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With the countdown to the September 17th arrival of GTAV now being measured in mere hours around the world, here is the first round-up of reviews from across the web:
"Grand Theft Auto V is not only a preposterously enjoyable video game, but also an intelligent and sharp-tongued satire of contemporary America. It represents a refinement of everything that GTAIV brought to the table five years ago. It’s technically more accomplished in every conceivable way, but it’s also tremendously ambitious in its own right. No other world in video games comes close to this in size or scope, and there is sharp intelligence behind its sense of humour and gift for mayhem. It tells a compelling, unpredictable, and provocative story without ever letting it get in the way of your own self-directed adventures through San Andreas. It is one of the very best video games ever made."
"Set mostly within the glitzily superficial city of Los Santos, a warped mirror of Los Angeles, GTAV is a sprawling tale of criminal maniacs self-destructing on a blood-splattered career trajectory to hell... The genius of GTAV is in the sheer seductive force of its vision. The visuals are astonishing – just astonishing. Surely pushing this ageing hardware to the limits, we get the dense downtown with its soaring skyscrapers and murky, rubbish-strewn back alleys. But then out into the country, we have rolling grasslands and desert stretches, coyotes roaming, the shadows of eagles swooping overhead. The world drags you in. It begs you to explore – and then it rewards you. You feel every millimetre of the landscape has been thoughtfully handcrafted with the curious gamer in mind."
"Everything works. It has mechanics good enough to anchor games of their own, and a story that is not only what GTA has always wanted to tell but also fits the way people have always played it. It’s a remarkable achievement, a peerless marriage of world design, storytelling and mechanics that pushes these ageing consoles to the limit and makes it all look easy. As we stand on the brink of a new generation, GTAV sends an intimidating message to the rest of the industry. Beat that."
"The scale is dizzying. It's insanely detailed too. Gangs loitering on street corners, cracked roads, foreclosure notices, and police searchlights cutting through the night sky give the poor areas of the city a tangible layer of grime. In Vinewood, sports cars glint in the sun, tourists snap pictures with their phones, and obnoxious starlets bray into their phones about movie auditions. Wander through the countryside and you'll see backpackers, cyclists, and people walking their dogs. Extras in rubber alien costumes take smoke breaks on studio lots, and bikers cruise the desert highways... The world is breathtaking, the script is funny, the music is superb... and, most of all, it's really, really fun."
"Throughout GTAV you'll swap between the trio, seeing San Andreas through the eyes of three wildly different personalities, each of whom brings their own breed of psychosis to one of the most exciting games of this generation... They're all exceptionally written, and play off of each other well. Instead of forcing one character to climb his way up his own slice of the criminal underworld, GTAV does a remarkable job of providing each with their own motivations, their own missions, and their own personas you'll come to love as you swap between them."
"The driving is a lot looser and more exciting than it was in GTAIV, and the lock-on targeting and cover system means that you're never fighting the controls in the middle of combat. It also looks great on current consoles, with a solid draw distance and a frame rate that takes few major hits along the way. Furthermore, the characters themselves emote well in cutscenes, which really helps make the story feel more meaningful. The city itself is nicely evocative of Los Angeles, as well, giving you GTA-ified equivalents of studio lots, the TCL Chinese Theatre, the Santa Monica Pier, and more. Little touches like lighting as the sun rises and sets go a long way, too. That all meets well with the game's on-foot and on-mission soundtrack, which delivers tense backing tracks that heighten the heists whether you're opening fire on the obstacles in your way or watching Michael slyly convince a guard that he is, in fact, supposed to be there. And all of it comes together to bring you a fantastic approximation of LA's sleazy-yet-sunny West Coast vibe."
"Grand Theft Auto V is the pinnacle of open-world video game design and a colossal feat of technical engineering... It dares the rest of the blockbuster industry to try and match its scope and, even with new consoles on the horizon, it may be some time before anything steps up."
“...Rockstar Games has produced the most playable, well-plotted, character-driven, fictionally coherent entry in this 16-year-old series. The game is set in an immense, parodic vision of Southern California, a West Coast counterpoint to the caricature of New York City in Grand Theft Auto IV (2008). While Los Santos — the game’s version of Los Angeles — and its surroundings exist in an alternate reality, it is also a contemporary one that evokes and satirizes the anxieties of 21st-century life… Video games tell their own lies to their players: you’re powerful, you’re smart, you’re important, your problems can be solved if you just keep trying. And Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most beautiful, seductive lies yet uttered by our youngest creative medium.”
