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The first of many Rockstar Games Social Club features we'll be introducing for Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online is the all-new Hierarchies system for Social Club Crews - borne directly out of feedback from the Social Club community. Available for all Crew Leaders right now at the Social Club website, the Hierarchies feature allows the Leader of the Crew to assign special ranks to members, designating the responsibilities of Crew management and assuring that loyalty and performance are rewarded appropriately.

Crew Leaders can assign special rank to any and all members (Crew members will otherwise all be defaulted to the designation of Muscle) across the following four tiers:

  • Commissioners:  The Crew’s most trusted member(s) - that essential right-hand man or woman that the Leader relies on for Vice Presidential advisement and executive action. Commissioners have the power to manage and administrate all aspects of the Crew on behalf of the Leader, including the ability to promote members internally or invite new members in.
  • Lieutenants: Made members with specific privileges to keep the Crew in check and hand out promotions or demotions amongst sub-ordinate ranks. Crew Representatives and the mob of Muscle would be wise to keep their Lieutenants (and above) sweet.
  • Representatives: A tier of Crew members who have shown and proved their commitment to the clique - whether with ace performance in competitive modes, or just by rocking their Crew's emblem faithfully since day one. Crew Leaders can assign these special players as Representatives who will have basic permissions to aid recruitment efforts.
  • Muscle: The rank-and-file mob of Crew members who are happy to play their position of causing some havoc Online, doing their Crew's emblem justice and fighting for its good name. Muscle-level members may not have nor want any administrative power but they're often the heart and soul of what makes your Crew fearsome. Ambitious Muscle who are looking to prove themselves to the Crew Leader and rise up the ranks may even prove a threat to their Crew superiors, if any are deemed to be slacking on their responsibilities or performance.

Beyond the overall Crew cap, there is no limit on how many Crew members you can designate to any one tier - so decide whether your squad will be a communal and anarchic free-for-all or a rigidly structured and exclusive Hierarchy designed to reward the chosen few and keep the Muscle thirsty for recognition?

To see your Crew’s Hierarchy, select Hierarchy from the navigation options directly below the active Crew Emblem on your Crew’s profile page. If you are a Commissioner or Leader and want to organize your Crew, head to the Crew Management page and click Hierarchy. Here you'll see the full chain of command for that Crew, from the upper echelons in charge of managing operations to the ground force responsible for getting the job done - along with a detailed breakdown on your Crew, with options to promote and demote members via the up and down arrows and more detailed information hover boxes that explain exactly what each rank can and can't do.

On this page you may notice a colored bar under each Crew tag, which decreases in length as you get further down the Crew structure. This bar is visible across Social Club and will be visible in-game in Grand Theft Auto Online as a public symbol of your rank inside the Crew. The color of the bar is determined by another new feature of Social Club: Crew Colors. These can be set in the Crew management pages, and will have significant prominence in other places yet to be announced.

Social Club members may also notice a few new design updates today as well to user profiles and other pages on the network - as always, if you have feedback you'd like to bend our ear on regarding these or other features or improvements that you would like to see around Social Club, please get in touch with us via Mouthoff where we're always happy to have a look at what you have to say.

We'd also like to remind all Crew members to make sure your contact email information is up to date in your Social Club account settings and also encourage you to link your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to your Social Club profile so that you can receive notifications on Crew invites and messages.

Make no mistake, respect is still everything and getting your Crew ranks organized early can make all the difference for how you stand out in a crowd, whether you're going toe to-toe with other Crews or planning to just wreak havoc under your Crew banner with a few friends in Los Santos and Blaine County this fall.

Stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire for lots more updates about Social Club features to be announced for GTAV and GTA Online soon.

  • R* Aon August 28 2013, 8:34pmFlag
    Hey all, great to see so many of you jumping on the Hierarchies feature already and assigning ranks amongst your Crews. Cool also to see so much Crew recruitment going on in comments here too - just a reminder though not to spam the comments section multiple times with the same message. Please only post your recruitment message here once unless you have something new to say. Thanks for understanding and stay tuned for more Social Club features to be announced.
  • BrandonsVLOG17 hours, 35 minutes agoReplyFlag
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    • Jaden_SoundP6 days, 8 hours agoReplyFlag
      Join clan: Friday 13 Killerz and get yourself promoted
    • Ballersupport4 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
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      • Ballersupport4 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
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            • OttoMattakon October 11 2014, 3:49amReplyFlag

