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    • R* Lon September 10 2013, 12:19pmFlag
      Hi all, now that we’re within a week of game release, there’s bound to be some inevitable game info and asset leaks. As always per Rule #1 above the Comment Box, we have a strict policy against posting or discussing such things here on our own site. Anyone posting about leaked assets or info will have their comment removed and repeat offenders will have their commenting privileges revoked. We want to ensure everyone who comes here between now and game release can feel free to chat about the game without having anything spoiled for them. Thank you all for understanding.
    • chad.garretton March 24 2015, 10:25amReplyFlag
      how about you do face printing like they did in Rainbow six Vegas do it 3d instead of flat For are GTA characters online and to operate this function you need a camera for your ps4 . this feature will only be on ps4as a download content
      • jacobzak7on February 28 2015, 3:42pmReplyFlag
        Some one was mode on darn therf auto
        • iGame613on November 3 2013, 7:13pmReplyFlag
          no comments since 16th sept? Oh well

          Oh, I have all my fingers
          The knife goes Chop Chop Chop
          If I miss the spaces between
          my fingers will come off
          And if I hit my fingers, blood will soon come out
          But all the same I play this game, cause that's what's it's all about!
          • samuca100on September 16 2013, 3:50pmReplyFlag
            R*, please add k-dst or a horse with no name in the radios!!!!
            • umar48on December 31 2013, 8:00pmReplyFlag
              @samuca100 "...a horse with no names in the radio."
              What do you mean by that?
            • iGame613on May 3 2015, 5:54pmReplyFlag
              @umar48 they mean the song by America (band) called horse with no name as featured in GTA SA
          • J_be_da_nameon September 15 2013, 2:05pmReplyFlag
            For potheads who are going to play gta online for ps3. Join my crew
            • Bizoner_Jiz0neson September 15 2013, 10:24amReplyFlag
              I hope they release GTA V on PC. If not, they will lose my respect.
              • abhisackon September 15 2013, 1:58amReplyFlag
                Waiting for PC release..Hope Rockstar will care for us ..as always has
                • BDG420on September 14 2013, 11:37pmReplyFlag
                  Looking for PS3 members to join my club 420RYDERS. We are just about fun. No spawn killings and anything unfair just straight-up fun. So join if you wish.
                  • DIRT85on September 14 2013, 9:42pmReplyFlag
                    GTAV, I can almost reach out and touch it!!
                    • Brandnirveon September 14 2013, 5:07pmReplyFlag
                      new crew for both ps3 and xbox NOSAINTS
                      • cmd1013on September 14 2013, 4:33amReplyFlag
                        this game is going to be epic.
                        • xJabsTaRxon September 13 2013, 8:02pmReplyFlag
                          I have just created a new crew called Sons of Eden MC. We are a 1 percenter motorcycle club and we need members. People who join by the end of today will be promoted. I will also create a YouTube channel for our crew. I want our crew to span across both xbox and ps3 so anyone is welcome. So please join today :)

                          "Through Life and Death, Eden Awaits"
                          • aLeeJj_on September 12 2013, 3:00pmReplyFlag
                            To find those people, is not required to get 100%.
                            • ArthurSleeepon September 12 2013, 12:12pmReplyFlag
                              I am looking for experienced drivers, pilots and shooters. People who will help get the crew more money! Apply now!
                            • jonkoooo223on September 11 2013, 6:26pmReplyFlag
                              http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_smoking_slims i need good drivers and shooters and more so join my crew only for PS3
                              • McGladderyon September 11 2013, 5:28pmReplyFlag
                                Rust Hogs Motorcycle Club.
                                Hardcore bikers only.
                              • CZERSKID089on September 11 2013, 4:59pmReplyFlag
                                cant wait for 17th september
                                • joshthomas47on September 11 2013, 7:34amReplyFlag
                                  just create a new crew looking for some really good players to join it's call> alchemist gta so if you're down please join only the best please.
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