New GTAV Avatar Items & Gamerpics on Xbox LIVE

Posted on September 26 2013, 2:12pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games
Hook up your Xbox Avatar to match some of Los Santos' most notorious organizations with a few of the new outfits that have been added to the Grand Theft Auto V Avatar collection on Xbox LIVE. Represent the Ballas, the Grove Street Families, or even pledge your allegiance to the Epsilon Program... You can also go for a spin on the Sprunk-ed out Pegassi Bati 801RR while rocking the Los Santos logo tee and hat.
Ballas Outfit (Men | Women)
Grove Street Families Outfit (Men | Women)
Kifflom Logo Tee (Men | Women)
Kifflom Outfit (Men | Women)
Los Santos Tee (Men | Women)
Additionally, a new set of 10 Gamerpics is also available from Xbox LIVE featuring the cast of characters displayed below.

Stay tuned for more GTAV digital goodies we’re working on for both Xbox LIVE and for PlayStation Network users.

  • R* Yon September 27 2013, 12:21pmFlag
    Just a reminder to everyone to please keep your comment and discussion on-topic to the article at hand. Off-topic comments may be removed. Also a friendly reminder that if you have a question or a comment you’d like Rockstar to see, the appropriate place is as it says in Rule #5 above the Comment Box. Thanks all for your understanding and support.
  • JLavigneon October 8 2013, 12:21pmReplyFlag
    So i lost my character as well about 12 hours ago. Just brings me straight to character selection, show my bank money but nothing else. checked social club, no stats or anything appear.

    My question is, does this mean there's NO hope in my character returning and should i just start a new one?
    • iTsTheVoLtAgEon October 8 2013, 2:50amReplyFlag
      i wish you guys would fix the NPC's on missions! they are way to powerful. or at least increase the amount of bullets it takes to kill us. i die waaaaay to fast! also when you die on missions i loose alot of my money. i worked hard for that money
      • Theandy69on October 7 2013, 11:23pmReplyFlag
        hi guys =) all xbox players try deleting the update title /xbox settings/ games and apps then gta v (title update only)
        then go back to gta story mode swap between a few characters on the character wheel then your online player from the wheel thats what i did and it worked and i know 4 or 5 others who have done the same but in saying so its not a 100% guarantee tho and if you wanna join our crew at me on xbox theandy69 (we aint looking for 100s of members) ya dont need to be a big crew to be a good 1

        we just want member members for future heists crew battles or just kick it and have some fun
        interested in fellow players with mics also (if your a goose thru the mic yelling into it etc to annoy others we will kick you and then haunt you thanks every1 and hope yous are able to get online soon
        • Dr.Phagon October 6 2013, 11:25pmReplyFlag
          Yo man, you kids all need to calm the fck down. Clearly none of you have ever played an online open world game before, but it's not unusual at all for these type of gaming platforms to face quite some issues before it's actually properly ready for playing. See, I'll give World of Warcraft as an example; with every new expansion or patch update coming out, all the servers face issues like loss of characters, loss of gear, disconnections and whatnot. And although to some of you impatient little fcks it may be hard to believe, but they will actually fix it and chances are big you will get all your stuff back. A succesfull big company as Rockstar isn't that stupid to 'commit fraud' or 'steal' from it's customers as some if you blatently like to shout.

          I am in awe of the lack of knowledge so many of you have regarding online open world games, and updates, etc.
          Pleasw be patient man, and in the meanwhile instead of crying over it: play some storymode or other videogames..geez.

