GTA Online Details: Game Day Access Info and More

Posted on September 30 2013, 7:55pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

With just hours remaining until the initial launch of Grand Theft Auto Online, here’s some more information to share to help get everyone ready for tomorrow. You can also look forward to plenty of GTA Online game tips and other community support features to roll out at the Rockstar Games Social Club website tomorrow as well  – expect tutorial tips to be updated regularly as new content is added to GTA Online.
Access to GTA Online
  • Access to Grand Theft Auto Online is free with your copy of Grand Theft Auto V. On October 1st there will be a small downloadable Title Update released on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE. Upon installation of that Title Update, direct access to begin GTA Online will be unlocked in your GTAV game menu. You will be able to jump right into GTA Online via the 4th (bottom) slot in your GTAV character wheel. We’ve received many questions asking for a specific confirmation of what exact time GTA Online will be available but of course this is contingent on both Title Updates becoming available on each console’s network. As a general timeframe, we do expect the Title Update to become available on PSN and Xbox LIVE starting around 7AM ET tomorrow morning, and your best bet is to stay tuned throughout the day here at the Rockstar Newswire and by following us on Twitter and Facebook where we will be keeping everyone updated.
When does GTA Online Take Place?
  • Some people who’ve been playing through Grand Theft Auto V’s Story Mode have been inquiring how the narrative of GTA Online correlates or crosses over. Grand Theft Auto Online is set a few months prior to the events of Grand Theft Auto V’s single player story.
Home and Garage Security
  • There’s plenty of havoc and treachery you can cause out in the open world of course, but in order to prevent some really annoying “griefing”, we’ve designed house party invitations specifically to be a friendly social affair where players can visit each other’s pads without fear of having them ruined or losing their hard-earned vehicles in the process. If someone invites you into their property, then it is considered a friendly visit and you will not be able to shoot up their place or steal their cars from their garage. By the way, in any given lobby, if you and another player own the same piece of property, you will each be able to enter your own personal instance of that property at any given time. You will also be able to enter each other’s instance of that property if you exchange and accept an invite. This way, multiple instances of ownership of the same property within a lobby can co-exist.
GTA$ and Fair Play
  • To allay some concerns we’ve heard on this subject, we can assure you that the game is designed such that the option of purchasable GTA$ should not disrupt the playing field – and there are a few mechanics in place to help ensure that. All players still have to rank up with Reputation Points (RP) in order to get access to purchase high-end items.  No one can begin GTA Online and simply spend a lot of money out of the gate to get a leg up. You will have to earn your stripes and play to unlock access to the aspirational clothes, guns and other items. Please also remember that in GTA Online, hustling to afford the finer things by earning GTA$ doing robberies, stick-ups, winning races and other profitable activities is a fun gameplay experience rather than ever being a ‘grind’. As we mentioned on Wednesday, we will constantly tweak all areas of the game to make it play fairer and iron out any balancing problems (while fixing all the other problems we encounter!), but we really need your help in figuring out what those issues are. So please work with us on that!
An Ever-Growing Collection of Jobs
  • Grand Theft Auto Online is a long-term GTA experience that you can expect to be built-upon, to grow and to evolve in many ways in the coming weeks, months and beyond. As part of that, there will be a massive amount of Jobs available to play over time as we will be regularly adding new ones for you to enjoy. Additionally, you will soon be helping to add content to the game world yourselves, by creating custom Race and Deathmatch Jobs through the Content Creator tool which we plan to release this fall. Grand Theft Auto Online is a collaborative project between Rockstar and all GTA players worldwide, so expect that we’ll effectively be working on it together from day one. As a very small example, the Crew Hierarchies feature that was introduced a few weeks back on Social Club was a direct result of popular fan feedback from last year – and we’ll be looking at the GTA Online community’s feedback, input and ideas constantly to help inform how the game itself will grow and evolve. As mentioned last week, we’ll be looking closely at your feedback emails sent to and in the GTA Online Suggestion Box board at the forthcoming Social Club Forums. We’re very much looking forward to welcoming you as active participants in the world of GTA Online starting tomorrow.
The Character Creation System
  • The hereditary-based character creation system of Grand Theft Auto Online allows for a multitude of options to create your avatar that will then inhabit the online world of Los Santos & Blaine County.  Choose your gender then decide on your mother and father.  From there, you can choose to give one parent genetic dominance or leave them more evenly matched. The choice is yours. Next, you adjust a set of lifestyle variables which help determine your character’s appearance and starting stats. Decide how much sleep he/she gets, how much partying they indulge in, how much honest work versus illegal activity, and more. Essentially, you can adjust the genetics to wind up with a fresh faced lad or lass or a grizzled, haggard degenerate or anywhere in between! You’ll also be able to preview your end result in real time all throughout to ensure you’re satisfied before putting your character on a direct flight to LS. Of course, once you’re out and about in the open world, you can further customize your character with haircuts, clothing and accessories to suit your tastes.
Exclusive Social Club Features
  • In Grand Theft Auto Online, Social Club members get access to weaponry and vehicular unlocks, a whole new suite of Crew features to represent and coordinate with your squad, and special tools to get the most out of Rockstar Jobs and user-created Jobs when the Content Creator tool launches this fall. Check out the updated for an overview of GTA Online Social Club features including new Crew customization possibilities like Crew colors and Emblem vehicle decals, Crew messaging options, and Open or Closed Crew Sessions. Plus unlocks like the Sawed-Off Shotgun, the Annis Elegy RH8 and the John Marston Parent option to do the Marston family proud in the modern day West. Also stay tuned for info later in October about the very first GTA Online Social Club Events which will have special Event Playlists curated by Rockstar, reserved in-game license plate awards for top players, and more. So, if you haven’t joined, we recommend doing so!

