GTAV Midnight Launch Details

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If you're in North America or the UK use our official Midnight Launch Locator below to find the retail store nearest you that is hosting a midnight launch event for GTAV.

For fans in the NYC area, we'll be hosting a special midnight opening at the GameStop location in Union Square.  Stop by and check out the custom Bravado Banshee, score some limited GTAV promo gear and of course get your hands on a copy of the game promptly at midnight.

We'll also be visiting GameStop stores in and around New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle & Boston. If you pre-ordered at a 24 hour Walmart location, get a Grand Theft Auto V logo keychain (while supplies last). Best Buy will be giving out exclusive character posters at their midnight launch events (while supplies last). Additionally, locations across Canada, the UK, and Europe will also be hosting midnight launch events. For details on special midnight launch events in your area, check with your local store for more info and be sure to let us know in the comments.

  • R* Yon September 27 2013, 12:30pmFlag
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  • Spritebon September 8 2014, 7:01pmReplyFlag
    Hello, I Attended The GTA 5 Special Launch Event September 17, 2013 That Was Located At Union Square In New York City.
    I Would Like To Know Where Can I Find The Pictures That Was Taken On That Day At 32 E 14th Street New York, NY 10003 (Gamestop).

    Thank You.
    • BBExpL0sIv3on October 14 2013, 7:15pmReplyFlag
      Hope this page will also be running for the coming GTA 5 PC-Release mid of April 2014 ;)
      A midnight-event for PC would be a cool thing as well.
      • Murder-Kingon October 5 2013, 3:54pmReplyFlag
        Hey R* how about give some of that billion dollars towards Better Servers and keeping your fans happy why did you FAIL US like blizzard. ROCKs**t how about the rest of the map as a gift to the fans where is the Casino Strip Oh and also how about 9 million in credits MICRO TRANSACTION WTF WHERE YOU THINKING DIDNT YOU LEARN ANYTHING FROM BLIZZARD IT RUINS THE GAME "PAY TO WIN SUCKS"
        • Hypnospiriton September 30 2013, 9:32pmReplyFlag

          Lets do it.
          • CamzH16on September 30 2013, 1:51pmReplyFlag
            Please do not add micro- payments for GTA V online because it's just going to ruin the whole experience and for the people who don't have the money to get micro- payments they are going to be feel left behind. There would be no point in even playing the missions then because you already have the money you need to buy better apartments / houses, fast cars and the best guns.
            • Thumpa_74on September 30 2013, 8:01amReplyFlag
              rockstar doin big things these days,i gotta say,ive been playin gta since the first one on ps and to look back at the whole gta franchise and see all the changes they made,its truly amazing.2 big thumbs up not to just gta,but all rockstar games.
              • DrSinisterSydon September 29 2013, 5:51amReplyFlag
                Wanna join an up and coming crew? we have leader spots open join: We Eat Haters
                • jazzysleepypantson September 26 2013, 11:45amReplyFlag
                  Please give us a clue on the releas of Android iFruit app. I hate the fact on release day I got popups telling me to download the app and I still over a week have no update. It is like the whole thing is being ignored.
                  • theEman0924on September 26 2013, 10:16amReplyFlag
                    would love to know when the ifruit app is coming to android. would love an answer other than "soon" too. not to be that guy but this is kinda ridiculous....most people use android phones and it's only been released for apple products. any chance of this coming out before we all finish the game and defeat the purpose of the app?
                    • smr202010on September 25 2013, 6:56pmReplyFlag
                      Please get rid of the microtransactions, and fix the freezing issues for singleplayer.
                      • XxSOCxXPhoboson September 21 2013, 8:18pmReplyFlag
                        Hello all! In need of a mature social cooperative crew? Do you specialize in marksmanship? Or even just think you have what it takes to lead others in battle? Then the Gambetti family is for you!
                        We only operate on Xbox. We need loyal gunmen, join here
                        • K_Hutchon September 21 2013, 6:45pmReplyFlag
                          Yo dis is for xbox players only i got a crew PAPER CHASIN KILLAZ AKA PCKZ wat u r labled as n my crew will only b up to u so get dough or die i hope yal choice to get do wit me n da rest my team the will b makin they accounts soon if u wanna get dough wit sum real G'Z hmu if not u should think bout wat u doin my gamertag is xSHOTTAxRUL3ZxU if u wanna join just hop in me n my team welcome all tru killaz n go gettaz NUFF SAID
                          • viper1744on September 20 2013, 6:43pmReplyFlag
                            i want to grats rockstar for make $1 million off of GTA V so again grats rock star
                            • LILnutsackon September 17 2013, 1:50pmReplyFlag
                              @R* i had to stop playing for a second to post this love letter!
                              this is the BEST game i´ve ever played in my entire (26Years) life! all the ..., and the....., not to mention the......I don´t have freakin words to explain the feelings i have playing GTA V! it´s like everything is perfect about this game! have to go now, Michael is waiting in front of Lester´s house and i have to see what this mission is about!
                              HAIL R*!
                              IN R* WE TRUST ; )
                              • R* Aon September 24 2013, 7:16pmReplyFlag
                                @LILnutsack Thanks for the kind words and for your support @LILnutsack - but please remember not to post the same comment more than once and to direct any letters to Rockstar to mouthoff. Cheers and hope you enjoy GTA Online next week
                            • xUnStopablexCon September 17 2013, 10:21amReplyFlag
                              Game out anyone looking for an Awesome crew Join Ascension PS3 were going to do a lot of online Heist and lots of online activity come and join

                              • Zeeroahon September 17 2013, 4:51amReplyFlag
                                I'm a lil pissed the blueprint map was folded. It's also made of cheap paper. I was hoping for a decent quality, rolled up blueprint, I was gonna have it framed and love it forever.
                                • seloe_1on September 17 2013, 3:28amReplyFlag
                                  JUST got home with my CE...I AM SPEECHLESS!!!!! RockStar THANK YOU !
                                  • ISlayxon September 17 2013, 1:26amReplyFlag
                                    Hey everyone!
                                    I started a crew thats deticated to getting in trouble with the law and such!
                                    We are " The Cynical Vipers"
                                    It's free to join to anyone!
                                    • viper1744on September 17 2013, 12:53amReplyFlag
                                      i already got my own CREW and yes we are recruiting but its a invite only and to order join people gotta log on to my clan site witch i cant tell the address cause of rock start lame rules
                                      • R* Aon September 17 2013, 9:09pmReplyFlag
                                        @viper1744 Not sure what you mean, mate - but you're certainly permitted to promote and link to your Crew here, so long as you're not spamming the same message over and over. Good luck!
                                      • viper1744on September 19 2013, 11:47amReplyFlag
                                        @ well only way people can be part of a crew by sign up through my website infusion-clan.enjin. i wont compleate the website cause i know you guys going to remove it so i am sure you got the picture for now only reason people have to do this cause my crew is a private crew
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