          With love, BlizzconGirl
          • Emasta66on October 6 2013, 10:38pmReplyFlag
            Well done Rockstar, you have spent 5 years to make the biggest fail of all time. Thank you for deleting my character, you may know f*ck yourselves.
            • Sodiumvapor84on October 6 2013, 9:18pmReplyFlag
              Looking for loyal crew members for the Motor City Rebels. We are on PS3. First group of people get promoted. We hope to add you to our crew. Take care.
              • DeeRezion October 6 2013, 8:51pmReplyFlag
                Honestly Rockstar.. it's been over a week and you guys still can't fix online servers... I'm never buying a game from you motherf**kers again
                • DeeRezion October 6 2013, 8:48pmReplyFlag
                  my level 15 character got deleted... made a new character but noticed that my car has been saved? like wtf .....
                  • Katsu_Sureon October 6 2013, 3:38pmReplyFlag
                    My lvl 17 char got deleted again... Just got the money on the bank left! I know you are trying guys! But try HARDER!
                    Thanks, and lovely game! Love you guys <3 Just please stop deleting our chars! And fix the money bug where you lose money from your bank when you log off and in!

                    Thanks, Cheers from Switzerland!

                    • apemeat451on October 6 2013, 1:33pmReplyFlag
                      I loaded up my game today on xbox and noticed my online character is gone. I was on level 35 with 400k house. Is this a issue that will be resolved or have you deleted my character? Is it worth waiting for it to return or should I make a new character now to get back to where I was already in the game?

                      Please reply.
                      • davide_81on October 6 2013, 1:14pmReplyFlag
                        where is my online character? I find it in the social club, but not in the game ,1 week of hard work to reach level 17 and now i'm level 1?i'm going crazy
                        • KICK_ASS_500on October 6 2013, 1:11pmReplyFlag
                          PS3 My character was delete today i was level 22 WTF rockstar i back up my save date and it shill takes me to a new character created what do i do help
                          • Born_of_Fictionon October 6 2013, 12:48pmReplyFlag
                            I've been playing GTAV online since its release, last night I just hit online rank 31. I've put so many hours into playing on that one character, customizing my character, cars, buying property, all of my character progression, all of my online stats.

                            I log in today to find my entire character gone, wiped clean from the face of GTAV. I have no playable character now, I have to start from scratch. I can't express in words how disappointed I am with you R*. When you made the decision to save all your trusting fans hard fought progress into the cloud (a failure ridden mistake of a creation) you betrayed every single one by snatching back all the promises you made them on release. Unless you restore every last one of the characters deleted, you will have dug your own graves in the gaming industry. The amount of frustration and hopeless anger I feel now is immeasurable. I know it's "only a game", but the effort put into playing it is real, and that's why I feel so betrayed. PLEASE FIX THIS, and don't send me a generic "we are looking into it" reply. You need to apologise, or say nothing.
                            • madassjohnon October 6 2013, 12:18pmReplyFlag
                              Rockstar inc is the biggest froud on the market
                              • Emmanuel0612on October 6 2013, 12:07pmReplyFlag
                                - Can you Rockstar PLEASE ! Help me I can enter to the online Please help me & thank you
                                • Emmanuel0612on October 6 2013, 11:24amReplyFlag
                                  - You deleted my character again.'?
                                  • madassjohnon October 6 2013, 12:16pmReplyFlag
                                    @Emmanuel0612 I think that we can best stop with this game caled gta v they promised a all new type of online playing but this crap is realy unheard of shure this would be difrent online playing than COD but with COD we get to play and in gta v wel you get to play but have 2 make a new character every time you log off money dissapears randomly you rank up only to be level 1 the next time you loggin rockstar get your f**kin act together you got record sales es wel as a record of complaints but with those sales all that money stil dont got enough for a few desent servers what are you guys thinking now we got the money we dont have to doe all that we promissed. From such a big game producer i had expected more but now we now rockstar dusnt give a s**t about his custumors

                                    Ps go ahead and delete it again i knowe that the truth hurts so fix it
                                • Emmanuel0612on October 6 2013, 11:17amReplyFlag
                                  - Why i can't enter now.'?
                                  • DISRUPTORLIVEon October 5 2013, 8:17pmReplyFlag
                                    I have Updated hope to fix all these problem and I lost my player and house and cars etc Big FAIL what you going to do.. Not happy when you have played hours with friends which you compete and now it put me off as dont want go redo it and lost everything again.. we have a save process right so why we getting problems.. Online has had more problems since it launched best thing to do is make a pack for offline with your player then its safe where running online its more less safe right? please help
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