Expect that we’ll be keeping you up to date here at the Newswire tomorrow as the Title Updates become available on PSN and Xbox LIVE. We’re very much looking forward to seeing you and your Crews hit the wide open world of Los Santos and Blaine County in GTA Online tomorrow.

  • R* Lon October 1 2013, 8:52amFlag
    Hi everyone, the GTAV Title Update to enable Grand Theft Auto Online access has been rolling out this morning on PSN and Xbox LIVE across territories worldwide. As mentioned last week, you should expect that there will be some technical teething issues in the early days of a new online experience especially one as massive as GTA Online – you can stay apprised at the Rockstar Support site here
    Thank you all for your patience, understanding and support!
  • Darth_Absentison September 8 2016, 10:26pmReplyFlag
    is it me or does anyone else think they neglected the balancing part ?
    • Matt_tha_kingon August 17 2015, 8:50amReplyFlag
      Can you please allow the character to use the gym and improve strength and develope his/her muscles just like San Andreas did.
      • James_Az1234on June 28 2015, 11:38pmReplyFlag
        Okay, I have a simple question..What level do I need to be on to create a crew? Because when I go on the Social Club website and try to create a Crew...Nothing appears but the choice list. This is a simple question, please reply to it...I want to make a simple crew for me and my friends, to play on GTA V as a team...Thank you for your times~ James_Az1234 (PSN).
        • DarrDeathGirlon January 6 2015, 3:33amReplyFlag
          Okay, ive looked long enough. I cant find an answer. My son plays gta v on ps3. I would like to make my own profile and character to play online. When I created my own profile and went into the game, it only takes me to story mode. Is it possible to have a second profile on the ps3 console which can join gta online, creating their own character, name, etc? If so, please explain how. What I did was signed out of my sons profile, checked online status which was successful, and entered the game anew. It takes me directly to story mode. No online option. Am I doing something wrong, or is this not possible. Im his mom, so you could understand why id want my own profile, name, and character.
          thanks for any help.
          • carbardoson January 14 2015, 9:06amReplyFlag
            @DarrDeathGirl psn/own game/ own user. i guess u can check after you kid after that, or so i think. these consoles have chance so much sinse my first nintendo from the -80`s
        • CodyCountrymanon December 15 2014, 9:40pmReplyFlag
          I would like you to
          open up the basketball courts to play a little street ball! Please I liked it on San Andreas

