New Title Update to Address GTA Online Game Progress Loss and Other Issues

Posted on October 9 2013, 5:52pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Support, Social Club, Games
Update: This automatic title update is now available for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 worldwide.
A new title update to address the reported issues of game progress loss in GTA Online as well as other technical fixes, tweaks and enhancements is now available for PlayStation 3, and we expect it to be available by tomorrow at the latest for Xbox 360. This title update will resolve the cause of players losing their gameplay progress except for some specific instances where players purchase a vehicle and the save does not occur due to a cloud save failure. A fix for that particular issue is being worked on and we will provide an update as soon as we know when this will be resolved. 
Fixes in this title update include:
  • Fixes multiple issues causing character deletion or other loss of progress
  • Fixes issues causing infinite loading, infinite sky cams, and missing interface options between jobs
  • Fixes an issue causing the "replay" option to be locked out on certain jobs
  • Fixes an issue where a player would become stuck in the mod garage when respraying a Sanchez motor bike
  • Fixes an issue where the Player became stuck inside Los Santos Customs during Online tutorial flow. 
  • Fixes an issue causing the loss of guns and ammo
  • Fixes issues causing GTA races ending early because of players spawning too far ahead
  • Fixes issues in Last Team Standing where sessions would not progress past the lobby
  • Fixes issues with network errors when joining Last Team Standing using Quick Job
  • Added clarifications around when a player is using a temporary character in GTA Online during Rockstar Cloud server outages
  • Adjusts the monetary penalty for being killed in a One on One match
We apologize for the problems some players have been experiencing with lost characters or game progress due to this issue – please stay tuned for updates as we continue to investigate this.
In the meantime, please always remember to save your game before leaving GTA Online, otherwise you may lose any progress since your last save – this can be done by exiting back to Single Player through the pause menu. Until downloading the title update above and in order to minimize the chances of any further data loss, if at any point you receive the message “Rockstar Cloud Servers are unavailable”, please do not either select the "Retry" option or create a temporary Character to play GTA Online. Instead, you should exit to GTAV Story Mode and try entering GTA Online again through the menu in Story Mode. Please also stay tuned or subscribe to the GTA Online Status Updates article at the Rockstar Support site for the latest word on common known technical issues and fixes.

  • R* Lon October 9 2013, 8:22pmFlag
    Hi everyone, for those asking about their lost characters and/or other game progress, please stay tuned as we are still investigating. Please stay tuned as well for more info on the next T.U. to come and for other GTA Online updates and announcements soon. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