              San Andreas Highway Patrol

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              Note: If you look us up in the rockstar social club crews, we are the ones with the most realistic looking CHIPS badge. Over.
              • LegionxTheFallenon September 11 2014, 5:52pmReplyFlag
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                • AalexX203on August 30 2014, 4:35pmReplyFlag
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                    • RedOfKniveson July 11 2014, 12:28amReplyFlag
                      For those who still read this, my crew RedNUndead is currently recruiting, we are an invite only crew as I want to ensure the crew stays 14 and up and mature. No glitchers. No hackers. No anyone who would allow the possibility of disrespecting crew members and allied crews by risking their assets for a stupid RP, God Mode, money, or any other type of glitch that happens to surface in the lifetime of the crew. I dont care what you do when we arent your active crew or on your servers, but when we are, we uphold the integrity of the game. If any glitches are detected you will be blocked by all members of our crew and all members of allied crews. We earn our keep well if you are smart enough to join us we will help you earn yours too, quickly and legitamitly, most crew members are on every single day, those that can bring atleast 2 friends in with them will automatically be ranked up to representative and you can prove yourself from there. if you do well enough you'll go straight to the top and skip all lower roles.

                      Again, for those whom agree with the terms of no hacking or glitching, i really hope to see you request an invite from
                      please be 14 or older or entire crew will probably mute you.

                      Thanks for reading,
                    • CaraJackson2122on July 9 2014, 6:07pmReplyFlag
                      I'm a Commissioner from the FYL Killerz. We are always looking for new recruits! Yes I am a female! Haha but our crew is a 14+ crew just because we don't like the yelling and screaming of kids. We are loyal and if you need money we will help with missions. We have over 30 members and are growing. We play everyday with each other and have tons of fun. Looking to join, message me Cara---2122. We ask for you to have a motorcycle and a low rider but if you don't have one we are more than welcome to help!!
                      • JahMaorion June 24 2014, 7:14pmReplyFlag
                        Anybody know if the leader of crew can step down from leader rank? He doesnt play the game anymore :/
                        • lbxviperon June 30 2014, 10:40pmReplyFlag
                          @JahMaori I've been trying to figure that out to
                        • Manis105on July 11 2014, 11:19amReplyFlag
                          @JahMaori did you ever figure this out? Our crew leader is gone for good and we are all just soldiers no higher ups....
                        • NealD76on July 15 2014, 8:15amReplyFlag
                          @Manis105 Technically, Leadership of the crew passes to 1st memeber who joined the crew after its creation. once the leader leaves the next in line will take over as leader
                      • Ruslovion June 11 2014, 3:08pmReplyFlag
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                          • GRDH101on June 6 2014, 5:06pmReplyFlag
                            Anyone know if its possible to edit the names and permissions? Really need to know. Thanks in advance.
                            • cyclones81on June 2 2014, 1:26amReplyFlag
                              HI ,i am a Lieutenant in Temasek Thugs , we are a Singapore based crew that only recruit Singaporeans that play together .. We held weekends Death match or race events and right now i would say our crew is the most active among all the Singapore crew .. we have a whats-app group chat so you can ask anything about the game in the chat and any of us will answer you when we saw your question, even war we play often together. We are a really tight group and only accept invitations. So singaporeans that are still actively playing and looking for such a crew, just let me know or simply add me on my psn ...
                              • Kcstylez24on May 24 2014, 8:54pmReplyFlag
                                Join our crew Lucky Ballers if your into strict code of conduct and want to have security while playing join us. Money will also be provided and you'll never be broke with us having your back.
                                • RydazBoiion May 12 2014, 12:43pmReplyFlag
                                  This crew is completely new!

                                  You can find the crew as "EViLNATiCS Pro" or go to

                                  Special trial for Lieutenants and Commissioners positions:

                                  -High Rank
                                  -Stamina and Shooting bar full
                                  -Reach level 31 in the crew for Lieutenant position
                                  -Reach level 61 in the crew for Commissioner position
                                  -No mic needed
                                  -Boys or Girls
                                  -PS3 and XBOX
                                  -English and Spanish language can join
                                  -Commissioners can do training for novice members.
                                  Starting Tuesday, May 13 -until- Tuesday, May 20.


                                  *ANYONE at any level can join the crew during this trial and then. Don't discriminate by race, color, sexual orientation, language or console(LOL). I need people who lead the members of other consoles and lead members who speak other languages (english and spanish).*

                                  Any questions, contact me.

                                  You can find the crew as "EViLNATiCS Pro" or go to
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