          • LilBoosieBadazzon November 24 2014, 12:20pmReplyFlag
            Let Us Drive Trains!!!!
            • JOEYLEO05on August 9 2014, 1:01amReplyFlag
              Bring back the monster truck on story mode! I loved running over the cops!
              • LILSHIET2168on July 16 2014, 10:42amReplyFlag
                Rockstar can use add the holden vl turbo and the torana and bring back the Roosevelt and hot knife
                • Lyusdemion July 14 2014, 9:12amReplyFlag
                  I think they should do more to this game online I think you should be about to make a baby I think that would be awsesome. Me and my friend go by waying I our jeep I think if one of us get stuck I think we should be able to tow each other ect , they should do all the houses different inside there all the same I reckon every house should be different and big inside, there should also be more animal ect like rabbit so u can kill and skin them I think that would be pretty sick if your a hunter like myself pluss I think you should be able to go in every store on the game to buy stuff for your house or yourself or maybe buy a pet at the pet store in sandy shores.
                  • lololololopololon July 12 2014, 3:11amReplyFlag
                    With the dns f*gs most of them aren't banned and they suck because the always kill me with mini gun. A way so people don't get mad is take away money and rp from them and if they do it again then ban them.
                    Also, next update please have something to fix people trapping people in los Santos customs
                    • Hollowtip7411on June 17 2014, 7:43pmReplyFlag
                      Hollowtip219 that's my gamer tag and for some odd reason I have been banned. I don't boost or glitch OR none of that cheating s**t but because I get in a lobby of people glitching this is what I get I didn't ask for the money didn't get out in a cheaters pool straight banned. Will never buy another GTA its amazing that the people who were cheating didn't get banned smh f**k rock star
                      • jalen4trillon April 9 2014, 9:39pmReplyFlag
                        Rockstar you should make gta 5 online basketball courts available to play basketball on. Also make jobs pay out more. Make dogs available to have online. These are my ideas so far ,and i am hoping to see them on one of the updates thank you.
                        • jjjjjashon February 15 2014, 3:11amReplyFlag
                          Game of thrones outfits!!!
                          • Coolboi101on January 13 2014, 3:27amReplyFlag
                            Can we mod our bikes yet? Really want a pink BMXbut now there is no way to customize the colour!
                            • BLOODBULL3T96on December 28 2013, 3:53pmReplyFlag
                              does anyones game keep crashing when you try to join gta online?
                              • KillerBlankon December 28 2013, 1:50amReplyFlag
                                Monster Army Killers is looking for some new blood. If you're tired of being a victim or just looking for people a crew to roll with join Monster Army Killers. I'm the kind of leader who will have your back and that's what this crew is all about. A crew may hang together but an army fights together. Recruiting on both consoles please keep the crew set active to avoid being kicked and to receive promotions, rewards may come to those most loyal.
                                • J-a-p-p-i-e-W-Won December 16 2013, 7:01amReplyFlag
                                  We want a snow/christmas dlc update for GTA ONLINE like North Yankton with snow on the road and on cars.
                                  We also want a realy huge christmasthree in the middle of the city Los Santos.
                                  Request persenol vechicle back.
                                  A christmasthree in you're houses.
                                  New closes a warm jacket, new pants and a Santa hat. :D
                                  Christmas Music radio station.
                                  • quick_kill81on December 15 2013, 12:25amReplyFlag
                                    seriously just want my ps3 back so i can pay the damned game again been way to long
                                    • GoldenShark10on November 17 2013, 7:38amReplyFlag
                                      After the problem with gta online I lost my character level 33 and then I created new until level 8 when I logged off and then again log in level 8lost please rockstar help me!
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