GTAV Soundtrack Interviews and Details... Plus "Sleepwalking" by The Chain Gang of 1974 from the Official Trailer

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In the wake of yesterday's GTAV Official Trailer debut, we heard from a number of fans asking about the music featured in it. The song is "Sleepwalking" from electronic band The Chain Gang of 1974. Have a listen to it via the SoundCloud player embedded above, and read on for more details about the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack.

Left: Flying Lotus of FlyLo FM. Top Right: Nate Williams and Stephen Pope of Wavves, hosts of Vinewood Boulevard Radio. Bottom Right: DJ Pooh, the host of West Coast Classics.

Rolling Stone and Pitchfork have also published the first official interviews detailing the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack and score earlier this week. Designed to encompass the breadth of the modern L.A. music scene, GTAV's soundtrack features 15 music stations, two stations of talk radio and 240 licensed songs - covering everything from unforgettable classic hip-hop with long-time Rockstar collaborator DJ Pooh, to the underground Mexican sounds of East LOS FM and the modern beatmaker scene courtesy of FlyLo FM, with new and exclusive tracks from both Flying Lotus and self-confessed GTA fan Tyler the Creator.

Cara Delevigne took to Instagram to confirm her role as Non-Stop-Pop FM’s DJ.

The game also includes over 20 hours of original, dynamic score created by noted composer Tangerine Dream in collaboration with Woody Jackson (Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3, LA Noire) and L.A. hip-hop producers Alchemist and Oh No.
Check out samplings below from five of the stations you'll hear as you’re cruising across Los Santos and Blaine County in just a few short weeks’ time and stay tuned for more to be unveiled.
Read more about the GTAV soundtrack in our Rolling Stone interview at:

  • R* Lon September 10 2013, 12:22pmFlag
    Hi all, now that we’re within a week of game release, there’s bound to be some inevitable game info and asset leaks. As always per Rule #1 above the Comment Box, we have a strict policy against posting or discussing such things here on our own site. Anyone posting about leaked assets or info will have their comment removed and repeat offenders will have their commenting privileges revoked. We want to ensure everyone who comes here between now and game release can feel free to chat about the game without having anything spoiled for them. Thank you all for understanding.
  • nimra88on April 19 2014, 2:06amReplyFlag
    i guess i'm familied already with one. listened on radio channel .
    best song.
    for bollywood music videos plz visit my blog
    thanks for posting.
    • OrangeMinguson November 10 2013, 1:08amReplyFlag
      I know this is an old old thread, but I wanted to drop a line saying how awesome that Jessy Bulba track is, you guys picked a diamond with that. The Hics track as well. I was always impressed with the soundtracks going back to GTA III. You've raised the bar with each game, and this one is no exception.
      • PlanesAndWeatheron October 3 2013, 5:05amReplyFlag
        This version of Sleepwalking sounds beauiful, even better than the original, I heard it on Radio Mirror Park, does anyone know where this version of the song is? I love it so much!!! :D
        • ClitCrusheron September 20 2013, 12:22amReplyFlag
          The rock radio station kinda bummed me out. The only good song in my opinion is Photograph by Def Leppard. All the other songs sounds more like pop rock. I was hoping for a nice selection of songs like Radio x had to offer from GTA San Andreas. Oh well, Beggars can't be choosers.
        • Bad_Atti2udeon September 18 2013, 1:29pmReplyFlag
          The rock station selection of songs makes me feel more like I am trapped inside of a elevator and not inside of my personal car.
          • DominicBolton September 17 2013, 8:55pmReplyFlag
            FLYLO FM WOOOOOO!!!!
            • baddytangon September 15 2013, 9:23amReplyFlag
              Who is the radio personally for East Los FM?
              He sounds very familiar to me.
            • kangaroo234on September 15 2013, 6:55amReplyFlag
              hey rockstar is there going to be a electronic radio station I really like them please reply
            • Chris25policeon September 14 2013, 1:39pmReplyFlag
              Anyone want to join my crew its called Los Santos Beast anyone can join (xbox 360)
              • Irnbru2013on September 13 2013, 1:28pmReplyFlag
                anyone wanna join my crew its called IRNBRU anyone can join (ps3)
                • OGbroke23on September 11 2013, 8:51pmReplyFlag
                  Hey Rockstar could you please clarify if "Sleepwalking" will be an actual in-game song? Thanks!
                • SuperSovieton September 11 2013, 2:39pmReplyFlag
                  Excited for Flying Lotus!
                  • Kenn63on September 11 2013, 8:47amReplyFlag
                    all you people asking R* to do this n that to the game? the game is done it's over all thats left is to sit back and wait for the 17th to get here the game is going to be awsome 2.0 like all the others but It is what it is so you need to get over what u want it to be
                    • liquidsmoke7on September 11 2013, 7:09amReplyFlag
                      I really... really can't wait for GTA 5!
                      Thank you so much Rockstar <3 for making this game!!!
                      • uso_JTooSmooTh94on September 11 2013, 3:03amReplyFlag
                        If y'all like the West Coast Classic radio. Hit us up. We're looking for PS3 recruits who's down with that L.A. Raiders attitude and rockin that black and grey like it aint no thang!

                        Link right here homie:

                        "187 RAIDXR GANG or don't bang. Cuhz its a Raider thang...

                        RAID OR DIE!
                      • SleepyQon September 11 2013, 1:41amReplyFlag
                        GTA has thee best musical selection for their radio stations. Looking 4ward to the Talk Shows as well.

                        • amsbarbataon September 10 2013, 8:24pmReplyFlag
                          dear R* will there be any chance that instead of listening to the radio stations, could we stream the music from our consoles!? that was such an amazing feature in San Andreas for the p.c
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