The Free GTAV iFruit and Game Manual Companion Apps

Posted on September 16 2013, 2:35pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

In support of this week’s worldwide release of Grand Theft Auto V, we’ve got a special pair of totally free companion apps that will be available for download starting today to enhance and aid your game experience.

Grand Theft Auto: iFruit – featuring Los Santos Customs and Chop the Dog
The free iFruit mobile app hooks directly into your Grand Theft Auto V experience featuring:
  • Los Santos Customs - The Los Santos Customs app offers players the freedom to create their ultimate vehicle in Grand Theft Auto V from anywhere. At the bar, on the beach, on the toilet. This is the future, we’re almost sure of it. You can even create and reserve custom license plates for both Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online – order your personalized plates before they’re gone! Also choose from paint jobs, window tints, smoke colors, wheels, hoods and spoilers. Upgrade your engine, brakes, exhaust, suspension, and accessorize with new lights, horns, tires and body armor. Place your order on-the-go and find it waiting for you in the garage the next time you play Grand Theft Auto V, or send your order in while playing and get a call from your local mechanic to swing by. Everybody’s had some work done in Los Santos, so don’t let your ride be the exception to the rule.
  • Chop the Dog - Depth of content, high production values, defecation. It’s the app that has it all. Because who doesn’t love tending to a virtual pet? Chop is Franklin’s canine sidekick in Grand Theft Auto V. Look after him well in the Chop the Dog app and you will reap the benefits when playing as Franklin in Grand Theft Auto V. Pet him, feed and water him, play fetch and tug-of-war, teach him tricks. Too much or too little of an activity, however, will cause Chop to become unhappy, and nobody likes an unhappy Rottweiler. Take Chop on walks to give him a chance to work off last night’s steak and Piswasser and to mark his turf in the hood - defending his ladies, fending off gang members and even protecting the beach babes of Los Santos from unsightly tan lines by removing their bikinis.
Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual
As this is the biggest Grand Theft Auto game to date, we literally couldn’t fit everything into an old fashioned style printed booklet anymore so instead we have taken the tradition of the classic GTA game manual into the digital era properly and have created for you a massive over-100-page free digital app for smartphones, tablets as well as desktops called Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual. The official manual app has everything from essential and practical Game Controls, Features and Credits info to a tour through the activities and local shops and brands in the game – and best yet, a special digital version of the game map to zoom in and explore with an interactive legend to browse neighborhoods and points of interest all over the entire world of Los Santos and Blaine County.
Both of these free digital apps will be available for download beginning today, and we will update this post with more information and download links as they become available throughout the week for other platforms and devices.
The iFruit Mobile Application
Now available for iOS devices at the App Store, for Android devices via Google Play, for Windows Phone and for PlayStation Vita.
Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual
Now available for iOS devices at the App Store, for Android devices via Google Play, for Windows Phone and as a desktop application on PC and Mac.

  • acdclover193 days, 16 hours agoReplyFlag
    i love it
    • Crazy_Ferret4 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
      Says this is not compatible with my device. I have the Nextbook Tablet NEXT7P12-8GP with Android 4.0 on it; and my Tablet says it can't be upgraded to anything newer. Sooo.. can you please make this app compatible with older andriod devices please, or at least make it available to use on Windows PC instead of just "windows phone".. ?
      • eleventhmonkeyon September 4 2015, 4:48amReplyFlag
        I like turtles
        • badmanemyon August 22 2015, 6:09pmReplyFlag
          we need more update like new

          new songs and stuff like cars and guns
          • thecandyninjaon August 17 2015, 7:35amReplyFlag
            Not works on Asus Fonepad Note 6 !! Thanks
            • joshpat123on August 14 2015, 2:34pmReplyFlag
              Please someone help. A can"t log in in ifruit app. Thank you
              • duxdaro83on August 7 2015, 10:16amReplyFlag
                Android app not compatible with Samsung ACE 3 LTE :/
                • SnipingChief27on August 6 2015, 7:21amReplyFlag
                  I can't sign in on the fruit app yet I can sign in to social club on safari. Please Help! My xboxlive is HavenSanctuary thanks for the help!
                  • SharkBV158on July 25 2015, 1:51amReplyFlag
                    Please fix this so i can download. I want to play with chop
                    • TonyD866 days, 14 hours agoReplyFlag
                      @SharkBV158 How did you train chop because I'm trying to train him to but not sure the way to download it. Please help!!!!!!!!!
                  • James-Bloodon July 22 2015, 1:39pmReplyFlag
                    i do NOT have nor want smartass phone. (all i use telephone for is calling and sometimes texting bessides its ridiculously expenssive). how do i train Chop and make him stop craping on the damned grass?
                  • LIPDProductionson July 21 2015, 8:11pmReplyFlag
                    Cannot install it on my LG Lancet. I would love to though.
                    • R1D5EYon July 20 2015, 7:25pmReplyFlag
                      Does not work for my android :( Sony Xperia M
                    • 1mad-beavison July 11 2015, 11:50pmReplyFlag
                      Please fix for older android OS. I would really like to have a custom plate. Thank you
                      • nikolakis211on July 11 2015, 7:50amReplyFlag
                        can't get it says not compatible with my version
                        • Johnny_loston June 24 2015, 2:44amReplyFlag
                          iFruit does not work in Hong Kong. Why am I NOT surpised?
                          • eat_hk-eggtarton June 21 2015, 10:25amReplyFlag
                            Please make it work in the hongkong store?
                            • eat_hk-eggtarton June 21 2015, 10:21amReplyFlag
                              How can I download it in hongkong store
                              • AlexTheWhovianon June 21 2015, 2:38amReplyFlag
                                I can't get it says not compatible with my version.
                              • criffinon June 9 2015, 2:35amReplyFlag
                                Can't download it in the Hong Kong store, how can I make it work?
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