    If you are still experiencing any technical issues not covered in the last paragraph of the post above, please refer to the Rockstar Support site which has a regularly updated GTA Online Status Updates article with info on the most common known issues:
  • ChrisTheKidXVon April 21 2016, 4:58pmReplyFlag
    Can we please get one more chance to change our character's appearance I don't like how if I want to change how my character looks I have make an entirely new character and have my rank, accessibles, and other things go away. Or I'd be nice if there was a place I could change my characters appearance.
    • CraZy44YTon February 22 2016, 11:35amReplyFlag
      onjour, je voudrais savoir pourquoi nous les moddeurs nous ne pouvons pas rejoindre des session publique avec des personnes normaux qui n'ont pas le mod menu?
      Nous les moddeurs ont ne veut pas créer des ennuis ont veut juste jouer avec eux pour faire des missions, des braquages etc...
      • nb243345on January 30 2016, 3:34amReplyFlag
        Is it just me or is the game real glitchy since this update was released?
        • Wolfikinson April 2 2015, 5:13pmReplyFlag
          Now all they got to fix are hats not properly sitting on the Female's head. Anyone else having this issue? This is PS4 if that makes a difference.
          • bountyhunter6969on December 22 2014, 4:37pmReplyFlag
            i had bought the vacca. i logged in the other day and my car was gone. i was wondering if i could get my car back without paying for everthing again i had a lot of money into the car please help me out i don't feel like paying for it all again thaks
            • bountyhunter6969on December 22 2014, 4:34pmReplyFlag
              hey rockstar I bought the vacca and had it almost maxed out on performance parts and everything I had on it was my crew colors. I logged in the other day and the car was gone insurance company didn't have it and I couldn't get it from my mechanic. I had a lot of money invested into the car. all im asking is to get my car back or the money to replace everything I had on it and to get the car again. thank u guys
              • the-mercenary202on August 26 2014, 12:07pmReplyFlag
                hi rockstar I parked my cars in my garage and when I get out of the car it suddenly starts to float and tilts.the garage was a 491,000 dollors and it was a new updated interior but I sold it to see if the other safehouse would be any different but its even worse so could you look into the matter and sort out about if im allowed my old apartment back and see if my cars will stop floating
                • Bubbyboy123on June 25 2014, 3:28amReplyFlag
                  I used to have a million dollars legit and now when I log on to gta 5 online it takes 50k every time
                  • Kuthalexon February 14 2014, 4:33pmReplyFlag
                    So with the new update I played everything went fine. But when I logged back on 3-4 hours later none of my characters so I made a new one got to the part right after the race and logged off cause I didn't want my guy reset. It reset my character to where he was but now when I log on if freezes all blurry. And I can't join my friends cause it says I need to complete the tutorial. Please help?
                    • -AEVDD-on February 15 2014, 5:18amReplyFlag
                      @Kuthalex Same thing happend to me! right after the race i quitted and now it loads in to the blurry screen and doesnt proceed to anything.
                      Only thing i could do was to sign out of PSN and that will bring you back to storymode ! The moment i sign in an try to launch online it will bring me back to the tutorial standing on the parking lot and the freezes in the blurry screen again!
                  • AgentJames2014on February 13 2014, 4:41pmReplyFlag
                    Rock star I update gta 5 online for the Valentine updated and then when I went to online and play for 3 hr I left online but then a message appears saying that if I leave I wont save anything and that rock star cant connect with my server and cant same my game and it didnt save my 3 hr of gaming please rock star help me my gamer tag in xbox 360 is AgentBarrera please help me please I want to play but I cant because I wont save ans I text u in facebook and u guys wont answer please answer in facebook or here please my emailis please help me asap please thank u for taking your thanks
                    • MazzadiBlocoon February 7 2014, 11:54amReplyFlag
                      HI R* i had 1.7 billion in gta online, but yesterday i logged in gta online from a friend's ps3 console and there was no money! Could you please take this matter into consideration cause i don't know what to do.
                      Thank you
                      • zeewolf2014on February 2 2014, 11:16amReplyFlag
                        Thats good as i keep losing my guns a bit of a pain but still a great game RS
                        • Exodus975on January 21 2014, 6:05pmReplyFlag
                          When I was playing gta v online three weeks ago strang things where going on cars where disappearing some cars you can,t steal the my player opened the door to steal the car it would not pull the driver out ca,t kill other players in my game I was kill him with a gun and he did,t die when you follow cars they would disappear in frount of you then reappear down the street in this normal
                          • UndyingSpartaon December 31 2013, 10:18amReplyFlag
                            hi rockstar huge fan of your games i killed a bounty and suddenly received 1 billion and someone shared anther billion with me from his Job and tried giving back, forgive me for being off topic. but something doesnt feel right and i really do want to play honestly so i dont know if i did wrong. thank you for listening. and keep up the good work
                            • bank37on December 29 2013, 12:34amReplyFlag
                              wheres all this money coming from I have went online twice in the last week and have been handed millions of $. it is messing up gta. leaving no real reason for playing
                              • fighter_killeron December 27 2013, 6:13pmReplyFlag
                                I am pissed R* my accounts called derakula bez on Xbox live, fix it
                                • TheDarkRedNinjaon December 14 2013, 10:30pmReplyFlag
                                  in the next update could u be able to let us buy more garages so we all can have more cars cause i have a 10 car garages and i wanting to be able to have more car with out replacing the ones i got and would it be possiable if u could put house up for sale on the game in stand of use a apartment it for be awesome to have a good as house in stand of apartment
                                • TheDarkRedNinjaon December 14 2013, 10:22pmReplyFlag
                                  hey just wondering if u can fix the snapmatic cause it keeps coming up with online services are disabled on you aacount so can u fix it cause it will make a lot of people happy in stand of pissed off thanks
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