Also check out some international reviews from Meristation, 3DJuegos, JeuxActu, Gameblog, Vandal, MondoXbox, InsideGamer, AusGamersThe Globe and Mail, Eurogamer Germany, IGN Italia and stay on the look out for lots more reviews hitting the web throughout the day. Of course feel free to share any you find in the comments below.

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  • sinastra1232 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
    Hi, huge fan I just wanna say that this car called duke o death can you put to online because you already know of course that you guys made the car called kuruma which basically is similar to the duke o death. Can u please put the duke o death online if u put it to online I will pay for this car $700,000 in Graf just to buy this car.
    • ImSoFlyee2 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
      PUT IN HYDRAULICS , this is the best game ever all you are missing is changing the size of your tires and HYDRAULICS !!!!!! How can it be on San Andreas and not GTA 5 when GTA 5 was an aftermath of Gta: San Andreas ? Besides that , great game man
      • TauqeerAhmad12on August 31 2015, 4:47amReplyFlag
        • nuM1GAMER009987on August 16 2015, 8:14pmReplyFlag
          I think it would be cool to have a go cart and three wheelers in gta 5 and they are customizable
          • Rico--on August 5 2015, 12:39amReplyFlag
            I think rockstar should add the casinos and make the game more realistic like San Andreas & add a gas tank & food feature where able to eat and maintain health like San Andreas & be able to fly to different cities and explore , just make it realistic . thank you
            • ILWUMUNOZ13on July 28 2015, 8:32pmReplyFlag
              can you add a 1990 454 chevy ss pick up for gta 5 online and add some rims like irocs and bigger size in rims thanks goes up to 190 mph
              • dgboss3on July 27 2015, 3:39pmReplyFlag
                please add joggers the gta5 ps3 and camo paint jobs
                • Renish0001on July 24 2015, 3:43amReplyFlag
                  Please make a huge house purchasable for Trevor...!
                  • techno3714on July 22 2015, 9:50pmReplyFlag
                    Rockstar you should add water balloons for the summer DLC so people can have fun with the water balloons end enjoy the summer in GTA and you should add water guns so people can have fun in square people with the water guns
                    • ZERO13432_VFFVon July 22 2015, 5:09pmReplyFlag
                      How about a biker dlc
                      • jackod1343on July 16 2015, 12:50pmReplyFlag
                        I acidently bought a Pegasus car the Marshall and I don't want it I lost 500k for something I acidently bought
                        • spencer0521on July 12 2015, 2:53pmReplyFlag
                          Great game ruined by updates. Such as the marksman rifle which requires no skill and ruins long range combat of the game. I have always been an amazing sniper on gta v but ever since marksman rifle cam out it hasn't been tw same they are extremely overpowered
                          • Crave20on July 7 2015, 10:47amReplyFlag
                            More functionality in vehicles, players can take flights around the map.
                            • BRANDON_SSon July 7 2015, 9:09amReplyFlag
                              I hope rockstar will update gta v online more island , more new places and can buy villa, big house , not apartment . Thanks rockstar!
                              • sinastra123on June 27 2015, 4:41pmReplyFlag
                                Hey I been trying to get this car it's called déclassé stallion the picture shows a hardtop but every time I buy it it gives me the car without the top and look idk u take people advice who plays this game and comment to you but please and please I'm begging please try to fix the déclassé stallion to a hardtop or you can give us an option to pick a hard top or without the top or convertible.
                                • bkreeder18on June 23 2015, 10:24pmReplyFlag
                                  Rockstar need to fix my stuff
                                  • HayDizzleNizzleon June 19 2015, 6:16amReplyFlag
                                    i love this game it is by far one of your best games out there but one thing i dont like is that you keep patching some of the glitches people find like the police station one please dont patch that one i love exploring in there in a private lobby also another thing is it would be awesome to add a video option to our snapmatic apps on our phones if you consider this please add it to last gen as well as current gen
                                    • cbone12on June 18 2015, 3:02amReplyFlag
                                      rockstar mabye for ill gotten gains update can you like add the hotknife an the albany roosevelt for the part 2 of the update this summer but mabye you can add the musket an pistol.50 to the next update to but mabye for a limited time only but that would be fun

                                      thank you
                                      • Fatzmanon June 17 2015, 3:36pmReplyFlag
                                        I was so very excited and had such high expectations for GTA 5 because of the previous games. You feel nostalgic about them. Even though GTA5 is great, I don't understand why no pizza, chicken or Bleeder Burgers are in this game for health or to just go crazy and holdup ? Nostalgic perception, experiences at a certain time in life are missed. I own the game for PS3 but just don't feel the need to buy it for my PS4. All franchise games have to carry these feelings over to new games or it will disappoint older players.
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