie are you watching?" The story is good as well. It introduces THREE protagonists. THREE characters that you may personalize appearance, act as to your will with, and THREE people you can do different activites with. So when you get bored of playing with one in a certain place, situation, or activity, you could change to another character to see what they're doing and where they are. Also, the heists are amazing, fun, and always different everytime you play them. I mean come on, video games are meant to serve what you cannot do in real life most of the time. Games like Minecraft, Call of Duty (really pointless game btw), Halo, and of course Grand Theft Auto! It's not like you can go up to any car and take it from anyone, anywhere. They've added so much when it comes to cars too. Now I see a car that looks like a Ford Mustang, or even a car that looks like or is supposed to resemble a Lamborghini! The shaders in the game are MUCH more advanced than any other Grand Theft Auto game I've ever seen and totally add to the concept of beautiful graphics, action, and your cars. Heck, they even added a Cinematic Camera to let your game look like a movie because of such amazing graphics. Plus, they've also added MUCH new things in multiplayer. Sometimes I think there are more cars in multiplayer than there are in Singleplayer. (confirm ths for me if you will) In Grand Theft Auto IV you could only play freemode with friends, or do really small missions with them, plus you couldn't get cops of you didn't know how to activate them. When you compare THAT bulls**t to Grand Theft Auto V, you realize there are a s**t TON of things you can do in our new Grand Theft Auto Online system. You can play Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Car Races, Motorcycle Races, Bike Races, TEAM Races, Arm Wrestling, IMPROPER Races (I think thats what it's called) where you can set a race's destination to your waypoint, or use one of the default waypoints, there are missions, to help you gain money, you can play these with friends, or play SURVIVAL with friends! I also hear there may be heists in the future to do with friends! So don't give the game bad reviews just because of its current state, give it a review when THE GAME HAS BEEN FULLY COMPLETED AND YOU'VE EXPERIENCED ALL OF IT. I've probably even missed a few game modes in Online! INCLUDING THE PART WHERE YOU CAN CALL FRIENDS, TEXT FRIENDS, INVITE FRIENDS TO PRIVATE SESSIONS, TO YOUR APARTMENT, WHATEVER APARTMENT YOU WISH, TO YOUR GARAGE, SHOW OFF YOUR CARS TO YOUR FRIENDS AND OTHER PLAYERS, TO JOBS, TO ALL KINDS OF MATCHES! My point here, is that you all are idiots. That you can't recognize a good game when it is right in front of your f**king eyes. I don't mind getting my account suspended after stating what I think, after posting something offensive to you other players. I just mind all of you stupid haters hating on a game that took hard work and hours to make. And to see something you've worked so hard on get stepped on and rejected by people, that is one of the worst feelings pos
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